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Letters at 3AM: Wake of the Red Witch
Everything that begins also ends
Columns  November 29, 2013, by Michael Ventura
"..."Been in the dark/ All of my life/ Waiting for the Wake/ Of the Red Witch .../ Waiting for the Wake/ Of the Red Witch/ Waiting for the Wake/ Of the Red Witch" – I listen to this Terry Allen song over and over, surprised at all it evokes, and wondering why, at its end, he needs to repeat that phrase thrice...."

Houses of the Unholy
Housecore Horror by the blurb
Music Story  October 23, 2014

Down the Hill, Up the Hill, Into the Cave
Where the bad man in the ape suit and diving helmet touched me
Screens Story  August 5, 2005, by Louis Black
"...Produced in 1953, it's the lowest of low-budget science fiction horror films and as dumb as they come. I saw it over a decade later when it was one of those films that got lodged into New York City's independent-station programming along with films like Wake of the Red Witch, Treasure Island, and The Boy With Green Hair..."

Red Fang Sinks Its Hooks In
Oregonian hard rockers can’t let up
DAILY Music  November 23, 2016, by Michael Toland
"...Man, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. He mixed [the Melvins’] Stoner Witch, one of my favorite rock albums..."

Godzilla vs. the Green Screen
Austin special effects artists can kill you with a squib or with a CGI bullet hit, gore it up with pig entrails or digitally composited blood, and create just about anything you can imagine with their bare hands or software. Does the industry need both?
Screens Story  April 22, 2005, by Marc Savlov
"..."On Hallow's End, I did a full-body prosthetic witch, vampire, pirate, ghoul – on the busiest day we had something like 18 zombie extras wandering around covered in latex. Oh, and for Suburban Nightmare, I filleted a hooker."..."

Mr. Smarty Pants Knows
John Wayne dies and dies again, and regression on the gas-mileage front
Columns  September 1, 2006, by Mr. Smarty Pants
"...If laid end to end, the Hershey's chocolate bars produced in one year would circle the earth 2 1/2 times.John Wayne dies in seven films: Reap the Wild Wind, The Fighting Seabees, Wake of the Red Witch, Sands of Iwo Jima, The Alamo, The Cowboys, and The Shootist. In a little-known and seldom-seen film from 1931 called The Deceiver, Wayne actually played a corpse...."

Equinox Knocks
What if you went to bed one night as a 17-year-old girl and woke up the next day with morning wood and whiskers? That's the question posed by Equinox Knocks,...

Film Review  September 8, 2000, by Kimberley Jones
"...After catching her quarterback boyfriend in the arms of another girl, a distraught Allie Black (James) boozes it up and drunkenly wishes she were a man. Maybe not the smartest thing to ask for in a Schlitz stupor, considering Allie's best friend is a witch and it's the autumnal equinox (when the universe is supposedly primed for all kinds of cosmic mayhem)..."

Page Two: Grand Illusions
The only problem with wide-ranging, all-encompassing conspiracy theories is that they're wrong
Columns  July 6, 2007, by Louis Black
"...The McCarthy period of anti-communism in the 1950s saw the return of all these abuses and more. The fervor of the period was evidenced by the witch hunts of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the widespread implementation of blacklisting...."

Welcome to Tomstown
In the burgeoning Tomstown scandal, you can't tell the players or the plot without a program
News Story  March 19, 2004, by Michael King
"...Republican officeholders and operatives, from Gov. Perry on down to the specific targets of the probe, accuse Earle – a Democrat – of engaging in a "partisan witch hunt" of legal political activities..."

Wednesday Picks & Sleepers
Wednesday night SXSW blurbs
Music Story  March 14, 2014
"...11:50pm, Red 7 Patio; Thu., Red 7 Patio, 9pm No band can fill the gap left in the emo heart when Thursday faded, but Burbank's post-hardcore, Geoff Rickly-approved Touché Amoré comes pretty close. Third album Is Survived By could be their Spiderland, with producer Brad Wood giving new clarity to Jeremy Bolm's confessional tone poem lyrics, and a math-rock switchback vibe to their two-guitar tornado. Richard Whittaker Machinedrum..."

Friday Picks
SXSW picks & sleepers
Music Story  March 18, 2005
"...The Forty-Fives have released three LPs so far, the latest being High Life High Volume on Yep Roc. – Jim CaligiuriDIXIE WITCH1am, Room 710 Austin's Dixie Witch utilizes Blue Cheer/Black Sabbath aesthetics and Southern-flavored coliseum jams with the prowess of committed roadhogs..."

Wednesday Picks
Music Story  March 7, 2008
"...9pm, Red Eyed Fly Austin loves chaos, and local sevenpiece When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth has it in spades. With two drummers, two guitars, two singers, and a bass, Dinos ripped through the tasty Snacks (Emperor Jones) last year, but they switch from metal to grunge live..."

Luv Doc: Embarrassing Stupidity
Yes, there have been some mulligans
Columns  January 10, 2019, by The Luv Doc
"...Yes, there have been some mulligans – like the time I told a woman to burn her co-worker witch-style for bringing her chest cold into the office (she knew I was joking ... right?), or the time I told a woman to vomit in her car to keep her boss from mooching rides (probably didn't do the research on that one), or the time I told a woman the best way to get a guy's attention is to grab his crotch..."

Playback: Night Glitter Ascends
Thievery Corporation singer's Austin project picks up steam, Shakey Graves' new live look, and Terror Fest thrives
Music Column  June 21, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"..."It's hard to see 40 Watt Sun in America at all," said Domi, "but to have them together with Bell Witch and Yob was a show for the books."..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  November 26, 2004
"...HaysCAN sees a witch hunt on the way to cover up the mischief of Powers and Molenaar. Citizens should call and write to these two officials to demand an accounting and an independent outside investigator such as the Texas Rangers, whose responsibility it is to carry out these kinds of investigations..."

The Unknown Terrorist
Flanagan deals with the interface of race and class in Australia using brutality the same way Tom Wolfe used humor in The Bonfire of the Vanities to deal with it in America
Books Review  April 13, 2007, by Richard Whittaker
"...Her exotic looks have always been a selling point but soon become her doom. After run-ins with two men – one a tabloid journalist out for a lurid story, another a seemingly innocent computer programmer – she becomes the target for a terrorism investigation that soon spirals into a witch hunt..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  April 2, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Tom DeLay thinks he's in trouble, and he's probably right – though cries of "Partisan witch hunt!" continue to amuse and appall the Bug Man's Democratic victims. See Capitol Chronicle and Tomstown: Follow the Money...."

SXSW Picks & Sleepers
Picks & Sleepers
Music Story  March 19, 2004
"...8pm-2am, Emo's Annex, advises Philly's Relapse Records (, and three more suitable commandments never existed for metal in the nü millennium. Leavening the indie's now annual SXSW showcase with the Euro ambience of its Release imprint is Boston's 27, whose sample sorcerer Ayal Naor burns with the witchy cry of Maria Christopher..."

A World in Which All Worlds Fit
Music Story  December 4, 1998, by Jay Hardwig
"...Rumor even has it that the New York Yankees offered Jerk Roy $20,000 to come razz for them, but he declined. There's also the story about the wrasslin' match/razz-off between Jerk Roy and Cecil Perkins, a South Austin rooster fighter and real estate man known as the Witch Doctor...."

SXSW Record Reviews
Music Review  March 20, 1998
"...Before Flydaddy Records came along, what did we accept as evidence of the existence of beauty in this world? How did we manage to rise up every morning, put on our clothes, and start the day before this label devoted to all things jangly gave us Cardinal, Number One Cup, and Witch Hazel? It's best not to ponder such questions for very long; better to simply add to that gilded roster the Boston quartet Syrup USA. The unicorn on the cover of their debut, All Over the Land, clues us into who will grok this music: Riot Grrrls Who Read Every Book in Anne McCaffrey's Perth Series Cover to Cover Before Nirvana Changed Their Lives (And the Boys Who Love Them)..."

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