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Four Events for Singles on Valentine's Day
Happy Single Awareness Day!
DAILY Chron Events  February 12, 2015, by Rachel Holtin
"...Valentine's Day: the holiday that rolls around every year regardless of your current relationship status. If you're reading, you probably range from a hopeless romantic to someone who tends to hide away every February 14...."

Crazy Sexy Cool Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
Staycations, cooking classes, and aphrodisiacs for brownie points
DAILY Food  February 13, 2019, by Emily Beyda
"...If you’re a Valentine’s Day pro, or in a long-term relationship with one, odds are good that you’ve worked your way through the usual suspects of Austin fine dining by now. Congratulations, my friend! It’s time to level up your love game, with some of our favorite quirky V-Day event options...."

12 Things to Do for Single Austinites This Valentine's Day
Doggos, food, drink, and more for your single and ready-to-mingle self
DAILY Food  February 6, 2019, by Emily Beyda
"...For those of us who are, as they say, on the apps, Valentine’s Day can be something of a minefield...."

Don’t Take Valentine’s Day Too Seriously
New supper club celebrating the opposite of hearts and roses
DAILY Food  January 24, 2013, by Gracie Salem
"...When owners of Austin’s newest supper club, glass2plate, asked themselves what kind of event to run for Valentine’s Day, the chef’s response was simply, “I’m going out of town that week.”..."

Why Valentine’s Day Sucks
At least, the actual date of it – historically speaking
DAILY Chronolog  February 5, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Thanks to Valentine’s Day, there’s always an overload of lovey-dovey shenanigans besmirching the general landscape each February 14th. So many bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates and fancy dinners and public displays of affection … and then a spike in world population approximately nine months farther down the road...."

Don’t Settle for Cheap Champagne on Valentine’s Day
Nothing sparks the romance like good Champagne
DAILY Food  February 12, 2019, by Wes Marshall
"...Looking for a wine to share with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Here’s the answer: Champagne. Period..."

Valentine's Day Sweets
Local companies have the treats you need
DAILY Food  February 13, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Those of you lucky enough to have your own Sweet Baboo know that edible gifts are obligatory for Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be Champagne, candy, or edible underwear, but you gotta have something..."

Bat City Bombshells Burlesque Flip Off Valentine's Day With an Adult Twist
Ditch the chocolate for love-smacks and anti-Cupid antics
DAILY Qmmunity  February 6, 2019, by Beth Sullivan
"...Now in its 11th year, the Bat City Bombshells’ Anti-Valentine’s Day Burlesque Show shimmies into Come and Take It Live this Friday, Feb. 8, 8pm, for an evening of costuming, dance, and – if desired – spanking, all in the name of snapping Cupid’s arrow in half...."

Three Valentine’s Day Show Picks
Live music to put you in the mood
DAILY Music  February 11, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Cupid opens fire on Saturday. Whether the international lovers' holiday means date night with your main squeeze or rollin’ stag, Valentine’s Day presents a full bouquet of entertainment from Austin’s music scene..."

Dear Glutton: How to Have a Romantic Low-Key Valentine's Day in Austin
It’s the little things, not heart-shaped confetti, that count most
Food Column  February 7, 2019, by Emily Beyda
"...My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few years now, and while we're very much in love (she's the best!) we're also well past the needing to prove how in love we are through public displays of affection and the grand-romantic-gestures phase of dating. Any suggestions for good places in town to spend Valentine's Day that won't be so, well, extra about it?..."

14 Romantic Restaurants for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner
Luxury dining for the fancy, grand gesture-loving lovers
DAILY Food  February 13, 2019, by Emily Beyda
"...For the romantically-inclined among us, deciding what to do on the special day can be an overwhelming prospect. There are just so many options to choose from! Do we splurge out on a fancy meal? Stick to candy and Champagne?..."

Drink Away That Valentine's Day: Wine for Lovers
Food Story  February 11, 1999
"...As a child, Valentine's Day held little appeal for me. I remember the annual drudgery of hunting through piles of candy hearts and fold-and-seal Valentines, deciding who will receive which cheesy message..."

Where Did Valentine’s Day Come From?
The beginning was, as for most of us, totally erotic
DAILY Chronolog  February 2, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And the day that celebrates this multihued passion, the day named in honor of St. Valentine? What are its origins?..."

A Foodie's Valentine's Day Guide
... Not involving edible underwear
Food Story  February 9, 2007, by Barbara Chisholm
"...The pressure to perform romantically is never greater than on Valentine's Day. (Insert your joke here.) Fear not: We're not going to offer sex tips for lovers; we'll leave that to the Sue Johansons of the world..."

Valentine's Day Sadness
Postmarks  March 3, 2008
"...Dear Editor, Valentine's Day I get a call from an ex-girlfriend's brother, informing me she had passed away due to diabetic shock. Johanna and I started dating when I got back from a U.S..."

A Valentine's Day Thought: Screw Liberals! Screw You!
Postmarks  February 10, 2006
"...Dear Chronicle, To all the liberals out there, is it OK if we say "Happy Valentine's Day"? I know we're supposed to check with you, since you are the self-appointed PC Cultural Thought Police. How about we don't mention the whole saint part, and promise to be properly ashamed of our own culture? I know how offensive it is to immigrants, or whoever it is you say isn't being "included." Of course, if people move here to get away from – sorry, started thinking too much..."

Valentine's Day
Aggressively unfunny and unromantic, Valentine’s Day’s chief concern appears to have been the corralling of its cast of a thousand stars.
Film Review  February 12, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...Starring: Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, Hector Elizondo, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Topher Grace, Anne Hathaway, 
Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah, Taylor Lautner, George Lopez, Shirley MacLaine, Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts and Taylor Swift. Three-quarters through Valentine’s Day, director Marshall pops in for a seconds-long cameo as a mariachi band player..."

Council: Valentine's Day Expenses
Budget discussion, Little Woodrow's, Austin Energy, and more
News Story  February 15, 2013, by Michael King
"...At 83 items, Thursday's City Council meeting (Feb. 14) doesn't appear particularly daunting, but there may be a few depth charges lurking in the underbrush..."

Austin Rockin' Valentine's Day
Live music hand holding on FOX 7
DAILY Music  February 14, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez

Mother's Day
The movie is a moneymaking contrivance, just like the holiday itself
Film Review  April 29, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Mom might say, “Well, it’s the thought that counts, dear.” But take her to this holiday omnibus, and you’ll run the risk of having her think you’re as lazy as the movie. You’ll make a better impression with the old standbys of Hallmark and flowers..."

Last Minute Valentine's suggestions
Food Editor Virginia B. Wood shares some last minute suggestions for Valentine's gifts or celebrations.
DAILY Food  February 11, 2009, by Virginia B. Wood
"...This year, I received a few tasty Valentine's treats and plenty of information about local offerings that are worth sharing. If you still haven't made those Valentine's Day reservations or purchased just the right gift for your Sweet Baboo - here are some ideas that might just help you avert romantic disaster this weekend. * My favorite candy treats this year are the Chocolate Caramel Hearts from the candy island at Whole Foods Markets..."

Valentine's Pairs
The Chronicle finds out what Austin pastry chef couples are creating for each other
Food Story  February 13, 2009, by Virginia B. Wood
"...When local pastry chef couple Philip Speer and Callie Whigham married several months ago, I posed this question: In a situation like this, who makes the wedding cake? It turned out that another pastry chef friend of the couple provided that service, but the question got me thinking about what kind of delectable treats professional cooks might create for one another for some other romantic occasion? In a relationship that includes a shared professional passion for food, what manner of love offering might chefs create for each other for Valentine's Day? With that question in mind, we interviewed three talented young chef couples about their backgrounds, inspirations, and personal tastes. While their jobs will require these chefs to use their considerable skills to delight the public rather than each other on the upcoming romantic weekend, each of these gifted culinary artists still had plenty of inspiration when it came to the idea of pleasing their beloved. Amy OsbornChef instructor of baking and pastry, Texas Culinary Academy Egil ValentinExecutive chef, Kenobi Restaurant and Sushi Bar..."

Roller Derby Update: Valentine's Hangover Edition
Texas Rollergirls start the season and Lonestar gets regular
DAILY Sports  February 15, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...But there's no laurel-resting. The flat track league's 2011 season starts Sunday, Feb..."

New Year's Eve
Did you see Garry Marshall's last all-star movie Valentine's Day? This is the same silly claptrap, just a different holiday.
Film Review  December 9, 2011, by Kimberley Jones
"...Director Garry Marshall and screenwriter Katherine Fugate lift in toto the same framework of their previous collaboration, Valentine's Day – the holiday theme, the puzzle-piece narrative, the overstuffed cast of stars, the colorless execution. On New Year's Eve in New York City, disparate people try to make it a night to remember, angling for a midnight kiss, a rendezvous with a mystery woman, a reconciliation with a lost love, or the prize of pushing out the first baby of the new year..."

Winter's Tale
Neither Colin Farrell's charms nor Will Smith as the Devil can rescue this soggy valentine.

Film Review  February 14, 2014, by Marc Savlov
"...Blond Hitchcock babe Eva Marie Saint makes a rather surprising appearance near the end, but it’s nowhere near enough to transform the ham-handed directorial debut of acclaimed screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (who can also be blamed for this film’s mythically awful screenplay) into anything but goofy, inexplicable dross. Targeted for a Valentine’s Day opening date, this particular Winter’s Tale is more like a total winter whiteout...."

Lover's Tarts
Special Sweets for Your Sweetie on Valentine's Day
Food Story  February 13, 1998, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Strawberry Tart photograph by John Anderson By now, it just might be too late to make dinner reservations for this Valentine's Day. With the annual holiday that weds love and conspicuous consumption falling on a Saturday this year, hotels have offered tempting packages and many restaurants have designed fixed price menus to encourage advance planning..."

I miss the early Eighties, I really do. And I'll give you five reasons why: Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine, Prom Night, The Funhouse, and Happy Birthday to Me....

Film Review  February 9, 2001, by Marc Savlov
"...I miss the early Eighties, I really do. And I'll give you five reasons why: Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine, Prom Night, The Funhouse, and Happy Birthday to Me..."

Day Trips: New Braunfels Brewing Co.
Pucker up with this brewery's sour beers
Columns  January 29, 2015
"...NBBC reopened in 2013 and will celebrate their second anniversary this May. On Valentine's Day, the brewery will offer couples a chance to renew their vows with a special strawberry-vanilla hefeweizen and an ordained minister...."

ACL Day 3: Rodeo Day
Next Up susses out the last day of ACL Fest 2009
DAILY Music  October 5, 2009, by Aaron Miller
"...Three days, two ruined pairs of shoes, two boxes of film, hours of back pain, and a load of muddy laundry later: worth it. Sunday, mud covered every square inch of Zilker Park..."

A New World Opens Up for Austin's Soul Priestess Mélat
The daughter of Ethiopian émigrés finds a voice with Move Me II
Music Story  May 3, 2018, by Alejandra Ramirez
"...It's a ho-hum experience that positions the Austin native as a normal 29-year-old enjoying the simple comforts of cheap food and drink. Her formative years here weren't quite so everyday...."

Winter's Wolves
Unsheathing the Sword's two-fisted 'Age of Winters'
Music Story  February 3, 2006, by Audra Schroeder
"...Neither is metal. We all know what happened to many of those bands as they veered toward the heady hair-metal days; one day the pyrotechnics guy just didn't show up..."

Brandon Polanco's Other Short Doesn't Star Bryan Cranston
But you should watch it anyway
DAILY Screens  March 18, 2014, by Monica Riese
"...As he says in the video's description, the short film actually predates "Writer's Block," having been produced near Valentine's Day 2012. It's a very personal project, though, as you'll see when you give it a watch – including some reflections on a personal attack – which explains in part why he delayed its release...."

On the Border's Edge
Drug war reporter Charles Bowden is telling El Paso-Juárez's secrets, one murder at a time.
Books Story  November 29, 2002, by Roger Gathman
"...Bruno was the youngest brother of Phil Jordan, who happened to be the head of the local DEA. Bruno's unlikely killer was a 9-year-old boy who appeared one winter day with an automatic weapon in his hand from out of the vast, anonymous colonias that spread on the hillsides of Juárez, and plugged Bruno for the truck he was driving..."

Our Bloody Valentine
Movie makeup artist Matt Valentine reps Austin on SyFy's reality competition show Face Off
Screens Story  January 13, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...A Global Fear client in Buffalo, N.Y., told Valentine about the first season and recommended that he audition for the second. Valentine said, "It seemed really interesting, but I thought, 'These guys are really good, and I'm just not at that level at this time.'" After a few prompts from friends via Facebook, he finally watched some episodes, "and I thought, 'This is really cool, and you know, maybe I could stand a good chance.'" The day before the submission deadline, he finally emailed the producers and got a call back almost immediately..."

Coach's Corner
It's Valentine's Day, and Mavericks fans are in love with Dennis Rodman. But it'll pass.
Columns  February 18, 2000, by Andy "Coach" Cotton
"...Of all the individual days of this period, Feb. 14 -- Valentine's Day -- was the most dreaded..."

Day Trips & Beyond: February Events Roundup
February's full of fun
DAILY Travel  February 1, 2019, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Blow your sweetheart’s mind on Valentine’s Day with a glass heart or heart-shaped bowl you created by you just for them at Salado Glassworks. Budding artists 12 years old and older can create a one-of-a-kind art project with the help of resident glassblowers..."

Day Trips
Coming up this weekend ...
Columns  February 11, 1999, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Paint the town red in Georgetown for Valentine's Day when downtown merchants will have a jar of chocolate kisses in their stores -- guess the number of kisses in the jar and win a prize, Feb. 12-13..."

Eve Ensler and the V-Day Story
Arts Story  February 16, 2007, by Belinda Acosta
"...Instead of retreating from the enormity of the situation, she broadened the mantle. In 1998 she joined forces with, another organization concerned with violence against women, and launched the V-Day Committee..."

Austin V-Day: Victory over violence with the 'Vagina' and its author, Eve
Eve Ensler joins Austin in the fight to stop violence against women and girls
Arts Story  March 14, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...If you've ever known a woman or a girl who has been a victim of violence, or you're ever worried about a woman or a girl you know being a victim of violence, or you've hated the thought of violence being perpetrated against women or girls, whether you've known them or not, keep reading. V-Day is coming and with it a chance for you to join the campaign to end violence against women...."

How Austin's Theatrical Couples Keep Romance Alive Love's Labors Won
Arts Story  February 9, 1996, by Robert Faires
"...Perhaps in tribute, most offstage playhouse liaisons follow this example, putting out a lot of light and heat for a short time -- say, about as long as the run of the show in which the ardent artists are taking part -- then abruptly going the way of all flesh. (It should be noted that some misguided theatre types have come to equate the brevity of a romance with the luminosity of the lovin' and will ignite and extinguish a backstage affair between an evening performance and the next day's matinee!)..."

I Built My Girlfriend's iPod
Stranded on a desert island? At least you have your iPodSolar.
Music Story  September 11, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...If we were lucky, it was Gordon Lightfoot, sundown. Time to take a load off, either way, bury the day..."

Sí, Sí, Ccec
A Mitchell Legacy Gets the Greenlight
News Column  February 20, 1998, by Kayte VanScoy
"...Normally, when the Central City Entertainment Center (CCEC) is on the council agenda, Turner and Garrett can be counted on to give long speeches in favor of the center, and to rally dozens of vocal supporters to fill the chambers. Instead, the culmination of their years spent protesting delays in the center's construction arrived anti-climactically last Thursday, when council approved the construction contract for the CCEC at 1156 Hargrave Street..."

Day Trips: Alpine
West Texas brewery hangs up its spurs, at least for now
Columns  January 10, 2019, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...unforeseen hurdles." The brewery promised "two very special bottle releases ... one in January and one on Valentine's Day."..."

Labor Day Is to Celebrate Every Worker
Postmarks  September 9, 2009
"...Dear Editor, We have recently celebrated another Labor Day holiday. I am concerned that most Americans do not understand the purpose of the day..."

Long Center: Sounds to your heart's content
You can hear the first-ever concert in the Long Center as a Valentine's Day treat
Arts Story  February 15, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...Want to treat your sweetheart to the first-ever concert in the Long Center's 2,400-seat Dell Hall? If you're reading this the day that the Chronicle hits the streets and are as swift as winged Cupid, you can do it. The center is hosting a public concert on Thursday, Feb..."

Burning Sensations on V-Day
There's something burning up at the Austin City Store
DAILY News  February 14, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
" 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb..."

Day Trips
The family-owned Dixondale Farms of Carrizo Springs is the largest and oldest producer of onion plants in the U.S.
Columns  January 27, 2006, by Gerald E. McLeod
"..."The general rule for when to plant onions," says Pam Martin, customer service manager of Dixondale Farms, "is to plant them six weeks before average last freeze for your area." Depending on who you ask, the last freeze of the year in Central Texas will happen sometime between March 3 and 28. You might get away with planting your Southern Bell Reds as late as Valentine's Day...."

After a Fashion: Just Another Day?
Your Style Avatar has found a new love ... same as the old love
Columns  February 22, 2013, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...As I celebrate Singles Awareness Day, aka Valentine's Day, at the Honeycomb Hideout (which is what I call Jacki Oh's house), I find myself thinking that I'm so happy for all those people I know who are in love and find this a very special day. I, too, am in love and spending this day with my love – designing clothes..."

Point Austin: It's That Time Again
If you haven't voted, aren't voting, aren't ready to vote – wake up!
News Column  February 10, 2006, by Michael King
"...We do this stuff for a living, and we're still running to catch up. West Side readers this week might feel either dizzier than we are or else already in spring-training form, as they're finishing up their state House District 48 special election run-off (vote Tuesday, neighbors, if you haven't already!) on Valentine's Day, just in time for early voting (next Tuesday, Feb..."

Day Trips
At the Wiseman House in Hico, Kevin Wenzel serves up some of the finest chocolates in Texas.
Columns  November 16, 2001, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...LaDonne credits their success to two simple things: They use the best ingredients they can find, and it is always fresh. "Our chocolates are never more than 10 days old," she says..."

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