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U2 3D
Feature-length, 3-D concert film of U2's global Vertigo tour in 2006 was filmed at several shows. On the IMAX screen, these Irish rockers really rattle and hum.
Film Review  January 25, 2008, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Mark Pellington and Catherine Owens. Filmed in Argentina during U2’s Vertigo tour, U2 3D is a landmark film for its creative use of the medium..."

Exit U2
In revisiting The Joshua Tree, the Dubliners return home
DAILY Music  May 25, 2017, by Raoul Hernandez
"...The tour comprised 111 shows in three legs over nine months. A fourth leg from U2 landed its sixth show in Houston Wednesday night...."

U2 -- Opening Night, National Car Rental Center, Sunrise, Fla., March 24
Music Story  March 30, 2001, by Kate X Messer
"...The first bellowing keyboard bursts of "Elevation," the song, officially launched Elevation, the tour, and made U2's case, loud and clear, now and forever -- that Rock is back and never really went that far away. The sonic depth-charge pings rang throughout the sports arena as the crowd became one writhing mass under full-up lights..."

U2 – Second Performance
Postmarks  September 12, 2006
"...Dear Editor, I was confused by Margaret Moser's description of U2's show at the Austin Opera House during their October tour ["An Austin Chronicle," Sept. 8]..."

Club Foot U2 Redux
Postmarks  September 12, 2006
"...Hey Chronicle, I loved your 25th anniversary supplement, especially David Sprague's U2 photograph ["An Austin Chronicle," Sept. 8]..."

In God's Country
Why U2 is the best band ever
Music Story  March 30, 2001, by Christopher Gray
"..."Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know" -- Jeremiah 33:3, Bible verse referenced on the cover of U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind..."

Into the Heart
U2 drops the 'Atomic Bomb'
Music Story  November 26, 2004, by Christopher Gray
"...To get an idea how U2 rates on the longevity meter, consider this. Twenty-five years after "That's All Right Mama," Elvis was two years in the grave..."

It Might Get Loud
Masters of rock guitar – Jimmy Page, the Edge, and Jack White – gather for a summit of the generations, caught by the lens of An Inconvenient Truth's Davis Guggenheim.
Film Review  September 11, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Davis Guggenheim. It's a testament to how far White Striper Jack White has come in the rock & roll world since the release of the first White Stripes album 10 years back that he's now the most interesting figure in this musical triptych, which also includes geezers Jimmy Page (sporting some wicked white locks) and U2's the Edge (coif unknown)..."

U2 The Joshua Tree (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by Greg Beets
"...U2The Joshua Tree (Island) Before 1987's The Joshua Tree, U2 was the revolutionary flag bearer for post-punk idealists who were certain Reagan would blow up the world before they had a chance to drink legally. Then came "With or Without You," the strategic lead-off single whose melodic bassline and quasi-romantic delivery covered up the lyrics' tortured indecision almost as well as the Police's "Every Breath You Take" whitewashes stalking..."

Original of the Species
U2 3D
DAILY Music  January 18, 2008, by Raoul Hernandez
"... Opening in multiple dimensions at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX next Friday, Jan. 25, U2 3D isn’t quite the German expressionist’s Sunrise, one of the first silent films to sync music and image..."

Breaking Barriers With Christ and Rock
A reprint of an Austin Chronicle Q&A from 1982 with U2's Bono Hewson and Adam Clayton.
Music Story  March 30, 2001, by Margaret Moser
"...It was chilly outside Saturday night, but inside the Opry House, the Irish band U2 had worked themselves and their audience into a sweat. With a group spirit rarely seen in larger concert halls, Austin rejoiced with the four young men from Dublin..."

U2 Pop (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by Raoul Hernandez
"...U2Pop (Island) The great lost U2 album. Lost between the funky, New Deal-defining Achtung Baby from 1991 and last year's New Millennium revisionism, All That You Can't Leave Behind..."

U2 Zooropa (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by Christopher Gray
"...U2Zooropa (Island) Zooropa is U2's accidental album. The band headed into its Dublin studio as a means of staying fresh between the fall '92 and spring '93 legs of the never-ending Zoo TV tour, and wound up recording enough material for a new LP..."

U2 Unforgettable Fire (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by David Lynch
"...U2Unforgettable Fire (Island) Released in September 1984, U2's fourth album was named after an exhibit of artwork made by survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic holocausts. In stark contrast to the mindless cock rock, New Wave synth, and big-hair metal vogue at the time, Unforgettable Fire was a breath of fresh air, dealing with such weighty issues as heroin overdoses ("Wire," "Bad") and war atrocities ("A Sort of Homecoming," "Unforgettable Fire")..."

This drama is inferior in practically every way to Danish director Susanne Bier’s original – but now with more U2!
Film Review  December 11, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire, Sam Shepard, Mare Winningham, Bailee Madison, Taylor Geare and Clifton Collins Jr.. Inferior in practically every way to Danish director Susanne Bier’s original Brødre – but now with more U2! – Brothers draws from two rampaging traditions, Greek tragedy and romantic melodrama, and renders both weirdly inert..."

U2 Rattle and Hum (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by Michael Bertin
"...U2 Rattle and Hum (Island) Compile 10 studio albums and one of them will necessarily fall to the bottom of a list ranking them by quality. Thus, relative to U2's catalogue, Rattle and Hum is so bad it's laughable..."

U2 War (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by Michael Bertin
"...U2War (Island) Some of rock & roll's greatest moments -- Who's Next, Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols, Nevermind -- are borne of pure anger. The instances where the desire to subvert or to simply scream get captured so perfectly on tape are so rare and so potent that they usually define new directions of the genre as a whole..."

U2 October (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by Christopher Hess
"...U2October (Island) Wedged as it is between the lauded debut and breakthrough album, October is often dismissed as a commercial speed bump in U2's career, an untimely pause for artistic introspection that could have derailed or divided a rock band composed of mere mortals. It's a relatively quiet LP, with slow, piano-driven meditations and religious celebrations playing off the bigger songs..."

U2 Boy (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by Margaret Moser
"...U2Boy (Island) Boy shone so brightly when released in late 1980 that it shimmered throughout the warm spring of 1981. In a time of magnificent and definitive first releases, Boy resounded with an exuberance that lifted hearts and spirits in a way that other albums didn't..."

Call it the last cinematic gasp of the Bush era.
Film Review  February 6, 2009, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...The embodiment of that desire is Bryan (Neeson), a former U.S. spy who goes on a vigilante rampage when his daughter (Grace) is kidnapped by a gang of Albanian sex traffickers after she goes to Paris to attend a U2 concert (which should be a lesson to teenagers everywhere: Be careful which bands you fall in love with; choose wrong, and you could end up a heroin-addicted prostitute … or having to listen to “Vertigo” all the time)..."

Who Needs Hannah Montana?
U2 finds a new dimension
DAILY Screens  January 18, 2008, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...It’s scheduled to open in Austin in a couple of weeks on Februray 8. For me, still in Austin, the opening-night film was U2 3D, which press-screened on Wednesday night at the IMAX Theater at the Bob Bullock History Museum..."

U2 Achtung Baby (Island)
The U2 Catalog
Music Review  March 30, 2001, by Christopher Gray
"...U2Achtung Baby (Island) It's impossible for me to be objective about Achtung Baby. So much of my early experience with the album is directly linked to the hormonal roller coaster of being in high school; I didn't fully appreciate its musical depth and emotional potency until years afterward..."

Blown Away
If Speed is the cartoon, Saturday-matinee film of the summer thus far, then Blown Away is its smarter older brother; the largest action-movie explosion ever filmed (600 gallons of gas...
Film Review  July 1, 1994, by Marc Savlov
"...Aching with mysterious vendettas, Gaerity single-handedly begins taking out members of the elite bomb squad one by one, working his way back to Dove, with whom he has a long-standing feud. Texan Jones has always been a considerable talent to reckon with, but here he pulls out all the proverbial stops, imbuing his character with a fevered glee and a mad caper: he dances, he sings, he likes U2, he drinks like a fish, and he blows things up real, real good..."

Space Odyssey
Planet U2 touches down in Houston
DAILY Music  October 15, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...Wells’ The War of the Worlds. It was literally the biggest stage of all, and U2 gloriously heeded its call..."

Taking stock of music DVDs
Music Story  January 18, 2002, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Now that all the Top 10 lists for 2001 have been turned in, overanalyzed, and forgotten, it's time the truth was revealed: Bob Dylan's Love and Theft notwithstanding, U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind, released fall of 2000, was actually the Album of the Year last year. It took home its Grammys in 2001 (though it may take home more in 2002), picked up its video awards in 2001, and continued infusing that one nationwide playlist with a string of singles, "Beautiful Day," "Elevation," "Walk On," and a song worthy of Song of the Year in a bad year, "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of." With the band's upcoming halftime performance at Super Bowl XXXVI, the only TV show they haven't appeared on in the last year and a half is Everybody Loves Raymond...."

U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind (Interscope)
Music Review  November 10, 2000, by Christopher Gray
"...U2All That You Can't Leave Behind (Interscope) No U2 album is complete without Bono writing a song about the wind. At least that's one of the things you can say about "Kite"; another would be that it's as affecting as "One." All That You Can't Leave Behind is about all kinds of things, really, but mostly it's about their third-best album after Achtung Baby and The Unforgettable Fire..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  September 15, 2006
"...Sara Scafe TooleClub Foot U2 ReduxHey Chronicle,..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  December 3, 2004
"...In comparing the staying power of U2 versus other veteran bands ["Into the Heart," Music, Nov. 26], Christopher Gray widely missed the mark with one band on his MIA list: the Kinks..."

Kinks Korrection
Postmarks  November 30, 2004
"...Dear Editor, In comparing the staying power of U2 versus other veteran bands ["Into the Heart," Music, Nov. 26], Christopher Gray widely missed the mark with one band on his MIA list: the Kinks..."

Music Review  August 22, 2008, by Austin Powell
"...U2Boy (Universal/Island) U2October (Universal/Island) U2War (Universal/Island)..."

Rock & Roll Books
Gift Guide
Music Story  December 1, 2006, by Christopher Gray
"...U2 by U2..."

U2: Into the Heart
Sheet Music
Music Review  September 14, 2001, by Christopher Gray
"...U2: Into the Heartby Niall Stokes..."

Record Reviews
Music Review  March 28, 1997

Music Review  March 6, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...U2No Line on the Horizon (Universal)..."

Pub-rock, U2, and British-style power-metal: Where are we again?
Music Column  July 30, 2004, by Christopher Gray
"...U2's latest album, reportedly titled Vertigo, is making headlines long before its release by disappearing when the band left it lying around during a recent photo shoot in the south of France. Whodunit? Hoping for a (legal) advance copy, "TCB" rounded up 10 likely suspects...."

Critics Poll
Critics' favorites from 2001
Music Story  January 4, 2002
"...Gray: U2, Frank Erwin Center, Reunion Arena (Dallas), and Compaq Center (Houston)..."

U2@Frank Erwin Center
Live Shot
Music Review  November 9, 2001, by Raoul Hernandez
"...U2@Frank Erwin CenterNovember 5..."

U2, PJ Harvey Compaq Center, Houston, April 2 / Reunion Arena, Dallas, April 3
Music Review  April 6, 2001, by Christopher Gray
"...U2, PJ HarveyCompaq Center, Houston, April 2..."

Creative Plundering with Mark Hosler
Screens Story  March 7, 1997
"...As a member of the social commentary-rich prankster collage band Negativland, he's been part of a scheme to falsely implicate its own music in a mass slaying, pranking the media all the way up to Rolling Stone. Soon after, the band found itself in a collosal legal battle against Island Records after issuing a single entitled "U2." That ditty, which scored the band a handy 15 minutes of notoriety, utilized the melody of the Irish superstars' song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" along with outtakes of American Top 40 host Casey Kasem throwing an expletive-laden hissy fit (see the book The Letter U and the Numeral 2 or the film Sonic Outlaws for full details on the battle Negativland fought against U2's publishers, U2's label, and eventually Negativland's own label)..."

Big Hair, Bigger Hearts
Earnest Eighties bands get a second chance on XM Radio.
DAILY News  May 2, 2007, by Christopher Gray
"...Nothing truly makes perfect sense at 3:30am, but glancing over at CNN and seeing Hillary Clinton giving a speech over the screen caption "The Bono Effect" is pretty jarring. Turns out Clinton and the U2 singer had announced a new initiative to add billions of foreign-aid dollars to overseas education programs – particularly, of course, in poverty-stricken nations..."

King of Bongo
Tracking Spain/France's illusive King of Latin punk rock, Manu Chao
Music Story  August 11, 2006, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Maybe it was the cerveza, but on a bullet the blue sky whim, I turned to the couple seated next to me – two of 80,000 to 85,000 U2 expectants at Camp Nou soccer stadium in Barcelona last August – and asked if Manu Chao lived there. Two amused smiles gave a shrug...."

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
Part concert film and part fascinating biography, this deft film is a moving tribute to Leonard Cohen’s musical legacy.
Film Review  July 14, 2006, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Rufus Wainwright introduces a song with a lovely story about the first time he met Cohen. Bono and the Edge from U2 also speak eloquently of Cohen’s influence: Bono describes how Cohen’s music has something for you in every stage of life, how there are shades in his blackness, and how he can write songs that can bring you to your knees and make you laugh at the same time..."

The Million Dollar Hotel (Interscope)
Music Review  April 28, 2000, by Christopher Gray
"...The 2000 Nobel Peace Prize candidate co-wrote the script for this, German auteur Wim Wenders' latest flick; the title refers to the seedy downtown L.A. joint where U2 filmed the "Where the Streets Have No Name" video..."

A Time of Recognition
An excerpt from John Cale's new autobiography, What's Welsh for Zen?
Music Story  April 14, 2000, by Victor Bockris and John Cale
"...We supported U2 for Swiss stadium dates. As soon as we did that, we were no longer the focus of attention and Lou could not bear the fact that he was a small fish in a big pond..."

Live Shots
Music Story  November 28, 1997

Texas on the Tube
TV Eye
Screens Column  May 16, 1997, by Margaret Moser
"...Building the Wrecking Ball was filmed during rehearsals and recording sessions for her critically acclaimed album in New Orleans and Colorado, and layers the footage with interviews from Harris and WB producer Daniel Lanois, best known for his work with U2 on Achtung Baby and The Joshua Tree. Also appearing on-screen are Neil Young, Steve Earle, Anna and Kate Mc-Garrigle, Malcolm Burn, and U2's Larry Mullen...."

The Basement Tapes
The Netherworld of Iconoclastic Music
Music Story  March 28, 1997, by Greg Beets
"...On a different front, Negativland's many challenges to the status quo have been hot enough to embroil them in lawsuits. The Bay Area-based collective is best known for being sued by Island Records (and later their own label, SST) in part for splicing a snippet of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" with a foul-mouthed outtake from "Casey Kasem's Top 40" radio show to create the 1991 12-inch "U2 Negativland." While the ensuing controversy furthered their position on the absurdity of the U.S..."

Music Review  September 25, 2014, by Raoul Hernandez
"...U2Songs of Innocence (Island)..."

The Secret Club
South by Southwest 2011 Keynote speaker Bob Geldof played the Armadillo World Headquarters with the Boomtown Rats. Afterward ....
Music Story  March 18, 2011, by Margaret Moser
"...Here, the preference is cheeky, nose-thumbing Irish songwriter whose newest CD is titled How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell even though Geldof "couldn't give a fuck about the charts." Outspoken, outrageous, and committed, Geldof took time from his check-in at a trendy Vienna, Austria, hotel to talk about his new CD, being in love at "age 58 and a half," the Boomtown Rats in Texas, and rivalry among the early British punk bands – while getting in a lovable tweak at Bono and U2...."

Vinyl Ashes
A gray vinyl 7-inch with your exit songs?
Music Story  December 31, 2010, by Raoul Hernandez, Austin Powell and Audra Schroeder
"...B-side: "Promenade"/"4th of July," U2..."

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