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Travis County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Shot Dead Monday Morning
Craig Hutchinson shot and killed in his Round Rock backyard
DAILY News  July 25, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The Travis County Sheriff’s Office is reeling this morning as it begins to investigate the events that led to the shooting death of one of its own deputies. Sergeant Craig Hutchinson was found dead in his Round Rock backyard Monday morning after requesting backup from his own colleagues...."

Sheriff's Office Draws Heat for Helping ICE
County's willingness to oblige feds prompts backlash
News Story  March 21, 2008, by Patricia J. Ruland
"...Jail and the Travis Co. Sheriff's Office's apparent willingness to oblige...."

Travis County Sheriff Won't Play Nice With ICE
TCSO on new "policy on cooperation" with federal immigration agency
DAILY News  January 20, 2017, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez published her long-awaited policy concerning how her office will work with U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Friday..."

Face-to-Face Visitation Returns to Travis County
Change currently affects certain inmates in Del Valle
DAILY News  April 20, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...A spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office said that 23 visitors stopped by the Del Valle complex on Tuesday...."

ICE's Freezeout in Travis County
Gov. Abbott has threatened to cut off grant funding to the county
News Story  January 26, 2017, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Greg Abbott unhappy. On Monday, Abbott issued a firmly worded letter to the new sheriff, telling Hernandez her policy will allow "dangerous criminal aliens convicted of felonies" to be "turned loose into Travis County" in what Abbott's calling "a dangerous game of political Russian roulette." On Wednesday, he threatened to support legislation that would throw noncomplying sheriffs out of office..."

Super Tuesday in Travis County
Live coverage of the primary election
DAILY News  March 2, 2016, by the News Staff
"...11:47pm: Between conversations with Sally Hernandez supporters and foraging sessions at the snack table, District 4 Council Member Greg Casar named his reasons for supporting the Precinct 3 constable. Not only has she been insistent that she'll sever the relationship between the office and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), but she's also spent time on the ground engaging the community on the issue, he explained..."

Chronicle Endorsements: Travis County
Endorsements for district attorney, county sheriff, judges, constables, and more
News Story  October 20, 2016
"...It's been 143 years since Travis County elected a Republican into this office. Odds are, with or without our endorsement, history won't change in this election..."

Travis County
News Story  August 25, 2016, by Michael King and Chase Hoffberger
"...Sheriff: Democratic nominee Sally Hernandez left her post as constable for Travis County's third precinct to run for county sheriff. She emerged from a four-person primary and now meets lone Republican candidate Joe Martinez, a former detective with the Travis County Sheriff's Office who retired in 2003 to start CM Investigations Inc., a private investigator firm, with his wife, who's now deceased...."

Travis County Races
A big day for the Democrats locally, as usual
News Story  November 10, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...As expected, Democrats dominated Travis County elections Tuesday. In contested races, Margaret Moore bested Republican challenger Maura Phelan for district attorney, taking home 66% of the vote, and former Precinct 3 Constable Sally Hernandez earned a two-to-one edge against former Travis County Sheriff's Office detective Joe Martinez (as well as two third-party candidates, Libertarian Eric Guerra and Green Party candidate Debbie Russell) to succeed Greg Hamilton as sheriff..."

Travis County to Comply With All ICE Detainers After 5th Circuit Ruling
Panel nixes lower court block on immigrant detention rule
DAILY News  September 26, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...As a result, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office – which gained national attention for limiting its participation in federal immigration requests – will now honor all U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers...."

Travis County
Same song, with slight variation of lyrics
News Story  July 23, 2010, by Amy Smith
"...The Travis County Sheriff's Office was among the early birds filing requests for a bigger budget in 2011, after trimming more than $2 million from its funding package for this year. Having to do more with less is taking a toll on officers and support staff, said spokesman Roger Wade..."

Wheat, Chaff Intact in Sheriff's Race
The seven candidates to replace Margo Frasier show few differences at forum
News Story  January 30, 2004, by Jordan Smith
"...20 with a Q&A session featuring seven of the candidates running to replace Margo Frasier as the county's next sheriff. During the two-hour forum, the candidates (three Dems and four pachyderms) answered questions on a variety of topics – from handling homeland security to improving union relations – and then fielded a final zinger posed by audience member and perennial candidate for insert-office-here Jennifer Gale...."

Sheriff's Unions Back Eckhardt for Precinct 2 Commissioner
Both unions are at odds with current Commissioner Sonleitner
News Story  December 9, 2005, by Jordan Smith
"...5, the two unions representing 1,300-plus employees of the Travis Co. Sheriff's Office announced that they are throwing their combined clout behind political newcomer Sarah Eckhardt, who is seeking to oust incumbent County Commissioner Karen Sonleitner from her Precinct 2 seat in the March Democratic primary..."

New Program Aims to Boost Voter Registration at Travis County Jail
Are county inmates aware that they’re eligible to vote?
News Story  February 15, 2018, by Mary Tuma
"...About 20 sheriff's office volunteers underwent a voter registration training session on Monday in preparation to canvass the Del Valle complex and eventually lead regularly scheduled voter education classes. Hernandez said the initiative was a long time coming: She had been in talks with Elfant about the idea before she took office last January..."

Libertarians on the November Travis County Ballot
Third party files for 12 offices
DAILY News  March 24, 2008, by Lee Nichols
"...So if the Dems and Republicans aren't doing it for you, here is one of the main alternatives. (To my knowledge, a Libertarian has never won office in Travis, although they always seem to do quite well in races where the only other choice is a Republican.) See press release after the jump...."

Travis County Holding Steady ... for Now
County braces for bigger economic challenges in 2010
News Story  July 31, 2009, by Amy Smith
"...Travis County budget officers on Monday rolled out a bare-bones, yet balanced, preliminary budget for 2010, the first step toward preparing for bigger financial challenges in 2011 – thanks in large measure to a projected $1 billion tumble in new property value, a reflection of hard times in a construction industry that had spent the last several years turning dirt at a frenetic pace...."

Travis County Crowdfunding: Still Stronger
The county has raised $135,000 to offset Gov. Abbott's February stunt
News Story  April 27, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...Abbott's cuts came in retaliation to Sheriff Sally Hernandez's January announcement that her office has reduced cooperation with ICE detainer requests. Abbott pulled the county's remaining 2017 grant money, and the entire $1.8 million from the 2018 budget..."

Travis County Constable, Precinct 2: Mud & Experience
Incumbent files defamation suit against opponent in this particularly bloody battle
News Story  May 11, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...In some ways, it's a rerun of the 2008 primary, when veteran peace officer Adan Ballesteros edged tech sector worker Paul Labuda 52%-48% before narrowly dislodging Republican incumbent Bob Vann. Four years later, Labuda returns with increased law enforcement credentials and wants another crack at Ballesteros, but has been joined in the race by a new face – Michael Cargill, a candidate with no policing experience but a bruising campaign style...."

ICE Continues Its Raids in Travis County
“Callous disregard for the climate of fear” in immigrant communities
News Story  March 16, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...As he readied the car, another vehicle pulled up right beside him. U.S Immi­gration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers asked him if he had documentation to be in the country legally..."

Pair of Deaths at the County Jail
TCSO believes both men died "of natural causes"
DAILY News  April 2, 2018, by Nina Hernandez
"...The Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Medical Examiner, and the Texas Rangers are investigating two deaths that occurred 12 hours apart this weekend in the Travis County Correctional Complex in Del Valle...."

Craig Hutchinson’s Death Ruled a Suicide
TCSO sergeant had received diagnoses for anxiety and depression
DAILY News  August 12, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Hutchinson, a sworn officer with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office for 32 years who was set to retire with the rank of sergeant in September, shot himself in his Round Rock backyard at 1:28 that Monday morning. Gravell confirmed at a Friday press conference at Round Rock Police Headquarters that Hutchinson fired a bullet from his TCSO-issued weapon; the bullet pierced his left hand before entering into the left side of his forehead, just above his eyebrow...."

UPDATED: Lawsuit Seeks Lehmberg's Removal From Office
Attorney cites Local Government Code provision for power to do so
DAILY News  April 18, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...An Austin attorney yesterday filed suit in Travis County civil district court seeking to have District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg removed from office in the wake of her arrest last weekend for drunken driving...."

AIRC, S-Comm, and the Fight for Immigrants' Rights
Immigrants' rights activists call on Commissioners to defund Sheriff
DAILY News  August 13, 2014, by Amy Kamp
"...Today at 3:20pm, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office will present its FY2015 budget requests to the Commissioners Court. Supporters of immigrants’ rights will be there as well, demanding that Commissioners withhold funding from the TCSO until Sheriff Greg Hamilton agrees to terminate the office’s involvement in Secure Communities, or S-Comm...."

Eckhardt: The State of the County Is ...
Thursday address slams Lege, props up local entities
DAILY News  February 12, 2018, by Austin Sanders
"...“The state has stopped governing,” proclaimed the county head, positioning the role of her office and court as increasingly important in a time when divisive politics render the statehouse immobile on issues like property taxes and government ethics. Eckhardt slammed the state Legislature for showing more interest in appeasing wealthy individuals and business interests who have the power to bend the ear of lawmakers, instead of working to solve pressing problems facing the state..."

County to Restore In-Person Jail Visits
Commissioners passed a $707,000 measure to bring in-person visitation back to the county jails
News Story  October 1, 2015, by Chase Hoffberger
"...It won't be part of the budget, but it will be back in county: On Tuesday, commissioners voted to approve a measure that will re-implement in-person visitation at Travis County jails. The $707,000 approval, to be funded through savings from the Travis County Sheriff's Office, comes after a month of deliberations over whether or not Travis County was eligible for a grandfather clause allowing certain counties to not comply with House Bill 549..."

S-Comm Emails
Sheriff and ICE eager pen pals
News Story  October 9, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...But internal emails between the Travis County Sheriff's Office and ICE officials reveal a much more collaborative relationship – a near-daily dialogue between the agencies tantamount to a continual implementation primer, including reliance on ICE for press advisories later tweaked by the TCSO for a locally generated feel...."

Council Slams ‘S-Comm’
Unanimous vote rejects county participation in deportation program
DAILY News  June 27, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, ostensibly designed to identify undocumented immigrants with criminal backgrounds, and to target them for deportation. Under the program, the county sheriff’s office, headed by Sheriff Greg Hamilton, honors “ICE detainers” for 48 hours to allow immigration officials time to arrive at the jail to begin deportation proceedings..."

The People's Courts
Dems square off in three races
News Story  February 19, 2010, by Jordan Smith
"...This is the most high-profile of the three JP races on the Democratic ballot – Williams and Bradford are two of the most charming and engaging candidates running for any office in this primary season – they are both quick-witted, good humored, and passionate about their work and connections to East Austin...."

A Celebration of Austin’s Black Cemeteries
Cemetery tour to help re-discover Austin’s lost black history
News Story  November 3, 2016, by Kahron Spearman
"..."The city and state have no money to clean them," Flatt clarifies. "Bethany gets cleaned by the Travis County Sheriff's Office..."

Sheriff Over ICE
Dem candidates spar over the TCSO role in immigration
News Story  March 23, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Although the program won't become mandatory nationwide until next year, more than 2,000 law enforcement agencies across the country are already participating in "S-Comm," which requires that fingerprints of persons booked into local jails be submitted to the feds for comparison against a national FBI database; those fingerprints are also forwarded to ICE to be reviewed for immigration status. The Travis County Sheriff's Office, which runs the local jail system, joined the program in summer 2009; since then, more than 92,000 sets of fingerprints have been run through S-Comm's ID databases..."

Sheriff Hopefuls: Looking-at-Jail Time
Both McNeill and Hamilton say a new lockup is TCSO's top priority
News Story  October 8, 2004, by Jordan Smith
"...As election day draws nearer, Travis Co. sheriff candidates Duane McNeill and Greg Hamilton have jail on the brain – jail crowding, jail staffing, and new jail construction, that is – issues that each candidate says top the list of concerns facing the sheriff's office as they campaign to be the county's top cop...."

Then There's This: The Race For Campaign Cash
County Judge and Pct. 2 Commissioner's races don't come cheap
News Column  July 19, 2013, by Amy Smith
"...Campaign finance reports filed Monday at the county clerk's office show Andy Brown again outpaced rival Sarah Eckhardt, raising $178,413 in the first six months of the year, to Eckhardt's $157,081. But both are on fairly equal footing going forward with roughly the same cash balance: Brown had $135,000 at the end of the reporting period, June 30, and Eckhardt had $132,000, thanks to a $10,000 loan she made to her campaign June 28..."

Mackowiak Attacks the Sheriff
New Travis County GOP chairman quickly turns to low-hanging fruit
News Story  June 29, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...1. The Sheriff's Office has said it will automatically comply with ICE detainers for those charged with or convicted of capital murder, murder, aggravated sexual assault, or human trafficking, and also holds the discretion to honor other detainer requests on a "case-by-case basis."..."

S-Comm Troubles: Not Just for Latinos!
Asian and African immigrants get caught in the sheriff's net, too
News Story  August 7, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...The Secure Communities program – generally perceived as aimed primarily at Hispanic immigrants – is casting a much wider net. The federal initiative adopted by the Travis County Sheriff's Office, which effectively aids immigration officials with deportations, is also capturing an increasing number of Asian immigrants – more often than not, legal residents – in its dragnet..."

The End of S-Comm?
Will Obama's executive action end ICE holds?
News Story  November 26, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...Several grassroots organizations have been working in opposition to S-Comm, which has led to deportation of some 5,000 undocumented immigrants in Travis County since its 2009 implementation. Under S-Comm, the sheriff's office detains arrestees suspected of being undocumented, holding them in county jail for a minimum 48-hour period until a U.S..."

Did Failures at APD’s Crime Lab Lead to Sexual Assaults in Houston?
Rape case goes unprosecuted due to contaminated DNA evidence
News Story  October 6, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...An APD bulletin went out to patrolling officers: Smith had told investigators to look for a black male in a Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger. Officer Todd Galbraith located a vehicle matching the description in the parking lot of a Super 8 hotel on the interstate, a mile-and-a-half north of the Drury Inn..."

County Candidates Vow to End S-Comm
Sheriff's deportation program becomes campaign issue
News Story  February 28, 2014, by Amy Smith
"...According to the coalition, 4,280 Travis County residents have been deported since 2009, and the vast majority of them have no criminal history. [This paragraph was updated to clarify that the Sheriff's Office does not deport residents; that function is handled by federal authorities.]..."

ICE Payback for Sheriff Sally Hernandez's Policy Confirmed
Immigration enforcement agency targeted Travis County
News Story  March 23, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"..."My understanding is, one of the reasons that happened was because the meetings that occurred with the field office director and the sheriff didn't go very well," Austin continued. The judge's revelation contradicts what ICE reported to local officials, including Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt, who was told by ICE Agent Dan Bible in February that the Austin arrests were not an act of retribution...."

Multiple Departments Investigate Deputy's Homicide
Sergeant Craig Hutchinson was shot and killed behind his Round Rock home early Monday morning
News Story  July 28, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The Travis County Sheriff's Office is reeling this week as it investigates the events that led to the shooting death of one of its own deputies. Sergeant Craig Hutchinson was found dead near a creek behind his Round Rock backyard Monday morning after requesting backup from his colleagues...."

Now That's a ROT of Money
News Story  June 27, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...Local law enforcement echoed that sentiment. Travis County Sheriff's Office policed the center, the Austin Police Department escorted the Friday night parade, and off-duty officers provided security at the street party..."

Who's That Not Knocking On My Door?
It's the police, but you wouldn't know it
DAILY News  February 20, 2014, by Jordan Smith
"...It was nearly 10pm on April 28, 2009, when the front door to the San Antonio home of Lindsey Bishop and Carolyn Clark exploded inward. On the other side of the door were seven plainclothes (and one uniformed) police officers there to execute a search warrant...."

Confusion, Concerns Surround Response to County’s Dangerous Dogs
A partnership problem, or not?
News Story  March 22, 2018, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...Last December, toward the end of a daylong meeting of Travis County Commissioners, County Judge Sarah Eckhardt voiced concerns suggesting that the county-city animal control program might be on thin ice. The dais was discussing whether to move wildlife issues to be under Austin's Animal Services Office ("County Kills Coyote Contract," Dec..."

The Sheriff Shooting: A Very Different Story With the Same Ending
The shooting last week of Lennon Johnson by a Travis Co. deputy itself raises questions about the APD shooting last month.
News Story  August 1, 2003, by Jordan Smith
"...The summer's second fatal police shooting in East Austin played itself out during morning rush hour on July 24, after two Travis Co. sheriff's deputies stopped to help a woman in distress on Bolm Road -- initiating an incident that contrasts sharply with the fatal shooting of Jessie Lee Owens by an Austin police officer last month...."

UT Policy Change Coincides With Professor’s Sudden Death
University more likely to punish employees who commit criminal acts off campus
News Story  April 12, 2018, by Mary Tuma
"...Last Thursday, shortly following a new University of Texas policy change instigated in part by his actions, UT College of Pharmacy professor Richard Morrisett was found dead in his South Austin home. The cause of death has yet to be determined by the Travis County Medical Examiner, but no evidence of foul play is suspected, says Captain Jonathan Ede, a spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff's Office, and a toxicology report could take weeks..."

Barbara's Fire
Attorney, teacher, and veteran fighter for freedom, Barbara Hines retires from a career mentoring students
News Story  December 11, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...Amelia Ruiz Fischer, an attorney for the Texas Civil Rights Project, has worked with Hines on a number of matters, including at Hutto. There is also ongoing work related to the federal Secure Communities program, under which the Travis County Sheriff's Office detains undocumented immigrants at the behest of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, suspending standard due-process safeguards..."

Sheriff Sally Hernandez Continues to Do "What’s Right"
Besieged by the state GOP, Hernandez shows no sign of backing down from her immigration policies
News Story  July 6, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Thrust unexpectedly into the national spotlight, Hernandez could do without the extra fanfare. "National attention is not something I wake up and desire," she told me during an interview at her office on Airport Boulevard..."

S-Comm: Hamilton Fans Backlash
Sheriff Hamilton continues to back S-Comm, even as sheriffs across the country reject it
News Story  July 10, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...But the list of those currently incarcerated doesn't in fact indicate they were ensnared by S-Comm efforts – only that they were subsequently identified as undocumented – with a "INS detainer" notation by each entry the only indication of a prisoner's immigration status. INS stands for the now-defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service, supplanted in 2003 as part of a post-9/11 shakeup of agencies now under the Office of Homeland Security..."

County's Parsimonious Budget Plans Ockham's Razor
The New County Order
News Story  September 8, 1995
"...(Since counties don't have ordinance power, the budget is not a law, as it is at city and state, requiring legislative action for adjustment. As a consequence, county spending can rather effortlessly climb beyond what the budget says, though it is far from being bloated.) The biggest chunk of that $1.88 million is being carved from Keel's domain, not surprising since the sheriff's office is the county's largest department..."

Hamilton Digs In: Won't End 'S-Comm'
Travis County Sheriff bucks opposition
News Story  July 3, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...Immigrants' rights advocates applauded last week's action by City Council, repudiating Travis County Sheriff Greg Ham­il­ton's participation in the federal "Secure Communities" initiative. And in the wake of Council's action, some Travis County Commissioners – the Commissioners Court oversees the sheriff's office – are readying their own resolution calling for an end to county compliance...."

S-Comm "Roll Calls" Raise New Questions
Data released leads to more questions than answers
News Story  September 18, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...Responding to public pressure for greater transparency, the Travis County Sher­iff's Office recently began compiling and posting on the county website detailed daily "roll call" lists of who's being held in its jail facilities on immigration detainers pursuant to the federal "Secure Com­mun­i­ties" initiative. The new lists – including some persons accused of minor offenses as well as of felony crimes, plus additional information such as countries of origin – yield daily snapshots of those caught in the S-Comm net..."

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