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Chron to the Max
2015 serves up a tasty film crop
Screens Story  December 31, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Apart from Mad Max: Fury Road, the No. 1 film on our combined critics' Top 10 list, none of the films below are sequels, prequels, reboots, or do-overs..."

Impressed, Yes, but Socks Still Firmly On
It was a good year for movies – but was it great?
Screens Story  January 4, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...At last check, my neurasthenia seems no worse than usual, yet here I am struggling to come up with a list of films to include in my Top 10. Most years, my problems arise from the need to whittle the list down to a measly 10 titles..."

'The NFL Beat': Week Two
Back to the grind
DAILY Sports  September 15, 2012, by Alex Dunlap
"...Sleeper Flex Play: Bills WR David Nelson has been lost for the year to knee injury, opening the door for WR Donald Jones to have plenty of opportunities against a still-banged-up Chiefs secondary. If he doesn't get you 7-10 points in standard leagues, it will probably be because he dropped a big pass, which Jones has been known to do...."

Strama and the Mystery of the Texas Score Contradictions
State rep puzzled by how students do well and badly at the same time
DAILY News  June 18, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Strama's response? "That's statistically impossible." Texas can't be in the top 10 and yet still be 29th. So his immediately sent the data to education experts around the country..."

Rob's Tops & Bottoms
Rob has top and bottom 11s for 2011. Did you make the list?
DAILY Qmmunity  January 5, 2012, by Rob Cohen
"...GAY PLACE TOPS 1) DADT DEAD and loving it. 2) RYAN GOSLING This heroic heartthrob wins my vote for hunk of the year. 3) LESBIAN NAVY KISS Here's to many more. 4) MAIL ART WITH DANDY AT BERNADETTE'S Arts & crass with some cool cats at our new favorite dive. 5) QUEERBOMB 2.0 6) LESS BULLYING 7) GLITTER BOMBING Blinging up the bigots, one at a time. 8) OCCUPY WALL STREET 9) CHAZ BONO You weirded them out fierce. 10) HIPSTER ARIEL A whole new world of snark. 11) BEYONCE The one pop star this year who kept it classy...."

Andy's Tops & Bottoms
Sometimes you win, sometimes you nay
DAILY Qmmunity  January 5, 2012, by Andy Campbell
"...10) KIM KARDASHIAN'S DIVORCE proved you don't have to be Queer to destroy marriage. We suggest all straighties get hitched and then anulled quickly thereafter to further degrade that most hallowed of institutions...."

Local Is as Local Does
Why area farmers want you to beware of faux local
Food Story  February 18, 2011, by Virginia B. Wood
"...When Whole Foods Market built a flagship store at Sixth and Lamar in 1996, the same farmers offered a weekly market in the parking lot there for some time. The movement grew slowly over the next 10 years, as it did around the country, until it blossomed fully in the national consciousness about four years ago...."

Naked If I Want To
Magnum opus on one of rock & roll's Rosetta Stones: 1967's Moby Grape
Music Story  January 8, 2010, by Louis Black
"...Released February 1967, Surrealistic Pillow, the band's second album, proved a phenomenal success, peaking at No. 3 on the Top 100 list while producing two Top 10 hit singles, "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love." This success resulted in national media attention on both the band and the scene exploding exponentially..."

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin
The Chronicle's film critics count off their favorites of the year
Screens Story  January 1, 2010, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...For these things we are grateful, but here's the rub: We are ready to move beyond nine. So, contrary to the lists in the other editorial departments of the Chronicle, we are sticking with Top 10 lists..."

High Texas Rider
Before the Sir Douglas Quintet and Texas Tornados, the Lone Star State's voice of the Vox organ, Augie Meyers, was San Antonio's Lord August & the Visions of Lite
Music Story  October 30, 2009, by Margaret Moser
"...On the yet-to-be-compiled list of Top 10 All-Time Rock & Roll Keyboard Riffs, Augie Meyers is a lock...."

The Year in Rewind
The Chronicle looks back at 2008 at the movies
Screens Story  January 2, 2009, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Good cheer because spread across these four Chronicle reviewers' lists (which are combined above into an overall Chronicle Top 10 film list and then presented individually on the following pages) are a wealth of good suggestions of movies to see. As reviewers, we rarely agree, although on our No..."

Depeche Mode
Music Review  December 15, 2006, by Christopher Gray
"...1982's A Broken Frame, though slight and forgettable, was Martin Gore's bow as songwriter-in-chief after Vince Clarke's departure. UK Top 10 "See You," "The Meaning of Love," and instrumental "Nothing to Fear" retain some value as electro-pop period pieces, "Monument" and "Satellite" as textural experiments that would blossom later on..."

Naked City
A national magazine ranks us tops, but some local leaders say it could still be better
News Story  August 12, 2005, by Cheryl Smith
"...1 city for Latinos to reside in for the second year in a row. In an August cover story, "Top 10 Cities for Hispanics to Live In: Where Latinos Love to Live, Work and Play," the Miami-based publication with a reported circulation of 280,000 touted Austin's low crime rate, reasonable median housing price of $154,000, and vibrant cultural scene..."

XXX: State of the Union
A nonstop orgy of bullets, bombs, and booty that aims low and hits the bull’s-eye with enough firepower to sink the Bismarck.
Film Review  April 29, 2005, by Marc Savlov
"...Even that ridiculous film was ridiculously fun, thanks in large part to the gravelly cipher Vin Diesel and the lovely Euro-bomb Asia Argento (daughter of Italian filmmaker Dario). State of the Union, while an exciting enough diversion for a lazy Saturday afternoon popcorn fix, is really 10 times too much, a nonstop orgy of bullets, bombs, and booty that aims low and hits the bull’s-eye with enough firepower to sink the Bismarck..."

Shaun of the Dead
This "romantic comedy … with zombies" has a note-perfect mix of humor, horror, love, and death.
Film Review  September 24, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...Director/writer Wright and star/co-writer Pegg are the creative team behind the cult BBC4 sitcom Spaced, which pairs an obvious love for the tropes of the big screen with razor-keen wit and boundless energy for reimagining the constraints of the small one. Shaun of the Dead’s grue-laden take on the horror genre (and in particular Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, recently remade stateside to fine effect by Zack Snyder) is the most faithful and interesting film about the walking dead we’ve seen since the last time we visited Romero’s besieged Pittsburgh (in 1985’s Day of the Dead) and is one of the best stand-alone horror films of the past 10 years..."

The Haven
Exploring the grounds and sounds at the International Festival-Institute at Round Top
Music Story  June 4, 2004, by Graham Reynolds
"...That's still the bottom line. Starting humbly in 1972, James Dick had 10 piano students for just a few weeks, and the course work culminated in a single concert on the Round Top town square...."

After a Fashion
Who was tops in 2003? Who will last into 2004?
Columns  January 2, 2004, by Stephen MacMillan Moser

America Circa 1999
Music Story  June 10, 1999, by Christopher Gray
"...(Middle child Generation X is as broke as ever.) According to Teen Research Unlimited, another teen-tracking marketing firm, teenagers spent approximately $148 billion in 1998, up from $122 billion in 1997. TRU expects the number of American teens, currently around 11% of the total population, to keep growing until at least 2010...."

Your 15 Minutes Are Up, Mr. Gates
Top Nine Cyber Stories
Screens Story  January 7, 1999, by Jon Lebkowsky
"...Time Warner is now offering cable access in Austin. Cable download speeds are 10 to 100 times faster (depending on whom you connect) than the fastest dial-up modems..."

Goodnight Irene
Timeless music time-travels – backward, forward
Music Story  December 31, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...No great act creates any art other than its own, but root circles remain unbroken in the grimacing face of pop vacuity and global calamity. Top 10 Austin..."

Roy Orbison
Music Review  September 4, 2014, by Tim Stegall
"...David Lynch utilizing Big O classic "In Dreams" for Blue Velvet and the Traveling Wilburys showcasing him with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Tom Petty kicked cobwebs off the Texan tenor's career in no time flat. Then he was gone – with a Top 5 LP and Top 10 single in "You Got It." The Mystery Girl Deluxe edition, augmented by the usual brace of bonus cuts (including one new song, "The Way Is Love," featuring the singer's sons backing him on an unfinished cut) and a making-of DVD, reiterates the album's greatness in the face of otherwise mitigating circumstances..."

Gay Place
This week it's all about the Tops and the Bottoms, loves. How do you like your 2013?
Columns  January 3, 2014, by Kate X Messer
"...We're thrilled that you turn to us each week for your Austin LGBTQ info and hope to continue being your source in the new year. On to the lists! Top 10 National Gay..."

Full Hearts Can't Lose
The 21st annual 'Austin Chronicle' Short Story Contest
Books Story  February 8, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...Case in point: When this contest kicked off last fall with its annual call for submissions, I wasn't the Books editor. And furthermore, when I took over this job, I publicly swore I'd save myself the headache of tiebreaking by having an odd number of judges – and then, in an ironic twist, our fifth judge was sidelined with a migraine the night of 
our dinner...."

Texans 'Undefendable' Offense Leads the Way in '11
Playoffs or bust
DAILY Sports  September 9, 2011, by Barrett Walton
"...The Houston Texans, our beloved heroes from down under, are embarking on their 10th season. That's right, it was a decade ago that David Carr led the boys from I-10 to a thrilling victory over the hated and over-hyped Dallas Cowboys in Houston's inaugural game..."

TV Eye: It Was a Very Good Year
The usual suspects and a few surprises marked a great year on TV
Screens Column  January 7, 2011, by Belinda Acosta
"...There are a few surprises in this year's Top 10 list. First, I've listed them in alphabetical order..."

Third Time's a Charm
UT volleyball makes Final Four, again
DAILY Sports  December 14, 2010, by Will Eidam
"...Regular Season Record: 2008: 25-3 2009: 27-1 2010: 23-5..."

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
This is the finest Potter film yet – darker, funnier, and more epic than everything that has come before.
Film Review  November 19, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...Kloves, who has written all but one of the series' screenplays (and frankly bobbled in the last one, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), goes off book to write an original, incandescent scene between Harry and Hermione that wordlessly elides a raw mix of emotions, and he gives Ron, now plainly in love with Hermione, a monumental monologue that is at once tender and winning and ripe for later ribbing. (Too bad Harry has no romantic equivalent; while all the other child actors aged quite brilliantly into nimble emoters, Bonnie Wright, as Harry's intended, Ginny Weasley, is, as ever, a wet blanket.) Deathly Hallows has been stripped of the series' tendency to mug hamlike for laughs; what remains is genuinely funny stuff that is still truthful to the spirit of these decent, sometimes goofy kid-characters, whom we've watched grow up in the course of 10 years..."

TV Eye
Tube tops
Screens Column  January 5, 2007, by Belinda Acosta
"...Top 10 Dramas..."

Translate This
2003 in Film
Screens Story  January 2, 2004, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...This year's Top 10 lists, like all lists, are snapshots of moments in time. Tomorrow, next month, or next year, the items might change a bit -- or maybe not at all..."

TV Eye
Summer fun, air-conditioned and remote-controlled: The Discovery Channel airs a triptych of roller coaster specials, and Buffy fans can get their jollies in book form.
Screens Column  May 10, 2002, by Belinda Acosta
"...The group led the way in renovating Leap-the-Dips, now considered the world's oldest operating coaster, located in Altoona, Penn. The 100-year-old coaster is quaint by modern standards and is one of only two side-friction, figure-eight coasters...."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  January 25, 2002
"...The January 10 City Council vote regarding the Villas on Guadalupe caught our neighborhood by surprise. At a previous meeting, the council had unanimously passed Jackie Goodman's motion approving MF-4 zoning for this property..."

Saving the Ten Percenters
AISD merges Liberal Arts and Science and Math Academies
News Story  November 30, 2001, by Michael May
"...Those supporting the decision respond that neighborhood students will benefit from the move as well, because it provides them access to the state's Top Ten Percent plan (which since its enactment in 1998, automatically admits the top 10% of students in every high school, as defined by grade point average, to the state university of their choice). Thus far the plan has rarely benefited Johnston neighborhood students, because magnet students (who earn more points for each grade they receive) filled most, if not all, of the places in the top 10%..."

SXSW Picks & Sleepers
Music Story  March 16, 2001
"...'Nuff said. (Ritz Lounge, 10pm) -- Michael Chamy..."

Box Sets/Reissues
The Disco Box
Music Story  April 8, 1999
"...One listen to this hodgepodge of fast-driving rock, country, and R&B is all it takes to make you feel eternally cheated for having to drive some Japanese compact. Sure, 100,000-mile warranties are nice, but today's cars just don't inspire paeans to speed like Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats' "Rocket 88." Subsequently, the vast majority of Hot Rods' 87 tracks hail from the Fifties and early Sixties..."

Think Positive
Columns  May 8, 1998
"...It would be so much more effective for safer sex advocates to focus on the sexually active individual rather than the location in which they choose to have sex. If a person is committed to safer sex 100% of the time, that's what they will practice, be it at a bathhouse, their home, a hotel room - where ever...."

News Fit to Censor
Observer Among Media That Went After Real News
News Column  May 30, 1997, by Lee Nichols
"...Every year about this time, Project Censored prints its yearbook highlighting these stories and telling us where we can read about them, as well as pointing a finger at who stands to gain from media under-coverage of them. They also caustically berate the news media for suddenly "discovering" stories that the alternative press covered years ago (a little cocaine with that Contra, ma'am?), list the top 10 "junk food stories" of the year, and provide resources that can allow individuals to free themselves from dependency on news sources owned by monolithic media conglomerates...."

Record Reviews: Reissues
Music Review  December 8, 1995
"...The platinum success of the greatest hits that followed -- including the titanium single "Tonight She Comes" -- didn't really help, and the band was dead in the water by the time their last album Door to Door was fished out in 1987. Frankly, 10 years of not hearing "You Might Think" or "Drive" every five minutes doesn't seem long enough..."

How Robert Rodriguez Saved Alita: Battle Angel From the Scrap Heap
After a decade and a half, the legendary manga's battle dreams are made real
Screens Story  February 14, 2019, by Richard Whittaker
"...Rodriguez's main claim to fame is filmmaking, but he's also a notoriously passionate chef, even slipping episodes of his famous "10-Minute Cooking School" onto the Blu-ray extras for his films. But this wasn't just about buttering up the execs with some homemade puerco pibil; after dinner, he told them, "Here's the analogy: If you want a good meal, you don't take a chef out of his kitchen..."

The Year in Food
The 2014 tastes we just couldn't stop thinking about
Food Story  December 31, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Top 10 Sweet Bites..."

Definitely Maeby
15 minutes with Alia Shawkat
DAILY SXSW  March 11, 2014, by Russ Espinoza
"...AC: I like to give people a Top 10 list of my favorite bands …..."

Frank's Tops & Bottoms
Top and Bottom 10 of 2011 and what we're hoping for 2012
DAILY Qmmunity  January 5, 2012, by Frank J. Rivera
"...Because we wouldn't be a blog without Top 10s...."

'The NFL Beat': Championship Edition
Ice down the Champagne
DAILY Sports  December 23, 2011, by Alex Dunlap
"...Jaguars (4-10) @ Titans (7-7) The Titans have not mathematically been eliminated from the playoffs, still holding onto a 6% chance of landing the last AFC wild card spot. In order to get in, they need to win out and have both the Bengals and the Jets lose at least one of their last two games each..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  February 4, 2005, by Lee Nichols
"...• At press time, state Sen. Jeff Wentworth filed a bill to repeal the Top 10 Percent Law regarding college admissions; Wentworth said the law is moot since the U.S..."

Right Man for the Job
Charlie Robison says 'fuck everybody.'
Music Story  June 29, 2001, by Andy Langer
"...Robison's latest public relations genius was a June 14 article in The Tennessean, Nashville's daily. Titled "Speaking Out" and accompanied by a photo that took up the better part of a page, the feature served as an excellent Robison primer: His wife is a Dixie Chick, his brother Bruce is a singer-songwriter, and his 1998 album, Life of the Party, sold more than 100,000 albums after collecting dust on store shelves for more than a year..."

A mixed salad of Green letters and more.
Columns  January 12, 2001
"...I would like to respond to your "Top 10 Political Moments" ["The Year That Wasn't," Jan. 5] with specific attention to No..."

Readers are baffled by the Chronicle's "no endorsement" for the mayoral race.
Columns  April 28, 2000
"...We have been a key player in a 35-megawatt wind plant in West Texas for the past five years. We have been selling 10 of those 35 megawatts to the city of Austin and the rest goes to our 44 wholesale electric customers in 53 counties..."

Organ Great James Polk Works Wonders Outside the Limelight
We speak with Austin’s esteemed multi-instrumentalist and former arranger for Ray Charles
Music Story  January 17, 2019, by Kahron Spearman
"...James Edwin Polk entered this life on Sept. 10, 1940, in the Southeast Texas town of Yoakum, but moved almost immediately to Corpus Christi..."

Rebooted City Council Gets a New Chance to Fix Austin
10-1, take two
News Story  January 10, 2019, by Nina Hernandez
"...When the brand-new 10-1 Austin City Council took office in 2015 with a grand vision of hope and change, it didn't anticipate how the next four years would actually play out. Efforts to quickly move the needle on hot-button city issues stalled out amid simmering discontent with then-City Manager Marc Ott, and then in the power vacuum created by his 2016 departure..."

Eldorado Cafe Launches New Menu Item to Benefit Kids
No Hater Tater is the ultimate comfort food
DAILY Food  December 17, 2018, by Melanie Haupt
"...The Frieds have launched a holiday fundraiser to benefit an organization that works with victims of child abuse. A portion of the sales from the No Hater Tater will benefit the unnamed organization, and Eldorado has launched a GoFundMe campaign with a $10,000 goal..."

Five Austin Films to Stream Right Now
A local list of flicks to keep you from thinking about cedar fever
DAILY Chron Events  January 12, 2018, by Josh Kupecki
"...From sad men pining for lost love and sad women navigating Austin’s “Golden Rut,” to cosplaying fanatics figuring out their sexuality and an acclaimed Austin director who may or may not have gone off the rails with his look at the local music scene, we’ve curated a handful of local films worth your time. It's a fun game of spotting your favorite coffee shop in a scene to recognizing your favorite actors: Yes, that’s Macon Blair in Mustang Island, the recent recipient of the Austin Film Critics Association Award for I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, a film that ended up on this film critic’s top 10 list this year (seriously, do yourself a favor and check it out)..."

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