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Top 10 Local Stories
The top 10 Austin-area stories
News Story  December 31, 2014, by Michael King
"...1) TAKE 10 ... plus one, and you've got a new City Council: Political newcomer Steve Adler ascends to the mayor's seat, and 10 new Council members (including one returnee) will try on the dais for size..."

The Austin Chronicle Top 10 Films of 2017
The year in cinema, and the Chronicle’s top 10 lists
Screens Story  December 28, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...In a challenging year, each Austin Chronicle critic has written and rewritten their Top 10 lists this year, but their collation and addition added up to this year's collective list of the year's finest movies – at least, from the view of this desk...."

Top 10 Thorny ’Cornies
Andy Campbell weighs in on LGBTQ Tops and Bottoms
DAILY Qmmunity  January 8, 2014, by Andy Campbell
"...But I won’t waste your time, you came for the list. Et voila ici! The Top 10 and Bottom 5 (because bottoms are more precious) of 2013...."

Top 10% Debate in Bottom Percentile
SB175 session in the Senate an unfortunate model for how legislation gets passed
DAILY News  March 26, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...While the big debate on the Top 10% university admissions rule took place on Tuesday, the final vote out of the Senate took place Wednesday. The plan to cap admissions to 60% of any incoming class actually shored up its majority over night, rising from 23-8 to 24-7 (Sen..."

Top 10 Local Video Games
A horse-woman of the apocalypse and floppy fighting animals top Austin's offerings
Screens Story  December 27, 2018, by James Renovitch
"...3) PREY: MOONCRASH AND TYPHON HUNTER DLC (Arkane Studios) We don't normally consider DLC eligible for our Top 10 list, but Mooncrash was everything a player who finished Prey's main story wanted. Trim the narrative down, concentrate the game's experience, and make each playthrough unique, and you have one of the best add-ons in recent memory..."

Top 10 in Design 2008
2008 was a great year for design – see what made the list
DAILY Design  December 30, 2008, by Andy Campbell
"...Yes, yes, everyone has a top 10 for everything. And honestly, I don't know why I should be any different..."

Politics Top 10
Top Ten Political Stories
News Story  January 10, 1997
"...10. Gridlock..."

Page Two: A Cheating Top 10
An introduction, then a list of lots of cool things, shoved into 10 slots, that are not necessarily related to 2008
Columns  January 2, 2009, by Louis Black
"...I don't do Top 10 lists. I don't have a favorite film; I don't even have a handful of favorite films..."

Top 10 Soccer Stories of the Year
DAILY Sports  January 3, 2008, by Nick Barbaro
"...‘Soccer Watch’ picks for the Top 10 soccer stories of the year: 1) Beckhamania! The $250,000,000 man was a PR bonanza for Major League Soccer not just in the U.S. but around the world..."

Top 10 Festival Films You Haven't Seen Yet
Fox fairies, ultra-violence, and amnesia dominated 2015
DAILY Screens  January 2, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Every December, it's time for top 10 lists. Some are relatively easy: Who has the best cheese sandwich, who wrote the best law? It's easy, because you ate that sandwich, or that bill passed..."

XBRMNT's Top 10 for the Week of Dec. 8
In-stores and icons. XBRMNT's Top 10.
DAILY Qmmunity  December 8, 2010, by Nakia
"...It won't be long until the Christmas spirit overcomes us and all we can hear are silver bells, but for the time being, Xmas only makes a brief appearance in this week's Top 10...."

Longhorns and Hilltoppers Earn Top-10 Rankings, and More
DAILY Sports  October 4, 2007, by Nick Barbaro
"...Both of Austin’s Top 10-ranked football teams continued their win streaks on the weekend: The UT Lady Longhorns, now ranked second in the country, won a couple of tough physical matches, beating Wright State 2-1 and Texas Tech 1-0. Freshman Niki Arlitt got the winning goal Friday, then assisted on Caitlin Ken­nedy’s goal to beat Tech and run her scoring streak to six games..."

Top 10 Local Stories
Don't feel listless! Check out this local list of lists.
News Story  January 6, 2012, by the News Staff
"...1) Drought Disaster No bigger story in Texas or Austin. See "Top 10 State Stories," and "Top 10 Environmental Stories."..."

Top 10 Local Stories
The year in Austin: from the APD to urban rail
News Story  January 3, 2014, by Michael King
"...1) THE WENDY FACTOR The Senate filibuster by Fort Worth's Wendy Davis didn't only mark the rise of a new Democratic champion, but the collision of increasingly reactionary abortion laws with statewide and national movements to fight back – with Austin at their epicenter. See "Top 10 Lege Stories."..."

Top 10 Local Political Stories
The city's biggest stories
News Story  December 29, 2016, by Michael King
"...1) Money Didn't Buy Love A lengthy battle over "transportation network" or "ride-hailing" companies ended with a May 7, 56-44% defeat of Uber and Lyft's $10 million attempt to impose their own ordinance on city government. Will the victory last? Legislators generally come cheaper..."

Top 10 Local Stories
WTP4, IDEA, Leslie, and more
News Story  January 4, 2013, by the News Staff
"...2) Police Monitor Between the New Year's West Campus slaying of Esme Barrera, the rare shooting death of an Austin Police officer in the line of duty, and the very public takedown of the Yassine Enterprises clubs, Chief Art Acevedo and his department drew plenty of attention this year. See "Top 10 Criminal Justice Stories."..."

Top 10 Most-Viewed Stories on by Section
Drill down, baby
Features Story  January 6, 2012
"...10) "Time Bandits in Uniform?: APD officers question whether union 'leave time' deal violates their contract"..."

Gay Place's Top 10 Queer Doin's 2008
Gay Place recounts 2008: the year of hope and impact
Columns  January 2, 2009, by Ash Bell, Andy Campbell, Kate Getty, Kate X Messer and Dacia Saenz
"...7, a website launched to galvanize folks across the country. Five hours later, the site logged 10,000 visitors..."

Top 10 Local Stories
Austin's top stories in 2008
News Story  January 2, 2009
"...1) Obama Victorious It happened everywhere, but it was especially fun here. See "Top 10 State Stories."..."

The Top 10 Austin News Milestones of 2018
Days like these
News Story  December 27, 2018, by Mike Clark-Madison, Mary Tuma, Nina Hernandez, Sarah Marloff, Austin Sanders and Michael King
"...After a month of confusing deliberations, Mayor Steve Adler came back from Council's summer break resolved that CodeNEXT must die so that real land use reform could move forward. After the mayor's resounding triumph in his November re-election bid, it's safe to assume that rewrites to the land use code will make next year's Top 10 list as well. – Sarah Marloff AUG..."

Top 10 Local Stories
News Story  December 31, 2015, by Michael King
"..."Resiliency" became the new watchword of weather response. (See "Top 10 Environ­mental Stories," Jan..."

Top 10 Election Stories
This year wasn't just about the November ballot, but that was a very big (literally) part too
News Story  January 4, 2013, by the News Staff
"...5) AISD New Wave School board elections are seldom high profile – but November was an exception, as insurgents opposing the district's charter policies upset the incumbents and transformed the board. See "Top 10 Education Stories."..."

The Top 10 Censored Stories of 2000
The news stories that didn't make the mainstream press in 2000
News Story  April 20, 2001, by Karynn M. Fish, Tate Hausman, Don Hazen and Tamara Straus
"...The yearly release of the Project's Top 10 list is often accompanied by controversy and a pinch of confusion, mostly because of the Project's complicated definition of censorship. Few mainstream news organizations experience overt, top-down censorship -- for example, an editor killing a controversial story or firing a reporter who has dug too deep...."

The Austin Chronicle Top 10 Films of 2018
Our favorite films from our least favorite year
Screens Story  December 27, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's from those writers – more particularly, the roster of permanent critics – that the Chronicle's Top 10 list has been drawn. For stats wonks, we all drew up our own top 10s (see below) and then each film was awarded points (10 for first place, nine for second, etc., plus a bonus five points per critic) to give weight to a plurality of opinions..."

Top 10 Austin Breweries of 2018
Power ranking the local leaders in craft beer
Food Story  March 14, 2018, by Eric Puga
"...So, you fancy little shits, we've updated the list for 2018, knowing full well we'll probably end up pissing off a whole different demographic. (There's always next year for Bumfuzzle Microrganic Farm Ales!) As before, we disclose only the 10 finalists from our big board of 52 area breweries..."

Top 10 State Stories
Obamacare provoked, a star was born, and the Tea Party kept on steeping.
News Story  January 3, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Rick Perry put harsh new abortion restrictions on the slate. The legislation passed, but only after massive and unprecedented protests around the Capitol and even within the Sen­ate chamber (see "Top 10 Lege Stories")...."

Soccer Watch: Top 10 Soccer Stories of the Year
The usual suspects: Aztex, Beckham, Messi, and more
Sports Column  January 4, 2013, by Nick Barbaro
"...2) A new regime at UT Head coach Angela Kelly's first season had its moments, but ended with a familiarly mediocre 8-10-2 record, and no whiff of an NCAA bid...."

Sports Top 10
The year in sports veered from the horrifying to the sublime
Sports Story  January 6, 2012, by Mark Fagan
"...2) The Longhorn Network I'll be nice: All I'll say is that it did not launch as planned and is still only readily available locally on Grande. For more, see "Top 10 Education Stories," News...."

Top 10 State Stories
Not even an expensive trial lawyer could save Tom DeLay
News Story  January 7, 2011, by Michael King, Lee Nichols, Jordan Smith and Richard Whittaker
"...4) TCEQ VS. EPA See "Top 10 Environmental Stories."..."

CenTex Sports Top 10
Lance, Ricky, and F1 among the biggest stories of 2012
Sports Story  January 4, 2013, by Mark Fagan
"...1) THE DOWNFALL OF LANCE ARMSTRONG In a sport riddled with performance-enhancing drugs, it would be surprising for such a dominant athlete to not have been (allegedly) involved with doping. For more, see "Top 10 Local Stories," News...."

Kate Thornberry's Top 10 Success Stories of the 2011 Austin Food Scene
National media attention and local heroes
Food Story  January 6, 2012, by Kate Thornberry
"...1) Uchi/Uchiko Chef Tyson Cole won Best Chef of the Southwest Region from the James Beard Foundation, the Uchi Cookbook came out to critical acclaim and massive sales, and Uchi was awarded Best Chef, Best Japanese, and Best Sushi among a slew of other awards in the Chronicle Restaurant Poll. Meanwhile, over at Uchiko, chef Paul Qui is currently appearing on Top Chef: Texas, winning challenges and racking up huge cash prizes; he got his own James Beard Award nomination; "Jar Jar Duck" was named one of Food & Wine's Top 10 dishes of 2011; and Uchiko was named Austin's Best New Restaurant...."

Top 10 Regional Sports Stories 2010
The ups and downs of a year in sports, regionally
Sports Story  January 7, 2011, by Mark Fagan
"...What follows are some regional sports highlights of the past 12 months. For Nick Barbaro's Top 10 soccer stories of 2010, see "Soccer Watch." For Richard Whittaker's Top 10 Roller Derby happenings, Russ Espinoza's Top 10 retirements of the year, and more, please see Chronicle Sports blog The Score at"

Letters at 3AM: My Top 10 of All Top 10s
A list of the Top 10 cultural artifacts that have shaped my life
Columns  January 1, 2010, by Michael Ventura
"...An exercise in "know thyself": List the Top 10 cultural artifacts that shaped you most. Be honest and unembarrassed..."

Top 10 Visual Arts Exhibitions of 2006 (in chronological order)
Chronicle arts writer Amanda Douberley names the Top 10 visual arts exhibitions of 2006
Arts Story  January 12, 2007, by Amanda Douberley
"...Top 10s of 2006: One more for the road The first issue of the new year is where you traditionally find all of the Chronicle writers' lists of the Top 10 events/projects/stories of the preceding year, but this year sees a little Top 10 spillover into the second issue as one very important list didn't make it into last week's edition, thanks to a little editorial ineptitude. (D'oh!) Please cut it out and keep it with the rest of last week's lists..."

Jeffs Makes FBI's Big Top 10
Jeffs' oblong mug now alongside the likes of Osama Bin Laden, and Mafioso murderer James "Whitey" Bulger
News Story  May 12, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...Polygamist prophet Warren Jeffs, the fugitive leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has attained the criminal equivalent of rock star status: On May 6, the FBI formally added Jeffs to its numero uno list of Top 10 Most Wanted criminals – that's right, Jeffs' oblong mug has made it to primetime, alongside the likes of terrorist Osama Bin Laden and Boston Mafioso murderer James "Whitey" Bulger. Last summer Jeffs was added to a lesser Top 10 list, but as the list of criminal charges against him grows – including the newest, charging the FLDS leader as an accomplice to rape – the FBI has turned the heat up a notch; the reward for Jeffs' capture has also increased, up to $100,000 for information leading to his arrest and successful prosecution..."

Perry's Top 10 Worst Hits
Perry for Prez redux calls for a sojourn down memory lane
DAILY News  June 23, 2015, by Mary Tuma
"...As Perry announced his second presidential run in early June – leading us to believe he just won’t go away (no matter how hard Texans will it) – in an airplane hangar north of Dallas, amid the backdrop of a country-rap song that made our ears bleed, he reminded America, “Our values come from God, not the government.” On that note, we’ve provided another helpful reminder of how terrible a Perry presidency would be by rounding up Gov. Goodhair’s Top 10 best – or shall we say worst – hits..."

Top 10 Festival Films You Haven't Seen Yet
Vampires, hip-hop, cults, and odd romance are our unreleased faves
DAILY Screens  January 3, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Chances You'll See it: Sadly but not shockingly, no word yet on a U.S. release for one of the most impressive student films you'll ever see. 10: Everly..."

Soccer Watch: Top 10 Soccer Stories of 2014
Sports Column  December 31, 2014, by Nick Barbaro
"...There were two really big soccer stories in Austin this year: The Austin Aztex transitioning from amateur to pro, and World Cup fever engulfing the town for a month mid-summer. Each could make a Top 10 list on its own...."

Top 10 Most-Viewed Stories on
Notes on our virtual relationships
Features Story  January 6, 2012, by Cindy Widner
"...A list of the Top 10 stories people looked at, maybe even read, on our website is by nature reductive – it captures only a smidge of the Chronicle’s online life. We’ve had our share of social media roundabouts and ram, and what we know are some of our most popular features – our “Best of Austin” issue, photo galleries from festivals – aren’t necessarily reflected here...."

Top 10 Local Stories
Terrorism strikes a little too close to home
News Story  January 7, 2011, by Michael King, Lee Nichols, Jordan Smith and Richard Whittaker
"...4) SHEDDING TOP TIERS The University of Texas at Austin is the flagship campus, but state budget cuts threaten its top-tier academic status. The university caught community wrath for dismantling the informal classes program (and threatening to close the Cactus Cafe; see "Top 10 Media Stories")..."

Top 10 Lege Stories
Wendy Davis' filibuster, redistricting, and the lottery fiasco
News Story  January 3, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...4) A FEW PENNIES MORE Lawmakers didn't exactly turn the corner on school finance, but the budget restored $3.9 billion of the $5.4 billion lost in the 2011 budget slashing. However, that may not placate Judge John Dietz, who has already called the current system unconstitutional and will hold new hearings in January (see "Top 10 Education Stories.")..."

Top 10 Education Stories
School finance lawsuits, AISD board shakeup, and more
News Story  January 4, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...10) The $10,000 Degree In 2011, Gov. Perry challenged universities to cut tuition by offering a $10,000 bachelor's degree program..."

Top 10 National
Music Story  January 4, 2013, by Greg Beets, Jim Caligiuri, Thomas Fawcett, Doug Freeman, Chase Hoffberger, Abby Johnston, Margaret Moser, Michael Toland and Jay Trachtenberg
"...10) Deerhoof, Breakup Song (Polyvinyl) Jim Caligiuri..."

Top 10 State Stories
Budget cuts and wildfires left us a bit parched
News Story  January 6, 2012, by Richard Whittaker and Jordan Smith
"...7) War on Women, Too The Women's Health Program had been a bright spot in a dark landscape, in 2010 serving more than 180,000 women with basic care. Now it's a target in the GOP's determination to defund Planned Parenthood, the only provider of health care for thousands of Texas women..."

Top 10 Criminal Justice Stories
Some died, some walked
News Story  January 7, 2011, by Jordan Smith
"...APD officer-shooter Leonardo Quintana got canned for drunken driving, uncanned by an arbitrator, then canned again for something else. (And yet there's more: See "Top 10 Stories in the Sanders Shooting Fallout.")..."

Top 10 Media Stories
The year in print and broadcasting
News Story  January 7, 2005
"...The paper's study of APD use-of-force incidents purportedly showed disproportionately greater levels of violence against minorities, but our study of their study showed that things just didn't add up – at least not to headline levels. (See also "Top 10 Law Enforcement Stories.")..."

Top 10 City Council Stories
The big stories of Council's last seven-member year
News Story  December 31, 2014, by Michael King
"...10) ... IN WITH THE NEW The biggest Council story was of course the initial creation of the 10-1 system, which took years in process and all of 2014 in campaigning, but ended with the November/December election of 10 new members..."

Top 10 Quotes of the Week 2010
People said the darndest things
News Story  January 7, 2011
"...1) "I should have shot him when I had 
the chance."..."

Top 10 Festival Films You Haven't Seen Yet
Last year's unseen genre gems to add to your must-see list
DAILY Screens  January 1, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...10) Stille Reserven..."

Top 10 City Council Stories
The best from this year's dais
News Story  December 29, 2016, by Michael King
"...5) Deep in the Grove The Grove at Shoal Creek also garners a Top 10 highlight, as the PUD roiled neighborhood listservs, land-use debates, and Council maneuvering for roughly two years. It was approved by Council on Dec..."

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