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O'Connor Is Neutral on Development Project
Postmarks  April 13, 2004
"...Dear Editor, In the April 9 Austin Chronicle article "Bee Cave Mall Back on Fast Track?," [News] I indicated that Tim O'Connor of Direct Events was "supportive of the [Shops at the Galleria] project." In fact, Mr. O'Connor is neutral regarding the project and our dispute with Save Our Springs Alliance...."

O.D. Whizz!
Music Column  July 19, 1996
"...There's no limit to the number of times you can vote, and the band is asking that you "tell your friends, and your friends' friends, and so on and so on!" And for those of you who can't afford a fleet of 1-900 calls, they respectfully request that you "Please, by all means... pray!" Mixed Notes Call them the Tim Bucks Two: Charlie Sexton/Alejandro Escovedo manager Tim Neece and Austin Music Hall/Backyard owner Tim O'Connor are currently "in negotiations" over whether the former will move to Austin to run the latter's production company, Direct Events..."

Virginia B. Wood has news from across the land.
Food Column  January 24, 2003, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Hoover's and East Side Cafe were already longtime favorites of mine, and I'm newly acquainted with the overstuffed breakfast tacos at Mi Madre's. (My first Sunday dinner in the new 'hood was at Hoover's, and I wish I'd been seated closer to Tim O'Connor and Clifford and Susan Antone, so I could have eavesdropped on the Antone's/Direct Events deal before they went public!) There's always John Mueller's for barbecue, and a little farther south, I can hit Sam's, Ben's Longbranch, and Gene's PoBoys..."

Ruling the Roost
Austin Preeminent Concert Promoter Ponders Retirement
Music Story  June 1, 2001, by Andy Langer
"...If he hadn't been driving the getaway car, Tim O'Connor might have punched Willie Nelson...."

Playback: Doug Sahm for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
The Austin Music Hall gets slated for teardown, the Roost closes while looking for a cash infusion, Backyard owner Tim O'Connor gets back in the concert game, and a Kickstarter campaign to get Doug Sahm into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Music Column  July 9, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Shockingly, that venture was represented by former Austin concert kingpin Tim O'Connor, who appeared alongside partner and property owner Frank Davis. The latter described the planned use of the 25-acre fruit farm as "re-creating the original Backyard," owned and operated by his partner..."

Dancing About Architecture
Music Column  July 29, 1999, by Ken Lieck
"...Clifford Antone was heard that night to say he needn't attend because he "did that shit in the Sixties." (I'm not exactly certain what that means, but anything Antone says he did in the Sixties, you can bet he did in the Sixties). Eric "Emo" Hartman and Direct Events' Tim O'Connor, meanwhile, asked bemusedly whether anyone remembered their clubs, both of them wishing the folks at the Lunch a fond farewell..."

Page Two
Local promoter and legend Tim O'Connor is retiring (well, he says he's retiring), and I want only to praise him. Hell, look at his accomplishments -- Castle Creek, Austin Opera House, Backyard, Austin Music Hall, La Zona Rosa, Willie, Farm Aid, and that's just the beginning.
Columns  June 1, 2001, by Louis Black
"...It is not easy to write about Tim O'Connor, but it is necessary. I've been dealing with him for over 15 years..."

Room With a View
La Zona Rosa's Ripple Effect
Music Story  September 19, 1997, by Andy Langer
"...Nevertheless, Pratz and Stubb's co-owner Charles Attal recently unveiled plans to join forces and occasionally "co-promote" shows at each other's venues, beginning with October dates for Rusted Root and Dog's Eye View at Liberty and David Lindley at Stubb's. And in what constitutes an announcement equally surprising, Direct Events president Tim O'Connor has declared that he would like to meet with both Pratz and Attal to discuss a potential ceiling for what local mid-size venues will pay artists and agents in the case of highly contested bidding wars...."

A2K Meets 'ACL'
The rise of Charlie Jones, local promoter extraordinaire, ACL Fest main man.
Music Story  September 20, 2002, by Andy Langer
"...The Next Generation In 1993, Charlie Jones spent his summer as a college intern at the Backyard. It was the first season for the Bee Caves concert venue opened by legendary local concert promoter Tim O'Connor..."

Big Dogs, Young Rebels, and Aging Giants
The Austin promoters who bring the music come in all shapes and sizes
News Story  October 8, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...Big as C3 is now, it is where Direct Events was three decades ago. Since he moved to Austin in the Seventies, Direct Events owner Tim O'Connor has reached near-legendary status..."

Music Venue Owner Fights Lawsuit 'Blitzkrieg'
Multiple firms claim money owed for work on Backyard, Austin Music Hall
News Story  September 3, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...Tim O'Connor, the man behind the Austin Music Hall, the Backyard, and La Zona Rosa, seems to be moving to put his companies' financial houses in order after settling the first of several suits for unpaid construction bills...."

Rent Party Blues
Are post-boom rents killing the Austin music scene?
Music Story  February 14, 2003, by Andy Langer
"..."The cost of a bottle of tequila has risen substantially in the last five years," says 30-year nightclub veteran Tim O'Connor, whose Direct Events recently added the management duties of Antone's to their other holdings: the Backyard, Austin Music Hall, and La Zona Rosa. "That's not something you can pass all the way through to the consumer."..."

Off the Record
The Last Waltz: Looking back on the legacy of the Backyard and a tribute to Danny Roy Young
Music Column  October 24, 2008, by Austin Powell
"...Direct Events owner Tim O'Connor distinctly remembers the first show at the Backyard, on May 7, 1993. As the skies gradually cleared after three days of rainfall, he stood behind one of the fences near the front entrance and watched the expression on each patron's face as the crowd entered to see Willie Nelson...."

More on the Antone's merger, the noise ordinance, and finally, Abra Moore.
Music Column  January 17, 2003, by Christopher Gray
"...Although vegetable bloodletting must be easier than gathering concrete information about the recent Antone's/Direct Events "merger," a clearer picture is forming in slightly less time than the average Eric Johnson album. Direct Events Pooh-Bah Tim O'Connor himself helped unmuddy the waters, surprising us all with a call to Chronicle HQ last week..."

Dancing About Architecture
Rave chaos part 2, plus Kerrville Kaos brings Direct Events Ghenghis Kahn Tim O'Connor out of retirement.
Music Column  August 30, 2002, by Ken Lieck
"...Last year when we put Tim O'Connor on the cover of the Chronicle, he was talking about retiring from the concert promotion business. Well, it seems that some people have funny definitions of retirement..."

Playback: Don't Fence Me In
The Fun Fun Fun Fest schedule arrives, Flesh Lights return from touring with the Hives, and Tim O'Connor lives to fight another day
Music Column  July 13, 2012, by Kevin Curtin
"..."After 40 years in rock & roll, nothing shocks you too much," Tim O'Connor mused. The Backyard owner recently found out he has cancer..."

Prime Time Irony?
The Future of Liberty Lunch
Music Story  January 30, 1998, by Louisa C. Brinsmade
"...The whole situation with Liberty Lunch makes Austin Music Hall and La Zona Rosa owner Tim O'Connor very nervous. "It's an unfortunate situation, and it's going to be tough for them..."

Dancing About Architecture
All news: noise ordinance gripes, AMN budget crunch, Sound Exchange faces rent shortfalls, Williamson County refuses to give up on an amphitheatre, Clifford Antone back on the streets, and the first SXSW 03 confirmees. Plus, three music deaths.
Music Column  December 20, 2002, by Ken Lieck
"...However, angry neighbors and fiscal conservatives quickly threw a monkey wrench into that plan. In the end, the county commissioners elected last Tuesday to terminate the $1,800-a-month retainer with Direct Events' Tim O'Connor, their consultant on the project, and scale back their Brushy Creek park plans..."

Dancing About Architecture
Labor Days ends, people bummed.
Music Column  September 6, 2002, by Ken Lieck
"...The question arises, however, of how one would affect the other. Our News department chimes in with a few words on the subject via Mike Clark-Madison, who observes that while Tim O'Connor is working with the Commissioners Court on their deal, Bryan Perez from SW Sports Group in Dallas is working on a sports-arena-plus-amphitheatre project with the city of Cedar Park..."

Dancing About Architecture
Re-Zona Rosa
Music Column  April 25, 1997, by Ken Lieck
"...With its history of openings and closings, La Zona Rosa has long been thought of as perfect for yet another reinvention. Among the players whose names had come up in connection with such a scheme were Tim O'Connor's Direct Events, the House of Blues club chain, and Liberty Lunch co-owner Mark Pratz..."

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