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SXSW Film Review: The World Before Your Feet
The art of walking … and doing little else
DAILY SXSW  March 13, 2018, by Joe O'Connell
"...Yet, director Jeremy Workman's documentary The World Before Your Feet quickly makes clear the journey is far more important than the MacGuffin of a destination. Green, a soft-spoken thirtysomething, has been wandering with a plan for more than six years..."

The Luv Doc: The Friend of Your Friend's Enemy
If you’re the friend of your friend’s enemy, doesn’t that make you the enemy of your friend?
Columns  June 1, 2012, by The Luv Doc
"...Witches, like bitches in bedazzled short shorts, were easy to identify. All you had to do with a witch was bind her hands and feet and throw her in some water..."

Rainbows at Your Feet
Letters at 3AM
Columns  August 29, 1997, by Michael Ventura
"...But every deer and cougar and mammoth and bear and coyote and bird could see that burning stone roaring down. It made a crater 60 stories deep, 4,000 feet across, and three miles round..."

The World on a Shelf
Food Story  January 28, 1999, by Rachel Feit
"...Canned products such as pickled chiles, chiles in sauce, hominy, and moles vie for space on one end, while fresh vegetables and spices such as cumin, chamomile, and bay leaves occupy the other. Predictably, the meat counter sells cuts of meat suited to Mexican cookery: oxtails, beef brisket, cow and pig's feet, pork loin, and menudo blanco (the stomach of a cow)..."

The Touch, The Feel
Three books that take on evil
Books Story  October 31, 2003, by Scott Blackwood
"...That no one is protecting you. Figuratively and literally, you could no longer trust the ground beneath your feet..."

Top Chef Texas, Week 12: Attack the Block
It's a head-to-head matchup at the Pearl Brewery.
DAILY Food  January 28, 2012, by Melanie Haupt
"...This week in Padma’s Inappropriate Outfits: While introducing Cat Cora, an Iron Chef and host of Bravo’s new competition show, Around the World in 80 Plates, Padma looks quite comfortable in what is essentially a slightly oversized man’s plaid shirt. She appears to be using a shoelace as a belt, and her feet are shod in black cowboy boots..."

Listening to the Bones
Bones tell a story at world's largest body farm
News Story  April 4, 2008, by R.U. Steinberg
"...University officials finally selected the Freeman Ranch, including considerable buffers of land away from research locations, and scaled back the proposed number of corpses at any given time from nine to five or six. The nearest property will be more than a mile away (any odors shouldn't extend beyond 50 feet from the facility itself). Building a Program..."

Twerkin' for the Weekend
GirlFriend and Cheer Up Charlies' gAyCL brings fest fun home
DAILY Qmmunity  October 1, 2013, by Sarah Marloff
"...Edwards is not, however, a twerker. In fact, Edwards is certain there isn't enough alcohol in the world to get those feet (and that azz) hitting some of Big Fredia's most notorious moves...."

Sold on the Cool
The Blanton's 'Birth of the Cool' is midcentury modernism made sexy
Arts Story  March 13, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...America couldn't afford to be weighted down with the past as it moved toward the future. The view in Shulman's photograph Case Study House #22 – from the house high on a hill, with the lights of Los Angeles dotting the dark valley below – says it all: We're on top now, the world at our feet..."

Nik Wallenda: Life on the Wire
In which we send an aerialist to talk to a stuntman. Whoa.
DAILY Arts  May 19, 2011, by Raven Hinojosa
"...For instance, my great-grandfather did sway poles back in 1918, in Germany. He was on a wood pole actually, and he was up about 120 feet..."

Linklater/Hawke/Black: The Complete Transcript
Screens Story  March 10, 2016
"..."If my feet could fit a railroad track..."

Page Two: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Watching the Tide Roll Away
The Chronicle at 35
Columns  September 1, 2016, by Louis Black
"..."We were enormously fortunate to fall in with this group – and not just because $300 a month for 10,000 square feet of office space Downtown was a remarkable bargain, even if it wasn't air-conditioned. The Sheauxnough folks had been part of the Armadillo Art Squad, turning out a decade's worth of amazing posters for that seminal Austin club, and had also brought that design sense to The Austin Sun, a hugely influential underground paper of the mid-Seventies (some of whose staff went on to found LA Weekly a bit later, helping move the industry from 'underground' to 'alternative')...."

We Were the Urban Pioneers
Our search for the just-right million-dollar condo, in the wilds of Downtown
News Story  March 23, 2007, by Wells Dunbar and Jordan Smith
"...Burton's moleskin notepad comes out to record some prices. Sailing straight past the one-bedrooms – anything under 1,000 square feet, really – Burton and Shanti deign to consider Plan D, but at 1,039 square feet (for around $500,000), it's just too small..."

The Lone Ranger
The legend of Jerry Lynn Williams
Music Story  January 27, 2006, by Bill Bentley
"...Clocking in around 6 feet 6 inches, Williams first appeared before me in person wearing a cape. Little did he know I'd been searching for him for several years..."

The Last Sunset
The day the DEA came for Dan Del Santo
Music Story  November 9, 2001, by Anne Sherwood
"...As Dan turned into the parking lot, the sheriff blocked his path, while the other three vehicles covered the other three sides. Buddy pulled up to the scene, and I barely had a chance to swing my feet out of the car before the agents rushed to the driver's side of the van, pulled Dan out of the van, and slapped handcuffs on his wrists..."

Fear & Loathing on the Inaugural Trail
One man's journey to the Bush inauguration confirms more than it denies.
Features Story  February 2, 2001, by Michael Bolduc
"...So off we went. We spent the night on Beale Street (and some of it in our hotel room) in Memphis, Tenn., a street so like our own Sixth Street in so many ways, but in many ways not: It's all packed into about five or six blocks, almost exclusively blues clubs; you can drink on the street as long as you have a plastic cup; there are trash barrels every six to eight feet or so along the sidewalks; and most importantly, no minors allowed anywhere..."

Every Day of Your Life
Remembering Sims Ellison, and profiling the SIMS Foundation
Music Story  July 7, 2000, by Margaret Moser
"...And I truly believe what they say, that it's most dangerous when you're feeling better. You have your feet knocked out from under you and get back up enough times, one of those times you get back up on your feet and you've got the strength to ....."

Sharing the Dance
A new generation of Austin choreographers is expanding our concept of dance through the combination of movement styles and traditions from across the globe, and Barbejoy Ponzio talks to them about the part fusion plays in their work.
Arts Story  January 21, 2000, by Barbejoy A. Ponzio
"...Also, my whole life I have had a hard time finding shoes that fit. I have narrow feet, and I always had to go to several stores and do all these special things to get shoes to fit..."

No Prozac for the Wicked
The Cool Capers of Donald Westlake
Books Story  December 26, 1997, by Jesse Sublett
"...Hearing the click behind him, Parker threw his glass straight back over his right shoulder, and dove off the chair to the left. The bullet furrowed a line through the plans on the table, the sound of the shot echoed loud and long in the closed room, and Parker rolled amid suddenly scrambling feet, his arms folded in tight over his chest..."

Eric's World
The Many Fanastic Colors of
Music Story  September 27, 1996, by Raoul Hernandez
"...In this room, a rather dingy, oblong space where Johnson spends much of his time practicing by himself, is a clutter of shelves, empty amp cabinets, and a series of tall sound partitions so that one might escape the roar from the Marshals that sit behind Johnson. There's a giant effects board at his feet -- as well as the dirty brown rug that covers the floor -- and other than the chair he sits on and the stool on which I'm perched, there's little else -- except another framed picture of James Marshall Hendrix half hidden in the corner..."

The Luv Doc: 40% of $35 Million
Consensual sodomy with an A-lister is probably the best scenario you could hope for
Columns  February 15, 2018, by The Luv Doc
"...Maybe have her send you a bathroom mirror selfie or at least have her follow you on Twitter. Otherwise, it's $14 million, right? So you might as well jump in with both feet...."

The Croods
Animated cave dwellers are stealth charmers.
Film Review  March 22, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...(Think back on those self-actualizing heroes of Pixar past: They may tussle with being a rat, or a robot, or a toy cowboy, but not with being a boy.) Eep is a girl, but that’s not something she has to overcome, or overcompensate for, or waste any time with, proving she’s just as able. She is at ease on all fours and on two legs, as invigorated by the hunt for fresh meat as she is girlishly giddy about the first feel of shoes on her callused-warrior feet..."

The Way It Is and Isn't
Ben Rubin's art installation at UT shows the gap between TV news in Cronkite's time and now
Arts Story  September 7, 2012, by Robert Faires
"...On an epic canvas (that building façade, after all, is 140 feet wide and 70 or 80 feet tall), with paint made of light, And That's the Way It Is grants us new ways to see the distance between yesterday and today, the time of TV's most honorable oracles of news and its current mob of blow-dried bellowers. But rather than just play off then against now, its creators also are giving us a way to see how close we still are to the past..."

The Man With Two Brains
Ghostland Observatory pulls back the curtain
Music Story  October 22, 2010, by Margaret Moser
"...Braids intact and trademark shades whipped off, Aaron Behrens bursts through the sturdy door of Thomas Turner's home studio, letting the dog in. Boo-boo, a fluffy white rescue, bounds enthusiastically across the spotless red wood floor and skids toward Turner, poised serenely by the console, before doing a 180 and heading back to Behrens, flopping at his feet for a belly scratch..."

The Luv Doc: Bitter Truths
The Hero gets it. Every time.
Columns  June 12, 2015, by The Luv Doc
"...For instance (and you might have actually heard this line yourself once or twice, I don’t know), has your wife ever said to you, “Honey, you are an exceptionally handsome man but … that mustache makes you look like a child molester” … or maybe, “Baby, I love your sense of humor but … if you make one more cute comment about the size of my feet I am going to stab you in the eye with a rusty fork”? See? Makes you feel loved, doesn’t it?..."

Nut Goody Sets the Record Straight
Honorable Mention, the 12th annual 'Austin Chronicle' Short Story Contest
Books Story  February 13, 2004, by Jill Marquis
"...I'm chillin' in the carport, the green light filtering through the corrugated roofing just so. Got my feet up, my kicks are laced loose and fat...."

Is the Hideout’s Improvised Play Festival Just Too Much to Deal With?
Three nights of shows from across the city, the nation, and … London?
DAILY Arts  April 14, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...So – their feet, you know? You’ve got to hold their feet to the fire, citizen. You’ve got to grill ‘em, all hard-nosed and investigative-reporterlike, like you’re Chase fucking Hoffberger or something...."

We Remember What the Dormouse Said
Ten authors cut you a little slice of their own personal Wonderlands
DAILY Arts  March 31, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...“And what I gathered dissolved into nothing and left fragrance at my feet, at the bottom of my boat.“And everything I wanted most slipped to another shelf just out of sight, everything I loved floated past just out of reach, or dissolved into incense and air once I had it in my arms. “And the boat flowed on. “And the river flowed on. “And everything became incense and air and nothing.”..."

Haunting the Chapel
Q&A with Dave Lombardo of FFFF headliners Slayer
DAILY Music  November 2, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...AC: And double bass simply means both feet are on the kick drums...."

Welcome to the Jungle
Metal and alt-rock collide and flourish during the Back Room's glory years
Music Story  July 28, 2006, by Ray Seggern
"...What I remember with this show, as with most, is the little stuff. Here, it's the introverted Vedder sitting in a backstage corner after the show, obviously uncomfortable with well-wishers' comings and goings, staring at his feet while engaged in an hourlong conversation with Langer...."

Get Your Shovels Out
How a local crew of diggers built the baddest Downtown dirt jumps in the country at the Ninth Street BMX Trails
Sports Story  June 5, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The first jump, a three-foot lip that sent you flying eight feet into its landing, went up along the east side of the park, under a few trees that shaded what was then a grassy woodland. A few weeks later he built a second set – 12 feet around the back edge – and a third one, creekside, after that...."

The Deep Dig: Longhorns Offensive Line
Digging deep on NFL and Longhorn football subjects
DAILY Sports  May 22, 2013, by Alex Dunlap
"...-­Josh Cochran has a big, long body and quick, choppy feet. The bad news is, he doesn't have natural feet..."

The First Time
Austin artists reveal the intimate details of how they got their muse on
Arts Story  July 17, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...It was at 13, when I began Bharata Natyam, a Southern Indian style, with Menaka Thakkar in Thunder Bay, Canada, that I was inspired to choose a career in dance over one in medicine – the doctor/dancer dilemma! About 10 of us in this small northwestern Ontario community studied for a year in weekend intensives for which our teacher would fly in from Toronto to our remote town. When I began to stamp my feet and move my limbs within this technique, I remember feeling so comfortable..."

The Name of the Game
The Hives
DAILY Music  September 15, 2008, by Raoul Hernandez
"...I think because of the Socialism and all that there, it’s very important to feel like they’re on the same level, so there’s less idol worship. There’s no one that kisses our feet just because we’re a popular band..."

Your Beautiful New Home
Welcome to the City Hall you thought would never come
News Story  November 19, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The new Austin City Hall has a lot of design features that make it a Landmark and an Icon and Not Your Grandpa's Government Building, but the one that seems to have grabbed most people's attention is, well, the pointy thing – what the city simply refers to as a "point," and what architect Antoine Predock calls the "stinger," the copper-clad extrusion that sticks out nearly 50 feet from the building and 40 feet over Second Street. It's tempting to assume the stinger was added to the design as a favor to our Doug Potter and the daily's Ben Sargent, so they can draw Will Wynn or Toby Futrell or some hapless activist being dangled from it or impaled on it, but such is not the case..."

The Whole Woman
The profound underexposure of women among Austin's food luminaries causes one to wonder whether a certain locker-room mentality still prevails in kitchens around the city.
Food Story  May 5, 2000, by Rachel Feit
"...These women aren't complainers, and the fact is, cooking is a physically and emotionally consuming profession for anyone. Imagine spending up to 16 hours a day on your feet, chopping, lifting, pouring, stirring, whisking..."

Power to the People
Cue the linemen! 'Trash Project' choreographer Allison Orr is making Austin Energy dance
Arts Story  September 20, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...It's just sittin' over there.' And they're freaking letting us put it in the show! It looks like Star Trek coming in, you know? And transmission? These are the guys who work high-line, which is their own breed. I mean, they go up in a bucket 180 feet, and then they climb higher on the tower to like 240 feet..."

The Smell of Success
Austin's poster art scene is back, and it's better than ever.
Music Story  November 22, 2002, by Marc Savlov
"..."We hated that ordinance shit," he says, "and we still do. So many people consider these things garbage or a nuisance or whatever, but man, it used to be when walking around, you couldn't go 10 feet without yelling, 'Wow, look at that!' Tons of people would actually have the respect to wait for the advertised show to be over, and then it would be a mad scramble to get out, get your hands on 'em, and just yank 'em all down for your collection..."

Full Circle on the Triangle
Back to the Battle Lines
News Story  March 6, 1998, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The neighbors' plan envisions a much larger and denser development than Triangle Square - about 900,000 square feet, equal to the Arboretum on a third of the land - with extensive (and expensive) underground parking and stormwater detention, and ample residential development organized on a streamlined version of Genesis' proposed grid. Naturally, Terkel thinks his plan is better, and to give him his due, Triangle Square is a better shopping center than most of the crap built throughout our city with little citizen complaint..."

Texas Book Festival 2017: The Full List
Dan Rather, Jeffrey Eugenides, the Bush sisters, and 291 more
DAILY Arts  September 12, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Middle Grade Literature Kathi Apelt – Maybe a Fox; TIL Awards Panel Robbie Behr & Matthew Swanson – The Real McCoys Jeffrey Brown – Lucy & Andy Neanderthal Sheila Chari – Finding Mighty Andrew Clements – The Losers Club Alexandra Diaz – The Only Road Carson Ellis & Colin Meloy – The Whiz Mob and the Grenadine Kid Margarita Engle – Forest World Michael Fry – How to Be a Super Villain Stuart Gibbs – Spy School Secret Service Karina Yan Glaser – The Vanderbeekers of 141st St. Matthew Holm – Babymouse: Lights, Camera, Middle School! and Swing It, Sunny P.J. Hoover – Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World Victoria Jamieson – All's Faire in Middle School Jacqueline Kelly – Who Gives a Hoot? Michael Herschel – Revenge of the Star Survivors Kate Milford – Ghosts of Greenglass House Sarah Mlynowski – Abby in Wonderland David Barclay Moore – The Stars Beneath My Feet Diana J..."

The Film Prof's Drunk, and the Kids Are Not All Right
Zombie auteur George Romero delivers another state of the union
Screens Story  February 29, 2008, by Spencer Parsons
"...GR: Well, not exactly under duress, but yeah, the form insisted on it. But, man, there's a scene where they go into Debra's house, come in the door, they go into the kitchen, out to the garage, and around a car, and the car filled that garage with just a couple feet to either side of it..."

The Real Crash Davis
Alan Zinter of the Round Rock Express still lives the big-league dream
Sports Story  August 4, 2006, by Kevin Brass
"...Zinter is 6 feet 2 inches, 195 pounds, and there's no fat on his frame. He often hits the weights before or after games, just for the work..."

The Ballad of Townes & Blaze
The twisted but not-so-tall tale of Van Zandt and Foley, Lonesome Dove meets Barfly
Features Story  August 16, 2018, by Sybil Rosen
"...He preferred to be homeless or sleep in dumpsters so he could devote himself to writing and playing music. Success curtailed the purity of his artistry – not to mention his gypsy feet – while freedom was the holy grail of his and Townes' mutual resistance...."

'Night Film' Will Haunt You in the Best Way Possible
Marisha Pessl's latest novel is a supernatural blur
DAILY Books  October 23, 2013, by Ashley Moreno
"...It was the sound of her footsteps, too heavy for such a slight person, the way she walked so stiffly, as if waiting for me … She was just a few feet ahead now. She was going to reach out, seize my arm, and her grip would be strong as a man’s, ice cold — I ran past, but her head was lowered, hidden by hair..."

The Egg & I
How an experimental treatment for major depression introduced me to the medical magnet and the return of 'energetic' medicine
News Story  August 23, 2013, by Greg Harman
"...I'm on my back in a dimly lit room on the seventh floor of a Dallas research hospital. A device roughly two feet tall resembling an oversized egg is wheeled up behind me, its single blue clawlike appendage nestled possessively over the top of my head..."

The Present Beware! The Future Beware!
Austin animator Brad Neely drinks beer, hates British children
Screens Story  June 13, 2008, by Spencer Parsons
"...It's an odd recurring topic, British movie kids, but not entirely surprising given that Neely's two best-known works, Wizard People, Dear Reader and animated rap "Cox + Combes' Washington," unearth all manner of subtext from, respectively, the first Harry Potter movie's real chamber of secrets and the myth of our tallest founding father ("6-foot-20" and watching with disinterest as, just a few feet away, an English moppet is devoured by one of those lions that once roamed North America before Wal-Mart wiped them out). Laughing at the fortunes and misfortunes of rug rats from across the pond earned Neely enough attention for a cease-and-desist spell from the Dementors at Warner Bros..."

Page Two: The Stravinsky Theory
The healing power of prescience, set on "repeat"
Columns  February 2, 2007, by Louis Black
"...In the pre-Internet days, after you heard a song or an album that just knocked you off your feet, finding any information about the group that performed it was painfully difficult. This was still a couple of years before Rolling Stone, so there was Crawdaddy! and maybe one or two other publications, but really not much in the way of rock coverage existed..."

There Goes the Sun
Austin's clean-energy industry appears poised to take off -- but city leaders seem surprisingly unenthusiastic.
News Story  November 28, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"..."Every neighborhood in this city will have photovoltaics," says Duncan, "that people can touch and see."Good Intentions vs. the Bottom Line The Solar Austin Campaign has been in the delicate position of applauding Austin Energy's commitment to renewables and efficiency in general while still holding its feet to the fire, so to speak, on solar -- the campaign's goal is for AE to devote 2% of its total budget to solar for 10 years, which is a lot more than the (unspecified) amount the utility expects to spend on its program..."

Ruling the Roost
Austin Preeminent Concert Promoter Ponders Retirement
Music Story  June 1, 2001, by Andy Langer
"..."Eddie Wilson pretty much had a headlock on the city," says Jim Ramsey, a local concert promoter who often rented the Opera House from O'Connor. "While his was a closed shop, you could walk into the Opera House, cut a deal, and get your feet wet as a promoter."..."

Life at the Cha-Cha Palace
Stephen MacMillan Moser takes a trip down the yellow brick-laid, disco ball-lit memory lane in the world of Austin's Seventies Disco scene.
Features Story  January 26, 2001, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...We weren't. But we were certainly back at the club the next night in time to watch the cigarette "girl" Lorraine dance her Spring-a-latored feet off to Ethel Merman's disco version of "There's No Business Like Show Business" and the disco I Love Lucy theme...."

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