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The Radiant Road
Author Katherine Catmull elegantly summons a fairy-tale timelessness for this YA story of teen anxieties, fairies, and creativity
Arts Review  January 21, 2016, by Rosalind Faires
"...With The Radiant Road, Katherine Catmull elegantly summons that same fairy-tale timelessness, that gentle déjà vu that maybe we heard this tale as a bedtime story once when we were very, very small even when we know we are reading it for the first time. The second novel by this award-winning Austin stage actor – the follow-up to her enchanting Summer and Bird – follows the motherless, displaced Clare, a girl on the precipice of her teenage years, as she travels to Ireland with her father to return to the house she was born in – inside of which grows a tree that her mother's family has had guardianship of for generations..."

Katherine Catmull at the Texas Teen Book Festival
Like a fairy in her YA novel The Radiant Road, Katherine Catmull keeps transforming the mundane into lovely art
Arts Story  September 29, 2016, by Rosalind Faires
"...27 at Hyde Park Theatre), get cracking on a new collaboration with Physical Plant Theater, and sink her teeth into drafting what will be her third book. It hasn't left much time to celebrate the critical success of her latest YA novel, The Radiant Road (Chronicle review, Jan..."

Texas Book Festival 2017: The Full List
Dan Rather, Jeffrey Eugenides, the Bush sisters, and 291 more
DAILY Arts  September 12, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Middle Grade Literature Kathi Apelt – Maybe a Fox; TIL Awards Panel Robbie Behr & Matthew Swanson – The Real McCoys Jeffrey Brown – Lucy & Andy Neanderthal Sheila Chari – Finding Mighty Andrew Clements – The Losers Club Alexandra Diaz – The Only Road Carson Ellis & Colin Meloy – The Whiz Mob and the Grenadine Kid Margarita Engle – Forest World Michael Fry – How to Be a Super Villain Stuart Gibbs – Spy School Secret Service Karina Yan Glaser – The Vanderbeekers of 141st St. Matthew Holm – Babymouse: Lights, Camera, Middle School! and Swing It, Sunny P.J. Hoover – Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World Victoria Jamieson – All's Faire in Middle School Jacqueline Kelly – Who Gives a Hoot? Michael Herschel – Revenge of the Star Survivors Kate Milford – Ghosts of Greenglass House Sarah Mlynowski – Abby in Wonderland David Barclay Moore – The Stars Beneath My Feet Diana J..."

Portrait of the Artist as a Road Comic
Long Drives, Low Pay, and Drunks -- What a Life!
Arts Story  March 28, 1997, by J. C. Shakespeare
"...Road comics are the gypsies of the modern age, wandering far and..."

Moon-Shaped Panties & the Saint of White Trash
The Late Lucinda Williams
Music Story  October 23, 1998, by Margaret Moser
"...The morning starts normally for Lucinda. Well, maybe not normal, since she's in Nashville and in these days of skyrocketing fame and all the right moves, she's more often on the road..."

Where the Shadows Are Deepest
The search for, and subsequent conversation with, country singer James Hand
Music Story  May 5, 2000, by Christopher Gray
"...He's out at Wolf's bar sometimes. Turn right at the stop sign, go past the railroad tracks, and it's on the corner on your right."..."

The Truth Is Out There
Patrice Pike emerges from the "jam band thing."
Music Story  June 7, 2002, by Margaret Moser
"...Solo shows are also Pike's way of keeping herself in tune, so to speak. She likes coming off the road and expressing herself there..."

Master of the Speedy Stroke
Gordon Fowler wastes no time when it comes to making his mark in watercolor.
Arts Story  October 17, 2003, by Rachel Koper
"...He'll often use a single brush for a painting -- mixing the paint right on the canvas. Admirably low tech, Fowler is known to make "drive-by" oil paintings: Pull the car to the side of the road, paint for 20 minutes, and cruise on..."

Sister of Shattering Glass
A new supernatural thriller spills out, live, through your phone
DAILY Arts  February 8, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And the evocative storytelling skill of Katherine Catmull, author of Summer and Bird and The Radiant Road, provides the power of it?..."

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas
South Austin's Neon Transformers Light Up Life South of the River
News Story  January 19, 2001, by Rob D'Amico
"...The Chuy's "globe," the Alamo Drafthouse tower, the Uncommon Objects rabbit, and a host of other icons on South Congress all are his creations. Much of his material was gathered from endless road trips through the countryside in earlier years...."

To Build a Home
Four Austin writers discuss how they create their fantastic worlds
Arts Story  June 16, 2016, by Rosalind Faires
"...In The Recall Chronicles, Birdwell has crafted a disquieting version of the future in which corporations exert extraordinary control over the life of the individual. Catmull's debut, Summer and Bird, followed two young girls on a journey into an enchanted wood, and her latest young adult novel, The Radiant Road, concerns itself with an ancient tree that forms a bridge between the human and the fairy realms...."

Descriptions of the contributors to The Austin Chronicle 20th anniversary issue
Features Story  September 7, 2001
"...Joe Dishner was an original co-publisher of The Austin Chronicle and wisely departed very early. He now works extensively in film as a unit production manager; his credits include such films as A Simple Plan and Road Trip...."

Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
More grumpy old men here. Well, Harris's Frank is not exactly grumpy. He's a hard-drinking, loud-talking, woman chasing Irish ex-sailor, who has ended up, at 75, alone in a rented...
Film Review  February 4, 1994, by Louis Black
"...Each one begins to open the other up; Frank gaining in maturity and acknowledging his pain, Walter finally entering the real world. But, of course, the road is rocky..."

Renoir is great at capturing an Impressionist atmosphere on film but this story about the family relations is dramatically inert.
Film Review  May 10, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Filmed by Taiwanese cinematographer Mark Ping Bing Lee (In the Mood for Love, Flowers of Shanghai), Renoir sets its palette with its opening shot. A flame-haired young woman in a bright ochre outfit rides a bicycle through the countryside of the French Riviera in 1915, the moving camera capturing all the sun-dappled interplay of light and color as she weaves along the road..."

Save as We Pave?
The latest trend in environmentally sensitive planning tiptoes into Travis County
News Story  October 20, 2006, by Katherine Gregor
"...As the name suggests, a conservation development combines two elements – 1) protected open space and 2) housing – on a single, large, undeveloped tract, generally in a rural, unincorporated area. Homes, roads, and infrastructure are clustered, allowing at least half of the land (the acreage with the most sensitive ecological and natural features) to be protected in perpetuity..."

Macro Education
There's more to macrobiotic cooking than brown rice and tofu. Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts founders Fran Moody and Dawn Black are showing Austinites why, Cuisines editor Virgina B. Wood writes.
Food Story  February 25, 2000, by Virginia B. Wood
"... Recent graduate Janet Wong, for example, is a manager at Casa de Luz and one of her classmates has gone on to teach macrobiotics in Vancouver, B.C. After well-known local pastry chef Alain Braux closed Amandine Bakery two years ago, he enrolled in the Natural Epicurean certificate program to broaden his cooking knowledge and marketability..."

Summer Solace
More From the May Bookshelf
Books Story  May 23, 1997
"...I've driven Route 27 many times, at all hours of the day and night - one of my favorite bars in the world is on that road. More than once, I've left the Corner Lounge in Carlyss and driven down toward Holly Beach only to stop at the refuge in the middle of the night, just to sit in the parking lot and listen to the sounds of the Louisiana night..."

Estate Sale Roundup: October 31-November 2
Keeping it core: Allandale, Crestview, and Northwest Hills pillaging
DAILY Design  October 31, 2014, by Anne Harris
"...Crestview Mid-Century Modern and Vintage Sale Shop until you can't see the intersection at West Anderson and Burnet Road. The denizens here leave 35 years of their lives for your perusal..."

Rock This Way
The Semi-Annual, Whenever-We-Feel-Like-It Rock & Roll Books Section
Books Story  March 20, 1998
"...Tough break for Manson, whose new autobiography The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Marilyn Manson with Neil Strauss (Regan/Harper Collins, $24 hard) hurls invectives and chunks against a popular culture that feeds and breeds the Springers and Joneses of the airwaves. He hates them, to be sure, but he ought to be getting royalties anyway, poor sap...."

Ballet Austin II and Butler Fellowship Program's Spring Performance
The program's mix of classical and contemporary work challenged its young dancers and left you wanting to see what's next for them
Arts Review  March 9, 2017, by Jonelle Seitz
"...The final work, Jennifer Hart's "The Road (Part 1)," for the 17 Butler fellows, flung us into something completely different. In vibrant mismatched outfits (designed by Emily Cawood) and painted faces, the dancers were a gaggle of rag dolls, giddily exploring a range of movement, to Bach, as though for the first time – pelvis bumps, bouncing jumps, pouting faces, languid rolls across the floor..."

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