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The Year in Food
The 2014 tastes we just couldn't stop thinking about
Food Story  December 31, 2014, by Kate Thornberry
"...1) LOVE & LEMONS Another year of hitting the ball out of the park for Jeanine Donofrio. This blog has kept up with frequent posting, topical recipes, engaging writing, and as always, the graphic design is stunning..."

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat
Bad cat makes stink in theatre.

Film Review  November 21, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Bo Welch. Starring: Mike Myers, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Preston, Dakota Fanning, Spencer Breslin, Amy Hill and Sean Hayes..."

At S-Comm Forum, Both Sides Dig In
Sheriff claims his hands are tied
DAILY News  October 20, 2014, by Amy Kamp
"...While no progress toward a consensus was made at last week’s forum on Secure Communities, it did serve the purpose of highlighting just how contentious the issue truly is...."

Women Dig In
The contractors' boycott against Planned Parenthood won a battle, but it's a long war.
News Story  December 5, 2003, by Amy Smith
"...It's been a month since an anti-abortion boycott brought construction to a halt on a new Planned Parenthood clinic at Ben White and South Congress, where all that visibly remains, for the moment, is a chain-link fence giving way to a cheerless dirt lot...."

The Year in Sports, as Pitched to the Head of a Hollywood Studio
DAILY Sports  May 14, 2007, by John Hunt
"...I have a few friends that are trying pretty hard to make it as screenwriters. Every one of them has taken a crack at writing about those golden days of college when everything we did was just simply hilarious..."

The Thing in the Lake
Arts Story  February 4, 1999, by Sarah Hepola
"...The Homecoming "Not understanding Pinter is a very great pleasure. To feel the elusiveness of his meaning is, in fact, to come close to its essence." -- Alistair Macaulay..."

Woman in the Dunes
This Japanese classic, which was written by Kobo Abe and based on his novel, is an existential parable­ and it is filmed in such a way that suits the themes....
Film Review  August 2, 2001, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Hiroshi Teshigahara. Starring: Kyoko Kishida, Koji Mitsui and Hiroko Ito..."

Last Men in Aleppo
Picking up the pieces of the Syrian Civil War
Film Review  June 9, 2017, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Once Syria’s largest city, Aleppo is now a place of rubble and desperation as a result of the Syrian Civil War. President Bashar al-Assad’s bombing campaign against resistant pockets of his own people destroyed most of the city’s structures and killed or maimed those residents who refused to flee or become homeless refugees..."

The Mummy Returns
Exploding corpses, defiled tombs, POV shots of arcane weaponry, and more CGI monsters than you can shake the Staff of Ra at: Summer movie season has officially arrived, and for...
Film Review  May 4, 2001, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Stephen Sommers. Starring: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Patricia Velazquez, Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje, Freddie Boath, Oded Fehr and The Rock..."

The Black Waters of Echo's Pond
Recalling the tone and spirit of Eighties horror films, this is an homage to exsanguinations past.
Film Review  April 9, 2010, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Gabriel Bologna. Starring: Robert Patrick, Danielle Harris, Shawn Lawlor, James Duval, Nick Mennell, Mircea Monroe, Electra Avellán, Elise Avellán, Arcadly Golubovich and Richard Tyson..."

The Ant Bully
Childhood's fascination with all things small and squirmy makes this story of a boy who becomes an ant a pleasant, if undernourished, tale.
Film Review  July 28, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...Davis. Consider the allure of the ant: Nowhere else can the budding entomologist decipher the physiological underpinnings of the family formicidae with such rapt attention, intuitively employing not only the more traditional methods of anatomical study, but also such kidhood staples as the magnifying glass, the power-jet watering hose, and the vulcanized Stride Rite sole..."

The Brady Bunch Movie
The Brady Bunch Movie is retro-Seventies overload: color it harvest gold and avocado green. It takes great delight in tormenting baby boomers in its celebration of shag haircuts, Sansabelt slacks,...
Film Review  February 24, 1995, by Steve Davis
"...Directed by: Betty Thomas. Starring: Gary Cole, Shelley Long, Michael McKean and Jean Smart..."

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
This third Pirates outing is an empty vessel haunted by the ghosts of its sabre-rattling betters.
Film Review  June 1, 2007, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Gore Verbinski. Starring: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Chow Yun-Fat, Bill Nighy, Stellan Skarsgård, Tom Hollander, Naomie Harris and Keith Richards..."

The Shape of Things
Playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute describes his latest, The Shape of Things, as a sort of retort to critics who branded him a misogynist for his first feature, In the...
Film Review  May 16, 2003, by Kimberley Jones
"...Directed by: Neil LaBute. Starring: Paul Rudd, Rachel Weisz, Gretchen Mol and Fred Weller..."

Dig Deeper
Now what kind of mother would take her kids to see a movie about juvenile delinquents serving time in a hard-labor prison camp? A smart one, if she's read Holes, Louis Sachar's wacky, wickedly funny children's book that makes the leap to the big screen this Friday.
Screens Story  April 18, 2003, by Peter Debruge
"...There's something the folks at Disney don't want you to know about their new kids' movie: namely, what it's about. What they do want you to know about Holes is that it features a motley band of Goonies-like boys, that it's based on the award-winning children's book by Austin's own Louis Sachar, and that it's far and away the best live-action kids' movie the studio has released in years..."

Better Than the Rest
Checking in with Transmission marketing guru Bianca Flores
DAILY Music  October 5, 2012, by Zoe Cordes Selbin
"...If you’ve enjoyed the Austin nightlife these last couple years, you’ve no doubt seen or run into Bianca “Fiesta” Flores. Much of the time, she’s running the show..."

Consider the Tails of Two Bunnies
A rabbit running, and one at rest
DAILY Screens  February 13, 2017, by Josh Kupecki
"...Between us, my partner Jean and I have been house rabbit owners for nearly 20 years, and the questions we get about caring and keeping them generally fall into two categories. The first concerns practical care (“Yes, they use a litter box,” is a constant assurance)..."

Through the Weeds of Hemlock Grove
Famke Janssen, Landon Liboiron talk going off-book for season two
DAILY Screens  July 11, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...When Famke Janssen wrapped up season one of Hemlock Grove, her situation looked dire. Her character Olivia, the monstrous head of the Godfrey family, was in a body bag, presumed dead, with her tongue ripped out by her own son..."

The Hightower Report
The irony in Bush's dandy new library
News Column  May 3, 2013, by Jim Hightower
"...Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that we saw George W. on TV reading The Pet Goat to some second graders – but now he's all grown up and has an entire, super-duper, king-sized library filled with big books and other neat stuff – all dedicated to him...."

Best of Austin: The Driskill Hotel
"Best of Austin" 2013 is coming. Let's look back at some previous bests.
DAILY Best of Austin  September 11, 2013, by Neha Aziz
"...Upscale, classic, and a BOA all-time winner, The Driskill does have a minor issue: Some of the guests never check out, if you know what we mean. Yep, it's haunted!..."

March of the Penguins
The nature photography is so intimate, and the story of the penguins' mating is so carefully crafted into a sustained and satisfying narrative, that they become epic heroes: brave, if not fearless, and stalwart fools for love.
Film Review  July 15, 2005, by Marrit Ingman
"...Directed by: Luc Jacquet. Oh, the things we do for our children..."

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House
Account of the informant who brought down Nixon's administration
Film Review  October 20, 2017, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Peter Landesman. Starring: Liam Neeson, Diane Lane, Marton Csokas, Tony Goldwyn, Ike Barinholtz, Josh Lucas, Michael C..."

'The NFL Beat': Jenkins Island
Catching up with one of the NFL Draft's top CBs
DAILY Sports  April 23, 2012, by Alex Dunlap
"...Janoris Jenkins will one day have an “island” of his own. Like Darelle Revis, or former University of Florida teammate Joe Haden, Jenkins possesses the ability to be a true NFL shutdown corner..."

The Fearless Freaks
Documentary about the band the Flaming Lips – the crazy/bizarre Oklahoma outfit that, despite itself, rose to national prominence.
Film Review  April 15, 2005, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Bradley Beesley. If you see only one film this year featuring a dramatic re-enactment (starring pre-adolescent Vietnamese children) of what it was like to be robbed at gunpoint while working at an Oklahoma City Long John Silver’s franchise in 1983, this should be it..."

As Austin Grows, So Does the Risk of Flood
Forget the 100-year storms. City flooding happens all the time, often right in your backyard.
News Story  April 20, 2017, by Joseph Caterine
"...Austinites remember the big floods – the expanding, treacherous storms that ransack homes and uproot families. But just beyond the memory of those squalls, another form of watery overflow has washed into town its own ruinous legacy: localized flooding...."

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
Another distorted salvo from Dinesh D’Souza

Film Review  July 22, 2016, by Louis Black
"...Directed by: Dinesh D’Souza...."

The Deep Dig: Longhorns Offensive Line
Digging deep on NFL and Longhorn football subjects
DAILY Sports  May 22, 2013, by Alex Dunlap
"...When Colt McCoy was entering his third season as Longhorns QB in 2008, he had a vice­-grip hold on the Texas locker room. The 2013 Texas team needs current third-year QB David Ash to take a page out of that book...."

Elaine: The Extended Cut
The incomparable Ms. Stritch on humor, happiness, Tennessee, Beckett, and bad directors
Arts Story  September 5, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...In conjunction with Austin Cabaret Theatre's presentation of Elaine Stritch at Liberty, the Chronicle had an extended conversation with the celebrated entertainer about her life and her 50-plus years in show business. A portion of that chat appeared in "Elaine Everlasting," Aug..."

Welcome to the Jungle
Metal and alt-rock collide and flourish during the Back Room's glory years
Music Story  July 28, 2006, by Ray Seggern
"...Never in its 30-plus-year run was it Austin's classiest venue, but the Back Room definitely had balls; in the self-proclaimed Live Music Capital of the World, it adopted a simple enough name: "The Rock Club." And it was, especially during the era celebrated in these pages, 1988 to 1995. It was the age of Dangerous Toys and Pariah, when Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots were openers and Steve Earle and Jane's Addiction played back-to-back shows the very same night..."

Devil in the Details
Why Is 'Talented Amateur Historian' Leon Day Obsessed With the Death of Ambrose Bierce?
Books Story  May 17, 2002, by James McWilliams
"...Death is not the end; there remains the litigation of the estate. -- Ambrose Bierce..."

The Food Issue: Dude Dining
Dinner, it's not just for dates anymore
DAILY Food  June 14, 2013, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Last month on The Daily Show, writer David Sedaris theorized to show host Jon Stewart that 80 percent of our population's heterosexual men would be against sharing any kind of after-dinner dessert with another of his kind...."

Feast Your Eyes Upon the Edible Book Festival
Silly food, classic literature, and puns? Count us in.
DAILY Books  March 28, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...We know it's hard to take seriously any event that's happening April 1, but that's why we're telling you about it in advance: Silly edible sendups of famous books are totally serious business, and they're the order of the day at the Edible Book Festival...."

Lit-urday: Margarito and the Snowman by REYoung
Austin author’s latest waggles an icy pistola at your hangover menudo.
DAILY Arts  October 1, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...The last time REYoung had a book published – Unbabbling, his first – it was reviewed in the pages of The Austin Chronicle by Harvey Pekar...."

First Plates Extra Helpings: The Perfect Pop
Popcorn gets under the fingernails and stays in the blood
DAILY Food  February 11, 2015, by Sara Reihani
"...As a movie theatre grunt, I served as the human assistant to the house's giant popcorn machine: a stainless steel chamber with clear plastic windows and a kettle inside suspended from the top...."

Fantastic Fest 2014: Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau
Hollywood studios are the real monsters in this warts and all doc
DAILY Screens  September 22, 2014, by Marc Savlov
"...John Frankenheimer may have snagged the director's credit for 1996’s The Island of Dr. Moreau, but it was initially the vision of South African auteur Richard Stanley, who was hand-chosen to helm by New Line Pictures on the basis of his equally visionary 1990 film Hardware...."

From the Vaults: 'Weekend at Bernie's' Review Revived
Gaming guru Warren Spector's review of 'Weekend at Bernie's' from 1989
DAILY Screens  June 28, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Back when he was still honing his chops as the gaming guru he was later to become, Warren Spector was just another movie geek who came to Austin to pursue a graduate degree in film studies – history, criticism, and theory – at the University of Texas. Cartoons were his specialty...."

Point Austin: The Process
There's been audible grumbling that city manager selection process has been insufficiently "public"
News Column  January 11, 2008, by Michael King
"...Last week, it took the City Council all of half a day to select seven semifinalists for the position of Austin's new city manager, and by the time you read this, the list will have been winnowed down – via on-site council interviews – to two or three finalists. On the following page, we've provided brief summaries of the public careers of the semifinalists, which is about all you'll get in the way of advance details..."

The Luv Doc: The Next Eva Braun
It’s probably not smart to tie the knot with someone who regularly bends your moral compass
Columns  March 23, 2017, by The Luv Doc
"...I have been living with my girlfriend now for nearly two years. We don't fight very often and when we do it's usually not a huge deal..."

Beside the Point
This week's cold spell had a chilling effect on public discussion of crucial items
News Column  January 19, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...Before this bitter wintry mix; before luxe retailers Downtown tried de-icing the Great Streets with imported Dead Sea rock-salt grains; before News 8 Austin started offering weather on the Eights … and nines, ones, threes, fours, and sevens; and yes, even before the deadly Breakfast Taco Riot, which claimed untold lives as migas-mad Austinites scrambled to procure adequate tortilla provisions, the cryogenic freeze was in effect at City Council. Last week, during their first meeting of the year (Jan..."

The Austin Music Awards’ Ecstatic Experience
Thirty-four awards and six musical sets in 211 minutes
Music Story  March 8, 2018, by Raoul Hernandez
"...In a metropolis where music does the talking, words buoyed the 2017/18 Austin Music Awards as loud as its potent soundtrack. Last Wednesday night at the Moody Theater, they proved an oral flash mob, putting bons mots to the last half-century of auditory ephemera..."

The Austin Music Awards’ Ecstatic Experience
Thirty-four awards and six musical sets in 211 minutes
DAILY Music  March 1, 2018, by Raoul Hernandez
"...In a metropolis where music does the talking, words buoyed the 2017/18 Austin Music Awards as loud as its potent soundtrack. Wednesday night at the Moody Theater they proved an oral flash mob, putting bons mots to the last half-century of auditory ephemera..."

Public Notice: When the Cats Are Away …
The mice are left trying to figure out what happened to the damn cheese
News Column  July 13, 2017, by Nick Barbaro
"...With City Council on hiatus, they've left their surrogates on the Planning Commis­sion and Zoning & Platting Commission to keep working on the elusive pimpernel that is CodeNEXT. Problem is, at the moment no one can seem to find hide nor hair of the slippery beast..."

The Q&A Hole: What’s Your Favorite Comfort Food?
Because everybody needs some gastrointestinal cosseting sometimes
DAILY Food  May 22, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...That annual First Plates issue of ours, an excellent guide to the best of what’s available among a burgeoning diversity of local dining venues, worked a theme of Comfort Food a couple of weeks ago...."

While Council's Away the Mayor Will Play
Council seeks to feast on the good of the land
News Story  March 16, 2017, by Michael King
"...Along with plenty of the rest of us, City Council has taken its annual spring break this week, with no regular meeting again until March 23. Nevertheless, Mayor Steve Adler hasn't been catching his breath – he's been hopping from one SXSW event to another: welcoming visiting dignitaries, hosting fellow mayors determined to "hold the line" under the Donald Trump regime, promoting Austin as a center of tech innovation, sponsoring the "Mayor's House Band" at the Austin Music Awards ....."

Top 10 Stops When We’re on the Vegan Wagon
No animals were harmed in the making of this list
Food Story  December 29, 2016, by Adrienne Whitehorse
"...1) Bouldin Creek..."

The Feminist Who Stole Christmas
Maybe it’s cold outside, but we still want to go home
DAILY Music  December 13, 2012, by Abby Johnston
"...Loved ones gathered around a Christmas tree, by a lit menorah, or crammed together in front of the fireplace or space heater to escape dipping temperatures: These are our most cherished months of the year. Suddenly, the loved ones we normally avoid are welcome..."

The AggreGAYtor: October 15
Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news
DAILY The Gay Place  October 15, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...Katy Perry sells herself, Rufus Wainwright gets catty, and Michelle Bachmann cuts her family ties. You may already be the winner of today’s AggreGAYtor...."

The Long Awaited Toby Futrell Post
Thoughts on the nepotism allegations against the city manager.
DAILY News  July 9, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...What can you really say about the news over the weekend regarding Toby Futrell – the allegation her brother-in-law got hired at Austin Energy thanks to her? As countless political scandals have shown us, it's not the crime but the maneuvering behind the scenes that spins out of control. Futrell's quick to point out the hiring wasn't illegal under city nepotism rules (although her "we're not related" defense is pretty lame) – more damaging is the perception created by city e-mails that the hiring was a fait accompli the moment Futrell brought it to bear, that blowback would ensue if the hire wasn't made..."

Page Two: Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory
The path to a Republican presidency
Columns  April 7, 2016, by Louis Black
"...This column was going to be part of a two-step with last week's, spelling out in some detail why I so passionately support Bernie Sanders for president. This includes that his utopian economic fantasies are far more achievable and admirable than critics insist..."

SXSW Film Review: In a Valley of Violence
Ti West and Ethan Hawke deliver a brutally entertaining Western
DAILY Screens  March 12, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...Some tough guys just want to be left alone. Most of them, come to think of it..."

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