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2003 Texas Book Festival Preview
An interview with Don Graham, editor of Lone Star Literature.
Books Story  November 7, 2003, by Dick Holland
"...Lone Star Literature: From the Red River to the Rio Grande (Norton, $29.95) has been published just in time for the Texas Book Festival, where it will be a featured book on Saturday, Nov. 8..."

Texas Tropes
Is Don Graham Really Texas' Literary Curmudgeon?
Books Story  August 7, 1998, by Clay Smith
"...In the 1995 film Search & Destroy there is a brief scene that's set in Dallas; Don Graham, the president of the Texas Institute of Letters, English professor at the University of Texas, and author, is probably aware of the film for that reason alone, even though the film's subject is not really Texas. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about Texas literature or film escapes him..."

Lone Star Literature: A Texas Anthology
Lone Star Literature: A Texas Anthology
Books Review  February 24, 2006, by R.U. Steinberg
"...Lone Star Literature: A Texas Anthology..."

Texas Book Festival 2018: The Full List
Lineup includes Cecile Richards, Julián Castro, + 280 more
DAILY Arts  August 29, 2018, by Robert Faires
"...26, at the Four Seasons Hotel. Tapped to present will be presidential historian Michael Beschloss (Presidents of War), New York Times bestselling author Celeste Ng (Little Fires Everywhere), award-winning essayist Luis Alberto Urrea (The House of Broken Angels), and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Jacqueline Woodson (Harbor Me)..."

Texas Book Festival 2017: The Full List
Dan Rather, Jeffrey Eugenides, the Bush sisters, and 291 more
DAILY Arts  September 12, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...YA Literature Renee Ahdieh – Flame in the Mist M.T. Anderson – Landscape With Invisible Hand Paolo Bacigalupi – Tool of War Chandler Baker – This Is Not the End Katie Bayerl – A Psalm for Lost Girls Kendare Blake – One Dark Throne Libba Bray – Before the Devil Breaks You Cora Carmack – Roar Brandy Colbert – Little & Lion Sarah Dessen – Once and For All Claudia Gray – Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Leia, Princess of Alderaan Malinda Lo – A Line in the Dark Julie Murphy – Ramona Blue Touch Onyebuchi – Beasts Made of Night Jason Reynolds – Miles Morales Benjamin Alire Saenz – The Inexplicable Logic of My Life Erika L..."

Legends of Texas Letters Reflect on 'The Gay Place'
ACC's Carnival ah! hosts a Billy Lee Brammer retrospective
DAILY Books  March 31, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the publication of Billy Lee Brammer's The Gay Place, the Chronicle's own Michael Ventura wrote this: "It is still the finest novel written by a Texan, and with Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men it gracefully holds its place as one of the two great political novels in American literature." And on the occasion of what would have been the 80th birthday of Brammer, who died in 1978, ACC's annual Carnival ah! program will feature a panel called Austin in the '50s: The Political and Literary Landscapes of Billy Lee Brammer...."

Tom Gauld at the Texas Book Festival?
Yes! Yes! The man himself! Signing! Chatting! Breathing!
DAILY Arts  November 1, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And, actually, we can’t promise that Gauld will be precisely “in the middle of it all.” Perhaps he’ll be off to one side? Maybe near one mildly trafficked corner? But, in any case, there he’ll be, sitting all British and drolly bearded in some chair upon the tree-lined lawn, faintly smiling among copies of his superlative books – books that often skewer, albeit somewhat gently and always with an insider’s precision, world literature and the world of literature and all the odd habits of authors and readers and, oh, what was that phrase we used earlier? The “whole madding literary crowd,” was it? And now we’ve used it again...."

Texas Book Festival
Festival Roundup
Books Story  November 15, 1996
"..."Father of Texas Literature" John C. Duval (Early Times in Texas [1868-71], Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace [1872]), called so by J..."

Death Watch: Texas Set to Kill Mentally Disabled Man
Few hours remain for Supremes to step in
DAILY News  August 7, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Apparently the CCA is not concerned about its decision to eschew science in favor of literature, or to create legal tests based on fictional attributes instead of on the real-life symptoms of real people, like Wilson...."

Books for Days
The read goes on forever at the 2018 Texas Book Festival
Arts Story  October 25, 2018, by Robert Faires
"...You can call it heaven, but its official name is the Texas Book Festival. Now in its 23rd year, this annual celebration of the written word allows readers of all ages and all types of books – literature, true crime, biography, cooking, mystery, politics, science fiction & fantasy, Western, poetry, YA, Texana, you name it! – to engage with one another and with the writers they love face-to-face..."

Texas Teen Book Festival: The 2015 Lineup
Sesame Street and Star Wars collide in the 2015 TTBF
DAILY Arts  August 17, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...The Emmy-winning Manzano, who's attending the festival in connection with her new memoir, Becoming Maria: Love and Chaos in the South Bronx, leads a lineup of 30-plus authors scheduled to speak at this year's edition of the annual festival dedicated to young adult literature...."

Texas Book Festival: First Authors
Margaret Atwood leads the list of 20 authors for the 20th fest
DAILY Arts  July 17, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...Attica Locke, who's been busy of late as a writer and producer of the hit TV series Empire, has also just released her third novel, Pleasantville, set in her hometown of Houston during the 1996 mayoral race. Saeed Jones, the Literary Editor at Buzzfeed who grew up in Lewisville, Tex., will be representing his 2014 poetry collection, Prelude to a Bruise, which won the 2015 Stonewall Book Award/Barbara Gittings Literature Award..."

Writers' League of Texas Announces Nominees
2008 Violet Crown Book Awards
DAILY Books  September 11, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...The Writers' League of Texas announced today the shortlist nominees for its annual Violet Crown Book Awards – and not the Violent Crown, as I keep repeatedly typing. (Apparently somebody's feeling lightly murderous today.) The Violet Crown celebrates the best in adult fiction and nonfiction, while the Teddy Awards honor children's literature..."

Texas Book Festival’s Literary Libations Events Start This Week
Cocktails and books go together like poetry and pickle backs
DAILY Food  August 6, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...Booze and literature are well-established as bedfellows powerful enough to form their own minor genre. Take the Kingsley Amis’ poetic musings on the existential hangover, for example, or Sweetbitter, last year’s smash hit novel that took readers behind the scenes of New York’s whiskey-fueled restaurant industry...."

Texas Teen Book Festival Announces Lineup
YA authors Adam Silvera, E. Lockhart, and more scheduled to attend
DAILY Arts  August 2, 2017, by Jennifer Murphy
"...The Texas Teen Book Festival announced the authors for its ninth celebration of young adult literature. This year's lineup? Thirty-eight authors ranging from "high fantasy to high tech to high drama,” says the TTBF Programming Director Meghan Goel..."

Texas Book Festival 2015: The Book of Aron
Jim Shepard's child's-eye view of the Warsaw Ghetto reviewed
DAILY Arts  October 15, 2015, by James Renovitch
"...Kids see all and comprehend some. It’s parenting 101 and something literature has depicted for centuries, perhaps never so elegantly as in What Maisie Knew..."

University of Texas at El Paso
Books Story  April 21, 2000, by Jessica Berthold
"...The students praise the flexibility they have to experiment with language in their workshops; they are not so quick to praise the literature side of their program. UTEP's students are required to take 18 hours of literature courses along with 18 hours of workshop, six hours of thesis, and six hours of electives..."

UT Professor on the Making of Texas Film Epic Giant
Don Graham's Giant: Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Edna Ferber, and the Making of a Legendary American Film
Books Review  April 12, 2018, by Joe O'Connell
"...Even shooting in Texas was a major decision then," said Graham, the longtime University of Texas J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor in American and English Literature, who recounts the story of the production in his new book Giant: Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Edna Ferber, and the Making of a Legendary American Film...."

Southwest Texas State University
Books Story  April 21, 2000, by Barbara Strickland
"...should be proud of it. They're contributing to literature on a national level," Fenza says...."

Luck and the Literature of Football
Longhorns live to fight another day
DAILY Sports  December 7, 2009, by Joe O'Connell
"...You strive, you struggle, and sometimes you end up with tears, sometimes with the confetti of victory. That’s literature, my friends..."

The New Texas Family Planning
Slashed budgets and anti-abortion politics undermine women's health care
News Story  January 27, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...Bible-thumping can take many forms, however, and for the CPCs the second-best alternative to the True Word appears to be the various pamphlets they offer to women seeking services – including pamphlets describing the putative horrors of abortion. "The pamphlets, recently, have not been blatant proselytizing," Wheat said, "just one step removed." Among the literature available to CPCs (readily available via an online library) is an "abortion checklist" that includes a "consumer alert" about the "diabolical" late-term abortion procedure, which the literature claims was "engineered for the benefit of what is called the 'Fetal Harvesting Industry,'" fed by medical professionals who "coerce" pregnant women into having abortions for the benefit of "medical research."..."

Jesus, Take the Wheel: Texas Education Is a Mess of Biblical Proportions
Texas education is a mess of biblical proportions
News Story  January 25, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...In the Permian High School class Bible History and Literature, public school students are taught that the Bible's miracle stories – in this specific case, Moses crossing the Red Sea – have been proven through archaeology. This course is among a host of examples of academically problematic lessons taught to secondary students in 57 public school districts and three charter school districts in Texas...."

Katherine Catmull at the Texas Teen Book Festival
Like a fairy in her YA novel The Radiant Road, Katherine Catmull keeps transforming the mundane into lovely art
Arts Story  September 29, 2016, by Rosalind Faires
"...KC: I wonder if it's because when I was a book-hungry kid, I so often found modern books unsatisfying, so "dumb" or "baby" feeling. Consequently, I read a great deal of turn-of-the-century and Victorian children's literature, especially British children's literature, just because the language was more satisfying and challenging...."

Texas Tales
For those of you who are still pondering the eternal question that seems to arise wherever beer and English majors appear together in the Lone Star State, the answer is: Texas does indeed have a separate and distinctive literature, Tom Doyal writes. If you have been arguing the other side of this proposition, the writers and publishers of Texas have issued you a sharp rebuke in their new spring releases.
Books Story  May 25, 2001, by Tom Doyal
"...For those of you who are still pondering the eternal question that seems to arise wherever beer and English majors appear together in the Lone Star State, the answer is: Texas does indeed have a separate and distinctive literature. If you have been arguing the other side of this proposition, the writers and publishers of Texas have issued you a sharp rebuke in their new spring releases...."

Will Texas Do Better?
Federal funding to the WHP is set to stop Dec. 31
News Story  December 7, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Finally, although at press time it had not yet been filed, Capitol watchers anticipate a pro-life bill – at least if Texas Right to Life has anything to say about it, and in Texas politics TRL most certainly does. TRL Director Eliza­beth Graham emailed supporters that a bill is imminent that would "establish a state interest in preborn life that can feel pain according to peer-reviewed medical literature" and would therefore outlaw abortions for all "preborn children who feel pain," which according to Graham begins at 20 weeks – the next medically dubious frontier in the abortion rollback...."

The Insider's Outsider Guide to Texas
Remembering Bud Shrake
Books Story  May 15, 2009, by Clay Smith
"...That year, he published Custer's Brother's Horse, a fast-paced Western set in Austin at the end of the Civil War. That year, we put Shrake on a panel of four writers called Getting Even: The Literature of Revenge; we also put the young writer Shalom Auslander, whose Foreskin's Lament: A Memoir, is about growing up in an Orthodox Jewish family..."

Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet
Music Review  April 15, 2005, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Returning to print some six LPs, one EP, and more than a dozen singles, plus previously unheard surprises, this 6-inch-by-8-inch linen-bound collection should nestle perfectly on any bookshelf, which is where a comprehensive volume like The Complete Mercury Recordings belongs – amongst literature. This is a crucial chapter not only of the Austin music scene and Texas as a whole, but arguably, of world music itself..."

2002 Texas Book Festival Schedule
Books Story  November 15, 2002
"...11:30am-12:45pm House ChamberAt the Crossroads: Mexican-American Literature Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sandra Cisneros, Dagoberto Gilb, Moderator: Juan Rodriguez..."

Texas Book Festival
Photos by John Anderson
Books Story  November 17, 2000, by Tom Doyal
"...Our Town: Literature From Rural RootsWith Mitch Cullin, Dave Oliphant, Edward Swift, and Jane Roberts Wood..."

Literary Lone Stars Ten Best Texas Books
Books Story  February 16, 1996, by Jesse Sublett
"...Frank Dobie (1941). Dobie did more -- far more -- than any other individual to preserve and elevate the status of the folklore, history, and literature of the Southwest..."

Texas Book Festival 2017
Lovers of the literary, you’re needed at the Capitol for this year’s TBF, stat!
Arts Story  November 2, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...That's why we loan beloved novels to friends, why we gather in book clubs, why we rush to the State Capitol and environs every fall for the Texas Book Festival. Now in its 22nd year, this annual celebration of the written word allows readers of all ages and all types of books – literature, true crime, biography, cooking, mystery, politics, science fiction & fantasy, Western, poetry, YA, Texana, you name it! – to engage with one another and the writers that produce the tomes they love face-to-face..."

Day Trips: Storybook Capital of Texas, Abilene
Whimsical sculptures of children's book characters enliven downtown Abilene
Columns  September 15, 2016, by Gerald McLeod
"...Guides can also be downloaded from Don't miss the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature across the street from the depot..."

Jazz Mavericks of the Lone Star State
Sheet Music
Music Review  August 31, 2007, by Jay Trachtenberg
"...One intriguing chapter discusses the role of Texans like Budd Johnson and Jimmy Giuffre in non-Texan Woody Herman's influential Herds. The author finds jazz and literature a fecund subject but limits it here to Texas writers and poets..."

Texas Young Masters
Eight students from Austin have been named to the 2006 class of Young Masters as designated by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Texas Cultural Trust Council
Arts Story  April 21, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...Eight students from Austin have been named to the 2006 class of Young Masters, as designated by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Texas Cultural Trust Council. The program recognizes outstanding artists in grades 8-12 with scholarships – up to $2,500 per year – to further their studies in the discipline of their choice: literature, theatre, dance, visual art, music, or media arts..."

Unlocking the Texas Vote
Felon disenfranchisement hits more than 3% of the state's potential voters
News Story  October 22, 2004, by Jordan Smith
"...In fact, according to a study conducted by Uggen and Northwestern University professor Jeff Manza, restoring voting rights to felons may have a broad and positive impact on recidivism rates. "The existing research literature has primarily considered the political implications of disenfranchisement," Uggen and Manza wrote in a research paper slated for publication in the Columbia Human Rights Law Review..."

2003 Texas Book Festival Preview
Books Story  November 7, 2003
"...2:45-3:45pm AuditoriumLone Star Literature Don Graham, Stephen Harrigan, Shelby Hearon, Elmer Kelton..."

Texas Book Festival Wrap-Up
Taking stock of this year's panels and readings
Books Story  November 23, 2001, by Shawn Badgley
"...And somebody asked, 'How has food writing changed since the World Trade Center attack? Is it OK to keep eating?' I don't know. As far as I'm concerned, irony is one of the lifebloods of Western literature..."

Texas Writers Month Events
Books Story  May 13, 1999
"...Friday, May 28 Noon Presentation of 1999 Grants and Fellowships in Literature at AWL Resource Center, 499-8914...."

Pregame the Texas Book Festival With These 50 Classics
We haven't crammed this hard since senior lit
DAILY Books  October 21, 2013, by Anne Harris
"...Possibly the first self-help book to use literature as its prescription, Practical Classics serves as a primer for personal development, demonstrating how one may apply various literary tinctures to the more troublesome areas of the Human Condition. Sections include: working ("Bartleby in the Break Room"), family ("Why To Kill a Mockingbird Makes a Great Father's Day Gift"), growing up ("The Midlife Crisis of Huckleberry Finn"), as well as pain and loss (two words: Dorothy Allison)..."

War: Made in Texas?
News Story  May 3, 2002, by Lee Nichols
"...The ISS advocates campaign finance reform to help root out war-minded politicians ("Texas elects one of the most hawkish, pro-military Congressional delegations in the nation," according to ISS literature), and institutional divestment, much like the campaign against Apartheid South Africa in the 1980s. Masri claims that supplying Israel with weapons is a violation of the Arms Export Control Act, which only allows U.S..."

2016 Texas Teen Book Festival: The Details
Arts Story  September 29, 2016, by Rosalind Faires
"...Kaling's in good company, with keynotes from The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series' Laini Taylor and The Grisha Trilogy's Leigh Bardugo bookending the fest, and a host of other critically acclaimed novelists, each of whom will sit in on one of seven panel discussions related to themes in YA literature...."

Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin
Memphis native Sides is a great storyteller, and Hellhound often reads more like historical fiction than nonfiction
Books Review  October 1, 2010, by Nick Barbaro
"...Hampton Sides will appear on the Texas Book Festival panel Literature on the Lam: Famous Fugitives Sunday, Oct. 17, at 11am in the C-SPAN/Book TV Tent...."

A Glass of Water
Baca brings his distinctive poetic timbre to his debut novel about Mexican immigrants laboring in the chile fields of the Southwest
Books Review  October 23, 2009, by Wells Dunbar
"...("He exchanged a jalapeño for an apple, a piece of cheese for a tortilla, rice for beans, taco for burrito.") But Baca's bucolic prose is anything but lulling; as the story builds to a violent resolution, so do the political undercurrents (creeping militarization via immigration enforcement and Iraq, field hands' complicity in their own oppression). But ultimately, it's transcendent performance – Carmen's song and Vito's populist pugilism, not to mention Baca's own transformation through literature – that offers salvation...."

What They Always Tell Us
Required reading for all those awkward 16-year-olds – post-suicidal and gay or otherwise – who just don't fit in
Books Story  October 31, 2008, by Sofia Resnick
"...Wilson's first novel fulfills its young-adult-literature duty in terms of uplifting messages, but I think it fulfills a deeper duty to teen readers. Alex's and James' stories are much more relevant to the high school experience than the typical teen read that culminates in an outrageous prom sequence..."

Girlie Action
Girlie action
Music Review  September 8, 2006, by Margaret Moser
"...The gawd-awful but brave cover of Tina Mack's Satan and the Goddess does a disservice to Mack's stylish voice and whimsical songwriting ("Do the Boys Love Us?"). Satan is quite the CD, part musical, part concept, part literature lesson, and all good humor, plus excellent players like David Murray, Roscoe Beck, and Chris Gage, as she sends up love and sex with pagan undertones..."

Texas Book Festival 2017: After the Uprising: The Shi'a Sunni Divide
Geneive Abdo gets below the surface of Middle East conflicts
DAILY Arts  November 5, 2017, by Elizabeth Banicki
"...“Most of the literature on the subject, including mainstream media, only focuses on political and territorial issues as opposed to the religious, which is critical in understanding the dynamics of the region,” Abdo said...."

Casual Victim Pile II
Music Review  February 25, 2011, by Audra Schroeder
"...The vinyl-only LP, out this time on his revived 12XU imprint, shows the local graveyard is still full of warm bodies, and the variations on rock & roll, much like last year's debut collection, come up at six degrees too: Simple Circuit's "Sattrash" is jittery surf-punk; Hatchet Wound's "Fuck the Past" is a lovely slice of K Records heaven; the French Inhales' "All Bed & No Breakfast" is heavy-lidded psych. Elsewhere, Literature's tart pop "Man Made Man" squares off against Women in Prison's acid-gargled "Kill Kommie Kops." Expensive Shit's "Jah Six Pack" bookends OBN III's "Do My Thing," sealing the deal with good old-fashioned noise..."

7 & 7 is
7 & 7 is
Music Review  December 24, 2010, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Still and lovely, acoustic-lined meditation "My Muse," which she performed live throughout the year, graces the A-side while Bill Withers cover "Grandma's Hands" clasps fiddle and mandolin in the palm of the singer's ace trio. More pointed comes Literature's modern nugget "Cincinnati" b/w "It's Cruel," produced by garage rock cottage industry Greg Ashley in his Oakland studio, the Creamery..."

KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 17
Music Review  November 27, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...The usual suspects (Tift Merritt, Raul Malo) line up with the talking blues of Todd Snider's "The Ballad of the Kingsmen," which pairs with Hayes Carll's feed-store vulnerability of "Beaumont." The Southern strain, Derek Trucks' sky-crying slide ("Already Free") and the fleet-fingered Allman-esque picking of the North Mississippi Allstars' "M.L. Going Home," peaks on Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses' National Steel slide "Bread and Water." Misses – Gomez's soggy "Airstream Driver" and Arc Angels toothless "Sent by Angels" – are few among middle-of-the-road local fare (Asleep at the Wheel, Ruthie Foster), especially when our own take the high road: the Gourds' literature of the absurd ("Tex-Mex Mile") and Spoon's acoustic verité ("Black Like Me")..."

Literature Corner
Music Column  November 2, 2001, by Ken Lieck

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