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Good News for Wildlife
Postmarks  December 11, 2017
"...Dear Editor, Along with wildlife advocates across the country, I’m cheering Travis County’s recent decision to stop contracting with Texas Wildlife Services [“County Kills Coyote Contract,” News, Dec. 8]. That wildlife-killing program is responsible for the cruel deaths of more than 435,000 bobcats, foxes, coyotes, beavers, and other native animals in Texas just last year. These animals suffer and die by painful leg-hold traps, strangulation snares, and indiscriminate poisons..."

Day Trips & Beyond: Texas Springs Under Threat
Visit these five watering holes while you can
DAILY Travel  April 20, 2017, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Visitors to San Marcos can still enjoy the cold spring-fed waters of the river at a series of city parks that line 150 acres along the banks nearly to the city limits. The Lions Club rents tubes and offers shuttle services for an hourlong leisurely float from City Park behind Strahan Coliseum to Rio Vista Park..."

Texas Parks in Harm's Way
New report sounds alarm that Texas parks are being financially starved, warns that many of the state's open spaces and parks are under immediate threat
News Story  March 3, 2006, by Daniel Mottola
"...At a city hall press conference last week, Beth McDonald, president of Texans for State Parks, said annual cutbacks to the Texas parks budget, such as the $2 million slashed last legislative session, have led to Texas' rank as 49th in the nation on park spending per capita and are causing the department to permanently lose staff (39 so far) and severely cut hours of operation and services at many locations, including historic sites. The coalition supported repeated legislative attempts to raise or eliminate the $32 million cap on the main source of funding for Texas parks, a state sporting goods sales tax, which last year generated $100 million..."

Best of Austin Story  September 24, 1999
"...The Daughters of Charity are continuing her mission by making quality health care for the working poor a reality. They provide primary health care for adults and children, immunizations, parenting classes, diabetes education, counseling, and more for those lacking the safety net of government-sponsored services..."

To Kill a Mockingbird
Fate of contract with Texas Wildlife Services hangs in balance at Tuesday meeting
News Story  September 28, 2017, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...Within the city and county, coyote-related calls to authorities get directed to 311. Austin's Animal Services responds within the city..."

County Punts Coyote Plan for 90 Days
City will take that time to present county with alternatives to Texas Wildlife Services
News Story  October 5, 2017, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...Travis County Commissioners had anticipated voting Tuesday on whether to renew an annual contract with the controversial Texas Wildlife Services for managing nuisance wildlife outside Austin's city limits, but instead opted for a temporary 90-day extension so that the city, which ended its agreement with TWS last year, can submit an alternative proposal for providing countywide services that address wild animals, particularly coyotes. Members of the Animal Advisory Commis­sion believe the city's program to be more humane, effective, and transparent than the methods employed by TWS, while the state branch of this federal agency touted its own accountability and success handling coyotes and other animals that may harm livestock, pets, and private businesses..."

Fear & Loathing
Travis County says goodbye to a coyote-killing machine
News Story  December 21, 2017, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...Beginning in 2005, Travis County outsourced its coyote and "nuisance" wildlife management to Texas Wildlife Services, a state office of a highly criticized federal government program that uses taxpayer dollars to kill millions of animals annually. But that agreement ran into trouble last September when county commissioners fielded complaints about the transparency and practices of TWS, and began deliberating whether or not to renew its contract...."

County Kills Coyote Contract
Will enter into new deal with City of Austin in January
News Story  December 7, 2017, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...Commissioners decided on Tuesday, Dec. 5, to stop contracting with Texas Wildlife Services, opting instead to use the city of Austin's Animal Services Office to respond to wildlife issues countywide...."

EPA Rejects Coyote Cyanide Ban
Feds reject effort to remove unsafe animal-control tool from use
News Story  November 29, 2018, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...Nearly 20 wildlife and conservation organizations had petitioned the EPA to prohibit the poison and start a special review of its registrations. The groups argue that the toxic pesticide, deployed for predator control in M-44 devices by the controversial Texas Wildlife Services, often harms nontarget wildlife, threatened and endangered species, and people and companion animals, even as nonlethal alternatives exist..."

Urban Coyotes: Meet the neighbors
Keeping coyotes at bay without messing with the ecosystem
News Story  May 2, 2008, by Melissa Gaskill
"...What makes better sense is changing our behavior to keep coyotes in their appropriate place, according to Dorinda Pulliam, director of animal services for the city of Austin. For the past three years, the city has operated a coyote management program in cooperation with Travis County and Texas Wildlife Services..."

Council: Save the Coyotes!
A morning on wild, wild life, an afternoon on workers’ rights
DAILY News  October 10, 2016, by Michael King
"...The morning debate concerned what seemed to be a minor, $10,000 proposed contract between the Animal Services Department and the Texas Wildlife Services for potential assistance in controlling coyotes, an occasional nuisance in northwestern suburbs. Department heads normally have full discretion for contracts $50,000 or less, so it was a puzzle that this one even landed on Council’s agenda..."

'Nothing Is Done Alone' Extended Interview
The TxCC and their role in Bastrop's recovery after the fires
DAILY Chronolog  December 2, 2013, by Kate X Messer
"...I wanted to learn about the corps and how they fit into the Bastrop disaster scenario. I ended up also learning about how they now fit in to the national scheme of disaster services...."

No Schism
Columns  August 7, 1998
"...We would like to say for the record that the Sustainable Food Center appreciates the important role ACG has played in spearheading the community gardening movement in Austin. SFC and ACG staff enjoy cordial relations and members of the two staffs meet three times during the spring to discuss how the organizations could enhance their services by working together..."

Day Trips: Rockport Adventures, Fulton Harbor
Local outfitter takes coastal visitors on cruises to see the wildlife
Columns  October 22, 2015, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Rockport Birding & Kayak Adventures offers a number of services and cruises out of the Fulton Harbor. Tours to see the whooping cranes go to the Wildlife Refuge from Novem­ber to April..."

Res Publica
Citizens' calendar: Oct. 1-8
News Story  October 2, 2009
"...LEGAL CLINIC FOR VETERANS provides legal services for low-income veterans and service members. 9am..."

Birdshot Blunders
White House turns what could have been a forgivable hunting accident into suspicious cover-up, replete with excuses, denials, and, of course, no apologies
News Story  February 17, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...Whittington, the genteel chairman of the Texas Funeral Services Commission, is an independent-minded Republican who doesn't always tout the party line. He is largely credited with restoring consumer confidence in the TFSC, a scandal-ridden agency when former Gov..."

The Race Is to the Swift
In Texas, livestock are better vaccinated than children.
News Story  May 9, 2003, by Lucius Lomax
"...In this case, however, the feds had the good sense to keep a low profile. But the state of Texas, entering the worst budget crisis anyone can remember, spent tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money to test a rich man's horse herd for venereal diseases and refused his offer to pay for the services -- a process that, in the end, reaffirmed the reputation of equine morals, and unsurprisingly, helped to remind us who really runs Texas...."

Cars the Issue, Not Parking
Columns  September 11, 1998
"...The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) applauds the Representative Lloyd Doggett for his recent vote to save $10 million of taxpayers' hard-earned dollars and to protect wildlife in the West. Specifically, he supported the Bass-DeFazio amendment to an annual appropriations bill to cut the budget of a federal predator control program, known by the euphemistic name of Wildlife Services (WS), formerly called Animal Damage Control...."

Looking for Tony
Democrats are settling on Tony Sanchez as their next gubernatorial candidate before anyone has an idea who he is.
News Story  December 8, 2000, by Amy Smith
"...Health care is another critically important issue for Sanchez. Having lost his father to leukemia and his younger sister to ovarian cancer, Sanchez would very likely be an advocate of increased funding for medical services and research..."

Famous Long Ago
Legendary "Humanzee" Oliver, his friends, and the bitter fight over animal welfare at a Texas refuge
News Story  December 15, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...In an affidavit, Jorge Ortega, vice president of shelter services at the Houston SPCA, recalls visiting PPI in August, where he immediately became concerned about Oliver's living conditions, which he called "cruel." "His enclosure is filthy, too small," and without "meaningful enrichment materials to occupy him" except "an old cardboard paper towel roll," Ortega wrote. The enclosure "has no bowl or bucket for food..."

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