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Our readers talk back.
Columns  December 7, 2001
"...While I'm asking, would anyone like to sponsor or assist the ACC Continuing Education Horticulture Dept. in getting its greenhouse supplied and functioning? It has a good start and some fine teachers, but without any support, it's not doing so well..."

The Austin Chronicle endorses Gus Garcia for mayor of Austin and offers other endorsements on the Nov. 6 state constitutional amendments election and county bond propositions.
News Story  November 2, 2001
"...Nine amendments should instead be legislation. Three, on matters of equity, merit consideration for approval: clearing land titles in Bastrop County (1, 17) and allowing teachers to be paid for public service (11)..."

Naked City
The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats holds a statewide candidate forum.
News Story  August 31, 2001, by Michael King
"...The forum didn't get much saucier than that. After a few exchanges, an unasked question hovered in the air: "Is there anything on which any of you disagree?" Soon enough they found some things: Sharp and WorldPeace both support "standardized testing" for schoolchildren (acknowledging that the tests need to better designed), while Akins denounced statewide TAAS tests as educational boondoggles wasting money better spent on pay and benefits for teachers..."

The Hightower Lowdown
W.'s "clean coal" energy policy; credit-card hucksters on campus; the B-1 Boondoggle keeps flying
News Column  August 24, 2001, by Jim Hightower
"...As a result, since George has been in the White House, gleeful utility executives have announced that they will build 24 new coal-fired plants across the country. The result for us will be dirtier air, more health problems, increased global warming, and more acid rain.Credit Card Hucksters on Campus It's that time of the year again when college kids return to campuses all across the country, greeting classmates, meeting new teachers, and, of course ....."

The Joys of Meanness
Scott Blackwood's initiation into the writing life
Books Story  August 10, 2001, by Robin Bradford
"...Their honesty will break your heart and make you laugh, and when they open their mouths, pure poetry drips out. Teachers and parents, take note..."

Guys Like Me
Was America Really Made for Dick Price?
Music Story  April 6, 2001, by Clay Smith
"...At the very least, Price describes his parents, both of whom have passed away, as having been slightly wacky. They were teachers, his father a heralded football coach and algebra teacher..."

Sin Fronteras
Most observers would agree that Austin has a Latino visual arts community, but within that community are many voices, many points of view, many styles -- and no borders.
Arts Story  February 16, 2001, by Rob Curran
"..."I wonder if Latino artists have to deal with being pigeonholed. I've heard art teachers attributing students' merits to their being Latino, instead of giving the individual credit for making the art," said Schwake...."

Still a Good Thing
Lady sings the blues
Music Story  October 27, 2000, by Christopher Gray
"...In the early Sixties, black underage southpaw guitar-picking female blues singers were something of a rarity. Ozen still counts herself lucky none of her teachers were addicted to the nightlife...."

Light Rail, Green Politics, and much ado about the city's growing pains.
Columns  October 13, 2000
"...The answer to their dilemma can best be found by observing all the thriving artists and musicians living and working in the SF Bay area. (LOL) Another dire implication of this economic transformation can be observed by the lack of teachers, cops, firefighters, and other working wage stiffs who do not live near where they work..."

Poetry in Emotion
Katherine Catmull never intended to pursue a career in acting. In fact, she seriously avoided it for as long as she could, choosing instead to earn her degree in English literature. Why is revealed in this profile of one of Austin's most sophisticated and literate performers.
Arts Story  October 6, 2000, by Robi Polgar
"..."I would teach a sophomore class in poetry where [the students] were all, 'Oh my god, now it's the poetry unit,' and nobody wanted to take it. And some teachers would go at it like, 'Let's dissect rock lyrics' or something like that, but I always thought that was backwards..."

The Hightower Lowdown
Motorola's Chinese Chips; Bush League Public Ed; Devil in the Details
News Column  September 29, 2000, by Jim Hightower
"...The Rand study noted that the three major reasons that students did better were: (1) having fewer students in each class in the early grades, so each student got more attention; (2) making sure children had access to preschool classes; and (3) providing better working conditions and classroom tools for teachers. Because all three of these steps require an influx of new government funding, George and the GOP are against them..."

Best of Austin Story  September 15, 2000
"...Used to be, parents and teachers listening to staff presentations at school board meetings gaped as if they were hearing messages from the twilight zone. Now that AISD superintendent Forgione has put together a new team of deputies, people may not like what they hear, but it at least sounds like the truth..."

Shoot for the Moon
Actor Danny Trejo has made a film career out of playing criminals. Before that, he made a career out of being one. In town to shoot Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids, Trejo visited Travis High School to talk to students about the lessons he learned the hard way.
Screens Story  June 9, 2000, by Barry Johnson
"...The busboys at Güero's stare at Danny Trejo hesitantly, unsure if they should ask him for his autograph. At Travis High School, where he has come to make a presentation, students and teachers alike nervously clamor around the actor with their Sharpie markers and Polaroid cameras..."

Carrying the Burden
During Gov. Bush's campaign for his party's presidential nomination last fall, reporters asked the candidate to comment on a federal government report asserting that many Texans, including large numbers of children, were going to bed hungry. "I saw the report that children in Texas are going hungry. Where?" he demanded, going on to say, "You'd think the governor would have heard if there are pockets of hunger in Texas." Indeed, you would, especially if one of those pockets is just a few miles from his front door, Virginia B. Wood explains as she explores the very pockets of hunger in Austin Bush has difficulty fathoming.
Food Story  April 28, 2000, by Virginia B. Wood
"...In the meantime, the Cocina just graduated a bilingual class at El Buen Samaritano taught by peer counselors Carolina Lopez and Sonya Camacho. By training peer counselors to teach the cooking classes, the SFC increases their outreach potential with more teachers while providing self-esteem, job skills, and an income to members of their client base..."

Public Notice
Our weekly calendar of activist and volunteer events and fundraisers.
Columns  March 3, 2000, by Kate X Messer
"...454-8646.United We Teach The Austin chapter of the Gay Lesbian Straight Educators Network (GLSEN) will meet this weekend, Sun, Mar 5, 4pm at the Out Youth house. The national group's membership includes students, teachers, and parents, united in the goal of ending anti-gay bias in schools..."

The Lauryn Paige Fuller Story
Eighteen-year-old Donald Scott Fuller was brutally murdered last year. Jordan Smith explores
Features Story  February 18, 2000, by Jordan Smith
"...Goodman and Out Youth have initiated a program to do outreach in area schools. "We're getting out there and educating the teachers and guidance counselors about gay/lesbian and transgender issues," says Goodman..."

Breaking the Biker Code
Austin musician and Glass Eye expatriate Kathy McCarty sends greetings from the Sturgis, South Dakota, Black Hills Motor Classic & Rally, learns how to be a biker chick, and wishes we were there.
Features Story  December 10, 1999, by Kathy McCarty
"...(Some of them certainly could be nightclub bouncers, though.) So I decided that the thing to do was to interview a lot of bikers to find out the answers to these pressing questions. Had I been a bit more insightful, and less like a naive 10-year-old, I would have realized before I began my interviewing that no one wants to break character and openly admit they are a farb! (And the number of people who will admit to making a living illegally is even smaller.) The few guys who did admit to having jobs all said they "worked for the city," which is pretty obscure. I thought it was interesting that they all used the same terminology (as teachers? as garbage men? as urban planners?)..."

Against the Grain
A profile of Bad Livers bassist Mark Rubin
Music Story  November 5, 1999, by Andy Langer
"...Not surprisingly, Rubin also felt alienated in high school. Between his father's death and the fact that he considered his intellectual background wasted in classes taught by gym teachers, Rubin felt like dropping out of high school altogether and forgoing college..."

Naked City
Online Day Care: The Whole World Is Watching
News Story  November 5, 1999, by Sarah Hepola
"...At Children's Courtyard, the rooms are equipped with phones, and concerned parents can ring up the day care workers to find out that Jimmy wet his pants and refuses to change. And though such checkups seem potentially disruptive, Kofron says that, in her experience, they strengthen communication between parents and teachers...."

The dog-running controversy continues … and chalk another one up for Ventura.
Columns  October 1, 1999
"...I'm the one choking back tears now. It's your children's education, pendejos! Y'all keep on bringing principals, teachers, and high-paid outsiders to your schools from all over creation, busing packs of students across town every day, throwing junk food at them, most of which is not consumed, creating waste..."

Hard Water
Second Place
Features Story  September 17, 1999, by Sharon L. Dutton
"...Mother saves the sticky buns from breakfast for our after school snack. All our teachers, friends and neighbors chip in and give us a record-breaking Christmas..."

Super-8's Super Fans
The Cinemaker Co-op preserves the art of the littlest of motion picture formats -- Super-8 -- and trains tomorrow's filmmakers along the way.
Screens Story  September 3, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...Kantor and the others clearly wanted to do more than just promote Super-8 as a viable format. They were also keenly interested in creating a clearinghouse of sorts, where people could actually participate in workshops led by knowledgeable teachers, facilitate the rental of Super-8 equipment, and generally bring back the glory days (not exactly a misnomer) of Super-8 cinema..."

Iron Writer
Screens Story  August 5, 1999, by Cary L. Roberts
"...McCanlies' writing ability was evident at an early age. "I always amazed or horrified my teachers throughout school..."

Book Reviews
Books Review  March 25, 1999
"...Her mother, while physically present in Santa Barbara, is mentally sunk into a madness fueled by cheap New Age spirituality. And it goes without saying that her teachers are clueless automatons...."

Land of 1,000 Dramas
Arts Story  March 11, 1999
"...School for the performing arts which provides immense -- and intense -- learning opportunities for aspiring playwrights. Throughout its 60-year history, the department has offered instruction in playwriting from accomplished teachers, but in recent years it has augmented that educational component with production opportunities, allowing young writers the sometimes painful joy of learning their craft through practical application -- collaborating with actors and directors, and listening to audiences..."

SXSW Records
Jeff Beck
Music Story  March 11, 1999
"...Right off the bat, or rather right after the fiendish opener "Dream Date," Goodbye Private Life scores with "Never Been Kissed," the sharpest ode to sexual frustration since "Add It Up." Phillip Niemeyer breaks it down: "I'm 23 and I've never been kissed/Be 35 and I'll never be touched/Be 45 and I'll never be fucked." Be that as it may, before the Kiss Offs close things out with "The Horrible, Shocking Truth," a ? & the Mysterians-guided peepshow of kissing booths, kidney thieves, and leather-lovin' eighth-grade teachers, the Austin fivepiece have gotten a whole album's worth of rocks off. Niemeyer and Katey Jones' trade-off vocals have all the sexual tension of East Coast neo-soulsters The Make Up or Delta 72 (Jones has those groovy Farfisa lines on lock), but instead of aloofly sipping Manhattans, they're getting trashed on Pearl and Cuervo shots..."

You Do Not Tear Down Landmarks
Music Story  February 4, 1999, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Completed in 1883, the structure served out a five-year term while the real Capitol across the street was being finished. Later housing Austin high school studios for music teachers, state capitol number three burned down in 1899 (number two had burned down in 1881)..."

Day Trips
Columns  January 28, 1999, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...If the classes come out to hike and look around, then they have to pay the $3 entrance fee. Teachers must first submit a lesson plan for the class to use the facility..."

A Painter's Work
Arts Story  January 21, 1999, by Sam Martin
"..."When I got to Fidencio's school," Hernandez recalls, "one of his art teachers pulled me aside and told me she had this one student she wanted me to focus on. She showed me a very typical teenager painting he had done of a guy in a full lotus position playing a guitar with a Fender amp behind him..."

Reusing Seaholm
Columns  December 25, 1998
"...I can't imagine every one of those children have trees at home, because I know not all of them celebrate Christmas. I know from my own experience, at elementary school, that Chanukah was never mentioned when it came to "Christmas" vacation or "What do you want for Christmas?" Due to peer pressure and intimidation of Christmas being heaped upon me (by teachers, too), as a young shy girl I felt embarrassed to admit I didn't "do" Christmas..."

United Way Clarifies
Columns  June 12, 1998
"...Forty-five years ago my day in public school began with the prayer, "Our Father, who art in Heaven..." At that time there was almost no crime in public schools. A child shooting teachers and fellow students would have been unthinkable...."

The Long, Hot Summer
Books to Spend Your Summer With
Books Story  June 5, 1998
"...For once and for all, we simply cannot abide you telling us, "I don't know the right thing to say." If all your drilling from your parents, your teachers, and other assorted elders have failed to address the specific circumstances that have left you embarrassingly tongue-tied, you now have the volume of Miss Manners' Basic Training series clearly entitled The Right Thing to Say (Crown, $17 hard), just so there is no confusion as to the content of the tome. In her articulate, precise, and screamingly funny style, Judith Martin provides, in bold type should you miss it otherwise, the right thing to say in just about every circumstance..."

photograph by Todd V. Wolfson
Bob Schneider
Music Story  June 5, 1998, by Andy Langer
"...You have to picture me: 5'4", the youngest guy in my class, and no friends. The only people I hung out with were teachers..."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  June 5, 1998
"..."They've been trying to get rid of this place for years and years. I've even got a line of people who say they'll work for free." Particularly pleased with Benedict's proposal are parents and teachers at Fulmore Middle School, who have long felt the theatre's patrons posed a potential threat to children attending school across the street..."

The Genial General
ABA President Barbara Thomas Steps Down
Books Story  May 29, 1998, by Lisa Tozzi
"...Barbara Thomas with Hillary Rodham Clinton on March 2, Read Across America Day It took several years before her store turned a profit, eventually developing a strong following of parents, teachers, and children who turn out in large numbers for the store's book-themed parties, craft days, and family nights. Adults and kids alike find themselves enchanted for hours by the stuffed animal book characters and games and the enormous selection of children's literature..."

Speaking With Authority
Columns  May 29, 1998
"...Kurt Standiford Teachers With Tommyguns..."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  May 29, 1998
"...Computer science teacher Guy Davis said teachers were struck by the irony of Psencik's decision as they discussed the Statesman article on Saturday. "We were saying that here it is in plain black-and-white and they aren't enforcing it..."

For the Record
Columns  May 15, 1998
"...Tozzi refers to in her article, and I wasn't aware of their endorsement. I filed for District Four after visiting with parents, teachers, and friends, without any prior political experience and without any agenda other than my interest in schools and children, much the same way in which Ave Wahrmund began her campaign..."

O Solo Me-O
From Cosmic Accident to Refined Art: Rob Nash Onstage
Arts Story  November 28, 1997, by J. C. Shakespeare
"...In a fluid, seamless performance, Nash weaves a lush tapestry around the lives of three best friends as they enter the hostile and alien territory of Holy Cross High. He then breathes life into a host of peers, parents, and teachers which gives this show, Freshman Year Sucks, the rich, well-rounded feeling of having a much larger cast..."

Mixed Notes
Books Column  October 31, 1997, by Clay Smith
"...Dr. Mary Pipher is a clinical psychologist and the author of Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls; she will be in town Friday, November 7 at 7pm at the LBJ auditorium in the basement of the LBJ Library to present a talk titled "Empowering Girls: Strategies for Parents, Teachers and Communities." Girl Games, Inc..."

The Pen-Ultimate Fest
Austin Heart of Film Screenwriting Conference & Festival
Screens Story  October 10, 1997, by Russell Smith
"...The panelists, including some of the country's most prominent screenwriters, directors, producers, and writing teachers, seemed without fail to respect and empathize with their audiences. Perhaps recalling their own not-so-distant lean years, they answered even the spaciest questions with respect, good humor, thoroughness, and a hard focus on providing specific, field-tested advice for neophyte artists facing the longest of odds..."

The Tools of the Trade
Southwest Texas State's Jazz Program
Music Story  June 13, 1997, by Christopher Hess
"...SWT's recruiting brochure reads "The Ideal Balance." The music department has found that balance between faculty and technology, which could ostensibly attract the strongest talent in the world. They are fortunate to have the facilities they do, and by focusing on the teachers and musicians involved, they ensure that the motive behind studying jazz remains, for the most part, pure..."

Fonte's Inferno
ACC's New Pres Faces the Hot Issues in East Austin
News Story  June 6, 1997, by Mike Clark-Madison
"..."The frustration that I hear from faculty leaders at ACC is that this is yet another reorganization," says Charles Burnside of the Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA). "With each new administration there's been at least one, sometimes several, and it's difficult for faculty to have a sense of security and continuity, and to understand what the philosophy of the school actually is, during changes that seem to be made for the sake of change."..."

Sing Globally,...
As the One World Project Turns
Arts Story  April 18, 1997, by Robert Faires
"...When the two moved to Austin in the early Nineties, they looked for a similar program in the Austin Independent School District (AISD), but discovered there was none. In talking to principals and music teachers at various schools, Stearns found educators eager to have him and Iluminada play for their students....."

Pension Concern Serious
Columns  March 7, 1997
"...Texas Federation of Teachers..."

The Last Don
Bob Bullock: The Crusty Boss of Texas Politics
News Story  January 31, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...In 1996, Bullock raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from political action committees. The Texas State Teachers Association PAC gave him $35,000..."

¡Bueno Wayno!
Columns  December 20, 1996
"...Some teachers and officials will not like that, but Section 642 of the 1996 Immigration Reform Act prohibits restrictions upon communications with INS...."

Best of Print 1995
Words: Printed, Spoken, and Painted
Books Story  January 5, 1996
"...* The release of The Tree Is Older Than You Are: This book, edited by San Antonio native and friend of Austin Naomi Shihab Nye, is an important anthology featuring poems from Mexico, in both Spanish and English, intended for children. Teachers are already starting to use it, according to Nye, and there's plenty for children to love about it, but there's plenty in there for adults as well...."

Earthen Works at the Austin Museum of Art Revolution in Clay
Arts Story  November 24, 1995
"...Peter Voulkos, Mac McClain, and Paul Soldner studied ceramics courtesy of the G.I. bill after WW II, then became innovative artists and teachers..."

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