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Upcoming TOD Workshops
News Column  June 22, 2007, by Katherine Gregor
"...A light meal will be provided. For more info, visit or contact Sonya López, the city's lead TOD planner, at 974-7694...."

Cold Water on TOD
Postmarks  January 27, 2005
"...Dear Editor, I hate to throw cold water on the frenzy over TOD (transit-oriented development) ["Here Comes the Train," News, Jan. 28], but it's worth remembering that no commuter rail start in the U.S..."

Destiny (Der müde Tod)
Austin film score veterans ST 37 (Metropolis) turn their musical talent to this early. and rarely screened, Fritz Lang silent. The film was Lang's first to achieve any real critical...
Film Review  April 23, 2002, by Marjorie Baumgarten

Look to Dallas for TOD Success
Postmarks  December 1, 2010
"...Dear Editor, Austin’s meager success with transit-oriented development can largely be explained by contrasting Austin with Dallas, where transit-oriented development has been successful [“Not So Hot TODs,” News, Nov. 26]..."

The Door in the Floor
Jeff Bridges shines in this new adapatation of a John Irving work.
Film Review  July 23, 2004, by Kimberley Jones
"...Directed by: Tod Williams. Starring: Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, Jon Foster, Elle Fanning, Mimi Rogers, Bijou Phillips and Louis Arcella..."

Density, Diversity, and Especially Design
The Domain as TOD
News Story  September 28, 2007, by Richard Whittaker
"...Call it a "mixed-usage environment," an "activity center," or "new urbanism." Bandy about planning lingo like "polycentrism" – under whatever name, the Domain could become what the city and Capital Metro call a "transit-oriented development," or TOD...."

Naked City
Neighborhoods speak out on development plans
News Story  March 4, 2005, by Kimberly Reeves
"...The city is proposing special TOD zoning around seven of the proposed transit stations, including six for the commuter rail line approved by voters last November. Last Thursday night, people like Lori Renteria came prepared to talk the nuts and bolts of the ordinance..."

Naked City
Activists to push for stronger affordability language
News Story  February 4, 2005, by Lee Nichols
"...The proposed Transit-Oriented Development Ordinance, which would allow higher-intensity development around stops on Capital Metro's incoming commuter rail line (see "Here Comes the Train," last week), comes before the Austin City Council tonight (Thursday), allegedly at 6pm. The Austin Transit Communities Coalition (that's the new name of the ad hoc group of neighborhood and affordable housing activists described in that article) plans to be there, as group member Frank Fernandez says, "to articulate their vision for how Austin grows as a community – one that ensures that TOD districts value affordability, neighborhood planning, accessibility, green-building, and renewable energies." ATCC plans to push for two amendments to the ordinance, as well as a resolution concerning affordable housing and community values with the TODs...."

Naked City
Transit-Oriented Development Ordinance rolls closer to passage
News Story  March 11, 2005, by Kimberly Reeves
"...The TOD ordinance, intended to govern the zoning and development of seven stops along Capital Metro's Leander-to-Downtown commuter rail line, has seen its share of changes since December. At Thursday night's meeting, planner George Adams presented another seven pages of amendments that tinkered with the ordinance: Height requirements are suggested, rather than required; single-family residential will be allowed in the transition zone; the role of neighborhood associations in the planning process is stressed; and a goal of 25% affordable housing has been set for each station plan...."

Mom and Dad Save the World
Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Scripted several years back by Chris Matheson (son of Fifties sci-fi icon and Ray Bradbury cohort, Richard Matheson), Mom and Dad... boasts a terrific...

Film Review  July 31, 1992, by Marc Savlov
"...Yes, it's as bad as you thought it might be (as if the misspelled advertisng blurbs from Parent magazine didn't tip you off right away). One-note wonder Lovitz plays Tod the destroyer, ruler of the galaxy's smallest planet, Spengo, who beams surburbanites Marge (Garr) and Dick Nelson (Jones) to his planet with the intention of making the ditzy blonde mom his queen before he destroys the earth..."

Developing Stories: Compact & Connected
All aboard for Transit-Oriented Development
News Column  June 22, 2007, by Katherine Gregor
"...The city of Austin is following international best practices for planned transit-oriented development around urban transit stations. Council policy – codified in an interim TOD ordinance adopted in May 2005 – follows nationally recognized principles: Support public transit, promote compact density and "growth nodes" around transit stations, require good urban and architectural design, and produce people-friendly, walkable streetscapes..."

Not So Hot TODs
Sputtering rail, sputtering economy – the uncertain fate of Red Line development
News Story  November 26, 2010, by Lee Nichols
"...To support this goal, in 2005 the city created special development zones around most of the Red Line stations (as well as one bus transit center) that not only encouraged such uses but in some cases mandated them, while prohibiting other uses not seen as transit-friendly – a concept called "transit-oriented development." The city of Leander created a TOD as well. (For the full background, see "Here Comes the Train," Jan..."

Here Comes the Train
Can city staff, citizens, and neighborhoods realize – and build – a more livable city?
News Story  January 28, 2005, by Lee Nichols
"..."Transit-Oriented Development" is not the most catchy of project names. It certainly doesn't have the alarming, call-to-action drama of, say, the "Save Our Springs Ordinance." Yet, if it comes to pass – the TOD Ordinance is on the City Council agenda today, but likely will be postponed – it could have at least as big a long-term impact on Austin's life and urban landscape as that other famed bit of the city legal code...."

TODs and Their Zones
What's what (and what's planned) at Austin rail stops
News Story  November 26, 2010
"...A total of nine transit-oriented development zones have been created by city of Austin, six of them around MetroRail Red Line stations. Leander has also established a TOD around its Red Line station..."

The Way We Watch Now
Is theatrical-on-demand the next big thing?
Screens Story  June 22, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Tugg specializes in theatrical-on-demand, or TOD. Put simply, it's Kickstarter for screenings..."

The Way We Watch Now: Case Studies
Five experiments in theatrical-on-demand
Screens Story  June 22, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...But it crucially shifts the dynamic, putting film fans at the heart of the deal – as curators, promoters, and patrons. We explore five case studies in the TOD movement. Case Study #1: The One-Off Promoter..."

Charting the TODs
Some visual samples of the neighborhood plans for Transit Oriented Development
News Story  January 28, 2005
"...The proposed TOD Ordinance lays out four different kinds of TOD districts (examples pictured), though none of the currently proposed stations are designated as a "Regional Center."..."

More TODs to Come
News Story  October 6, 2006, by Lee Nichols
"...Austin's Transit-Oriented Development Ordinance, which officially became law on May 19, 2005, designated six areas of Austin as TOD zones. Leander established its own TOD ordinance and zone later that year..."

More Developing Stories
A calendar of upcoming urban planning events
News Column  April 13, 2007, by Katherine Gregor
"...The planning process for each station includes a public charrette (hands-on design workshop) to gather neighborhood input, which will be led by national TOD design experts Parsons Brinckerhoff...."

The Unknown
Made four years before Tod Browning made his legendary film Freaks, this Lon Chaney [Sr.] horror work is a hidden gem. The presence of young Joan Crawford is a side...
Film Review  July 15, 2002, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Tod Browning. Starring: Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford, Norman Kerry, Nick De Ruiz and John George..."

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