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Lone Survivor
A SEAL team mission in Afghanistan goes very wrong in this intense combat film with a bang-up cast.
Film Review  January 10, 2014, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Combat has rarely been depicted in films with the intensity conveyed in Lone Survivor, written and directed by Peter Berg, who here bounces back nicely after the critical and box-office debacle of last year’s Battleship. Apart from the establishing sequences, which show the rigors of Navy SEAL training and a few moments in the barracks, the entire film tracks a military operation that went horribly wrong..."

AFF: Sole Survivor
A film that depicts the aftermath of surviving a plane crash.
DAILY Chron Events  October 30, 2013, by Camille Morell
"...One would think living through a plane crash would be enough suffering to last a lifetime, however the torment seems to go on forever. Austin Film Festival’s documentary Sole Survivor explores stories from lone survivors of commercial plane crashes and the struggle to pick up the pieces after the accident...."

Althea Trix Wins Drag Survivor All Stars
Trix takes home title as Queen of the Drag Scene
DAILY Qmmunity  January 5, 2014, by Claire Gordon
"...Drag Survivor All Stars hostess, Ms. Kelly Kline crowned the winner of the competition on Wednesday, bestowing Althea Trix with the title, tiara, and bragging rights..."

Adopting a Survivor's Tale
Stephen Mills' journey into the Holocaust leads a community toward tolerance
Arts Story  April 1, 2005, by Robert Faires
"...The Holocaust was not supposed to be Stephen Mills' story to tell. He is not a survivor..."

A Rape Survivor Story, Minus the Sensationalism
Stephanie Beatriz comes home to Texas with potent drama The Light of the Moon
Screens Story  March 9, 2017, by Michael Agresta
"...The film is uncompromising in the best sense: It resists all temptations of genre thrills or cheap catharsis and allows itself to unfold as a story of a trauma both deep and sadly ordinary, reflecting an all-too-common experience. "Survivor stories, victim stories, however you want to define it, we've seen them before," Beatriz says..."

Casting Call: 'Survivor'
Austin to outwit, outplay, outlast
DAILY Screens  May 27, 2008, by Belinda Acosta
"...Survivor comes to Austin in June in search of cast members for the next season of the popular adventure/competition this Friday, June 13, 1-5pm at the Backwoods in the Hill Country Galleria (12921 Hill Country Galleria Blvd.). To see full eligibility criteria and to download an official Survivor application, go to KEYE TV's website here...."

A Survivor's Journey
Music Story  June 3, 1999, by Jay Hardwig
"...Twenty years later, Deaville's Chicago-based label, Redwing Music, calls her new album Tornado in Slo Mo a "survivor's narrative." With good reason: The songs are written from experience, Deaville singing of flight and strength, of secrets and their telling, of hope and hurt and desolation. The subjects are grim -- physical abuse, sexual abuse, incest -- but the album's tone is one of stubborn triumph rather than fear and defeat..."

ATX Television Fest: Survivor’s Remorse Panel
The Starz basketball drama is back for a third season
DAILY Screens  June 12, 2016, by Kahron Spearman
"...In the course of the panel after the season premiere of Starz’s Survivor’s Remorse, moderator and Hollywood Reporter critic Dan Fienberg recalled a line from an upcoming episode – delivered by Teyonah Parris’ character, Missy Vaughn – "Do you want to be who you are, or do you want to be who you want to be?"..."

Tornado Survivor Wins Turkey Trot Poster Contest
365 free sandwiches are a boon for amateur artist
DAILY Food  September 29, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood

Straus The Survivor
How the coup to remove the Texas House Speaker strengthened him
DAILY News  January 10, 2013, by Richard Whittaker

Young Hate Crime Survivor/Activist Mourned
After surviving and unspeakably cruel hate crime, young David Ritcheson allegedly took his own life this past weekend.
DAILY Qmmunity  July 2, 2007, by Kate X Messer

TV Eye
For those of you yawning through The Mole and gagging through Temptation Island, Survivor is back, here to remind us what we liked (and loathed) about "reality TV" in the first place.
Screens Column  February 2, 2001, by Belinda Acosta
"...After three increasingly embarrassing episodes of Temptation Island (Fox) and the same number of perplexing episodes of The Mole (ABC), the second season of Survivor: The Australian Outback premiered this week. And none too soon..."

TV Eye
By the time you read this, it will all be over: Reflections on a summer spent loving to hate Survivor.
Screens Column  August 25, 2000, by Belinda Acosta
"...The spectacle of opposing wills, luck, stubbornness, and the ability to eat rice every day for 13 weeks without hurling will be over. One survivor will be left standing, and we, the viewing public, will commiserate on what it was we saw and what, if anything, we learned..."

The Sessions
A sex therapist helps a man living in an iron lung experience human intimacy; John Hawkes and Helen Hunt keep things from becoming prurient.
Film Review  November 9, 2012, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The Sessions tells the story of a 38-year-old virgin, but unlike that movie about the 40-year-old celibate that stars Steve Carell, The Sessions doesn’t treat the hero’s predicament as a farce. The Sessions is based on the experiences of journalist and poet Mark O’Brien, a polio survivor who recounted the story of the loss of his virginity in an article titled “On Seeing a Sex Surrogate.” Having contracted polio at the age of 6, O’Brien was paralyzed by the disease and lived his life from within the confines of an iron lung, an entombment he was unable to escape more than a few hours at a time..."

Who Will Survive?
Seven council members. One coveted position. And, in the end, only one survivor.
News Story  September 29, 2000, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...But what if it turns out to be the island of (spooky rumbling sound) Pulau Tiga? (Stinger, far-off jungle drums, tropical animal noises.) Seven public servants marooned together for three years! Who will ride the political winds? Who will avoid being voted off the island by disgruntled colleagues? Who will be ... the Survivor? (Roll theme music.)..."

Jakob the Liar
There are going to be a lot of people who regard Jakob the Liar as simply an Americanized version of Life Is Beautiful since both films deal with similar themes...
Film Review  September 24, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...There are going to be a lot of people who regard Jakob the Liar as simply an Americanized version of Life Is Beautiful since both films deal with similar themes and backgrounds. For fairness' sake, then, it ought to be pointed out that Kassovitz's film is adapted from a 1969 novel by Lodz ghetto survivor Jurek Becker, and that the film was in the can before Roberto Benigni's Oscar-winner was even released..."

Heaven & Earth
Imagine that one of those two-fisted, male-identified Hollywood directors of yore suddenly tweaked the reins a bit and made a woman-focused melodrama: perhaps some filmmaker like Howard Hawks directing some...
Film Review  December 24, 1993, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Stone's latest film is a project he views as the third part of his “Vietnam trilogy,” following Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July. This time, Stone views the war experience through the eyes of a Vietnamese citizen -- a peasant child who grows to become a woman, a prisoner, a rape victim, a black marketeer, a bar hostess, a war bride, an American, a survivor..."

2017 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Documentaries – Program A
Let the voting begin
Film Review  February 10, 2017, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...It’s a reminder that there really is no such thing as a good death. “Joe’s Violin” is really the only heartwarming movie in the bunch, and since it concerns the actions of a Holocaust survivor, it may stand the strongest chance for an Oscar win (as Holocaust subject matter is proven Oscar catnip)..."

TV Eye
Are you a Survivor? That's what 300-some Central Texans wanted to know when they auditioned for the CBS reality show.
Screens Column  March 1, 2002, by Belinda Acosta
"...Turns out there are people who still want to be Survivors. Though media watchers predicted the CBS series would falter following 9/11, you wouldn't know it by the Central Texans who showed up at KEYE studios last Wednesday -- many before the 6am start time -- to make a play for their 15 minutes of fame...."

The Eyes of Tammy Faye
After the holocaust, three things will remain, says Tammy Faye Bakker Messner's most recent TV co-host, gay comedian JM J. Bullock: Roaches, Cher, and Tammy Faye. The well-documented public life...
Film Review  September 8, 2000, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...She stood by her man through his scandal over the affair with Jessica Hahn and his imprisonment for financial irregularities at Heritage USA. Also part of this portrait of a survivor is Tammy Faye's subsequent divorce from Jim, her marriage to Heritage USA's master builder Roe Messner, Messner's imprisonment for bankruptcy fraud, her addiction to the sedative Ativan, her bout with colon cancer, and her estrangement from and reconciliation with her children..."

Peter Weir returns to his mystical roots with mixed results in this tale of a plane crash survivor (Bridges) and his altered perception of life and death. Hailed as a...
Film Review  October 29, 1993, by Marc Savlov
"...Starring: Jeff Bridges, John Turturro, Rosie Perez and Isabella Rossellini. Peter Weir returns to his mystical roots with mixed results in this tale of a plane crash survivor (Bridges) and his altered perception of life and death..."

I Think We're Alone Now
Dinklage and Fanning find dry humor at the end of the world
Film Review  September 21, 2018, by Danielle White
"...What is it that primes us to be so fascinated by “end of the world” narratives? Are we all pining that badly to be relieved of our shitty jobs and responsibilities? To trade in our daily commute for hunting zombies, siphoning gas, and foraging for food? Not that that’s entirely the situation in I Think We’re Alone Now. Del (Dinklage) is the only survivor in his town of 1,600; everyone else just sort of dropped dead one afternoon while he was sleeping..."

Bill of the Week: Silencing Survivors?
Joan Huffman's bill may have an adverse effect on survivor psyche
News Story  March 30, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...Huffman's bill was born of good intentions, but it risks legitimate backlash; not all rape survivors wish to report the crime. Sexual assault is not like any other crime, and its victims frequently face feelings of isolation, fear, and that their privacy (and body) has been violated..."

On Her Shoulders
A refugee's quiet advocacy is a tale of true heroism
Film Review  November 2, 2018, by Matthew Monagle
"...At 24 years old, Murad is a survivor. A member of the Yazidi faith – a pre-Islam religion whose practitioners are frequently the subject of religious violence – Murad was uprooted from her northern Iraq village when ISIS forces invaded and murdered most of her family..."

We the Animals
Growing up dysfunctional in this literary adaptation
Film Review  September 14, 2018, by Danielle White
"...Additionally, the chemistry between brothers is real, often moving as three parts of the same whole: whether huddling together while chanting “body heat, body heat, body heat,” banging on drums, or running wild through the woods. One says, “it’s not our fault”; the other, “it’s always our fault” in a Greek chorus of survivor logic...."

Happy Death Day
Living your death over and over again
Film Review  October 13, 2017, by Danielle White
"...Rothe sports a millennial, less-than-thrilled-to-be-here stare, with just a touch of exhaustion to indicate the perpetual Monday morning hangover that she’s doomed to repeat. The setup itself suggests what it means to be a survivor – to persist in reliving a trauma over and over – to keep getting up each day even when you know there’s danger, even when you know some people won’t believe you if you tell them what you’ve been through..."

The Foreigner
Jackie Chan takes a page from Liam Neeson
Film Review  October 13, 2017, by Marc Savlov
"...Jackie Chan returns to form in this taut little revenger that revolves around love lost, bloodthirsty vendettas gained, and … the Irish Republican Army? Well, yes, actually. As if there weren’t enough current global villains to choose from, screenwriter David Marconi (working from the 1992 novel by Stephen Leather) and director Campbell (Casino Royale) have backtracked into The Troubles, serving up a story that involves a terrorist offshoot of the IRA – confusingly dubbed “The Authentic IRA” – that doubles as both a hazy political thriller and a grim echo of Ted Kotcheff’s First Blood Rambo film, with Chan in full-on Stallone mode as Quan Ngoc Minh, a survivor of the Vietnam war and now humble owner of a London eatery who loses his only remaining daughter to IRA-inflicted collateral damage...."

The Dinner
Family ties come undone in this dark drama
Film Review  May 5, 2017, by Josh Kupecki
"...Stan is a powerful and wealthy congressman with big political aspirations and a trophy second wife Katelyn (Hall). Paul is an unstable and cynical ex-history teacher whose wife Claire (Linney) is a survivor of lung cancer..."

In the Heart of the Sea
Ron Howard sets sails with that famous Nantucket whale story
Film Review  December 11, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...In the Heart of the Sea certainly surpasses Warner Bros.’ 1956 take on Melville’s fish tale for which Ray Bradbury served as an unlikely screenwriter (he was later supplanted by no less than Roald Dahl when famously irascible director John Huston proved too editorially combative for Bradbury’s taste). Howard’s film employs a smart framing device for the saga, in which an Essex survivor, former cabin boy Tom Nickerson (played with relish by a hoary Brendan Gleeson) recounts the long-ago maritime terror to a young Mr..."

A young Bedouin boy in 1916 has an adventure in the war-torn desert
Film Review  December 4, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...Once there, they find that bandits, presumably, have slaughtered the Brit’s men. A moonlit battle ensues, leaving Theeb the only survivor, but for one: a wounded marauder (Hassan Mutlag)..."

Why Don't You Play in Hell?
This Japanese mind-twister from Shion Sono screams with madness and mayhem.
Film Review  November 7, 2014, by Marc Savlov
"...His wife, however, has other ideas, and single-handedly butchers all but one of the nattily dressed home invaders. The lone survivor is Ikegami (Tsutsumi), who is caught on film bloodily staggering away from the botched hit by the Fuck Bombers, a group of aspiring teenage filmmakers..."

The Fault in Our Stars
The film does justice to the popular novel in this judicious teen tearjerker.
Film Review  June 6, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...Gus (Elgort) is more foolhardy, or romantic, or maybe just seize-the-day sensible. A cancer survivor and self-described 18-year-old virgin with only one leg, Gus doggedly ignores Hazel’s efforts to keep a safe distance, keep him in the friend zone..."

Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2014: Documentaries, Program A
Three remarkable stories of people's reaction to oppression.
Film Review  February 7, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...Malcolm Clarke’s “The Lady in Number 6” is a straightforward rendering (cozy British voiceover included) of a most extraordinary life: that of Alice Herz-Sommer, a former concert pianist and the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor. (She was 109 at the time of filming, and still tinkling the ivories.) The film charts her childhood in Prague, where Kafka and Mahler were family friends, to her imprisonment at the Theresienstadt concentration camp and the loss of so many loved ones..."

Dallas Buyers Club
Matthew McConaughey gives a searing performance in this true-life story set in the early years of the AIDS epidemic.
Film Review  November 15, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Woodroof finds his way to Mexico, where an unlicensed American doctor (Dunne) fortifies him with a cocktail of vitamins and drugs. Thus begins Woodroof’s transformation from goner to survivor, and from homophobe to rough-edged humanist..."

Thanks for Sharing
This story about sex addicts is top-heavy with healing bromides and romantic-comedy beats.
Film Review  September 20, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...In his feature directorial debut, Stuart Blumberg (an Oscar screenwriting nominee for The Kids Are All Right) and his co-writer Matt Winston split the narrative between three sex addicts in the same support group: Adam (Ruffalo) is five years sober, but unsteady in his first post-treatment relationship with a cancer survivor (Paltrow); his sponsor, Mike (Robbins), is still married to his high school sweetheart, but has a troubled relationship with his son (Fugit); and Neil (Gad), a socially stunted doctor newly in treatment (under court order) for “nonconsensual touching,” finds a friend in an earthy fellow sex addict (Moore, better known by her pop-star moniker, Pink)...."

Love Is All You Need
Danish Oscar-winner Susanne Bier lightens her tone with this grown-up romantic comedy that stars Pierce Brosnan.
Film Review  May 31, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...He and Ida (Trine Dyrholm) meet cute in an airport parking garage when she accidentally backs her subcompact into his luxury vehicle. Ida is a cancer survivor who has recently completed breast surgery and chemotherapy, and the uncertainty regarding her future has already put a chink in her naturally sunny disposition..."

Safe Haven
Director Lasse Hallström can't find the pulse in this Nicholas Sparks sudser starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel.
Film Review  February 15, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...That isn’t to say the heart doesn’t long for something far better than this plodding potboiler romance about domestic-abuse survivor Katie (Hough, a Dancing With the Stars alum), who flees to a North Carolina beachside town, takes a new name, and takes up with Alex (Duhamel), a widower and single father. Director Lasse Hallström previously helmed a Nicholas Sparks adaptation with the 2010 sudser Dear John and managed to utterly sap all charisma from Channing Tatum – yep, the same guy who reduced grown women to girly giggle-shrieks when he disrobed in last summer’s Magic Mike..."

This Must Be the Place
In this odd but intriguing concoction, Sean Penn disappears into the strange body of a retired goth rock god who leaves his Dublin castle and goes on a road trip across America to hunt a Nazi prison guard.
Film Review  November 16, 2012, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...About a half-hour into the movie, a phone call informs Cheyenne that his father, whom he hasn’t seen in 30 years, is dying. Arriving in the States too late to visit his father on his deathbed, Cheyenne occupies himself with the deceased’s notebooks in which his father – a survivor of Auschwitz – obsesses over finding a particular Nazi guard who tormented him in the camp..."

House at the End of the Street
This scary-house movie starring Jennifer Lawrence is a strictly middling nonshocker.

Film Review  September 28, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...Beggars can't be choosers, though, and Sarah's dad is nowhere around (he's a musician, see). While Sarah busies herself cornering the market on Anxious Mommy Merlot, Elissa makes friends and more with Ryan (Thieriot), the now-teenage survivor of the next-door massacre, much to the chagrin of the gossipy townsfolk...."

The Vow
A woman awakes from a coma with severe memory loss, forcing her husband to win her love all over again. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum star.
Film Review  February 17, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Excepting its ripped-from-the-headlines premise – "Coma Survivor Wakes To No Recollection of Husband!" – The Vow is a remarkably sedate thing, an earnest and occasionally touching romantic drama that sweeps aside the devastating narrative potential of a traumatic brain injury to traffic in a more benign depiction of amnesia. Paige's rediscovery of self is too rushed and unruffled, and the filmmakers favor Leo's point of view, larding the film with a disastrous voiceover, poorly written and awkwardly executed by Tatum..."

The Dead
The sun-drenched locales of Ghana and Burkina Faso provide the backdrops for this original zombie apocalypse.
Film Review  October 7, 2011, by Marc Savlov
"...Shifting back several days, the lone, living Murphy finds a tentative ally in another military survivor, Sgt. Daniel Dembele (Prince David Osei)..."

5 Days of War
Renny Harlin directs this explosion-heavy film about the Russian-Georgian crisis of 2008.
Film Review  September 9, 2011, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Rupert Friend (Pride & Prejudice) plays freelance journalist Thomas Anders, who goes to Georgia after spending a year licking his wounds after the death by shrapnel of his girlfriend (Heather Graham, miscast but hastily dispatched). In Georgia with his cameraman, Sebastian Ganz (Coyle), the pair discovers Tatia (Chriqui), the survivor of a bloodbath that occurs during her sister’s wedding, who will serve as their translator and a new love interest for Anders..."

The real-life "horse whisperer," Dan "Buck" Brannaman, is the subject of this documentary that reveals how he derived his hard-won knowledge.
Film Review  June 24, 2011, by Marc Savlov
"...Much of what he does is accomplished with a glance, a stroke, a subtle shifting of his weight on his mount. That said, it's still a remarkable portrait of a survivor helping others – other species, actually – to survive on their own terms...."

Saw 3D
This seventh film in the horror series promises to be the last.
Film Review  November 5, 2010, by Marc Savlov
"...Mandylor returns as Detective Hoffman, the maniac cop who is carrying on the horrific work of Jigsaw (Bell), who died several storylines back. This time he's out to get Bobby (Flanery), a hack author-cum-huckster who's made the fatal mistake of announcing that he's a survivor of one of Jigsaw's past punitive ordeals..."

Flight of the Phoenix
Sticking closely to the tone of its predecessor, this remake of Robert Aldrich’s 1965 adventure film lacks the tang of the original, and trades the late-vintage Jimmy Stewart for the shirtless Dennis Quaid.
Film Review  December 17, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...Much to my dismay, no one mutters the requisite, "That’s so crazy it just might work!" line, but nearly every other cliché in the Boy’s Big Book o’ Adventure is mined for all its worth. (Although, in a welcome divergence from tradition, Otto’s tough-gal character isn’t made to hook up with any of the strapping and frequently shirtless menfolk.) The original 1966 film (held together by powerful work from Stewart as Towns and Richard Attenborough as his co-pilot) still seems like Hitchcock’s Lifeboat in the desert, but Moore’s (Behind Enemy Lines) film feels more like a grueling episode of a reality TV show – Survivor in the Gobi, maybe, or Worst Case Scenario goes Mongol..."

Morvern Callar
Not enough people know about Samantha Morton, but then why would they? Rolling Stone doesn’t put her on the cover; E!’s Rank has never enumerated her gifts. Morton has made...
Film Review  February 21, 2003, by Kimberley Jones
"...Not exactly the classiest manifestation of mourning, but hey, a girl’s got to survive. Morton is powerful lovely here, her usual vulnerability emboldened by the bravado of a survivor; just watch the encounter, between her and a stranger in a Spanish hotel, that begins with teary, mutual grief then mutates into bouncing-on-the-bed rowdiness and finally a violent, defiant affirmation of life, of living bodies..."

Das Experiment
Big Brother meets Survivor at Heinrich Himmler's house. Loosely based on Mario Giordano's novel Black Box (which was itself taken from the infamous Stanford Prison experiment of 1971, in which...
Film Review  December 6, 2002, by Marc Savlov
"...Starring: Justus von Dohnanyi, Maren Eggert, Wotan Wilke Môhring, Oliver Stokowski, Christian Berkel, Timo Dierkes and Moritz Bleibtreu. Big Brother meets Survivor at Heinrich Himmler's house..."

The Animal
About the best you can say regarding this inoffensive Schneider vehicle is, hey, it could have been worse. Come to think of it, in today's comedy market, where bodily fluids...
Film Review  June 8, 2001, by Marc Savlov
"...Initially, Marvin mistakenly believes it's all a beneficial side effect of all that badger milk he's been drinking, but no, finally, it's the animal within the nebbish come to the fore. Colleen Haskell, late of the first season of Survivor, gets her first major film role as Marvin's love interest Rianna, a squeaky-clean, perky PETA-person, who's at once drawn to and repulsed by this face-licking schmo and his animalistic tendencies..."

Series 7: The Contenders
Forgive me for stating the obvious: American culture is in the grip of reality TV. Furthermore, every armchair sociologist in the land has an opinion, entertainment forecast, or theory as...
Film Review  May 11, 2001, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...If only all these commentators had something original to say. Series 7, which was workshopped at Sundance and filmed in 2000 prior to the first Survivor's appearance on the American airwaves, is a note-perfect parody of the reality TV craze..."

Left Luggage
Echoes of the Holocaust resonate through two different Jewish families living in 1970s Antwerp while the luminous Rossellini struggles to look plain. To her credit, she succeeds as a Hasidic...
Film Review  April 6, 2001, by Marc Savlov
"...And Fraser is a far cry from the tongueless Lavinia she played in Julie Taymor's Titus. As Chaya, the teenage daughter of Holocaust survivors Sagebrecht and Schell, she arrives on the scene a flirty, motormouthed gadabout..."

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