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Kevin Connor Becomes Sun Radio’s New PD
Veteran on-air jock takes over creative at Americana grower
DAILY Music  November 3, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...A veteran voice on Austin’s airwaves, Kevin Connor, takes over as programming director for Central Texas’ solar-powered roots, rock, and country frequency: Sun Radio 100.1FM...."

Anthem of the Sun
Non-commercial frequency Sun Radio broadens its solar-powered Americana throughout Central Texas
Music Story  January 21, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Up on the second-story rooftop of Sun Radio, one looks east to the antenna farm near Loop 360 in West Lake Hills, and southwest at the Hill Country gateway of Dripping Springs. From where Denver O'Neal stands, eight rows of solar panels lay out along the north side of our perch...."

The Rise of Radio
Postmarks  January 25, 2016
"...Dear Editor, Chase Hoffberger wrote a very interesting article on the solar-powered radio stations being broadcast in Austin and nearby Central Texas cities [“Anthem of the Sun,” Music, Jan. 22]..."

Sun Confusion
Postmarks  January 25, 2016
"...Among other things, I found at least one error and was left unclear on a point. First, in the second paragraph, Mr. Hoffberger quotes Denver O'Neal as saying that Sun Radio's solar panels go "into this control box, then converts AC to DC..."

First Look: Radio Coffee & Beer
South Austin coffee/craft beer bar opens
DAILY Food  June 18, 2014, by Anna Toon
"...Radio Coffee & Beer opened to much fanfare over the weekend. While South Austin residents have been waiting patiently for the coffee shop/craft beer hybrid to open its doors, local singer/songwriter and owner of Radio, Jack Wilson has been meticulously renovating the well-loved space...."

TV on the Radio Squalls Austin City Limits
SXSW headliners warm up Monday with a PBS taping
DAILY Music  March 17, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...TV on the Radio electrifying Austin City Limits Monday night brought to mind an obvious antecedent. A cliched, some might say quasi racist one, but when Living Colour tore out of New York in the Eighties, even then everyone tried to recall a black rock act as commercial or convincing..."

ACL Review: TV on the Radio
A black rock coalition for the ages
DAILY Music  October 11, 2015, by Thomas Fawcett
"...Playing opposite Bassnectar as the sun set on the Miller Lite stage, TV on the Radio opened with an ethereal ocean of electronic drone and tinkling percussion that slowly unfolded into a 10-minute take on 2003’s “Young Liars.” Such a slow-burning intro takes moxie, but the Brooklyn art rockers, performing here as a sextet, remain utterly unafraid...."

The Death and Life of Free Radio
Austin microradio lived fast and died young -- can the movement live to broadcast another day?
News Story  June 22, 2001, by Emily Pyle
"..."I'm perfectly willing to let you in." The recorded voice of Free Radio Austin's last broadcaster. "Just show me your search warrant..."

Old Guy Radio
Dick, Elvis, and more
DAILY Music  September 9, 2010, by Jim Caligiuri

Up on the Sun
Defining the classic Meat Puppets sound
DAILY Music  June 19, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...Already we’re in a different place than we’ve been in a long time, and that’s fine. We’re getting radio airplay, which we haven’t since the mid-Nineties..."

Austin Music Industry Award Winners Announced
Best radio station, record store, club, music writer, and more honored
DAILY Music  February 25, 2018, by James Renovitch
"...While not as much hoopla as this Wednesday's Austin Music Awards, the Industry Awards go to the clubs, radio stations, visual artists, studios, as well as the support organizations and personalities that keep Austin's vaunted musicians in the eyes and ears of locals...."

Welcome to the Machine
2014-15 Austin Music Industry Awards results
Music Story  March 12, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Meanwhile, South by Southwest director Roland Swenson turned his guest presenter slot into a roast, aiming ruthlessly hilarious barbs at friends and colleagues. Recently ousted Texas Music Office Director Casey Monahan, winner of the Music Business Hall of Fame, provided a full house with marching orders: Fight for the respect our work deserves. Radio Station..."

Austin Music Industry Awards Winners
KUTX named Best Radio Station, Strange Brew Best Venue
DAILY Music  March 9, 2015, by The Music Staff
"...[image-1] RADIO STATION..."

Austin Music Awards' Industry Accolades Announced
Best radio station, record store, club, and many more
DAILY Music  March 6, 2017, by James Renovitch
"...Hosted by the Chronicle's own Chase Hoffberger and Kevin Curtin, the third annual event featured music from the Berkshire Hounds. The winners were chosen by the public and awarded as Austin's favorite radio personalities, clubs, producers, and more...."

2016-17 Austin Music Industry Awards
PHOTO GALLERY  March 7, 2017
"...Best Radio Program: The Morning X with Jason & Deb, 101X..."

Playback: Antone's Resurrected
The return of Antone's, Free Week, and the Austin Music Poll Ballot
Music Column  January 7, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Radio Personality: Kevin Connor, Sun Radio..."

Playback: The Westin Sues the Nook Over Sound
And “Playback” votes in the Austin Music Poll
Music Column  January 5, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Radio Station: Sun Radio..."

Faster Than Sound: Pop Goes the Arts District
Fight over an empty lot near Riverside Drive intensifies, Xetas’ Kana Harris will open Bluebonnet Records in Lockhart, and Why Bonnie get a peachy opening gig
Music Column  January 10, 2019, by Rachel Rascoe
"...It's planned to house a new "Pop-Up Riverside Arts District," which was supposed to be up and running by Jan 1. Or at least that's what Sun Radio Founder Daryl O'Neal was told when his station entered into an agreement with Austin Creative Alliance and the Presidium Group last year...."

Playback: 2018-19 Austin Music Poll Ballot
Kevin Curtin votes in the only election that matters, and you can too
Music Column  November 15, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...Tickets are on sale now. Winners of industry categories including Best Radio Personality and Best Poster Artist will be announced at the notoriously boisterous Austin Music Industry Awards, hosted by yours truly at Emo's on Feb..."

The Next Karate Kid
And hopefully the last. Swank is 17-year-old Julie Pierce, orphaned by the sudden death of her parents and sent to live with her grandmother, who finds the girl to be...
Film Review  September 16, 1994, by Marc Savlov
"...Karate Kid's moral tone has always been an admirable one -- self reliance and all that -- but here it's undercut with some remarkably silly scenes involving Miyagi's pals, the Buddhist monks (what they're doing living just outside Boston is another in a long series of Next Karate Kid oddities). They dance, they mug, and, in a scene strikingly reminiscent of a well-known mid-Eighties college radio hit, they go to the all night SuperLanes..."

Talkin' the Walk
Hip-hop theatre artist Zell Miller III speaks truth about radio, race, and fatherhood
Arts Story  August 22, 2008, by Katherine Catmull
"..."Man I hope my radio don't be on some Nazi shit."..."

Playback: Austin Music Awards (On Everything)
Austin Music Industry Awards down, here come the 2016/17 AMAs and a slew of SXSW buzz acts
Music Column  March 9, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Sun Radio broke KUTX's seven-year streak, seizing Best Radio Station honors at Monday's Austin Music Industry Awards. The community love-in, crowning winners from industry-focused categories of the Austin Music Poll, rolled primo acceptance speeches from the likes of John Kunz, who collected his 35th straight Best Record Store award and noted Waterloo Records has helped music fans survive the Reagan years, both Bush administrations, and they'll be here to get us through Trump's reign..."

Shine On
Postmarks  January 21, 2016
"...Dear Editor, Best radio cover story [“Anthem of the Sun,” Music, Jan. 22] and “Page Two” (Paul Ray, R.I.P.), ever..."

The Heartbreak Kid
Ben Stiller stars in this smart and winning remake of a 1972 Neil Simon-penned comedy about a man who falls in love with another woman on his honeymoon.
Film Review  October 5, 2007, by Marc Savlov
"...Before long, they're hitched and honeymooning in Cabo, where, to his dawning dismay, Eddie discovers why, in the long run, may not be such a bad idea after all. Lila sings along, boisterously and well, with every single song that comes on the radio, her marathon sex drive could have qualified her for a spot in the 1938 Munich Olympics (but leaves him a quivering wreck), and suddenly what seemed like a match made in heaven becomes, in the space of days, a hellish mistake..."

The Astronaut's Wife
You have to wonder if the appearance here of Samantha Eggar is a coincidence. In David Cronenberg's 1979 film The Brood, she tackled a similar motif, that of the genre-specific...
Film Review  September 3, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...Sure, all his limbs and vitals appear to be in working order, but his wife Jillian (Theron) knows something's not right. What that is remains maddeningly vague throughout the film, with statements that make little or no sense whatsoever about radio-wave-borne alien intelligences that are star-hopping their way across the galaxies to invade planet Earth..."

In one second, the time it takes to look away from the road to tune a car radio, drop a book to the street, or bump into a stranger, the...
Film Review  January 20, 1995, by Jeff Mccord
"...Starring: Irene Jacob, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Frederique Feder and Jean-Pierre Lorit. In one second, the time it takes to look away from the road to tune a car radio, drop a book to the street, or bump into a stranger, the path of one's life can be drastically altered, as well as the lives of people not even known..."

Worlds Away
Vacation, worlds away
DAILY Music  August 24, 2007, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Lap ‘em. I don’t need no stinkin’ iPod. When radio was king, Seventies-Eighties, Bay Area airwaves broadcast their native stock: Journey, Grateful Dead, Tubes..."

Public Notice
Radio-Free Broad-Cast
Columns  March 6, 1998, by Kate X Messer

Playback: Revamping the Austin Music Poll
Here's how Playback's voting
Music Column  November 16, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Radio Station: KUTX..."

Playback: Your Austin Music Poll Ballot
Armadillos for sale, Free Week, and an Austin Music Poll primer
Music Column  January 8, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Radio Station: Sun Radio/KDRP..."

Keeping Softball Alternative
Local creative types battle it out on the diamond
DAILY Sports  June 5, 2009, by Mike Crissey
"...All that stood in our way of divisional domination was KOOP Radio...."

UT Hosts NCAA Baseball Super Regional
Longhorns' squad faces Arizona State
DAILY Sports  June 9, 2011, by Mark Fagan
"...Games one and two will be broadcast nationally on ESPN with game three (if necessary) being shown on ESPN2. Catch all three on 1300 AM the Zone on your radio dial...."

Old Settler’s Circle Remains Unbroken
Amidst a challenging year, OSMF’s community remains strong
DAILY Music  April 23, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...Throughout the event, which endured a slight rain delay on Saturday, the family circle appeared to remain unbroken. The omnipresent dancing guy who loans out glittery shawls to fellow festers boogied in front of the stage as usual, OSMF’s longtime media partner, Sun Radio, recorded performances and introduced bands, and the crown-wearing gentleman who hands out food backstage all proved present and accounted for..."

Playback: The Austin Music Industry Awards Come of Age
Kevin Curtin reverses his “awards are bullshit” stance
Music Column  March 1, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...Antone's co-owner Will Bridges commemorated the blues joint's Best Music Venue to Play honors in revealing late club founder Clifford Antone's original vision: Make a place musicians want to play and the rest will follow. Sun Radio's A Hill Country Saturday host Kevin Connor collected his Best Radio Music Program plaque with a simple formula: "Play a good song, then think of another song that will sound good after it." Croy & the Boys singer Corey Baum lampooned gender stereotypes by effusively lauding AMA director and all-around renaissance lady Celeste Quesada, then stated, "Behind every great woman, there's a great man" and presented the Best Producer award to her husband Adrian Quesada...."

No Shortage of Greatness
Postmarks  March 20, 2017
"...Dear Editors, Thanks to The Austin Chronicle for including deejay Larry Monroe in the list of nominees for induction into the 2017 Austin Music Hall of Fame. All on the list were exceptional and to Jack Pott’s point ["HOF Hopefuls," Feedback, March 17], Austin will never run out of great musicians and music industry luminaries to include! Larry’s mission when he moved to Austin in 1978 was to put local music on the air, and thanks to KUT and Sun Radio he had the opportunity to do that for more than 30 years..."

Bill Carter
Music Review  February 25, 2016, by Jim Caligiuri
"...The ugly scene painted throughout "Bughouse in Pasadena" bristles with the appropriate amount of crazy, and "Missing Guru" references the local, still-at-large swami convicted of sex with children utilizing Charlie Sexton's electrified sitar. Tex-Mex trappings and Beach Boys harmonies bring a vivid contrast to "Moscow Girl," while "Solar Powered Radio" sings his craggy praise of Central Texas' rising superstar of the airwaves, Sun Radio, with a stomp and howl..."

Coheed and Cambria
The Color Before the Sun (300 Entertainment)
Music Story  November 5, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Band visionary Claudio Sanchez called a cease-fire on Coheed and Cambria's seven-album sci-fi sprawl, and now dips into more emotionally grounded territory. Pop rock rather than space prog, The Color Before the Sun is akin to his beloved Rush's permanent wave goodbye to fantasy epics in favor of radio-friendly AOR..."

Thunderbird Coffee launches 34 beer tap room
DAILY Food  July 18, 2014, by Anna Toon
"...Following in the footsteps of coffee/beer amalgamators Wright Bros. Brew & Brew and Radio Coffee & Beer, the Koenig Lane location of Thunderbird Coffee launched its tap room this week...."

SXSW Film Unveils March Lineup
So much ado!
DAILY Screens  January 31, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...In the Documentary Spotlight field, Trinidad filmmaker PJ Raval returns with Before You Know It, his look at gay seniors (Raval also lensed The Bounceback); UT Radio/Television/Film department chair Paul Stekler reunites with Vote for Me collaborators Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, and Peter Odabashian for Getting Back to Abnormal, a look at growing pains in post-Katrina New Orleans; and director Josh Johnson debuts ode to home video Rewind This! An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story is another project of interest – especially for anyone who inhaled Pamela Colloff’s recent, riveting two-part feature in Texas Monthly about Michael Morton’s wrongful conviction as a wife-killer; it’s directed by Al Reinert (For All Mankind), the Houston-based two-time Academy Award nominee...."

Round Rock Express: Know Your Enemy
Highlighting minor-leaguers from the opposing teams
DAILY Sports  June 28, 2010, by Will Eidam
"...The Round Rock Express spends this week on the road so there won’t be a chance to catch a home game, but if you happen to be listening on the radio, keep an ear open for these future Major Leaguers...."

Into Thin Air
The already under way adventures of Austinites at the Dances Sun and Slam, and what they might mean for the local scene
Screens Story  January 21, 2005, by Spencer Parsons
"...That Bryant, the Zellners, the Duplasses, Poyser, and Vaughan all originally met through production courses in the Department of Radio-TV-Film at UT is not incidental, and in fact, with the exceptions of Luke Savisky and John Pierson, all of these filmmakers took classes there and cite their creative partnerships with other students as the most positive and enduring aspect of their experience with the program (and now Pierson's on the faculty). Similarly, Savisky says his ongoing connection with mentor Bill Lundberg of UT's TransMedia program, collaboration with bands like Stars of the Lid and the now-Chicago-based Poi Dog Pondering, as well as the support of a veritable who's who of Austin filmmakers and artists, have helped keep his own creative fires burning here for the past 20-odd years..."

Public Notice: Transit, Then and Now
A lingering desire for streetcars
News Column  December 6, 2018, by Nick Barbaro
"...Wednesday, Dec. 19: Sun Radio..."

Sound on Sound Review: Jagwar Ma
A slice of Madchester from Down Under
DAILY Music  November 6, 2016, by Alejandra Ramirez
"...On Gabriel Winterfield’s right stood a small set of effect pedals morphing his voice from acid-house echoes to cosmic radio delays and Technicolor rainbow arcs. Beat mastermind Jono Ma was confined between an industrial smear of electronics and three Jaguar guitars as he hunched over a cluster of dials and knobs...."

Doug Moreland
Music Review  December 23, 2015, by Doug Freeman
"...Doug Moreland's Bring Back the Swing, the local fiddler's ninth LP, begins with easy-rolling Western swing. Strings straight from the dance hall, the ever consummate entertainer, songwriter, and host of Sun Radio's Behind the Lines keeps boots shuffling..."

Playback: Re-HAAMing
HAAM needs you to re-up, Ian McLagan's been gone a year, and Hotel Van Zandt playroom Geraldine's restores our faith in hotels co-existing with live local music
Music Column  December 3, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Longtime Mac confidant Jody Denberg reports that today, Thursday, at 1pm, KUTX 98.9FM will re-broadcast McLagan's Bump Band playing a final Studio 1A session, featuring three live cuts from the keyboardist's stunning 2014 swan song, United States, plus an interview. Another radiomate, Kevin Connor, has pronounced Thursday "Ian McLagan Day" on Sun Radio 100.1FM, promising Mac tracks on the hour, every hour...."

SXSW Music: Doug Sahm Tribute
PHOTO GALLERY  March 22, 2015
"...Sun Radio’s Kevin Connor..."

Playback: Grohl Call
Nirvana drummer, Foo Fighter, and documentarian Dave Grohl passes it on
Music Column  November 20, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"...Ed Miller returns to the airwaves. The venerable deejay, whose specialty shows Folkways and Across the Water were vanquished from KUTX's schedule in September, re-emerges on KDRP Sun Radio 100.1FM with the similarly titled Celtic show Across the Pond, now airing Sundays, 5-7pm..."

ACL Live Shot: Robert Ellis
Houstonite’s scowling complexity forges a southwestern flair
DAILY Music  October 11, 2014, by Doug Freeman
"...Robert Ellis could easily become a star if, paradoxically, he doesn’t fall victim to his own multifaceted talent. A skilled songsmith capable of perfect hooks and sticking indelible phrasing, Ellis plies deep country twang, poignant grit, jazzy runs, and even expertly watered-down radio crossover hits..."

ACL Live Shot: Sam Smith
Londoner delivers a “holy shit” audience and moment
DAILY Music  October 4, 2014, by Luke Winkie
"...The Austin City Limits Music Festival, as an institution, has grown so mainstream that easy recognition remains crucial. No doubt the fact that Smith’s “Stay With Me” hasn’t left the radio for months caused the mass gathering, but it still felt outsize...."

Fringe + Austin Chronicle weekend guide
Our weekly list of event picks for this weekend, Aug. 8 - 10
DAILY Chron Events  August 8, 2014, by Lia Crockett
"...Did you miss Sarah Wolf on The Fringe Radio this morning with JB & Sandy? Fear not, weekend warriors. Our list of event picks are right here...."

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