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Playback: Spotify Gifts Kealing Middle School
After the SXSW carnival leaves town, Kealing Middle School will have something to show for it – thanks to Spotify
Music Column  February 25, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Spotify, the streaming platform that's either revolutionizing music consumption or lowering the minimum wage of artists (depending on who you ask), has made plans to leave Austin a thank-you present after SXSW. The company will recycle materials from its Spotify House, a popular annual attraction that features performances by Chvrches, Vince Staples, and Kacey Musgraves this year at 1501 E..."

Selling Albums in a Spotify World
SXSW Panel Reviews
Music Story  March 15, 2013, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Selling Albums in a Spotify WorldAustin Convention Center, Friday, March 15..."

Nights in White Satin
Streaming Spotify all the way back to the reel-to-reel
Music Story  August 5, 2011, by Margaret Moser
"...On July 18, Lefsetz mailed out a short blast: "Spotify Codes for You." He'd been writing about the popular European music subscription service for a while, touting its ease of use. Spotify's stream offers easily created playlists, the ability to share music with one click, a powerful search engine with filters, offline service, and mobile phone apps...."

You Got Me Singing
Another Spotify convert
DAILY Music  August 10, 2011, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Before Margaret Moser’s piece on Spotify in last week’s Chronicle, I considered something similar. Margaret and I are about the same age, so it’s no surprise we’ve had similar experiences when it come to how we’ve gotten our music over the years...."

Hot August Nights Playlist
A hot/cold jukebox to jumpstart your Spotify wormholing
DAILY Music  August 27, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Did I sign up for Spotify just now? To access inveterate Chronicle blogger William Harries Graham’s playlist to this week’s “Hot August Nights” jukebox, it appears yes – finally. Having built my own version of the South Austin Popular Culture Center at work and home – CentPop – I hadn’t foreseen the pressing need to dive down a Ty Segall wormhole until today...."

Summer Blockbuster Film Playlist
Movies come and go, but the songs remain – sometimes
DAILY Music  July 1, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...The perfect soundtrack enhances the cinematic experience. For the growing legion of Spotify users, here’s a playlist from this summer’s blockbuster flicks...."

The Drink/Drank/Drunk Issue: Drinkin' Songs
Music and booze go together like Lone Stars and Dale Watson
DAILY Music  July 3, 2013, by Jim Caligiuri
"...I created a Spotify playlist to accompany your perusal of this week’s Chronicle. Or maybe just a soundtrack for any old long weekend in America, as it’s mostly a collection of blues, country, and rock & roll songs about a subject that will never go out of style...."

How Napster Changed the World and Lost Everything
Alex Winter brings 'Downloaded' to Alamo Slaughter Lane tonight
DAILY Screens  July 1, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...Without Napster, there would have been no iTunes, no Spotify, no Facebook. That's the heart of Downloaded, Alex Winter's film about the cultural rise and commercial crash of the landmark disruptive technology..."

Beetsolonely’s Top 40 of 2011
Forty songs to remember 2011 by
DAILY Music  January 26, 2012, by Greg Beets
"...Following in the footsteps of Jim Caligiuri, I decided to make a Best-of-2011 Spotify mix some weeks ago. Then a nightmarish DIY plumbing disaster intervened...."

Stumblin' In
At the crossroads of the Quatro brand and Spotify
DAILY Music  August 16, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Between Margaret Moser’s local discovery of Patti Quatro and Jim Caligiuri singing Spotify's praises, my subconscious jukebox's gone into overdrive...."

Game of Thrones: Taking Back the Kingdom
Epic playlist for the HBO siege’s fourth season
DAILY Music  April 4, 2014, by Abby Johnston

Pennies From Heaven
The new streaming economy is here, with or without royalties
Music Story  May 18, 2012, by Doug Freeman
"...With the crash of physical album sales a decade ago, digital downloads and MP3s emerged as the new prospect for keeping the recording revenue ship afloat. Yet as the initial wave of download sales began to slow, with payouts still far below previous industry watermarks, streaming services like Spotify, Rhapsody, and Pandora have begun serving as lighthouses by which the music industry might navigate..."

Playback: Collateral Events During SXSW Scale Back
SXSW Music's festival sideshow contracts
Music Column  March 2, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Fader Fort. Spotify House...."

Five Significant Super Secret Records
Music Story  September 14, 2017, by Richard Lynn
"...We have a playlist on Spotify that includes tracks from most records we've released. Search "Super Secret Records Sampler" or use:"

Page Three: Summer Songs
Soundtracking the summer
Columns  May 18, 2017, by Kimberley Jones
"...Find Spotify playlists with stories online, or find them all at"

Playback: Austin Musician Union Overthrown
Local 433 hangs in the balance, a new hit for Fastball, and End of an Ear begins its new lease on life
Music Column  October 20, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...It's not like winning the lottery or anything. I don't really know what the dough situation with YouTube and Spotify plays is, but I got a pretty good cut from publishing."..."

Playback: Post Pop Depression: After SXSW
Still wearing your SXSW badge or wristband? We don't blame you.
Music Column  March 24, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...I owe myself some sleep, a home-cooked meal, and quality time with my loved ones, but I can't stop chasing the high of South by Southwest. I wander the parking lot that used to be Spotify House, asking no one in particular what time Chvrches is playing..."

World Series Soundtrack 111
Songs that are played at the boiling point and winning moments
DAILY Music  October 27, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...In honor of the best-of-seven series, I put together a Spotify playlist. These are songs you’d hear at the stadiums..."

The Price You Pay
At what cost does the vinyl revolution come?
Music Story  January 10, 2014, by Luke Winkie
"..."We're not purists," states Coy. "We release all of our music digitally, but there's a mental difference between putting on a record and listening to something on Spotify or on your phone..."

Tuning Into Old Settler’s
Five headliner LPs to soundtrack your festival weekend
DAILY Music  April 17, 2013, by Jim Caligiuri
"...I hear Driftwood’s already getting crowded. You can also stream my Spotify playlist...."

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