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Thanks to All of Austin
Postmarks  October 3, 2005
"...Dear city of Austin, I would like to give a big thank-you to the city of Austin, from our little town of Wharton, Texas. A thanks as big as your city..."

Sorry, I Wasn't Looking. Could You Kick That Again?
DAILY Sports  November 6, 2006, by Jeremy Martin
"...Obviously Sunday's games were some kind of sick joke at the expense of football fans. Consider the evidence: The once-undefeated Bears got a beating at the hands of Joey Harrington and the Dolphins, the Lions destroyed the Falcons, the Browns came within a touchdown of the Chargers, and the Colts beat the Patriots, largely thanks to their defense..."

High Risk
Hong Kong trash auteur Wong Jing, whose uneven hand recently gave us the surprisingly wonderful God of Gamblers Returns, is the man behind the wheel of this disappointing movie --...

Film Review  November 3, 1995, by Joey O'Bryan
"...Action star Jet Li Lien-jie stars as an ex-cop who has lost his will to live following the death of his wife and son. He earns a living as a reckless stuntman, doubling for box-office champ Frankie Chan (pop-singer-cum-actor Jacky Cheung, playing a broad stereotype of real-life superstar Jackie Chan, with a dash of Bruce Lee thrown in just for the hell of it), a former kung-fu master and daredevil who claims to do all of his own stunts, but who has, in reality, lost most of his ability thanks to the years of non-stop partying, drinking, and womanizing..."

Daily Reviews and Interviews
Screens Story  March 20, 2009, by Kristine Tofte
"...Sorry, ThanksNarrative Feature, Emerging Visions D: Dia Sokol; with Wiley Wiggins, Kenya Miles, Andrew Bujalski, Ia Hernandez..."

See Spot Run
See Spot Run is the kind of witless comedy that plays its all-ages audience like a concertina, expecting them to laugh together at animal flatulence and bitten-off testicles and cry...

Film Review  March 2, 2001, by Marrit Ingman
"...See Spot Run is the kind of witless comedy that plays its all-ages audience like a concertina, expecting them to laugh together at animal flatulence and bitten-off testicles and cry together at an ersatz, heart-tugging conclusion. Kids' movies just don't get much more by-the-numbers than this live-action cartoon, which somehow manages to lower the bar for the "smart dog/stupid human" subgenre, already scraping the ground thanks to entries like 1995's Top Dog (Chuck Norris meets loveable Briard) and 1989's middling K-9 (Jim Belushi meets intrepid German shepherd)..."

The irony inherent in using 21st century motion-control technology to tell a tale approximately 1,400 years old is just one of many bizarrely entertaining aspects of Beowulf.
Film Review  November 16, 2007, by Marc Savlov
"...There's no doubt Beowulf is crackerjack popcorn entertainment. The 3-D effects, developed by James Cameron's Lightstorm Productions for that director's own Aliens of the Deep, are jaw-droppingly immersive and realistic, but thanks to the witty, zippy script, they never detract from the story, which ends up becoming something of a semiprecursor to John Boorman's Excalibur (another English lit adaptation with Hollywood appendages)..."

Moontower Review: John Mulaney
An ideal headliner to bring the 2015 comedy festival home
DAILY Arts  April 27, 2015, by Russ Espinoza
"...Though he'd already performed one sold-out show at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday night, Moontower Comedy Festival headliner John Mulaney shot out of the gate for his second show – also sold out – being friendly and funny in equal measure. “Hi! How are you?! Thanks for coming to this! Good to be back here!” he said following a boisterous reception...."

Time Keeps On Slipping, Slipping, Slipping Into the Future
I never made it into the Mickey Mouse Club as a kid but today I am a proud, shoe carrying member of Club Chronicle 2007.
DAILY Promotions  November 3, 2007
"... Wow, I said "my blog." So this is really happening. Btw (I learned this means "by the way," thanks for reading thus far...hope you'll stick around...I have no idea what's blogging ahead. So what's the anger and sadness? If you've listened to my intro video on this site (please do) then you know I have cancer (more on that later) so it figures that I have these feelings...confusion, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc..."

A Dance Writer Moves On
After a decade with the Chron, Jonelle Seitz takes her leave
DAILY Arts  October 17, 2018, by Robert Faires
"...If you received a nomination for an Austin Critics Table Award, you have Jonelle to thank. I hope you'll consider passing along a word of thanks to her for her 10 years of generosity to and support for the dance community in Austin...."

Why Valentine’s Day Sucks
At least, the actual date of it – historically speaking
DAILY Chronolog  February 5, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Thanks to Valentine’s Day, there’s always an overload of lovey-dovey shenanigans besmirching the general landscape each February 14th. So many bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates and fancy dinners and public displays of affection … and then a spike in world population approximately nine months farther down the road...."

Austin Symphony's Fourth of July Concert
No music or fireworks on the water; ASO goes F1 for the 4th
DAILY Arts  July 4, 2014
"...If you're parked on the shores of Lady Bird Lake eagerly anticipating the Austin Symphony's annual serving up of Sousa and the fireworks that ensue, well, citizen, you have a looooong wait – like about a year. Thanks to the current refurbishment of Auditorium Shores, ASO isn't playing at its usual site this year..."

'Downton Abbey' and the 'Desire of Suitors'
Mary is beating suitors off with a stick
DAILY Screens  February 17, 2014, by Melanie Haupt
"...Fall to drill for oil on government land in Teapot Dome, Wyoming. Thanks, Downton Abbey, for this American history lesson! This, of course, leaves Cora to plan the church bazaar without LG’s help..."

How I Got Hitched
Margaret Moser finally says sorry to Stephen for 'The Birds'
DAILY Screens  October 17, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...My fascination with Rebecca began in the mid-90s, thanks to an unhealthy addiction to TCM and a newly purchased condo. Immediately, Rebecca and Casablanca both climbed right into the vague and shifting list in my head of my 10 favorite films..."

SXSW 09 Film Lineup Announced
What's all the ruckus? Why, it's the SXSW Film lineup!
DAILY Screens  February 1, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...Sorry, Thanks Director: Dia Sokol, Writer: Dia Sokol and Lauren Veloski Disaster looms when Kira (reeling from a brutal break-up) sleeps with Max (who already has a girlfriend) and Max takes up two new pursuits: an obsessive-tending interest in Kira, and the mystery of whether he may in fact be an ass. Cast: Wiley Wiggins, Kenya Miles, Andrew Bujalski, Ia Hernandez (World Premiere)..."

'Pig Skinny': Preseason CFB Prediction Update
DAILY Sports  September 25, 2006, by Taylor Holland
"...Granted, Texas looked good on paper and on the scoreboard in their 37-14 win over Iowa State on Saturday, however, if you take a closer look, it wasn't that impressive. From the start, the Cyclones blew, handing the Horns fantastic field position on their first two possessions thanks to a terrible punt and an even more terrible punt snap which resulted in a safety..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  November 24, 2000
"...As a photographer I really appreciated the photos. Thanks so much for capturing the Texas musicians, some famous and some not so famous..."

VanScoy's Agenda Part 2
Columns  March 11, 1999
"...Many thanks for all your TV columns, it has made interesting reading. I saw Joe Ely years ago in Bristol and it changed my life..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  July 25, 2003
"...'In Thanks' to Ventura..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  October 18, 2002

A plethora of environmental concerns are argued in this week's letters to the editor.
Columns  March 31, 2000
"...Thanks in advance for looking into this matter; I know your reporters will be able to get to the heart of this matter and be able to avoid any further misrepresentations of the truth regarding this highly controversial area of town...."

Reusing Seaholm
Columns  December 25, 1998
"...Thanks Charlie, Mark, and J-net for all the wonderful times way to numerous to mention...."

311 Story in Error
Columns  October 25, 1996
"...Thanks for the thoughtful article about Bill Bunch ["Oh No, It's Mister Bill!" Vol 16, No. 7]..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  July 30, 2004
"...The progressive voices of both the suburbs and the central cities in our region have finally found a common opportunity to be heard; and Mike has shown courage in that regard, especially by pointing out that the dominant no-growth politics of our community finally and appropriately may be fading into oblivion. For that, we owe him our thanks...."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  November 1, 2002
"...While I agree it's important to publicly air the department's internal divisions, it's equally important not to let your readers forget where the special interests lie behind APA's criticism of too much department discipline. All that said, thanks for tackling an important topic, and I hope there's more to come on the allegations about the "Family," which have never been fully aired -- at least not naming that astonishing list of names and considering the immense implications -- in Austin's press...."

Scaggs Photo in Bad Taste
Columns  December 18, 1998
"...Thanks w/all due respect,..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  September 15, 2006

Our readers talk back.
Columns  October 25, 2002
"...Oh, and thanks for printing the sample ballot. At least that way the names of all the candidates got mentioned, even if two-thirds of them were ignored as meaningless also-rans...."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  March 8, 2002
"...This is where dog owners should take their off-leash dogs. Thanks to the city park staff and police officers for enforcing the leash law...."

No Schism
Columns  August 7, 1998

Balance, Yes; Reality, No
Columns  July 11, 1997
"...Academic and Student Affairs Thanks Editor;..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  August 18, 2006
"...Thanks to Michael King for his piece on Oppel vs. Chomsky ["Point Austin," News, Aug..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  June 30, 2006
"...My thanks to Belinda Acosta for shedding some light on LAT TV in her June 23 article "Joined in Progress" [Screens]. However, I would like to make one clarification...."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  January 31, 2003
"...Thanks for Quick Response..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  September 21, 2001
"...Thanks Chronicle,..."

"Alex Jones is to patriotism ... what hot dogs are to meat."
Columns  July 21, 2000
"...Although I love the idea of an Austin Music Network, I cannot endorse nor be associated with the current operation. Thanks again for any print, I was just hoping for a correction...."

Warren Responds
Columns  August 21, 1998
"...Thanks to Lee Nichols for pointing out that the Paramount Theatre didn't give their permission for their name to be on the letter that Paul Odekirk sent out in support of KOOP's board of trustees ["Naked City," Vol.17, No.49]. But why stop there? You let Paul get away with claiming that "I sent the letter out and when it came back, it came back with a bunch of signatures, and then I sent it out to the press." Why not ask Paul what the e-mail address is of the person who signed the Paramount's name? Has Paul tried contacting that person? It's also worth pointing out that over a third of the "supporting organizations" listed in Paul's letter are groups that he or others on KOOP's boards either control or are significantly involved in...."

They Got Nothing on Lacresha
Columns  August 14, 1998
"...Thanks again,..."

Contradictions Exposed
Columns  January 10, 1997
"...I first spun my radio dial all the way to 107.9 after someone wrote a letter to the Chron and suggested it. Thanks, I guess it's time to do so again; if you are west of Austin, I recommend giving KFAN a listen..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  March 3, 2006
"...Thanks again for your paper and, most of all, your readership...."

Readers against Starbuckfucking, violence against children and rattlesnakes, and internal combustion engines.
Columns  September 24, 1999
"...I like love. Thanks again to everyone who responded...."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  August 5, 2005
"...government burning down the Mormon church in Eldorado, is the Chronicle ready to call in Janet Reno with her torches and tanks for the rescue? Mormons are historically used to that kind of treatment. Your story also fails to note that some polygamists are now testing the legality of their own lifestyles on marriage and sex thanks to the recent Supreme Court rulings on the legal right to privacy in sexual behavior...."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  September 3, 2004
"...Why not let the rest of the world in on our little secret? I can't wait for next year. Thanks!..."

Gore vs. Bush vs. Nader vs. Ventura vs. Hernandez vs. Simone, approximately.
Columns  November 17, 2000
"...I would like to thank and commend Kate X Messer for recommending a car-free day trip in her article "Giving Thanks." I really appreciate it. Usually Chronicle writers assume that the one and only way to reach a destination is by car...."

Starbucks vs. the Chronicle: Who's zoomin' who?
Columns  September 15, 2000
"...Thanks for the free ad for Starbucks complaining about who-broke-up-with-who-first in your Sept. 1 issue..."

Hey, who put a vegetarian in my aquifer?
Columns  December 17, 1999
"...Thanks for the space,..."

Columns  December 19, 1997
"...People like Linda Curtis, willing to cross party lines and even traditional left-right divides to champion increased citizen participation, political reform, genuine democratic process and creative open dialogue, should be applauded and encouraged. If she has an abrasive or confrontational style, this would be cause for constructive criticism (thanks Audrey Duff ["Inside Agitator," Vol.17, No.15]), not character assault and condemnation (some friendly advice, Mr..."

Shuttle Carnage Looms
Columns  August 22, 1997
"...Thanks for letting a proud dad share in the news. (I've been promised hard copy, but kids will be kids..."

ACC Needs Planning, Not Damning
Columns  June 20, 1997
"...REYoung Thanks to Pekar..."

Termagant Homosexuals...
Columns  May 23, 1997
"...My thanks to the Chronicle for the opportunity to read Ms. Spooner's literary efforts..."

'May the Passenger Pigeon Sing Thee to Thy Rest'
Second-Place Winner
Books Story  February 13, 2009, by Perry Tyson Midkiff II
"..."Sorry to hear it boys, but thanks for watching the place while I go milk this copperhead." Festus pinched Deisha. She blushed and slapped his hand away...."

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