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Clay Liford's sideways kind of sci-fi, Earthling
Screens Story  March 19, 2010, by Joe O'Connell
"...Head Trip: Clay Liford's sideways kind of sci-fi, 'Earthling'..."

Bizarre Love Triangle
Bryan Poyser's comedy of catharsis, Lovers of Hate
Screens Story  March 12, 2010, by Marc Savlov
"...Shot almost entirely within the confines of Austin Film Society board member Deborah Green's labyrinthine Park City, Utah, mansion – the site of the society's annual Sundance Film Festival parties and the Austin film community's unofficial Utah headquarters – Lovers of Hate follows the sideways spiral of the woeful Rudy (Chris Doubek), a failed writer recently separated from his wife, Diana (Heather Kafka), who's had all the Rudy she can take and ends up falling for Paul (Alex Karpovsky), Rudy's sibling rival, a successful writer of children's books. Extremely awkward quasi-hilarity (and no small amount of self-loathing from virtually the entire, uniformly excellent cast) ensues...."

Lone Stars in Good Company
Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards 2010
Screens Story  March 12, 2010, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Returning this year as emcee is actor and Texas rancher Thomas Haden Church, whose notable appearances over the years include such films as Sideways and Spider-Man 3 and the TV miniseries Broken Trail, for which he received an Emmy...."

The Penguin With the Pulitzer
Berkeley Breathed on putting Opus to bed and what comes next
Books Story  December 25, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...AC: You've moved to illustrated kids' books (although, again, that began with Opus with A Wish for Wings That Work) and now your first novel. What motivated that sideways shift?..."

Texas to Officially Adopt QT
2010 Texas Film Hall of Fame inductees to include one glorious bastard
DAILY Screens  December 21, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...Thomas Haden Church, an El Paso native, returns to emcee the tenth annual awards ceremony. In addition to his Academy Award nomination for his role in SIDEWAYS, Church has appeared in such films as SPIDER-MAN 3, SPANGLISH and ROLLING KANSAS, his directorial debut, which he also wrote...."

Things Are What You Make of Them
The deliciously cracked comedies of Bob Byington
Screens Story  October 23, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...Mentally, Byington has moved on to the next film, even if corporeally he's required to push this one still. The new film, called Seven Chinese Brothers, is a comedy about a man struggling to learn how to tell the truth; Jim Taylor (Sideways) will executive produce..."

Capricorn Jesus
Sometimes outlaws walk on water
Music Story  October 16, 2009, by Melinda Hasting Wheatley
"...The conversation dies while he fiddles with bottled waters and coffee cups. When he's ready for your interview, he walks over straight-on and leaning slightly sideways shakes your hand stronglike..."

Mis-'Adventures of Jody Shanan'
Postmarks  September 2, 2009
"...The movie: The Adventures of Jody Shanan. The horses the "Indian" actors rode were terrified of all that gunfire! Some Indians fell off when the horses spooked and jumped sideways..."

TV Eye
How much is that male escort in the window?
Screens Column  July 3, 2009, by Belinda Acosta
"...However, if the pilot, which aired last Sunday, is any indication, Hung will be much more than a show about a man who is well-endowed. Considering it's executive produced by Dmitry Lipkin (the creator of FX's woefully underappreciated and now canceled The Riches) and Alexander Payne (director of the Oscar-winning Sideways), this should come as no surprise..."

Austin Coke Traffickers in Federal Pokey
Chief Art Acevedo takes sideways shot at Travis Co. attitudes towards drugs
DAILY News  June 5, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...Acevedo also took a couple sideways shots at the Travis Co. courthouse – seemingly both at the bench and the District Attorney's Office – saying that sending the cases through the federal system (where they would end up anyway in a joint operation), meant longer sentences and "no rocket docket here, no spank on the hands." The attitude in Austin is sometimes "dismissive" when it comes to drugs, but as a "major corridor" from Mexico through the U.S..."

News Story  June 5, 2009
"...• Recycling: A long-expected reorganization of Solid Waste Services was announced Friday, as 14-year Director William Rhodes was shuffled sideways to head up the new Code Compliance division; the city also appointed a new human resources director. See "Beside the Point."..."

Diversion Program for Vets Clears Committee
Bill proposes treatment, not jail, for vets who run afoul of the law
News Story  April 24, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...A bill that would establish a program to divert from jail veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, or other mental health issues who have gotten sideways with the law passed out of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee on April 17...."

Point Austin: Madness in Many Packages
From Highland Mall to PACT, the lunatics are at large
News Column  April 10, 2009, by Michael King
"...In other news, our local tin-pot conspiracist, radio/TV host, "documentarian," and DVD-salesman Alex Jones has been dragged sideways into the story of Richard Poplawski, who on April 4 allegedly murdered three Pittsburgh police officers arriving at his home after a domestic disturbance call from his mother. Turns out the 22-year-old Poplawski is a raving anti-Semite, white supremacist, and gun fanatic who a few times posted comments to Jones' Infowars website (or the related Prison Planet), a connection initially discovered by the Anti-Defamation League as it tracked Poplawski's various Web names..."

Believing the Children
In 1992, Fran and Danny Keller were convicted of multiple counts of child sexual abuse at their Oak Hill day care center and sent to prison for 48 years. It's likely they were innocent. Indeed, it's very likely that no crime ever occurred – except an absurd and overzealous prosecution
News Story  March 27, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...But Wade's straightforward investigation soon began to go sideways. Vijay's father, Earl Staelin, called to say his son was acting strangely – crawling around on the floor when he already knew how to walk, for example..."

Bill Cosby
The comedy legend recalls one memorable night when a woman stopped laughing
Arts Story  February 27, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...And I tried to fix it. And then it was all sideways ....'..."

Media Watch: Local News
The Statesman and its suitors, and the TV shuffle
News Story  February 20, 2009, by Kevin Brass
"..."We will make adjustments, promotions, and perhaps hire to fill voids left by departing staff," Vivio said in an e-mail. "However, in the end our staff will be smaller." Wilson Jumps Sideways..."

Texas Film Hall of Fame Slate Finalized
Billy Bob Thornton, John Cusack, and Dennis Quaid join the lineup for the ninth annual Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards
DAILY Screens  February 1, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...Thomas Haden Church, an El Paso native, will emcee the ninth annual awards ceremony. In addition to his Academy Award nomination for his role in SIDEWAYS, Church has appeared in such films as SPIDER-MAN 3, SPANGLISH and ROLLING KANSAS, his directorial debut, which he also wrote...."

Christopher Cross
One World Theatre, Jan. 18
Music Review  January 23, 2009, by Greg Beets
"...after a performance at Austin's Alamo Roadhouse in October 1978. Introduced here by KLBJ's Charlie Hodge, Cross and his fourpiece band opened the second show with "Never Be the Same." It was like stepping into an adult contemporary time machine set to 1980 – the last gasp of West Coast studio polish bravely asserting itself in the sneering faces of New Wavers with sideways haircuts..."

I Want My 'Weekend' Back
In defense of Funny Farm
DAILY Screens  October 13, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...3) As for the "brilliant" Sideways... meh..."

Addiction and the Meaning of Life
DAILY Screens  October 13, 2008, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...Take Paul Giamatti’s character in Sideways. He’s a classic failed-writer-with-an-addictive-personality..."

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