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Review: Street
Chinatown's new pan-Asian concept covers all the bases
Food Story  September 8, 2016, by Brandon Watson
"...So it's worth noting what he thinks will last through the slowdown. The SEO-defying Street, settled into the downstairs space from the Northwest Chinatown, is pan-Asian in both decor and cuisine – reportedly inspired by years of travel throughout the continent..."

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey
We're tickled silly by this documentary.
Film Review  December 2, 2011, by Marc Savlov
"...Okay, I give up: Two Muppet movies that require grown men to carry hankies with them lest they exit the theatre with telltale snufflings and watery eyes? As I noted in my review of the recent and successful reboot of the Muppets franchise, Jim Henson's magical puppetry skills defined a generation or two in terms of what was possible, not only on television but also in real life. As it turned out, many a youngster raised on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show went on to pursue their dreams with creativity and gusto that can be traced directly back to those early days spent staring goggle-eyed at the alleged idiot box..."

The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
It seems blasphemous to say anything bad about the Sesame Street gang. I have visions of waking one morning to find an irate Gonzo perched on my chest, his fuzzy,...
Film Review  October 8, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...Williams, Sonia Manzano, Roscoe Orman, Fran Brill, Dave Goelz and Carmen Osbahr. It seems blasphemous to say anything bad about the Sesame Street gang..."

Fox Versus Grouch
News Corp. fans take on the evils of Sesame Street
DAILY News  November 10, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...Pity poor Fox News. Not only are those poor, defenseless wretches being bullied by those nasty White House socialists, but now Sesame Street is ganging up on them...."

The Lovers, the Dreamers, et al.
An April shower of Muppets programming at the Alamo Ritz
Screens Story  April 1, 2011, by Kimberley Jones
"...If you've had some distance between then and now – "then" meaning those formative childhood years parked in front of Sesame Street or The Muppet Movie, and "now" meaning an adult's fond but abstract appreciation for Jim Henson's marvelous felt and fleece and foam puppet creations – then do yourself a favor. Dip back in..."

DVDanger: I Am Big Bird
Life inside the feather suit
DAILY Screens  January 30, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Strange as it may sound, but since the giant yellow friend to children everywhere first appeared on Sesame Street in 1969, it's been the same man inside the suit: Caroll Spinney, the voice and heart of the innocent eyes through which kids have been introduced to the world. For 46 years, he has been a voice of wonder, and this documentary finally looks inside the suit to find a man as sweet and in love with the world as the character he created...."

The Wonderful World of Frank Oz
It’s time to meet the folks behind Muppet Guys Talking
Screens Story  March 9, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...They taught us to count, the value of diversity, and what vaudeville was. They took us to Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock, to the storyteller’s fireplace and the world of the Dark Crystal..."

Blank Generation
Amy Sedaris on 'Strangers With Candy'
Screens Story  July 21, 2006, by Steve Birmingham
"...Like a phoenix – a ratty, 47-year-old bisexual ex-con-junkie-streetwalker phoenix with serious malocclusion and daddy issues – rising up from the detritus of cable-TV obscurity and film-distribution limbo, the feature-length "prequel" to the cult Comedy Central series Strangers With Candy arrives. In doing so, it reinforces that antiheroine Jerri Blank is indeed the high-school-comedy genre's strangest bird, while also making clear that brilliant programs often founder when migrating from the small screen to the big...."

Have You Ever Been to Carrascolendas?
The Bilingual Education Act in 1968 sparked an unprecedented number of bilingual television programs for children, and the Austin-produced children's series Carrascolendas, which premiered in 1970, was among the first.
Screens Story  July 4, 2003, by Belinda Acosta
"..."A decade ago, bilingualism on TV was nonexistent. [Today, it] has clearly found a niche on TV," declared TV Guide critic Sally Bedell in her 1977 article on bilingual children's programming, "A Generation Without Cultural Hang-Ups." If a reading between the lines of Bedell's article is accurate, there's a mild exasperation in her tone when she continues: "sometimes as much as 10 minutes of Spanish appear in some Sesame Street episodes."..."

TV Eye
Do the right thing! Or not.
Screens Column  April 2, 2004, by Belinda Acosta
"...The Street We Live On: A special celebrating 35 years of Sesame Street (35 years!) airs on PBS Sunday. Check local listings...."

God Help the Girl
Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch's first film is a charming movie musical in the key of Mod.
Film Review  September 12, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...James carries a major torch for Eve, but he’s locked in the friend zone while she snogs some jerky French rocker, in a romantic arithmetic problem that occasions many endearing pop songs. Murdoch translates to the letter his lyrics into dramatic staging (if somebody sings about getting on a train, we’re gonna see that train being boarded), and there’s something about its Sesame Street-like literalness, combined with the student-film aesthetic (unpolished, exuberant), that makes God Help the Girl so very cheering...."

Scary Movie 5
This parodic auto-mash-up of Paranormal Activity, Black Swan, The Evil Dead, and more is even worse than you think.

Film Review  April 19, 2013, by Leah Churner
"...Fewer than 10 people were there. As the trailers for Kick-Ass 2 and The Hangover 3 rolled like a deranged Sesame Street counting lesson, I expected more people to trickle in..."

SXSW Film Reviews: 'The Network'
Eye-opening and heartwarming doc about independent television in Afghanistan
Screens Story  March 15, 2013, by Anne S. Lewis
"...Begun as a radio station, Tolo today employs more than 800 people. Shown the ropes by a group of Australians and Afghani expats, Afghans are learning how to produce programming – news, cooking and travel shows, dramas, and, yes, even Sesame Street – for a population where people often gather around an old-school set powered by a car battery..."

The AggreGAYtor: November 12
Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news
DAILY The Gay Place  November 12, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...• Elmo’s alleged affair with an underage male rocks Sesame Street...."

Daily reviews and interviews
Screens Story  March 18, 2011, by Joe O'Connell
"...Clash was raised in the Baltimore projects worshipping Captain Kangaroo. When Sesame Street premiered in 1969, Clash was a preteen fascinated by the costumes..."

Todd Barry: Todd Barry Rock City
The veteran stand-up comic isn't a rock star, but he played one on TV
Arts Story  March 20, 2009, by Steve Birmingham
"...AC: You played a great Lucky No. 7 on Sesame Street..."

Wondrous Journey
At Conspirare's concert Wondrous Journey, the sheer pleasure that this choral ensemble's members take in singing shone through even more resplendently than usual
Arts Review  March 3, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...Still, what lingers from Wondrous Journey are the repeated outpourings of feeling for song, the testament to its power and splendor. For this listener, the simplest and most affecting of these came when the new Conspirare Children's Choir joined the adult company for the Sesame Street standard "Sing." Joe Raposo's lyrics might strike some as sappy, but delivered by these young voices, so pure, so honest, they carried the ring of wisdom..."

TV Eye
Saving the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is going to require stepping outside the bleeding-heart comfort zone
Screens Column  July 1, 2005, by Belinda Acosta
"...As a card-carrying BHL, I received no fewer than six pleas from like-minded friends, as well as progressive online media organizations like, to save PBS, imploring me to contact my state representatives and demand that the funds be reinstated. At risk, the messages placed front and center, was the Ready to Learn Program, which funds programs like Sesame Street and other shows most viewers equate with quality programming for children...."

Laughing Wild
Like a (Canadian) figure skating pair, actors Kirk Burg and Katie Brock provide the most entertainment in town, but in Christopher Durang's Laughing Wild, they don't get to work with the most fulfilling piece of art.
Arts Review  March 8, 2002, by Rob Curran
"...But Durang's Man and Woman also suffer from schtick that stretches credibility. Only the Count of Sesame Street could get away with a repeatedly long and annoying laugh..."

The Score
The possibilities were frightening. No one knew exactly what to expect when Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, and Edward Norton -- among the three best, and most charismatic, actors of...
Film Review  July 13, 2001, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The possibilities were frightening. No one knew exactly what to expect when Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, and Edward Norton -- among the three best, and most charismatic, actors of their generations -- were announced as co-stars in a crime thriller directed by Frank Oz, a man heretofore known for his exclusive direction of film comedies (In & Out, What About Bob?) and acting work that gave life to such varied -- and inhuman -- characters as Sesame Street's Cookie Monster, The Muppet Show's Miss Piggy, and the Star Wars saga's all-knowing Yoda..."

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