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Sean Perry Shoots Outside the Box
Postmarks  September 25, 2006
"...Dear Chronicle, As a misfit of photography I want to thank Robert Faires and the Chronicle for running the article on Sean Perry and his approach to unusually angled photography [“Let Me Show You Something You May Have Missed,” Arts, Sept. 22]..."

Altamesa Maps Lone Star Existentialism on Sophomore Stunner Idol Frontier
Evan Charles and Sean Faires brave the myth of the Southwest
Music Story  February 7, 2019, by Kevin Curtin
"...Sean Faires isn't just elemental to the sound of Idol Frontier. The guitarist proved indispensable to the group's growing aesthetic..."

Altamesa’s New Frontier
“The New West” christens elaborate single series
DAILY Music  February 16, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...While Charles’ transformation from rock band fixture in the Daze, Sweet Nuthin’, and Happen-Ins to a lone troubadour was evidenced in 2016’s four-star debut The Long Ride Home, the new material arrives as a more cohesive partnership with Happen-Ins guitarist/singer Sean Faires. Each new single includes a painting by Faires as well as one-sixth of the sequential narrative..."

Off the Record
Gimme shelter: Red Eyed Fly's 10-year anniversary, the Happen-Ins' Southern harmony, and HAAM Benefit Day.
Music Column  September 25, 2009, by Austin Powell
"..."If I had to say two words to describe us," pauses Sean Faires, the fire-cracking singer/guitarist for the Happen-Ins, "it'd be rhythm and fuzz." The newly minted local quartet, pearl snaps and cowboy boots all around, demonstrates a cocksure swagger to fill out its collective bell-bottoms, a simmering cauldron of Texas roadhouse raunch and brown sugar boogie. It's a combination of chemistry and credentials: Faires and bassist John Michael Schoepf led the Dedringers, drummer Paul Valdez kept time for the Harlem Orchestra, and guitarist Ricky Ray Jackson fronted Lomita (see "Gilded Palace of Sin," April 27, 2007) and moonlights in Brothers and Sisters..."

Altamesa Album Review
Idol Frontier (Frontera Del Sueno)
Music Story  February 7, 2019, by Doug Freeman
"...The Southwest horns swerving opening opus "The New West" set a scene of desolation, looking at hinterlands not as possibility but rather as opportunity wasted ("The new West is a ghost town of dreams already dreamt"). Calexico hangs heavy in tone at the outset, with Evan Charles' sleepy vocals and Sean Faires' cinematic guitar licks sharing the same ambivalent desert explorations as Joey Burns and John Convertino..."

The Happen-Ins
Music Review  May 21, 2015, by Michael Toland
"...Bookends, opener "Truth" polishes a roiling blues grind, while the penultimate "Caged Beast" perfects snotty dub & roll. In between, singer/guitarists Sean Faires and Ricky Ray Jackson never settle for simple Glimmer Twins knockoffs, not when they can add Big Star harmonies to "Pillow Talk," hard rock muscle to "Ruby Red Lips," and a psychedelic slink to "You Know I'm Right." Slashes in their axes, slurry swivel to their hips, the Happen-Ins remain ragged but right...."

Back in wax
Back in wax
Music Review  March 5, 2010, by Austin Powell
"...To borrow a line from Jack White's Raconteurs, the Happen-Ins are consolers of the lonely. The local quartet's self-titled debut, currently making the rounds on vinyl, shackles the roots flair of singer/guitarist Sean Faires' short-lived Dedringers (the pedal-steel-accented "You've Been Bad" and "Don't Look Back") with the unabashed, Rolling Stones swagger of guitarist Ricky Ray Jackson's Lomita ("Do It," "Cross Your Heart")..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  December 3, 2004
"...How fortunate we are in Austin to have a writer and illustrator who can capture the essence of a critical situation so clearly as does Robert Faires in "No Art Left Behind" [Arts, Nov. 26]..."

Cumulative Staff Box
Features Story  September 7, 2001, by Nick Barbaro
"...Arts/ Performing Arts Editor: Robert Faires..."

SXSW Film Conference and Festival '98 Further Reflections
Screens Story  March 27, 1998
"...It's a tale true to the troupe's name: ridiculous, a real tour de farce. - Robert Faires..."

Craig Baldwin & Company: The Optical Shoot-Out Weekend
Spectres of the Spectrum (1999) D: Craig Baldwin; with the voices of Sean Kilcoyne, Caroline Koebel, Beth Usick. (NR, 107 min.) This sci-fi quasi-drama from “media archaeologist” Baldwin is set...
Film Review  July 12, 2001, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...If anyone’s in control of the image, it’s Baldwin. ñ Robert Faires (reviewed 3-24-00) @Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, Fri (7/13), 9:30pm; $7 general/$3.50 Co-op members (discounted badge for the two screenings may be purchased in advance by caling 236-8877).Bill Daniel’s 16mm Dumpster Beatnik Workshop is a one-day workshop on “instant, no-cost film (dis)assemblage,” or in other words, the direct mechanical manipulation of appropriated film footage for artistic ends..."

Further Reflections
SXSW Film Festival
Screens Story  March 21, 1997
"...His Chocolate Babies amuses, provokes, touches, haunts. -- Robert Faires..."

Much Ado About Nothing
With Shakespearean language tripping off their contemporary tongues, the actors are more than game for Joss Whedon's informal, black-and-white take on this classic comedy.
Film Review  June 21, 2013, by Steve Davis
"...See "Home Movie," March 8, for Robert Faires' interview with Joss Whedon when the film played at SXSW...."

A Year's Cheers
The nominees for the 2010 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 14, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...The nominations for the 2010 Austin Critics Table Awards, covering the period from May 3, 2009, to May 2, 2010, were assembled by the Austin American-Statesman's Michael Barnes (arts), Claire Canavan (theatre), Clare Croft (dance), and Jeanne Claire van Ryzin (arts); ... might be good's Claire Ruud (visual arts); and the Chronicle's Elizabeth Cobbe (theatre), Michael Kellerman (music), Jonelle Seitz (dance), Avimaan Syam (theatre), and Robert Faires (arts)..."

Nominations for the 2006-2007 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 18, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...The number of awards still aren't even across the disciplines, but they're considerably closer – theatre (10), dance (6), classical music (8), performing arts design (5), visual arts (8) – and we'll continue to refine them in the future. That said, the nominations for the 2006-2007 Austin Critics Table Awards, covering the period from May 1, 2006, to April 30, 2007, were assembled by the following arts writers: the Austin American-Statesman's Michael Barnes (arts), Clare Croft (dance), Randy Harriman (music), Erin Keever (visual art), David Mead (music), Joey Seiler (theatre), and Jeanne Claire van Ryzin (arts) and the Chronicle's Salvador Castillo (visual arts), Elizabeth Cobbe (theatre), Amanda Douberley (visual arts), Patti Hadad (theatre), Rachel Koper (visual arts), Nikki Moore (visual arts), and Robert Faires (arts)..."

Austin Critics Table Nominations, 2003-2004
The full list of nominations for the 2003-2004 Austin Critics Table Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in local theatre, dance, classical music, and visual art
Arts Story  May 14, 2004, by Robert Faires
"...For the 12th time, local critics have put their heads – and pens – together to recognize the year's most exceptional work in theatre, dance, classical music, and visual art. On Saturday, May 1, nominations for the 2003-2004 Austin Critics Table Awards, covering the period from May 1, 2003, to April 30, 2004, were assembled by an informal affiliation of arts writers, consisting of the Austin American-Statesman's Michael Barnes (arts), Jamie Smith Cantara (theatre), Randy Harriman (music), Sondra Lomax (dance), David Mead (music), and Jeanne Claire van Ryzin (arts); and the Chronicle's Molly Beth Brenner (theatre, visual art), Madeline Irvine (visual art), Rachel Koper (visual art), Jacqueline May (visual art), Barry Pineo (theatre), Robi Polgar (music, dance, and theatre), and yours truly, Robert Faires (arts)..."

Critics Table Tops at 25
The nominees for the 2016-17 Austin Critics Table Awards
DAILY Arts  May 22, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Taking part in the Critics Table award process this year were the Austin American-Statesman's Andrew J. Friedenthal (theatre) and Claire Canavan (theatre); the Chronicle's Sam Anderson-Ramos (visual arts), Elizabeth Cobbe (theatre), Jonelle Seitz (dance), and Robert Faires (arts); Central Texas Live Theatre's Michael Meigs (theatre) and Dr..."

One, Two, Tres, Cuatro: This Monkee Went to Heaven
The death of the Monkees' Davy Jones butts up against the local In Passing list at next week's Austin Music Awards
Music Column  March 9, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...It was his puckish presence I recall from seeing the band live. I'd no idea he had theatrical training until I read it in Robert Faires' remembrance (see "All Over Creation: Unexpected Losses," Feb..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  September 29, 2006
"...As a misfit of photography I want to thank Robert Faires and the Chronicle for running the article on Sean Perry and his approach to unusually angled photography ["Let Me Show You Something You May Have Missed," Arts, Sept. 22]..."

Unbelievable Summers at the Paramount
The most unforgettable moments from this year’s classics of cinema
Screens Story  May 17, 2018, by Chronicle staff
"...Then, for 100 seconds – an eternity on film! – we watch him walk down dark, deserted London streets, accompanied only by an orchestral reprise of "Feed the Birds." It's an extraordinary break in this funny, busy picture, a quiet and contemplative one showing us not just a dramatic shift in Banks' character (due to the subtle artistry of actor David Tomlinson), but a shift in the axis of the film, revealing that it isn't about instructing the children but redeeming their dad. A silent stroll that transforms your view of the whole movie – now, that's magic. – Robert Faires..."

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