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Save Our Speck Alliance
Larry Speck is the main architect of the Hill Country Galleria. He's also a member of the Save Our Springs Alliance board, which opposes the Galleria. This is what you call, "walking the tightrope."
News Story  June 14, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...By all accounts, the Save Our Springs Alliance considered Larry Speck one of its most prized recruits when the outspoken architect agreed to join its board of directors not long ago. Now, SOS leaders are in the midst of a dilemma they never anticipated: Speck is the prime architect of the Hill Country Galleria -- a proposed $350 million development in the Barton Springs watershed which SOS vigorously opposes...."

Save Our Springs Chiefs Savage Shade
Barton Springs activists, former mayor and state rep criticize Shade comments
DAILY News  April 28, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...The council place three hopeful took a pummeling from the Kim campaign via an open letter from a series of historic city notables over comments she made at the Real Estate Council of Austin Candidate Forum about Barton Springs. Noting that the near-universally-supported efforts to block development there resulted in the state legislature castrating city rights over developers, Shade said it was sad that there was not a "better compromise that made everybody a winner." But in the letter Save Our Springs Alliance executive director Bill Bunch, former SOSA chair Robin Rather, former mayor Gus Garcia, former Austin state rep Ann Kitchen, and former council member Brigid Shea said this showed a "fundamental lack of understanding" of the issues at stake (not to say how much the lege loves beating up on Austin)..."

Before Save Our Springs ...
Big events in Austin's enviro history, pre-SOS
News Story  April 23, 2010, by Nora Ankrum
"...1985: Town Lake Park Alliance organizes against plan to build convention center at Auditorium Shores; voters reject center 67% to 32%...."

The Battle for the Springs: A Chronology
News Story  August 9, 2002
"...Nov.: The Save Our Springs Coalition, an alliance of environmental groups led by Brigid Shea of Clean Water Action, begins a petition drive to put the SOS ordinance on the ballot.1992Jan.: The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals rules that Outer Loop (Texas 45) and the southern extension of MoPac are not federal projects and do not require federal environmental impact studies, as requested by Austin environmental groups...."

Save as We Pave?
The latest trend in environmentally sensitive planning tiptoes into Travis County
News Story  October 20, 2006, by Katherine Gregor
"..."It's too many homes over the aquifer," argues Colin Clark of the Save Our Springs Alliance, which has expressed only limited support for the conservation approach. Clark, who participated in the 2004-2006 Southwest Travis County Growth Dialog Process that spawned the new ordinance, asks the multimillion-dollar question: Does conservation development provide "greenwashing" for large subdivision developments that don't belong over the aquifer at all?Carrots and Sticks..."

Barton Springs Reopens, With Great Pleasure
The Statesman-spawned toxics crisis is finally over, but threats to Austin water quality remain.
News Story  April 25, 2003, by Lauri Apple
"...While talk of pollution, chemicals, and contaminants took a back seat last weekend to splashing and celebrating for the first time in three months, city officials and local environmental organizations -- most notably the Save Our Springs Alliance -- caution against losing sight of the pool's generally deteriorating water quality. The alliance enthusiastically took a lead role in spreading the word about the pool's reopening, but SOS continues to emphasize the evidence that the pool is increasingly polluted -- silt on the bottom of the springs, algae, and contaminants threatening to the Barton Springs salamander and other aquatic species...."

The Battle for Barton Springs: A Brief Timeline
Twenty years of progress
News Story  August 3, 2012, by Michael King
"...1996: SOS Legal Defense Fund changes its name to Save Our Springs Alliance...."

The Pain of Change at the Springs
Debate centers on a paved parking lot and pathway to the pool's south side
News Story  February 15, 2013, by Elizabeth Pagano
"...Critics are also wary of plans for the south parking lot, which will expand the current 80 gravel spaces to 125 paved spaces – doubling its area and increasing impervious cover in a move that Bill Bunch of the Save Our Springs Alliance has called a dangerous precedent for development...."

Another Springs/Aquifer Development Fight
Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District finds itself on wrong side of environmental fight as its board continues determining whether it should build new headquarters on donated parcel inside aquifer recharge zone
News Story  July 6, 2007, by Kimberly Reeves
"...It won't be without a lot of opposition. The Save Our Springs Alliance considers this a ploy by developer Bill Walters to get zoning approval for the Wildflower Commons planned unit development inside the ecologically fragile recharge zone..."

Can't We Preserve Our Preserves?
Postmarks  September 27, 2006
"... There are local solutions to existing transportation problems, as Gene Lowenthal of the Hamilton Pool Road Scenic Corridor Coalition pointed out to CAMPO. The Fix 290 Coalition (which includes Save Our Springs Alliance) has a solution for improvements to 290 and 71 in Oak Hill that has broad community support: a parkway design..."

Groups Plan To Sue To Save Salamander
WTP4 threatens survival of the Jollyville Plateau Salamander, eco groups charge
News Story  January 13, 2012, by Amy Smith
"...The Center for Biological Diversity and the Save Our Springs Alliance notified the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Jan..."

Then There's This: Showdown at the Springs
Is the pool's south side in need of a makeover?
News Column  July 6, 2012, by Amy Smith

AMD Tricks Won't Protect Springs
Postmarks  January 4, 2006

Council Should Do the Right Thing for Barton Springs
Postmarks  October 9, 2012
"...28]. With or without the city, Save Our Springs Alliance will challenge the permit request in formal evidentiary hearings before the state Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulators and, if necessary, in the courts..."

Shape Our Future
Postmarks  October 7, 2003
"...The survey is part of an eight-page informational brochure in this Austin Chronicle. The Shape Our Future Survey Coalition has also arranged locations around Austin where you can pick up the survey. For more information about the coalition and our opinions about the Envision Central Texas Regional Vision Survey and to take the survey, see To volunteer or find out more, contact Brian Donovan at 481-8400 or The Shape Our Future Coalition is: Clean Water Action, Friendship Alliance, Hays Community Action Network, Liveable City, Save Barton Creek Association, Save Our Springs Alliance, Sierra Club, Solar Austin, Texas Campaign for the Environment, Texas Community Project, TexPIRG, Trans Texas Alliance, and the Travis County Green Party...."

Use Common Sense With Springs
Postmarks  May 5, 2009
"...Sure, someone might drown at Barton Springs or one of the other city-operated pools. Then again, they might not. Don Gardner, an arborist hired by the Save Our Springs Alliance, believes only a handful of the trees at Barton Springs need to be removed..."

City vs. Statesman: Futrell Comes Out Swinging at the Springs
City and state experts contest the Statesman's hair-raising allegations of toxic pollution at Barton Springs.
News Story  January 24, 2003, by Amy Smith
"...The Save Our Springs Alliance applauded the Statesman's work. "[We're] encouraged that the Statesman has investigated and brought attention to the failure of city, state, and federal regulators to protect Barton Springs," SOS spokesman Colin Clark said..."

Barton Springs Pool Doesn't Need Renovation
Postmarks  October 17, 2012
"... I don't understand why Cravey's political game involves messing with Austin's crown jewel. Let’s follow the lead of the Save Our Springs Alliance and put our attention on protecting the water in the aquifer from pollution and keeping the pool open to the public seven days a week, without closing it for so-called grounds improvement...."

Who's Polluting Barton Springs?
News Story  May 31, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Slusher's measure won tempered support from the Save Our Springs Alliance. Nevertheless, Executive Director Bill Bunch couldn't resist taking a swipe..."

Saving Our Salamander
News Story  December 21, 2001
"...It's back to square one for the Save Our Springs Alliance and two federal agencies charged with protecting the endangered Barton Springs Salamander. SOS filed another lawsuit this week against the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S..."

SOS Alliance Parsing Words, Twisting Facts
Postmarks  July 13, 2005
"...Once again, Mr. Bunch and the Save Our Springs Alliance are parsing words and twisting facts..."

Then There's This: Overlooking the Springs
A planned subdivision and code conflict spawn enviro headache
News Column  January 17, 2014, by Amy Smith
"...Environmental leaders, who appeared before the board after being contacted by Zilker residents, said staff can't arbitrarily decide to ditch SOS regs on Blue Bonnet Hills just because Zilker Terrace wasn't held to SOS standards. "That mistake in interpretation doesn't change the law," said SOS Alliance's Bill Bunch..."

Quote of the Week: Bill Bunch
Save Our Springs Alliance executive director gets it a little twisted
News Column  October 11, 2018
"...– Save Our Springs Alliance executive director Bill Bunch, seeming to justify his opposition to CodeNEXT by endorsing the very sprawl the SOS ordinance aims to control. (As quoted by our friend Mose Buchele at KUT-FM.)..."

Watershed Redo
How redevelopment can save the springs ... or not
News Story  November 2, 2007, by Katherine Gregor
"...This year, Barton Springs Pool has been closed a record number of days because a very rainy year caused flooding and washed unsafe levels of contaminants from upstream development into the springs and pool. While such pollution can be curtailed to a degree by on-site water-quality controls – such as special SOS Alliance ponds designed to filter out contaminants – the old developments have no such water-protection features..."

Trench Warfare
Federal judge rules for LCRA on the Dripping Springs pipeline project, but the SOS lawsuit proceeds
News Story  May 11, 2001, by Rob Curran
"...On April 27, federal judge Sam Sparks denied a preliminary injunction to halt the project. The injunction had been requested in a lawsuit filed in December by the Save Barton Creek Association, Save Our Springs Alliance, and the Hays County Water Planning Partnership against the LCRA (co-defendant with the U.S..."

Imminent Harm
The city plays a high-stakes, high-risk game with Stratus Properties, while the citizens look on
News Story  July 19, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...How Imminent Is Imminent? The defenders of the pending proposal say Stratus has the city over a barrel. Most of the council and city staff believe they have little choice but to cut a deal -- or instead risk enabling a great deal more pavement and pollution over the aquifer, should the developer seek political alliances elsewhere..."

SOS Files for Bankruptcy
The stalwart defenders of Barton Springs reorganize in face of court loss.
DAILY News  April 10, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...Unwelcome news, but not surprising following the Save Our Springs Alliance's recent blow in court. Here's SOS' press release: SOS Alliance Files for Reorganization in Face of Collection Efforts by Sweetwater Ranch Developers Following the Texas Supreme Court’s refusal to hear its petition for review in the case Save Our Springs Alliance v..."

Point Austin: Refighting the Last Wars
Prop. 1, Prop. 2, Saving Barton Springs ... and Everything Else
News Column  April 21, 2006, by Michael King
"...Almost simultaneously, the Save Our Springs Alliance released a new animated cartoon, also about the AMD plans for Lantana, although not nearly so enthusiastic. "Once Upon a Time in Texas," featuring a red-haired, childlike purple amphibian named "Sal A..."

Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Grease ...
The Fish & Wildlife Service faults the EPA for failing to protect the Barton Springs Watershed.
News Story  August 3, 2001, by Amy Smith
"...Last December, environmentalists and developers each claimed victory after reaching a settlement on separate lawsuits the two sides had filed against the federal government -- for diametrically opposed reasons: The Save Our Springs Alliance sought stiffer development regulations in the Barton Springs watershed, while the Texas Capital Area Builders Association wanted the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to loosen its regulatory grip...."

Is Barton Springs Pool Losing Its Soul to Algae?
News Story  April 21, 2000, by Robert Bryce
"...Bill Bunch, general counsel for the Save Our Springs Alliance, insists the algae problem at the pool can be solved, and that swimmers should not blame the endangered species. "The salamander doesn't have anything to do with it," says Bunch..."

Chain-Saw Frenzy
Fear of a Springs PARD massacre is about trust as well as trees
News Story  May 8, 2009, by Katherine Gregor
"...A number of local arborists have said that some trees could be preserved safely with proper care and monitoring. A professional second-opinion assessment was published April 30 by arborist Don Gardner (see at the request of Save Our Springs Alliance..."

High and Dry
LCRA Approves Controversial Pipeline to Dripping Springs
News Story  June 2, 2000, by Rob D'Amico
"...Last week's vote contrasted sharply with the scene last December when Mark Rose, LCRA's former general manager, got chummy with at least one faction of the environmental community -- the Save Barton Creek Association (SBCA) -- and they jointly announced a decision to conduct an EIS for the pipeline project before any construction began. At the time, SBCA members, a bit detached from more vehement opposition in the Save Our Springs Alliance (SOS), stood behind Rose with smiling faces."We will hold off building the line until we complete this environmental study," Rose said..."

Naked City
The Hays Co. suburb takes a two-month break to get its land-use act together
News Story  March 19, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...Although much of the city's ETJ is in the sensitive recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer, city officials nonetheless have brokered generous development deals with builders in this area. The Save Our Springs Alliance has a lawsuit pending against the city that stems from two of those agreements – one with Cypress Realty Inc..."

Naked City
The SOS Alliance files a federal court challenge against the EPA
News Story  January 30, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...The health and habitat of Austin's canary in the coal mine – the Barton Springs salamander – are in jeopardy because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency isn't doing its job, the Save Our Springs Alliance charged Monday in a federal lawsuit filed in Washington...."

Land for Water
The city is asking voters to send more money to a little-known program that protects Barton Springs
News Story  October 25, 2018, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...In a scenario that seems impossible for today's distracted society, as many as 800 people showed up at the June 7, 1990, City Council meeting, almost all of them to speak out against the plans that they feared would degrade the springs. "Austin was a different place at that time," recalls Bill Bunch, executive director of the Save Our Springs Alliance..."

Making Waves
Barton Springs Pool in line for a fixer-upper
News Story  August 3, 2007, by Daniel Mottola
"...Echoing the sentiments over a lack of inclusiveness, Save Our Springs Alliance Executive Director Bill Bunch, in a separate interview, said the process so far is "not good at all" and that "meetings have been balkanized, with one, then another, but not held collectively to hear everyone's ideas." The plan, Bunch went on, seems to serve to empower city staff and its hired consultants -- "nothing new around Austin, which is good at giving the appearance of public participation." While SOS' board hasn't formally voted on recommendations, Bunch said the board members "favor actions that restore and enhance what we have, not add additional development and pavement in the park." SOS opposes building a new south bathhouse near the back gate, where a dirt parking lot and grassy field still retain the more casual look of "old Austin."..."

Matter Over Mind
The proposed Cypress Realty Development in Dripping Springs
News Story  September 21, 2001, by Rob Curran and Amy Smith
"...Environmentalists have accused the LCRA of pandering to business interests like Clark's. "In all the planning done for the pipeline," said Bill Bunch, executive director of the Save Our Springs Alliance, "the LCRA was envisioning selling a lot of water to the Rutherford Ranch area." McCann responded that anyone seeking connections is referred to Fish & Wildlife for approval, but he added that without a ready supply of surface water, a development like Cypress would have to rely on water directly from the Edwards Aquifer...."

Salamander Setback
Endangered Listing Could Sink Barton Springs Pool
News Story  June 12, 1998, by Robert Bryce
"...There's plenty of irony on the green side of the aisle too. A little more than a year ago, the Save Our Springs Alliance was fighting the feds to get the salamander added to the Endangered Species List..."

Before the Flood
In the struggle between local environmentalists and developers, Laura Dunn's documentary reminds us, Barton Springs was only the beginning
Screens Story  March 9, 2007, by Marrit Ingman
"...Some people say, "Now we have to work with developers," so they spin off and form the Hill Country Conservancy. And then Save Our Springs Alliance is still fighting the uncompromised battle..."

Austin @ Large: Austin at Large: The Toxic Agenda
The Statesman's sensational report on Barton Springs is much less than meets the eye.
News Column  January 24, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...But to do that would have been to support what progressives, and this paper, have been saying for 20 years -- that citizens are right to be concerned that Austin's increasing urbanization puts water quality at risk. (Indeed, the Save Our Springs Alliance has applauded the Statesman report, for this very reason.) To be even more specific, enviros have worried for a long time about the prospect of unknown toxic waste sites leaching into the waterways..."

Multimedia Plunge
Barton Springs to Life on New CD-ROM
News Story  December 5, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...It is available at Book People, Barnes & Noble, Whole Earth Provision Co., and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. It can also be ordered from the Save Our Springs Alliance, at 477-2320...."

Naked City
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has abandoned its job of protecting the salamander's aquatic environment, says alliance in intention-to-sue letter
News Story  June 10, 2005, by Rachel Proctor May
"...Fish and Wildlife Service has abandoned its job of protecting the Barton Springs salamander's aquatic environment. So says the Save Our Springs Alliance in a June 6 letter of intention to sue, addressed to Interior Secretary Gale Norton, acting FWS director Matthew Hogan, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality head Kathleen Hartnett White...."

Naked City
A Regional Aquifer Alliance
News Story  March 7, 2003, by Amy Smith
"...A coalition of seven environmental groups from here to San Antonio has called on local, regional, and state leaders to overhaul existing measures in place to protect the Edwards Aquifer -- the sole source of drinking water for an estimated 1.5 million people in more than a dozen communities. At a press conference held at the state Capitol on Monday, representatives of the newly formed Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance laid out an extensive agenda including work on an Edwards Aquifer regional plan, a moratorium on high-density development and infrastructure expansion, local control over impervious cover limits, and acquiring and preserving about 70% of the land in the aquifer region..."

APD Is Enforcing the Doggone Spillway Ban
Police and Parks Department crack down on hot spot for dogs and swimmers
DAILY News  August 4, 2014, by Amy Kamp
"...Fortune recalls Bull Creek’s past problems with high pathogen levels, and notes that APD has received several complaints about dog feces at the spillway, which is a more densely populated area than Bull Creek. Robert Corbin, a board member of the Save Our Springs Alliance and a dog owner, sent a letter to PARD earlier this year asking them to enforce the ban at the spillway...."

The Daily Hustle: 10/28/10 (Updated)
Green roofs and water plants at City Council
DAILY News  October 28, 2010, by Wells Dunbar
"...4-related item, spending $2.2 million on a land acquisition for the plant's Jollyville transmission main proved interesting. Spicewood Springs neighbor Sharon Blythe spoke in opposition, as did the Save Our Springs Alliance's Bill Bunch..."

The Daily Hustle: 1/20/11
Campaign cash comes in by the bundle
DAILY News  January 20, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...Three-hundred fifty dollar donors include planning commissioner Danette Chimenti, the Save Our Springs Alliance's Colin Clark, FixAustin honcho Ryan Clinton, environmentalist Shudde Fath, City of Austin neighborhood liaison Carol Gibbs, Karrie League, Perry and Sheridan Lorenz, city music program manager Don Pitts, and Change Austin co-founder (and rumored Place 3 candidate) Brian Rodgers. Morrison also lent $500 to her campaign..."

Did SOS Matter?
The battle for Barton Springs has been a struggle over the soul of the city.
News Story  August 9, 2002, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...We can concede that the Springs, so far, have not been saved by the Save Our Springs Ordinance (or Coalition, or Alliance, or Action, or Legal Defense Fund, or other present and past users of the SOS brand name, including Eurycea sosorum, the Barton Springs salamander). But 10 years may be too early to tell if the SOS movement -- a subset of simply "being green," but broader than today's SOS Alliance -- has failed to achieve its stated purpose..."

True Love and Lawsuits in the Wedding Capital of Texas
'Til death do us party
News Story  April 26, 2018, by Kate Groetzinger
"...19 of this year, residents of Radi­ance and the other neighborhoods surrounding the Blacks' property showed up in front of Terry Black's Barbecue on Barton Springs Road to protest the proposed wedding venue ahead of a Dripping Springs City Council meeting to approve Black's site plan. They carried signs that read "No Mark Black Wedding Venue," "We <3 Good Neighbors," and "Commit Now! Fire Safety!" The protest was organized by the Friendship Alliance, a neighborhood group for residents of Radiance, Goldenwood, and Gol­den­wood West...."

Naked City
Breaking stories from Austin and beyond
News Story  April 23, 2004, by Michael King and Lee Nichols
"...The Lower Colorado River Authority board heard testimony from both sides Wednesday afternoon, and the issue is expected to grow more volatile by the day. The board is expected to act on the proposal May 19; meanwhile, the landowners group, calling itself the Hamilton Pool Road Alliance, has ramped up its offensive against the Save Our Springs Alliance, the lead opponent of the proposal..."

Back to the Trenches
AMD tightens its hold on Lantana – and the enviro opposition digs in
News Story  December 16, 2005, by Amy Smith
"...But with AMD's announcement last week that it's going to buy the land it had initially planned to lease from Stratus Properties, a big fight may be inevitable. The Save Our Springs Alliance, lead opponent in a coalition opposed to AMD's new development, began ramping up efforts immediately after last week's news (see "Cons and Pros")...."

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