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Salvage Vanguard Theater: The rebel sets down roots
After 13 years of staging shows in bars and other companies' theatres, Salvage Vanguard Theater is opening its own all-purpose arts space in a 9,600-square-foot warehouse on Manor Road
Arts Story  June 8, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...Time was, Salvage Vanguard Theater spent all its time in bars. That is, that's where the rebel company produced all its shows, the better to tap its target audience of under-30s who wouldn't be caught dead (or at least sober) in a mainstream arts venue..."

Salvage Vanguard Theater: Neulander ends his run
After 13 years of running Salvage Vanguard Theater, Artistic Director Jason Neulander is moving on
Arts Story  December 14, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...In the 13 years that Salvage Vanguard Theater has been rocking the local theatre scene, he's been the one constant. Whether the company was mounting shows in the Electric Lounge or Hogg Auditorium, whether it was staging edgy new dramas like Caridad Svich's Fugitive Pieces or retro sci-fi spoofs like The Intergalactic Nemesis, Jason Neulander was always at the helm, beating the drum for SVT...."

Salvage Vanguard Theater
After 13 years of presenting theatre in other peoples' space, Salvage Vanguard Theater has acquired its own home
Arts Story  May 5, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...Then they were doing it in theatres – though always other peoples' theatres. But now, the folks at Salvage Vanguard Theater are going to be doing it – that is, staging plays – in their very own space..."

Salvage Vanguard Theater's Thr3e Zisters
This zombified take on Chekhov gets reanimated right when we need women who will bite back at the patriarchy
Arts Review  February 16, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...For in Lola B. Pierson's deconstruction of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters, first staged by Salvage Vanguard Theater in 2015, the siblings who famously pined for Moscow are, you could say, grabbed by the pussy and yanked from the grave by a bunch of men who, like so many of those testosterone-fueled prigs in the statehouse and the White House, seek to possess and control women out of the belief it's their God-given right to do so...."

Salvage Vanguard Theater's Denim Doves
Adrienne Dawes' play takes the idea of postapocalyptic sister wives in an original, amusing direction
Arts Review  January 28, 2016, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...It's not uncommon for shows that premiere locally to enjoy another production in the not-too-distant future. With a strong ensemble and creative direction from Larson and Florinda Bryant (who plays Fifth Wife), Denim Doves is certainly worth seeing during this busy time in the theatrical season, and if it returns after coalescing a little more, it may prove one of the more exciting creations to come from Salvage Vanguard Theater's season. Denim DovesSalvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Rd. Through Feb..."

Salvage Vanguard Theater: Countdown to blastoff for 'Intergalactic' tour
Salvage Vanguard Theater launches 'The Intergalactic Nemesis,' its homegrown spoof of sci-fi serials, on a mission to seek out new life and new civilizations – or at least new fans – in seven cities across the country
Arts Story  September 1, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...This time next week, Salvage Vanguard Theater will be deep in launch mode for the national tour of The Intergalactic Nemesis. Since its birth in the caffeinated confines of Little City a decade ago, SVT's homegrown spoof of sci-fi serials from the Golden Age of Radio has been a hit with local audiences, and now SVT is hoping it will be with audiences across the land..."

Salvage Vanguard Theater's With Great Difficulty Alice Sits
Hannah Kenah's new play presents an unsettling battle of wills between a mother and daughter before birth
Arts Review  November 17, 2016, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...This first production from Salvage Vanguard Theater after losing its Manor Road space is a mix of abrupt imagery and inverted symbolism. Under the direction of SVT Artistic Director Jenny Larson, actors proceed from moment to moment deliberately, with silences given significant weight..."

Decade on the Vanguard
No. 10 looks like the best Salvage Vanguard birthday ever!
Arts Story  March 26, 2004, by Robert Faires
"...Turns out they were on to something. Their kind of original, visceral, immediate theatre touched a nerve with that twentysomething audience (and some folks on the far side of 30, too), and Salvage Vanguard Theater became a company to watch...."

Free Night of Theater: The List
These Central Texas theatre companies are offering free tickets as part of the national Free Night of Theater campaign
Arts Story  October 7, 2005
"...Baker Theatre: The Mousetrap, by Agatha Christie; Baker Theater, 216 S. Main, Lockhart, 474-TIXS..."

Merlin Works Institute and Gnap! Theater Season: Making the improv pie higher
Austin's strong improv scene is about to get even stronger, with a new training center and performance space
Arts Story  February 22, 2008, by Avimaan Syam
"...And luckily for Austin, it's about to get even stronger. This week sees the grand opening of the Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation and Gnap! Theater Projects Improv Season, giving Austin a third training center and performance space for the improvisatory arts...."

ColdTowne Theater
The cream of local comedy leaves improv for one night to present a pair of plays
Arts Story  December 31, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...As if ColdTowne Theater weren't already known for serving up sensational improv and sketch comedy, now it wants to do the same with theatre? Well, for one night, at least. This Friday, ColdTowne is ringing out the old year with something new: a pair of comedic plays..."

Loverboy at ColdTowne Theater
This troupe's improvised scenes based on personal sex stories prove ColdTowne is still a fun place to catch local comedy's up-and-comers
Arts Review  June 30, 2016, by Ashley Moreno
"...With the closing of Salvage Vanguard Theater, it feels a little like the suits are bulldozing over this town's artistic identity, one venue at a time. But on the stretch of Airport between I-35 and Koenig, ColdTowne Theater still flies the flag for comedic performance in Austin − as it has for the past 10 years..."

Stella Adler and the American Theater
UT's Harry Ransom Center, which acquired the complete archive of Stella Adler, celebrates her impact on American acting in the symposium Stella Adler and the American Theater
Arts Story  February 17, 2006, by Barry Pineo
"...In the 1930s, Adler was a member of the Group Theatre, which pioneered the idea of the ensemble acting company. Local stage companies such as Salvage Vanguard Theater, Rude Mechs, and Bedlam Faction are founded on the same principles, and even local companies not recognized as ensemble companies, such as the Zachary Scott Theatre Center and Austin Playhouse, have groups of actors identified with them..."

New Works Theater Community
Austin theatre groups band together and land $90,000 to support making new work
Arts Story  October 29, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...The New Works Theater Community, as this confederation is called, echoes previous efforts in the stage scene to join together as a community – the Austin Circle of Theaters in the Seventies, the RAT Conference in the Nineties – but it's the first time such an endeavor has been directed toward new play development or won this kind of financial backing. The spark for it actually came from Mellon's national survey on the development and support for new theatrical work, when David Dower, formerly of San Francisco's Z Space Studio and currently with Washington, D.C.'s Arena Stage, made a trip to town..."

Trouble Puppet Theater Company
A visiting puppeteer flies in with a show about a really wild duck
Arts Story  March 19, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...People are serious. True, we've lost one of the two companies devoted exclusively to puppetry (see "Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company"), but Trouble Puppet Theater Company looks to be picking up the slack, getting funding from the Jim Henson Foundation, attending the O'Neill National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, and now launching this resident artist program, with which Trouble Puppet will bring to Austin puppet artists from around the world, giving them workspace, technical support, and performers so they can experiment with puppet design and workshop new pieces...."

Free Night of Theater 2006: The list
Take your pick of 21 performances being offered at no charge with Free Night of Theater 2006
Arts Story  October 6, 2006
"...Coda Theater Project: The End of Words: An Evening With Eugene Ionesco, by Eugene Ionesco; play! theatre, 1204 Cedar..."

Free Night of Theater 2006: Encore run, still no charge
After a smash debut in 2005, the Free Night of Theater goes nationwide, with 300 performances across the country – including 21 in Austin – being offered at no charge
Arts Story  October 6, 2006, by Barry Pineo
"...Locally, the project was spearheaded by our own nonprofit supporter of live theatre, the Austin Circle of Theaters. "We're a part of the Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations," says Latifah Taormina, ACoT's managing director..."

Free Night of Theater 2007: See a bit of drama, on the house
Time again for your annual chance to sample what area thespians do, at no cost
Arts Story  October 5, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...Free theatre. A great way to get people to sample some of the art of the stage, yes? That was the thinking of Theatre Communi-cations Group, a national service organization for nonprofit theatres, when it launched the pilot program of Free Night of Theater in 2005, and the results were encouraging..."

Drive, He Said
In its 13th year, Jason Neulander shifts Salvage Vanguard Theater into overdrive
Arts Story  April 14, 2006, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Here's the thing about Jason Neulander of Salvage Vanguard Theater: You don't have to pry the words out of him...."

Only the Fourth Wall Is Forever
After 10 years, Salvage Vanguard Theater is moving on
Arts Story  June 23, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...There's a full-color painting hidden beneath several coats of white latex on one wall in the lobby of Salvage Vanguard Theater's headquarters on the Eastside of Austin, Texas...."

Days of Future Past
The history of Salvage Vanguard Theater's unlikely sci-fi success, The Intergalactic Nemesis
Arts Story  July 25, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...Yet here it is, 12 years later, and that show, The Intergalactic Nemesis, is still feeling the love. Salvage Vanguard Theater's affectionate spoof of the cliff-hangers of yesteryear, performed in the manner of a radio drama, with actors holding scripts in front of microphones and sound effects provided live by Foley artists, has become one of Austin's rare theatrical sensations: a hit with audiences from the first performance, which has had multiple revivals, spawned two sequels, and toured across the country..."

Tonal Proximity
NMASS matured into Austin's foremost showcase of performance sound art, audiovisual improvisation, nonconformative music, and sensory installations
Music Story  June 23, 2016, by Conor Walker
"...Since then, it's matured into Austin's foremost showcase of performance sound art, audiovisual improvisation, nonconformative music, and sensory installations, all from an array of local and international artists and contributors. Curated by the experimentally minded volunteers at homegrown events promotion concern Church of the Friendly Ghost, this year's June 22-26 run returns to the Salvage Vanguard Theater as its swan song...."

Food Porn: OUT. New Media Art & Sound Summit: IN.
Because there can never be less than Too Much To Do in this restless city
DAILY Chronolog  June 12, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...I'm not going to spend the next two weeks at Salvage Vanguard Theater, scouring the lobby Sherlockwise, trying to find out what the hell happened to all those Kaci Beeler paintings...."

Review: The Cherry Bowl
Chekhov gets a pie in the face in this silent spoof
DAILY Arts  November 21, 2013, by Stacy Alexander Evans
"...Woody Allen’s film Love and Death is undoubtedly a mocking love letter to Fyodor Dostoyevsky. In the tradition of skewering Russian literary giants, Austin’s own Ben Schave sends up Anton Chekhov in Gnap! Theater Project’s The Cherry Bowl, now onstage at Salvage Vanguard Theater...."

Austin Creative Alliance Honors 2016
ACA salutes SVT, Byrd, Brooks, Seibert, Willenzik at the ND
DAILY Arts  November 16, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...Bruce Willenzik. Salvage Vanguard Theater..."

NMASS 2015 Resounds
“We’re not fucking around! This is serious!”
DAILY Music  June 15, 2015, by Waylon Cunningham
"...The New Media Art & Sound Summit this past weekend sustained an unrelenting barrage of experimental artists. No sooner had one act moved off the Salvage Vanguard Theater stage than another played 10 minutes later..."

The Doctor Is In
Eugene Chadbourne pulls a graveyard shift
DAILY Music  December 15, 2008, by Doug Freeman
"...Last Tuesday, as Eugene Chadbourne set up in the Salvage Vanguard Theater, rain and hail began to pelt the metal roof in a spattering percussion that accompanied the furious flurry of banjo licks from the mad Doctor. As he trolled through his massive songbook, including “Checkers of Blood” and a new political screed about the recent election, he contorted the instrument into unnatural sounds that defied its typical sensibilities...."

The 2014-15 Austin Critics Table Awards
Top honors to Salvage Vanguard's Thr3e Zisters, LOLA Austin's Femme Bohème, and Texas State's Kiss Me, Kate
Arts Story  June 4, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...It was four for Thr3e at the Austin Critics Table Awards on Monday night, with Salvage Vanguard Theater's Thr3e Zisters receiving four prizes from the group of area arts writers...."

Spaced Out
Salvage Vanguard, Tapestry Dance lose their home spaces
DAILY Arts  October 16, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...This week saw two even more established performing arts companies suffer the same fate. So to the list of arts groups being forced out of their longtime homes, you can now add Salvage Vanguard Theater and Tapestry Dance Company...."

Seen / Soon: April 6
On the bus in the City of Angels with Salvage Vanguard's staging of con flama and in Mexico with John Gibley, author of I Couldn't Even Imagine That They Would Kill Us
Arts Column  April 5, 2018
"...In con flama, we ride the bus all over Los Angeles and come to know that city intimately. But in Salvage Vanguard Theater's production, we come to know even more intimately our fellow riders on the bus, whose stories are shared in Sharon Bridgforth's vibrant, lyrical words and given rich life by the five performers and SVT co-artistic director Florinda Bryant, who directs..."

Thr3e Zisters
InThr3e Zisters, Salvage Vanguard disinters Chekhov's famous siblings in a beautiful, fascinating, cutting way
Arts Review  February 5, 2015, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...Thr3e ZistersSalvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Rd. Through Feb. 14 Running time: 1 hr., 5 min...."

How's Your Self of Steam?
See the future's swashbuckling past in the present this weekend!
DAILY Design  January 18, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"..."You feel steamy, punk?" is how we titled last week's blogpost about the steampunk improv show currently at Salvage Vanguard Theater...."

Working Vacations
Theaterless Theater Corps, Rude Mechanicals, KAIROS! Co.
Arts Story  July 8, 1999, by Robert Faires
"...When Ice Factory '99, Soho Think Tank's festival of fringe theatre, rocks the City That Never Sleeps this summer, three Austin companies will be in the thick of the action. Theaterless Theater Corps (Golem, Night of the Werewolf), Rude Mechanicals (don b.'s Snow White, Salivation), and KAIROS! Co..."

Party On
Salvage Vanguard's annual fundraiser tonight!
DAILY Music  June 15, 2010, by Audra Schroeder
"...Yes, tonight, from 6:30pm-midnight, Salvage Vanguard Theater's Party on the Vanguard. You'll actually be partying in the Vanguard, but don't let semantics discourage you! The SVT does a whole lotta cool things in town, and I'm sure they're open to interpretation...."

Photography provides the impetus for improv in this new project from LuckyChaos Theater
Arts Review  January 10, 2014, by Stacy Alexander Evans
"...Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 E. Manor Rd., 512/474-7886 Through Jan..."

Wars of Heaven: Smackdown!
This Trouble Puppet Theater production takes the philosophic battle between good and evil into the pro-wrestling ring
Arts Review  May 5, 2016, by Shanon Weaver
"...As a "student over traditional age," I was more interested in the history of philosophy, but found it fascinating to see the minds of my younger classmates expand as they were challenged with thoughts they'd never dared to have before – though on my end, most of the conventions discussed had already been fully explored years ago among buddies with a black light and a bong. With Trouble Puppet Theater Company's Wars of Heaven: Smackdown!, the challenge of repackaging these ideas for a fresh take is well met, though the production elevates itself a bit past its core message...."

Merlin Enchantment at Zach
Shana Merlin, that is – making improv magic with Wizards
DAILY Arts  January 13, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...January seems to be a fortuitous month for improv launches. Last January saw the debut of the Institution Theater..."

Fuse Box by Day
Arts Story  April 25, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Rd. Friday, April 25 8pm..."

OUTsider Begins
Hold on to your manties, Austin's premier queer fest is here
DAILY Qmmunity  February 18, 2015, by Blake McCoy and Kate X Messer
"...This first-ever OUTsider boasts collaborative roots, a gang of artists on a mission to showcase queer artists and their work from all disciplines – film, theater, performance art, music, visual art – from across the globe. OUTsider aspires to reconcile varying approaches to art by flipping the whole festy-concept on its head, hosting conference-style sessions in informal settings, in which academic panels and participants and audience members alike might discuss art in relation to queer culture...."

Out of Bounds: The Lineup
Arts Story  August 27, 2010
"...31-Sept. 6, with performances scheduled at Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Rd.; the Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress; ColdTowne Theater, 4803 Airport; the Velveeta Room, 521 E..."

Fusebox Festival Schedule
Arts Story  April 23, 2010
"...10-11pm: LA Party. Phil Soltanoff & David Barlow (New York City), AustinVentures StudioTheater, 501 W..."

Land of 1,000 Dramas
Arts Story  March 11, 1999
"...Current home company Frontera continues the tradition with its adventurous new dramas challenging theatrical conventions, and the annual performance jamboree it sponsors, FronteraFest, where more original work is performed in a month than most theatre cities see in a year. And when Frontera isn't producing, other companies -- e.g., Salvage Vanguard Theater, root wy'mn theatre, Rude Mechanicals -- frequently book the space to premiere new drama of their own..."

ACA's Save Our Spaces Second Line March & Rally
PHOTO GALLERY  September 15, 2016
"...Once the march had passed the windows outside council chambers at City Hall, a rally was held with calls for support from Austin Creative Alliance Director John Riedie, Salvage Vanguard Theater Artistic Director Jenny Larson, and Salvage Vanguard Theater Managing Director Florinda Bryant...."

Culture Club
Aaron Mace's Church of the Friendly Ghost rattles the fringes of creative and musical expressionism
Music Story  November 13, 2009, by Audra Schroeder
"...Inside a dark room at the Salvage Vanguard Theater, a man stands behind a table alight with burning candles. He's wearing glasses and a black T-shirt, reciting from a book...."

Out of the Boomers' Shadow
David Bucci, Playwright for Today's Young Theatre Haters
Arts Story  July 19, 1996
"...Austin will get its latest taste of Bucci's sharp but tasty work when Salvage Vanguard Theater opens its production of Bucci's Stranger Desire July 26. Salvage Vanguard is the company which has staged the world premieres of most of Bucci's work to date, and it's the reason Bucci came to Austin in the first place..."

Art Par Excellence
The nominees for the 2014-15 Austin Critics Table Awards
DAILY Arts  May 20, 2015
"...Earning the most attention from the group were two premieres: Ballet Austin's Belle Redux/A Tale of Beauty & the Beast and the UT Department of Theatre & Dance's Refugia, created with the Moving Company, each of which received seven nominations. Four productions captured six nods apiece: Zach Theatre’s Texas premiere of the Robert Schenkkan political drama All the Way; Austin Opera's modern-day staging of Verdi's A Masked Ball; Salvage Vanguard Theater's undead riff on Chekhov, Thr3e Zisters; and the Texas State University Department of Theatre & Dance's spirited revival of Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate...."

Waterfalls and Sea Changes
The former and current artistic directors of Austin Script Works discuss new plays, local theatre, and the writer's voice
Arts Story  November 11, 2005, by Dan Dietz
"...CDS: It had grown, definitely. I feel like the Rude Mechanicals sort of came into their own in those years, and dirigo group came around, and Salvage [Vanguard Theater] came into its own in a really strong and forceful way, and there are all these other smaller groups that keep happening, like the piece that happened in the guy's house, At Home With Dick..."

Rockin' Scriptmas!
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Plays
Arts Story  December 12, 1997, by Robert Faires and Adrienne Martini
"...R: Salvage Vanguard Theater is another company that publishes new scripts. It's part of Salvage Vanguard's mission to make copies of new plays available..."

Young Guns and Typewriters
Arts Story  September 18, 1998
"...At any given moment, someone is writing a song or penning a screenplay; poetry and prose litter Austin's diverse literary circles; papers shuffle and flit in academia; a robust appetite for information keeps the presses rolling for daily, weekly, and monthly publications; even the legislature gets in on the act every other year. The local theatre scene boasts strong, unique writers of its own: Steve Moore of Physical Plant Theater; Sharon Bridgforth of root wy'mn; Ellsworth Schave at Live Oak Theatre; Kirk Smith, Aaron Brown, and Chad Salvata at VORTEX Repertory Company..."

Rattling Our Stage
A Survey of Austin's Rebel Theatre Scene
Arts Story  April 10, 1998
"...Physical Plant Theater: Mythic Undertow..."

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