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SINIS Live at Dante's Pleasure Palace (Hypeshop)
Texas Platters
Music Review  December 3, 1999, by Greg Beets
"...SINISLive at Dante's Pleasure Palace (Hypeshop) In the Austin School of Big Dumb Rock, you can't get much bigger or dumber than Sinis. And that's a good thing..."

Sinis Electromagnetized (Hypeshop)
Texas Platters
Music Review  August 25, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...SinisElectromagnetized (Hypeshop) Especially with the jagged, reverse "S's" in their logo (which they recently got rid of), the obvious reference point for Sinis would be Kiss, but in spirit, they owe just as much to AC/DC -- and Spinal Tap, for that matter -- as they do to Gene, Paul, Peter, and Ace. Most of their licks are reconfigurations from the Kiss Alive I, II, and III era of rock, but Johnny Thundernips' vocals are too whiskey-soaked to evoke more than a few Kiss numbers, and they're also self-aware almost to the point of self-parody (intentionally, that is, unlike Kiss)..."

Dancing About Architecture
Carrie Clark quits Sixteen Deluxe; Sire Records is in a muddle.
Music Column  June 30, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...If putting Texas Flood in the walkman and staring at the statue doesn't do enough for you, take note that the new Guitar World has an incredible five Stevie Ray Vaughan interviews this week, four of which are previously unpublished (and the fifth is the old Austin Sun piece we ran a photo outtake from a while back)... On July 1, Sinis is having a party featuring "some sexy girls with hot meat in their hands!" and a wet T-shirt contest ("That means WET TITS!" they explain)..."

1999-2000 Award Winners
Music Story  March 17, 2000
"...3. SINIS..."

Dancing About Architecture
Last call for SXSW entries.
Music Column  November 17, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...Coming in December: The Finks play the entire Ventures Christmas album... How did tongue-in-(ass) cheek metal band SINIS, whose promotional materials include condoms, tubes of sexual lubricant, and specially printed "cum towels," get hooked up with a "by women, for women" Web site? Well, the guys in the band "love women, they love promoting women, their beauty, and their sexuality, and they are very respectful of women," says SINIS' press liaison Killer Juggs (not her real name)..."

Takin' it to the streets with the Dixie Chicks, Real Heroes, Ash, and Onion Creek Crawdaddies
Music Column  May 30, 2003, by Christopher Gray
"...Most folks assumed they had to be kidding. "People were thinking we were parodying big rock, like SINIS or something," says guitarist Paul "Hi-Watt" English..."

SXSW Music Festival
Picks & Sleepers
Music Story  March 17, 2000
"...SINIS: Full of sound and fury signifying ROCK!, Austin's SINIS brings the Seventies arena rock experience to the small club with flashing light logos, pyrotechnics, synchronized headbanging, and big, BIG anthemic rock songs with crushing power chords. Did I mention that this is ROCK?..."

Dancing About Architecture
In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lunch
Music Column  April 1, 1999, by Ken Lieck
"...Fans of Angus Young can bring cards and gifts to the Flamingo Cantina this Saturday as SINIS, Supagroup, Pure Rubbish, and Dr. Jellyfinger salute the AC/DC legend's birthday..."

Dancing About Architecture
My Fair Ladies
Music Column  July 31, 1998, by Ken Lieck
"..."Johnny Thundernips has not died of alcohol poisoning, and Sinis has not signed to Sony," says band manager Krank von Shaftt, following a "crazy week of congratulations and condolences." He's not sure where the Sony thing even came from, though he says metalmeisters Sinis have received interest from MCA and Reprise, but the death rumors (always good for a career boost) stem from Thundernips passing out last Wednesday following a show at the Flamingo Cantina with his side project Ronnie and Donnie featuring former Skatenigs member Ronnie Blacklabel (not his real name). A trip to the emergency room later, T-nips was diagnosed as having had an "allergic reaction to alcohol," and has since recovered..."

Dancing About Architecture
Sweaty-sniffing, Credential-pressing
Music Column  February 20, 1998, by Ken Lieck
"...Needless to say, nothing's gonna keep me away from the Damned show tonight (Thursday) at the Atomic Cafe, as Captain Sensible, Dave Vanian, and their newest back-up ensemble (Garrie Dreadful, Monty the Moron, and former Sister of Mercy Patricia Morrison) bring their neat noise to Austin for the first time since they played Club Foot in 1984. I have to give some ink and at least a peek in the window to Sinis, however, for their perseverance in bombarding my mailbox with teaser flyers, condoms ("the good kind," notes a Chronicle receptionist), press releases and (mostly) softcore pornographic images, all leading up to their "preview" show tonight from 9:30-10pm at the Flamingo Cantina (opening for Honky, Fuckemos, and Thangs)..."

Freescale's Road to Austin is paved with good intentions, Lions get ready to roar on Guitar Hero 3, the Parish thinks locally, and the Texas Music Museum's barely-tapped treasure trove
Music Column  May 18, 2007, by Christopher Gray

Come sail away with Peter & the Wolf, mellow out with Summer Wardrobe, and reflect on some mighty fine cock-rock from SINIS.
Music Column  May 12, 2006, by Christopher Gray

Dancing About Architecture
That was the week that was in the Live Music Capital…
Music Column  December 7, 2001, by Ken Lieck
"...Just make sure you get outta there when the clock strikes 2am!... Sinis' next-to-last show is this Saturday at the Flamingo Cantina..."

Dancing About Architecture
Music Column  November 16, 2001, by Ken Lieck
"...Following a New Year's Eve gig at Lucy's, the band will play their farewell show in January. Sinis, on the other hand, have declared their New Year's gig at the Flamingo Cantina will be their last, plain and simple..."

Dancing About Architecture
Our resident Marshmallow Peep relates the news and hearsay in and around the Live Music Capital...
Music Column  April 6, 2001, by Ken Lieck
"...Speaking of festivals, don't forget this weekend, April 6-8, is the big Old Settlers Fest in Dripping Springs (another former home to Woodshock!), featuring the Charlie Daniels Band, John Hartford & the Hartford String Band, Peter Rowan's Texas Trio, Tim O'Brien, Jim Lauderdale, Rod Moag, Nickel Creek, Terri Hendrix Band, Peter Keane Trio, Flounders Without Eyes, Blueground Undergrass, and many more, with info at If that's not your cup of rotgut, you might just settle in for the "Unsettled Turds Fest," more politely being referred to as the Grass Roots Fest, this weekend at Room 710, with acts on Friday and Saturday including the Danged, High Horse, Bluegrass Drive-By, Gravy Boat, and that teaming of members of Sinis, Free Range Bastards, Skatenigs, and the Ian Moore Band known as the Bearded Clamdiggers...."

Dancing About Architecture
SXSW begins
Music Column  March 16, 2001, by Ken Lieck
"...If you don't have the time or energy to attend SXSW events like Stephen Malkmus of Pavement at the Austin Music Hall (Saturday, 12:45am) or anti-SXSW soirees like the Monsters of Mullet at the Flamingo Cantina with Sinis, Ignorance Park, Broken Teeth and 10 others (Saturday, noon-2am), plan to be bombarded from all sides with SXSW week via radio and television. Besides national coverage from MTV, VH1, and the like, all the local TV channels will be swimming in local music during their usual news schedules (judging from the promos running so far, we're especially hoping for good things from KNVA 54/cable channel 12)..."

Identity Crisis
Looking back at the highlights of Austin's music scene in 2000.
Music Story  January 5, 2001, by Christopher Gray
"...After 2000, it's a good thing another year with three zeros won't be along for another millennium. We won't even get into the Austin Titty Limits Web site, the redneck/Primal Scream football-induced donnybrook at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Jon Blondell being carted off to the clink after showing up to play a school benefit at the Governor's Mansion, Yo-Yo Ma's surprise double bill with Kathleen Hanna's Le Tigre, KISS nearly suing their biggest fans SINIS over copyrighted "Ss," former Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan's Buchananesque racial epithets, or Kitty Gordon's Nina Singh being smuggled past immigration in the trunk of a car at the Canadian border..."

Dancing About Architecture
Freddy Fender is diagnosed with Hepatitis C, as news comes in that Direct Events owner and longtime local live music promoter Tim O'Connor is getting ready to retire.
Music Column  November 24, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...Latest live TV appearance by an Austin band was Fastball (of course) on Charmed last week... Equal time for equal porn: Last week I plugged SINIS' link-up (no pun intended) with the female-run erotic site"

Dancing About Architecture
Don Walser and Willie Nelson come up winners; Sixth Street still not quite dead.
Music Column  September 29, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...Show and Prove sports an events calendar for hip-hoppers, essays, scene chatter, and a review of Tee Double's own TX Resident disc by none other than -- Tee Double! (Ha, instead of "Texas Platters," this time see "Beat Box".) The zine is available at Starseeds and at the Back Pocket (2508 Guadalupe)... The Sexy Finger Champs have their Japan sendoff fundraiser this Saturday at the Red Eyed Fly with Playdoh Squad and Sinis..."

Dancing About Architecture
Austin Jazz & Arts Festival doesn't need saving after all; the strange sounds coming from Austin's backyards; barbecue to replace Austin Blues; Honky attacked by lesbians in Chicago!; and more news from the Live Music Capital of the World.
Music Column  September 10, 1999, by Ken Lieck
"...The visuals-happy 7% folks took advantage of the situation during Friday's show to set up a sheet and a video projector to create a show mixing moody music with computer imagery, and soon the venue will be purchasing and setting up a permanent projector for the outdoor shows as well as starting a weekly series of movie showings on the patio. That's a while off still, but plans definitely call for the movie Frankenstein to accompany Hallowe'en sets by SINIS and Pocket FishRmen..."

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