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SB 1/HB 2: How a Lie Becomes a Law
GOP steamrolls through abortion bill vote
News Story  July 12, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...Jodie Laub­en­berg's sweeping abortion regulations bill. Laubenberg, R-Parker, said repeatedly during more than 10 hours of debate on the House floor that her bill is "carefully written" and quickly moved to table any changes or additions to the text..."

SB 1 Conference Committee Complete
Speaker Joe Straus announces the five reps that will negotiate budget with Senate
DAILY News  April 27, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...But the real question is how the two delegations will strike a balance between the $178 billion House budget and the $182 billion Senate version. Straus' press release after the break...."

SB 4 Ruling Means Cities Can Prioritize Public Safety
Full hearing to permanently block law awaits in coming months
DAILY News  September 1, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...While the judge issued a preliminary injunction, preventing the discriminatory law from taking effect today (Friday, Sept. 1), advocates and attorneys are hopeful they will eventually succeed in permanently slapping down the law as the lawsuit proceeds...."

Austin Wages Legal Battle Against SB 4 in Court
Austin filing argues SB 4 violates U.S. Constitution
DAILY News  June 2, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...The law, set to take effect on Sept. 1, would force local police to comply with voluntary U.S..."

“Cruel” Anti-Abortion SB 8 Sent to Gov’s Desk to Become Law
Expect a court challenge over "unconstitutional" bill
DAILY News  May 26, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...The most sweeping anti-choice bill since 2013’s House Bill 2 now moves to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for an expected signature...."

Planned Parenthood Sues Texas Over Anti-Choice Bill SB 8
Health providers hope to strike down second-trimester abortion ban
DAILY News  July 20, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Greg Abbott earlier this summer. The rule, slipped in as a House amendment in the eleventh hour, bans D&E, effectively outlawing the safest and most common method of second trimester abortion (as few as 12 weeks of pregnancy)..."

Bills of the Week: House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1
Texas Lege looks to finalize budget deal
News Column  May 28, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1Authors: Rep. John Otto, R-Dayton; and Sen..."

The Challenge to SB 4
Opponents to "sanctuary cities" bill ready for court battles
News Story  May 11, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Even before the upper chamber directed SB 4 to Abbott, there were rumblings of a constitutional challenge; however, groups aren't announcing litigation prior to officially filing. In a press call, Terri Burke of the ACLU of Texas called SB 4 a "shameful" invitation to racial profiling of Latinos, Asians, or anyone who looks "foreign." Her colleagues in Arizona were among the parties that sought to block that state's like-minded SB 1070..."

The Damage Done by SB 4
Court records reveal impact of the "show me your papers" bill on immigrant lives
News Story  July 20, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in Austin, his eyes scanned social media channels and online community groups for the latest news. The intense distraction caused the 17-year-old Rundberg-area high school student's grades to slip, and teachers began noticing the added stress..."

Austin, Texas Cities Promise Legal Fight Against SB 4
City Council to vote on SB 4 lawsuit resolution Thursday
DAILY News  May 16, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Local leaders from across Texas banded together Tuesday (May 16) on the Capitol‘s south steps to announce joint plans to file suit against the anti-immigrant Senate Bill 4 (signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this month) on grounds that the impending law violates the U.S..."

SB 4 on Campus
How will campus policing change when the anti-immigrant law goes into effect?
News Story  August 24, 2017, by Maria Mendez
"..."But Texas is also now leading the charge to have DACA rescinded." (Attorney General Ken Paxton has vowed to sue the federal government if DACA is not rescinded by Sept. 5.) [inset-1-right]..."

Austin to Fed Judge: Dismiss State’s SB 4 Suit
City attorneys question the timing of the state's pre-emptive strike
News Story  June 1, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...(SB 4 doesn't take effect until Sept. 1.)..."

Faith-Based Opposition to SB 4
Court briefs filed in support of cities' suit against state
DAILY News  August 1, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...On Monday, July 31, Rev. Chuck Freeman of Austin’s Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry; the Episcopal Diocese of Texas; a handful of other faith leaders; and Texas Impact, a statewide interfaith organization that includes Jewish, Christian, and Muslim members, filed court briefs in support of the Texas cities suing the state to stop the so-called “sanctuary cities” bill from taking effect on Sept..."

SB 4: Texas Cities Get Their Day in Court
Advocates are optimistic following judge's critical line of questioning
News Story  June 29, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Judge Orlando Garcia halt the so-called "sanctuary cities" law, slated to take effect Sept. 1...."

Faith-Based Opposition to SB 4
Court briefs filed in support of cities' suit against state
News Story  August 3, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Religious leaders are standing firm against anti-immigrant Senate Bill 4, passed during the regular legislative session. On Mon., July 31, Rev..."

Forecasting SB 4’s Future
U.S. Judge Sam Sparks heard arguments in his federal court
News Story  July 6, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Attorney General Ken Paxton is asking Sparks to rule the impending law constitutional before its enactment on Sept. 1..."

Adler, Council Members File Motion for Preliminary Injunction Against SB 4
Monday filing contests pending anti-immigration law
News Story  June 22, 2017, by Mary Tuma

Lawmaker Files Bill to Strike SB 4
Ft. Worth representative wants to repeal the anti-immigrant law
News Story  July 13, 2017, by Mary Tuma

Tania Silva vs. SB 4
Mentally ill undocumented woman would not have been held on ICE detainer if not for anti-immigrant law
News Story  August 9, 2018, by Mary Tuma
"...An ICE hold on mentally ill undocumented 21-year-old Tania Silva was lifted following public pressure from advocacy groups and politicians. Silva was arrested in July and charged with assault of a public servant after she allegedly became aggressive toward Austin police officers while undergoing a mental health crisis that included potential self-harm..."

SB 4 on Thin ICE
A ruling in San Antonio spells trouble for state law
News Story  June 15, 2017, by Mary Tuma

Communists! GOP Sees Reds Under the SB 5 Bed
New conspiracy theory: Bill opponents no longer mob, now Stalinists
DAILY News  June 28, 2013, by Richard Whittaker

Reefer Roundup 1/12/11
News from the War on Drugs – Pat Robertson says legalize it?
DAILY News  January 12, 2011, by Jordan Smith
"...Regular Reefer readers know that Texas' asset forfeiture system is bad at best and, on occasion, actually amounts to highway robbery, as was the case in the East Texas town of Tenaha, where police were literally ripping off pass-through motorists under the color of law. Whitmire's SB 316 would be a good first step to fixing the problem..."

SB 1031: The new exams
News Story  June 29, 2007, by Richard Whittaker
"...Senate Bill 1031, carried by Plano Republican Florence Shapiro (effective Sept. 1), will kill off the roundly hated Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test (by very slow degrees), but it won't get rid of the idea and practice of universal testing..."

We're No. 1!
Texas prepares to mark its 300th contemporary execution.
News Column  February 21, 2003, by Michael King
"...According to the current schedule -- handily maintained online by the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice ( ) -- on March 12, Delma Banks Jr..."

Senate Hearing on Abortion Regs Bill Underway
Hearing expected to last 16 hours
DAILY News  July 8, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...Texas Senate staffers had a procedure for registering witnesses up and running like a well-oiled machine hours before the Health and Human Services Committee convened this morning to consider Senate Bill 1, the Senate's version of the sweeping abortion regulations measure being considered during this second-called special session...."

Special Session Update Updated
What's happened so far in the 81(1)
DAILY News  July 1, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...10am: House and Senate supposed to gavel in..."

Special Bills for a Special Session
UPDATE: Measures mix unfinished business, new ideas, grandstanding
DAILY News  May 31, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...To consider legislation relating to fiscal matters necessary for the implementation of House Bill No. 1 as passed by the 82nd Legislature, Regular Session, including measures that will allow school districts to operate more efficiently...."

Marathon House Debate Yields “Show Me Your Papers” Sanctuary Cities Bill
Amendment lets cops question detainees' immigration status
DAILY News  April 27, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Following a 16-hour debate on Wednesday, the Texas House at around 3am approved an even harsher version of the so-called “sanctuary cities” bill than what was originally proposed on the floor...."

Perry's Vexing Vetoes
Perry kills 24 more bills
News Story  June 21, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...With the veto deadline passing June 16, the body count of dead bills stands at 26, plus line-item vetoes on both the 2014-2015 biennial budget in Senate Bill 1, and the supplemental appropriations in House Bill 1025. While the Legislature could theoretically override Perry's veto by a two-thirds majority in both chambers, as Speaker Joe Straus informed his House colleagues, that's never happened...."

Perry's Veto Axe Comes Down
Democrats and Republicans of all stripes and experience hit
DAILY News  June 17, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...The most headline-grabbing burst of red ink was his decision to cut $7.5 million in funding in Senate Bill 1 (the state budget) for the Public Integrity Unit. That's the only office in Texas charged with investigating lawmakers..."

Our Bodies, Our Cities
Austin and Beyond
News Column  January 28, 1999, by Erica C. Barnett
"...Krusee has filed two annexation bills so far. One would allow courts to assess penalties on cities that fail to provide promised services to territories they annex.1 The other has several provisions: It would limit the amount by which a city's extraterritorial jurisdiction is extended when an area is annexed; require cities to identify areas that might be annexed three years in advance; require cities to provide full fire, police and emergency services immediately after annexation, and other services within two and a half years..."

Senate Speeds Through Anti-Choice Bills
Senate prioritizes anti-abortion bills during special session
DAILY News  July 25, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Meanwhile, the full Senate gave preliminary approval to SB 10 by Sen. Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, which requires doctors to report abortion complications to the state health department within 72 hours (currently requirements allow for 30 days) and submit information including the patient’s race, marital status, and number of previous abortions..."

In Pre-emptive Attack, Texas Files Suit Against Austin Over "Sanctuary Cities"
Paxton asks federal court to find anti-immigrant law constitutional
DAILY News  May 8, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...As part of their argument against the County, attorneys cite the 142 detainer requests denied by Travis County between Jan. 28 and Feb..."

The Father's Day Massacre
A brief analysis of a number of Gov. Perry's vetoes
News Column  June 29, 2001, by Michael King
"...On June 17, Gov. Rick Perry vetoed 78 bills passed during the recently adjourned 77th session of the Texas Legislature..."

Live at the Lege
The Chronicle counts down to sine die
DAILY News  May 29, 2017, by the News Staff
"...God bless him.— Rep..."

Point Austin: Through the Lege Looking-Glass
Alice's tea party was never as mad as the Lege this session
News Column  March 9, 2017, by Michael King
"...Dan Patrick compared Senate Bill 6, his heroic Defense of the Toilet Stalls, to the quintessential Texas foundation myth: the Battle of the Alamo. "Today, on this day," Patrick declared, "189 people sacrificed their lives at the Alamo because they believed in something" (Texas Observer, March 7)..."

The Battle for the Springs: A Chronology
News Story  August 9, 2002
"...People call it "The Soul of the City," and if you haven't been in a while, you owe yourself a visit to refresh your soul -- maybe this Sunday, Aug. 11, for the SOS Anniversary party (details in the Community listings)...."

Lege Lines: Resistance in the “Sanctuary”
Assessing the fallout after SB 4’s passage
News Story  May 4, 2017, by Mary Tuma

Lege Lines: Don’t Blame the Death Worm
The Texas House wants to kill off "film incentives"
News Story  April 13, 2017, by Richard Whittaker and the News Staff
"...Hyperconservatives like Matt Shaheen hate incentives. During last week's House discussion of Senate Bill 1, the draft budget for the upcoming biennium, the GOP representative from Plano railed about Texas taxpayers subsidizing films..."

Texas Bathroom Bill Battle Officially Begins
Sen. Kolkhorst has filed the Texas Privacy Act
DAILY News  January 5, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...Transwomen are the most targeted population within the LGBTQ community. According to a 2014 survey from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, transwomen are 1.6 times more likely to experience physical violence and “1.4 times more likely to experience hate violence in public areas” than their cisgender counterparts..."

Perry's Pride: Not So Special Tally
Perry always declares victory, even when he loses
News Story  July 8, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...1) School finance: This was the big unfinished business from the regular session. Finally, to the satisfaction of apparently no one, lawmakers passed Senate Bill 1, accompanied by school finance "reforms"; SB 2, releasing the actual funds for public education; SB 6, replacing the textbook allotment and the technology allotment with a combined instructional materials allotment; and SB 8, which grants schools districts a slew of new powers to unilaterally renegotiate teacher contracts..."

Republicans Search for New Normal
GOP rift appears in approach to education cuts
News Story  June 17, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...During the last two weeks, the House and Senate passed two key pieces of school finance legislation: the funding reforms in Senate Bill 1 and the 2012-13 school finance appropriation in SB 2. Combined, these have come to be known as the Eissler-Shapiro plan..."

Abbott Signs "Sanctuary Cities" Bill Into Law
Anti-immigrant bill to take effect on Sept. 1
DAILY News  May 7, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...The law also allows the removal of any elected or appointed official who does not comply with the law. Two weeks ago the Texas House held a 16-hour debate on SB 4, where Democrats sought unsuccessfully to soften the extreme piece of legislation, before sending it to the Senate for final approval..."

Lege Lines: The “Sanctuary Cities” Bill's Detrimental Effect
Can anybody reasonably testify in support of SB 4?
News Story  March 23, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Though she was barely tall enough to reach the microphone, 11-year-old Jaylin Castro stepped up to the podium before the House State Affairs Committee last Wed­nes­day, March 15, and bravely pleaded for state lawmakers to vote against the so-called "sanctuary cities" bill, Senate Bill 4. The fifth grader, the youngest of four children, said her father, an undocumented resident who came to the United States from Mexico as a teenager, is hard-working, supportive, and deserves to live without the fear of deportation...."

Keel's Firestorm
A bill that critics charged would have increased the pace of Texas executions dies and takes a judicial pay raise bill down with it
News Story  June 10, 2005, by Jordan Smith
"...Amidst a flurry of last-minute legislative sparks, a bill that critics charged would have increased the pace of Texas' already accelerated executions finally died. And House Bill 268 didn't go down alone – with it to the grave went long-awaited judicial pay raises, legislative pensions, and millions in additional state funding for indigent defense...."

Cottage Industries
Eating locally never tasted so sweet
Food Story  November 25, 2011, by Melanie Haupt
"...According to the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance's Judith McGeary, who worked closely with Reps. Lois Kolkhorst and Eddie Rodriguez on their respective bills at the beginning of the 2011 legislative session, the impetus behind the cottage food law (also known as Senate Bill 81) is a growing "interest from the consumers' side for value-added food..."

Texas House Advances Anti-Choice Package Bill
SB 8 bans safest type of second trimester abortion
DAILY News  May 19, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Cindy Burkett, R-Sunnyvale, also bans the donation of fetal tissue from abortion to medical research and redundantly outlaws a procedure anti-choice politicians refer to as “partial birth abortion.” The procedure refers to intact dilation and extraction (D&X), barred by the Supreme Court in 2007. After six hours of intense debate on Friday, May 19, the House advanced the broad measure with a 96-47 vote...."

AISD Waits for 'Broken Promise'
School districts hold breath as Lege divvies up budget cuts
News Story  June 3, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Legislature knows how much it will spend on schools – now the Austin Independent School District, and every other district, is waiting to see how it spreads the cuts. In House Bill 1, lawmakers approved $54 billion in school funding for the next biennium..."

Special Session Could End in Fireworks
Governor wants a short and sweet special session
News Story  July 3, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...If Gov. Rick Perry gets his way, the legislative special session that starts on July 1 will be over before the July 4 holiday...."

Leading the Charge
On the Lege
  May 19, 1995, by Robert Bryce
"...The Glory of Being Glen: Leading what he calls a "rag-tag army of environmentalists, consumers, women, children, gays, and lesbians," Rep. Glen Maxey (D-Austin) is finishing what may be his most successful term so far. Though he's been around the Lege since 1981, first as a legislative aide, then as a lobbyist for gay and lesbian organizations, Maxey hit his stride this session - his third - as floor whip for the Legislative Study Group (LSG), the liberal counterpart to the Conservative Caucus..."

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