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'La Víctima': An old message still needing to be heard
As Teatro Vivo stages La Víctima, a groundbreaking look at Mexican-U.S. immigration, Rupert Reyes and Jorge Huerta discuss the play's origins and relevance
Arts Story  March 23, 2007, by Belinda Acosta
"...Rupert Reyes and Jorge Huerta met in 1974, when Reyes was a theatre major at UT-Austin and Huerta, who was just starting his academic career, was giving a talk on Chicano and U.S. Latino theatre and El Teatro de la Esperanza, a theatre group he helped found at UC-Santa Barbara..."

Petra's Pecado
Rupert Reyes' bilingual comedy 'Petra's Pecado' hits the audience with Mexican culture like a well-wrapped enchilada washed down with a frosty margarita
Arts Review  July 29, 2005, by Patti Hadad
"...Petra Dominguez, the heroine of Rupert Reyes' comedic trilogy (Petra's Pecado, Petra's Cuento, and Petra's Sueno), is a scheming wife and mother who runs a tortilla factory. In Petra's Pecado, she has sinned, and the new priest at her church decides that her penance will be to direct a play based on the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe..."

Rodrigo Duarte-Clark
Playwright Rodrigo Duarte Clark discusses the genesis of his play, 'Doña Rosita's Jalapeño Kitchen,' and the new production being mounted by Austin's Teatro Vivo
Arts Story  February 10, 2006, by Barry Pineo
"...In the case of Teatro Vivo, because the people involved are people I trust, I let them decide how to approach the piece. Rupert [Reyes, Teatro Vivo's artistic director] joined our company [San Francisco's El Teatro de la Esperanza] in the late Seventies..."

Latino New Play Festival
Teatro Vivo follows its hit inaugural fest with readings of three more works by Latino writers
Arts Story  April 6, 2012, by Robert Faires
"...This weekend, Teatro Vivo follows up on that initial success with another trio of dramas fresh from the keyboards of Latino playwrights. For the second round, Artistic Director Rupert Reyes sought scripts from beyond the state's borders as well as inside them and made room specifically for younger voices..."

Teatro Vivo: Giving Voice to Its Own
In a departure, the company mounts a program of plays by four of its artists
Arts Story  August 15, 2008, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"..."This production is a way for the artists in our group to do something that relates not to them as Latinos but as artists," says Artistic Director Rupert Reyes, who is also one of the four playwrights. "We hope to show a little bit of flexibility in our company."..."

Teatro Vivo's La Pastorela
This new take on the old Christmas tale has the shepherds' rough edges but a heart of gold
Arts Review  December 17, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...Teatro Vivo's current take on this 500-year-old, continuously reinvented yuletide drama is much in keeping with the lowly status of its wayfaring protagonists. In addition to their humble clothes (supplied by costume designer Anya Reyes), the set by Zac Crofford is a simple structure of plywood platforms with burlap netting laid over them to suggest rocky desert terrain..."

Cuento Navideño: Bah Humbug in the Barrio
A Latina Scrooge has a change of heart in this sweet adaptation of A Christmas Carol
Arts Review  December 16, 2011, by Robert Faires
"...What playwright and director Rupert Reyes has managed with everyone's favorite yuletide skinflint in this new Teatro Vivo production is nothing less than a full-body makeover: dress, race, and gender. But his transformation of the 19th century Londoner into a latter-day Latina isn't merely cosmetic..."

Keeping Track
Erica Saenz has written an admirably funny family comedy that's all sweetness
Arts Review  April 23, 2010, by Barry Pineo
"...Perhaps it's because the company so often does domestic comedies like this original script by Erica Saenz, the Austin writer-performer's first full-length play. Or perhaps it's because Teatro Vivo has always been a family thing, run by the team of Rupert Reyes and Jo Ann Carreon-Reyes..."

La Víctima
The passionate revival of the 30-year-old Chicano Movement classic La Víctima has to be Teatro Vivo's strongest production to date
Arts Review  March 30, 2007, by Patti Hadad
"...Mexican-American Silvestre Reyes was born in Texas, fought in the Vietnam War, and went on to fight illegal immigrants as chief patrol agent for the El Paso Border Patrol. Currently, he's a state representative and the "nation's leading illegal immigration expert" in the Texas House of Representatives..."

Playwright / actor Rupert Reyes pays tribute to his father and the pull of the past in this sweet comic romance
Arts Review  August 14, 2014, by Stacy Alexander Smith
"...Aeschylus said, "Memory is the mother of all wisdom." It certainly served Tennessee Williams well, and indeed this story's young Samuel (Mario Ramirez) – who alternates between addressing the audience directly and living inside his family drama – shares a few technical commonalities with The Glass Menagerie's Tom Wingfield. Yet, while Tom looks back with some bitterness and a distinct lack of empathy toward his mother, Samuel is full of affection for his father, Roberto (Rupert Reyes), even in the elder's most curmudgeonly moments...."

The First Time
Austin artists reveal the intimate details of how they got their muse on
Arts Story  July 17, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...Nelson teaches improv and performs regularly at The New Movement, 1819 Rosewood. Rupert Reyes..."

Voces de Vivo: Voces de la Cultura Latina
Four very different short dramas that share a similar sense of wonder about life
Arts Review  August 22, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...In "2 Souls & a Promise," by Artistic Director Rupert Reyes, the thread is woven into a vow between two lovers who believe their spirits will pass into new bodies after death. They promise to look for each other in their next lives, and after one dies unexpectedly, the other eventually finds himself face to face with his beloved's reborn soul, though not in the way he imagined..."

Petra's Cuento
With Teatro Vivo's enjoyable revival of the bilingual comedy 'Petra's Cuento,' no matter what language the characters are speaking, it's a language you'll understand
Arts Review  July 28, 2006, by Barry Pineo
"...You may not understand every word being said, but you'll understand everything that's happening. Rupert Reyes, the writer, co-director, and one of the actors in the show, understands how to write comedy..."

Salvage Vanguard Theater's With Great Difficulty Alice Sits
Hannah Kenah's new play presents an unsettling battle of wills between a mother and daughter before birth
Arts Review  November 17, 2016, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...Eventually, even Alice can't prevent time from moving forward, and something – not sure what, but something – goes disastrously wrong. A doctor (Rupert Reyes) visits, but he offers Heath very little that helps him understand what has happened...."

Teatro Vivo’s EL
Raul Garza's new play explores the power of the storyteller
Arts Review  September 22, 2016, by Roxanne Schroeder-Arce
"...While at times quite realistic, EL also includes several out-of-its-own-world elements. About 20 minutes in, Cabeza (Rupert Reyes), a pink talking cow head, begins to speak to Gustavo..."

Top 10 (+1) Theatre Riches of 2015
Wild theatrical energy and masterful performances were the hallmarks of outstanding theatre in 2015
Arts Story  December 31, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...Just a girl alone in a basement acting out the Cinderella story, but the playing of it was pure enchantment, thanks to the charm of Rupert Reyes' script; the clever, witty use of household objects as puppets by Caroline Reck; and the vivacity of actor Gricelda Silva, who brings to every role a magic all her own. 8) The Christians (Hyde Park Theatre)..."

Zach Theatre wondrously conjures the enchantment of Cinderella's tale and a child's imagination
Arts Review  May 14, 2015, by Elissa Russell
"...Cenicienta accomplishes what children's theatre should at its best: providing an imaginative tale that's captivating for children and adults alike, while incorporating cultural and educational facets that pique curiosity and invite further investigation. A collaboration with Teatro Vivo, with script by Rupert Reyes and Caroline Reck, who also directed, the production is rife with Spanish phrases, but not so many so that nonspeakers would find themselves confused..."

This drama of Chilean exiles in Wisconsin is a play of rare beauty that speaks to loss, hope, and regret in ways we seldom see
Arts Review  November 1, 2013, by Dan Solomon
"...Hickey balances a warm playfulness with an abiding melancholy, while Duchene-Phillips reveals flickers of the passion that led her character to believe in Allende's Chile behind her matronly stoicism. All of the adults – the parents and Ignacio (Rupert Reyes) – are people whose stories are mostly in the past, which the actors convey with subtle notes of sadness...."

Rosita's Jalapeño Kitchen
In Teatro Vivo's staging of 'Rosita's Jalapeño Kitchen,' a full cast acts as ingredients for recognized recipes to Mexican life
Arts Review  February 17, 2006, by Patti Hadad
"...Her advice to use vegetable oil to make tortillas because it is good for the cholesterol is sanguine and picante. Rosita's familia might be related to Petra Dominguez, the matriarch in Rupert Reyes' series for Teatro Vivo..."

Following 'Suit'
'Zoot Suit' revival, symposium track the impact of Luis Valdez's powerful play then and now
Arts Story  September 17, 2004, by Belinda Acosta
"...When Zoot Suit premiered, Teatro Vivo Artistic Director Rupert Reyes was working with another California theatre group, El Teatro de la Esperanza. "The play was a marker for me," he says..."

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