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Believing the Children
In 1992, Fran and Danny Keller were convicted of multiple counts of child sexual abuse at their Oak Hill day care center and sent to prison for 48 years. It's likely they were innocent. Indeed, it's very likely that no crime ever occurred – except an absurd and overzealous prosecution
News Story  March 27, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...Roger Wade, now the affable spokesman for the Travis Co. Sheriff's Office, was the department's only child abuse investigator at the time..."

Sheriff's Office Draws Heat for Helping ICE
County's willingness to oblige feds prompts backlash
News Story  March 21, 2008, by Patricia J. Ruland
"...Then, on Feb. 27, Hamilton arranged a meeting between the public and ICE, in the interest of transparency, according to Public Information Officer Roger Wade..."

S-Comm Emails
Sheriff and ICE eager pen pals
News Story  October 9, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"..."Sheriff and Roger," begins an April 1 email to Hamilton and TCSO spokesman Roger Wade, from Richard Rocha, Enforce­ment and Removal Operations deputy chief of staff in San Antonio. "I wasn't sure if you were planning on putting out a release after all..."

Getting a Ticket Beats Going to Jail
APD nips arrest policy to address jail overcrowding
News Story  October 10, 2008, by Jordan Smith
"...1, 2007. Last fall, TCSO spokesman Roger Wade said his office estimated that some 7,000 people booked into the jail in 2006 would have qualified for cite-and-release, saving the county about $1.2 million..."

Finley Murder Mystery Unravels
After more than a month of searching for the aspiring singer / songwriter, sheriff's investigators charge victim's aunt and uncle with her murder
News Story  April 28, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...Bunton and Holmes were pulled over in Abilene driving Finley's silver Hyundai sedan; investigators found human remains in the trunk, later identified as Finley. "This has been very emotional," TCSO spokesman Roger Wade said, "in part, because we've been dealing so closely with the family."..."

Beaten at the Jailhouse?
An Austin woman claims a misdemeanor arrest led to a beating at the hands of Travis Co. jail guards
News Story  January 17, 2003, by Jordan Smith
"...According to TCSO spokesman Roger Wade, jail records reflect that during her incarceration, "There was an incident noted, that she had assaulted a guard." Steele admits she did bite a guard during her early-morning beating and says the guards threatened to charge her with assault. They never did..."

Disputing the "Deputy' in Deputy Ruiz
Can a deputy still be a deputy without swearing to oaths required by law? One lawyer doesn't think so.
News Story  September 13, 2002, by Jordan Smith
"...sheriff's and the district attorney's offices dispute the claim. "We're confident that what they have is groundless," said TCSO spokesman Roger Wade..."

Quantum of Solace
It's grim, dark, and relentlessly violent – James Bond as Terminator rather than Templar – but it delivers the goods in bloody high style.
Film Review  November 14, 2008, by Marc Savlov
"...Meanwhile, back at MI6, Dench's M is becoming increasingly paranoid about the mysterious "Quantum" group, Giannini's ever-helpful Mathis is possibly setting himself up for a major fall, and Bond is bloodier and more enraged than we've ever seen him. Paul Haggis' script (with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade) focuses not on the wages of sin but of vengeance, and they appear to be considerably more corruptive..."

Raped by the Players
A lawsuit against an Austin dot-com firm reveals a world of fast times.
News Story  January 18, 2002, by Jordan Smith
"...Sheriff's Office spokesman Roger Wade said that it is not "extremely unusual" that the deputies responding to Capece's call did not go to the Ibenhards' to interview potential suspects/witnesses. While he said he could not speak for the motivation of the specific deputies who took the call, he said that various factors, including how many other emergency calls were pending, could influence the deputies' decision..."

Naked City
Sheriff's department officers raid a Hazy Hills woman's backyard seeking phantom pot.
News Story  May 25, 2001, by Jordan Smith
"...Sheriff's office spokesman Roger Wade says his department is investigating the incident for "any violations of policies or procedures." "We're contacting everyone who was involved to get their stories [about what happened] in writing," he says. Wade says he isn't sure what prompted the raid, but that generally "these things get started from people who call in and say, 'I've seen something,' or, 'I think something is going on.'"..."

New Name, Same Game
S-Comm's end hasn't lessened the fear of deportation for Travis County's immigrants
News Story  July 9, 2015, by Tony Cantú
"...Attempts to gain insight behind the scenes were summarily quashed. Sheriff Hamilton – who emerged as one of the nation's most aggressive practitioners of S-Comm and one of its staunchest defenders – declined to be interviewed by the Chronicle, sending word of his unavailability via spokesman Roger Wade..."

Daniel Craig's glum third go-’round as 007 is enhanced by fun turns by all the supporting players, as well as the film's exciting camerawork.
Film Review  November 9, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Noted killjoy Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road, Road to Perdition) might seem like a counterintuitive addition to the series, but it turns out he’s aces with action staging and set-pieces soaked in local flavor – a rooftop motorbike race above a Turkish bazaar, and a Shanghai skyscraper that makes clever use of that city’s scrolling neon advertisements. More predictable is that Mendes, working from a script by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and John Logan, would make the film top-heavy with character psychology..."

National Lampoon's Senior Trip
Remember in high school how there was one kid who had a wise-ass comment for everything and no matter how snide it was or how crude, it always cracked everybody...
Film Review  September 15, 1995, by Robert Faires
"...Starring: Matt Frewer, Valerie Mahaffey, Lawrence Dane, Tommy Chong, Kevin Mcdonald, Jeremy Renner, Rob Moore and Eric “sparky” Edwards. Remember in high school how there was one kid who had a wise-ass comment for everything and no matter how snide it was or how crude, it always cracked everybody up? Remember how there was also some goof who thought he was as funny as the wise-ass but wasn't? Whenever Wise-ass made a crack that got a big laugh, Goof would wade in with a line he knew would get the same reaction, but it just lay there, still and stiff like a dead bird..."

Naked City
F&W on EPA and Barton Springs, portable toilets for Sixth Street flushed, job vacancies at the Sheriff's office & lack of education at Barton Springs
News Story  July 27, 2001, by Michael King
"...It seems an overall shortage of employees is taking its toll on the Travis County Sheriff's Office, where currently there are at least 60 vacancies. TCSO spokesman Roger Wade said the reason for the shortage is twofold..."

Hamilton Digs In: Won't End 'S-Comm'
Travis County Sheriff bucks opposition
News Story  July 3, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...But S-Comm enforcer Hamilton was not swayed by Council's action. Asked for Hamilton's response, spokesman Roger Wade sent only a terse email: "I spoke to the sheriff and we have no reaction to the City Council's action..."

Despite Opposition, Sheriff 'S-Comm' Hamilton Rolls On
Hamilton holds firm despite 3rd Circuit ruling
News Story  May 29, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...Third Cir­cuit Court of Appeals confirming that the detainer requests are not mandatory, and an increasing number of local jurisdictions and law enforcement officials declining to participate. Hamilton was unavailable for comment last week, but Public Infor­ma­tion Officer Roger Wade offered a well-rehearsed response: "Sheriff* Hamilton has said he will honor ICE detainers, and we have no reason to change that view."..."

Keystone Kriminals
Burglars break into buidings under construction, leave digital photos of themselves behind
News Story  March 23, 2007, by Jordan Smith
"...The Travis County Sheriff's Office is on the hunt for a group of, arguably, Austin's clumsiest (if not just completely incompetent) criminals: According to TCSO spokesman Roger Wade, on Feb. 1, burglars broke into several "structures" under construction at 7400 Coldwater Canyon and stole various items worth about $5,000 in all – and they might have gotten away with it (or had a better chance, at least) if they hadn't left behind a digital camera with several pictures on it..."

Corrections Officers Demand Raise
The Travis County Sheriff's Officers Association is fighting for a fair pay raise for all sheriff's office employees -- particularly corrections officers.
News Story  August 23, 2002, by Jordan Smith
"...The county has $5.7 million in budget requests for raises, he says, but only $3.7 million to spend. "In the end I think the challenge is to look at them and be fair with the money that we have." Sheriff's office spokesman Roger Wade says Travis County's corrections officers are the highest paid in the state, and the fifth highest in the nation...."

Alleviating the Jail Squeeze
County Attorney Ken Oden has proposed a possible solution to the chronic overcrowding that has long plagued Travis Co. jails.
News Story  August 9, 2002, by Jordan Smith
"...Travis Co. Sheriff's Office spokesman Roger Wade estimates this measure would reduce the number of inmates by nearly half; In May, the average daily number of inmates was 2,793, of which 1,300 were in on Class C misdemeanor charges...."

Triggered Interest
In the wake of Sept. 11, more Texans want to pack heat.
News Story  December 21, 2001, by Dan Oko
"...The state's licensing process is stricter and more expensive than federal rules determining handgun ownership: Applicants must pay a $140 license fee, pass a background check for past felony convictions, drug or alcohol dependency, tax defaults or other offenses, and complete 10 to 15 hours of training in order to prove their proficiency in firing and caring for their guns. "Our job is to uphold the law," says Roger Wade, a spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff's Office..."

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