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Event Horizon
As festivals, crowds, and expenses proliferate – is Austin approaching major event overload?
News Story  July 12, 2013, by Mike Kanin
"...Rodney Gonzales is deputy director of the city's Economic Growth and Redevel­op­ment Services Office. He points to the significant growth of the city's population over recent years..."

Cronk Meets Job Creation Goals
City manager names candidates for new executive team
News Story  November 29, 2018, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Pantalion, who has been a top manager in Watershed Protection forever, now faces his own colleague/subordinate Rodney Gonzales, head of Development Services, as well as Corpus Christi ACM Sylvia Carrillo-Trevino, Madison (Wis.) economic development exec Paul Jadin, and former Dallas planning director Theresa O'Donnell. Hensley, hired in 2008 from Phoenix to lead the Parks and Recreation Department, is up against Cincinnati parks chief Daniel Betts, Philadelphia library director Siobhan Reardon, former Long Beach port spokesperson Noelia Rodriguez, and Washington (D.C.) public works head Chris Shorter..."

Death Watch: Where’s Your Evidence?
Exculpatory testimony, DNA at issue in two landmark cases
News Story  October 5, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...Supreme Court. Pruett has an outstanding appeal for a stay with Houston District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos; should that be denied, he'll become the sixth Texan executed this year...."

Public Notice: Where Does Money Come From?
Council's approach to money matters needs more work
News Column  April 2, 2015, by Nick Barbaro
"...Further down today's agenda is "a resolution directing the City Manager to outline plans addressing reform of the City's development review, inspections and permitting processes, including but not limited to, recommendations from the Zucker Systems Analysis Report." It's sponsored by the Mayor, is loaded with as many co-sponsors as is legally possible, and will likely require each CM to weigh in on just how serious they are about this. In that context, it can't have escaped anyone's attention that one of City Manager Marc Ott's solutions to the troubled department, new Development Review chief Rodney Gonzales, is still in his old role in Economic Development this week, acting as developers' attorney Richard Suttle's mouthpiece on the CELOC proposal...."

Public Notice: What Goes Around ...
This week's news sounds suspiciously familiar
News Column  March 19, 2015, by Nick Barbaro
"...This Week: City Manager Marc Ott announced that – in a move that has been long-planned and has nothing to do with any thoughts regarding whatever may have been said about the Zucker Report – he is splitting the PDRD into two separate departments: "The Planning and Zoning Department will include zoning case management, annexation, historic preservation, CodeNEXT, comprehensive planning and urban design," and be run by current PDRD director Greg Guern­sey. "The Development Review Depart­ment includes the permit center, plans review and inspections," and will be headed up by Rodney Gonzales, who has, until now, been deputy director of the city's Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment Services Office..."

Austin Considers Film Incentives
Localized subsidies proposed to fight off in-state competition
DAILY Screens  April 22, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's been of particular assistance to Austin, which combines a big gaming industry with the state's leading film production hub. City Economic Growth Redevelopment Services Office Deputy Director Rodney Gonzales noted that film and game production is a $1.3 billion industry in the Austin area "and we think it's imperative to stay on the cutting edge."..."

F1: All Systems Go for November
Officials return from England with a series of race plans
News Story  July 20, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...While the track itself is outside city limits, spinoff events are already being booked Downtown: That means just about every local agency will be affected, thus the emphasis on joint planning. City Deputy Director of Economic Growth and Redevel­op­ment Services Rodney Gonzales said, "While this race is unlike anything Central Texas has experienced before, we certainly will be drawing from our collective experiences."..."

Council: Not Just STRs
Restore Rundberg, nondiscrimination also on the menu
News Story  February 25, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...The session began with three briefings, the first an update on the implementation of responses to the Zucker Report, which criticized Austin's code permit process as "cumbersome and conflicting." Rodney Gonzales, recently appointed director of the Devel­op­ment Services Depart­ment, told Council that staff has taken steps to improve the culture of customer service, including creating a web portal to assist small businesses through the development process, adding new staff, expanding customer wait areas, and automated permitting. Gonzales also signaled an expedited permitting process – reviewing and approving a permit application in a day – on the horizon..."

Council Briefed on F1 Prep Work
Crowd and traffic control present biggest challenges
News Story  June 22, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...unknown unknowns? It seems Council Member Bill Spelman was thinking along similar lines on June 14 when City Council received a planning update for the upcoming Formula One race. "To my untutored eye, it looks like you've thought of everything," he told Economic Growth and Redevel­op­ment Services Office Deputy Director Rodney Gonzales, "but let me ask you the basic question: How is it that you know you've thought of everything?"..."

Take Three
Texas film incentives don't always carry sufficient funding
News Story  October 30, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...15, council dropped the episode requirement down to 12 and added a force majeure clause in the event of a talent strike. Rodney Gonzales, acting director for the city's Economic Growth and Redevelopment Ser­vices Office, explained: "That's a big benefit, because for season three they've filmed and completed 13 episodes, and for seasons four and five, our understanding is that they're going to record 13 episodes each..."

News Story  November 29, 2018
"...Cronking the ACMs: City Manager Spencer Cronk released the names of 10 finalists for two assistant city manager positions, overseeing "economic opportunity and affordability" and "health, environment, culture, and life-long learning." Three City Hall veterans – Joe Pantalion, Sara Hensley, and Rodney Gonzales – are among the 10, with the rest hailing from across the country. See "Cronk Meets Job Creation Goals," Nov..."

The Birth of Formula One – Austin
Some welcome the new offspring, and some don't, but the high-speed newcomer is at the starting gate
News Story  November 16, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...City and county staff have been approving permits, ramping up trash collection schedules, coordinating EMS coverage, and preparing for a PR onslaught. Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Dep­uty Director Rodney Gonzales said, "We're not planning for a perfect event." Instead, he said, the city is planning "for those contingencies and those emergencies that might happen." The Future of the Circuit and the Future of F1..."

Austin Officials Ready for F1 Weekend
Public safety and transpo ready. Weather? We'll see.
DAILY News  November 7, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Officials have looked to other cities to see how they manage F1 weekends, but Acevedo said that Austin is already pretty well equipped to manage large, diverse crowds – "best practices are developed here," he said, thanks to international events including South by Southwest, which this year drew roughly 240,000 visitors, noted Rodney Gonzales, deputy director of the city's Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services. The bottom line, Acevedo and other public safety officials said, is that "absent a catastrophe" the public safety planning developed for the F1 weekend will not drain resources and leave residents vulnerable..."

City Officials Jet Off to England
City says it's not a pleasure trip
News Story  July 6, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...The key questions have revolved around the scheduling of the trip, and who is paying for what. The Austin American-Statesman called the trip a junket and criticized the fact that the city will be paying for flights for four staff – Police Chief Art Acevedo, Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr, Assistant City Man­ager Sue Edwards, and Deputy Director for Economic Growth and Redevelopment Rodney Gonzales..."

Death Watch: Appeals, Waived Appeals, and Conflicting Findings
Fifth Circuit strikes down request to test death drugs
News Story  September 22, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a motion for stay of execution pending appeal for Terry Edwards and Ramiro Gonzales, two death row inmates named in the five-inmate petition seeking to require that the state of Texas test their doses of compounded pentobarbital (the drug used for executions) before carrying out each killing. Three judges from the federal court were "not persuaded these prisoners have made the showing required" for the stay, the 5th stated in a Sept..."

State May Have Executed Innocent Man
Newspaper investigation suggests that Ruben Cantu, who was executed in 1993 for a robbery and shooting murder in San Antonio, may have been innocent
News Story  December 9, 2005, by Jordan Smith
"...Amazingly, Garza was never compelled to testify at Cantu's trial. The daily also reports that a third witness, Eloy Gonzales, who, like Garza, never testified at Cantu's trial, says that he and his brothers were actually with Cantu in Waco on the day of the Gomez murder...."

Texas' Big, Bad Week for Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering
Within two days, courts reject second election map, voter ID bill
DAILY News  August 25, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos of the Southern District of Texas issued a permanent injunction against Texas’ voter ID law..."

Shout Into the Wind
The Citizen Review Panel takes public testimony on David Joseph
DAILY News  March 11, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The panel – seven volunteering citizens and Police Monitor Margo Frasier – sat quietly throughout, speaking only when Chair Dominic Gonzales announced the next names in the queue...."

Naked City
News Story  March 1, 2007
"...Because the comprehensive-program testing scores are so much lower on average than the magnet scores – thereby skewing the state's "accountability" rankings – the district has proposed splitting the TAKS accounting numbers for the two programs, essentially creating two "schools within the school." However, that split would also indirectly reinforce segregation patterns in race, economic status, and academic preparation that the magnet programs were historically intended to counteract. Campus opinion is strongly divided over the proposal, as well as over the administrative policies of Principal Ron Gonzales, appointed to the position last fall..."

On the Lege
Voter-ID bills protect voters ... by keeping them away from polls
News Column  May 4, 2007, by Amy Smith
"...One might think that it would be an appointed task of elected officials to address those widespread voting problems that are all too common and readily visible. Instead, Texas Republican leaders, with the active promotion of the national GOP (see the Gonzales/Rove federal attorneys' scandal), have concocted another, much more phantom malady that they nevertheless claim threatens to drive the system to ruin..."

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