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Turfcats Player Profile of Robert Quiroga
An interview with a former Baylor Bear and current Turfcat
DAILY Sports  April 17, 2009, by Mark Fagan
"...A few of my Baylor teammates; Dominique Zeigler (49ers), Trent Shelton (free agent), and Josh Bell (Broncos) are living my dream. I have trained with the likes of Priest Holmes, Wayne McGarity, Coy Detmer, Eric Brown, and Joey Thomas (currently with the Dolphins)..."

Robert Nathan Allen Wants You to Eat Some Bugs
And you could, too – especially this Saturday in Zilker Park
DAILY Food  June 26, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...I keep wanting him to be some odd-looking geek who's totally into the idea of insects just for themselves, some eccentric yet lovable bug aficionado like those FBI entomologists at Quantico in Thomas Harris's Silence of the Lambs, and so that's the reason he's co-presenting the sixth annual Bug Festival in Zilker Park this weekend, that's why he's all about promoting insects as food...."

Robert Jensen Cancels Thanksgiving
DAILY News  November 21, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...But that's a whooooole 'nother post.) And when he's on, he's on. This passage is especially damning: "Thomas Jefferson -- president #3 and author of the Declaration of Independence, which refers to Indians as the "merciless Indian Savages" -- was known to romanticize Indians and their culture, but that didn't stop him in 1807 from writing to his secretary of war that in a coming conflict with certain tribes, "[W]e shall destroy all of them." As the genocide was winding down in the early 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt (president #26) defended the expansion of whites across the continent as an inevitable process "due solely to the power of the mighty civilized races which have not lost the fighting instinct, and which by their expansion are gradually bringing peace into the red wastes where the barbarian peoples of the world hold sway." Roosevelt also once said, "I don't go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn't like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth." Of course, the prevailing winds in the Dallas Blog comments section are as narrow minded as they are predictable..."

Dr. Robert Van Boven, the Whistleblower
Lakeway neurologist battles hospitals, officials, and the "culture of silence"
News Story  April 19, 2018, by Michael King
"...According to the sworn testimony (during the May 2017 SOAH hearing) of Casey Low, one of Van Boven's attorneys, in February of 2016 he'd been trying to schedule a hearing when one of LRMC's attorneys, Thomas Wat­kins, told him that his clients wanted the doctor to know that if he continued to pursue the lawsuit, "he would never work in this town again." A few days later, Van Boven and his attorney learned of the Tem­porary Status Restriction Hearing that would result in the long-delayed "emergency" restriction of Van Boven's practice to male patients only. Low testified that he later asked his counterpart if the earlier warning had referred to the TSRH, and Watkins told him yes...."

Robert Faires' Top 10 (+1) Theatre Riches of 2017
From monsters to mountains, wolves to wild horses, the year came alive with figures boldly created onstage
Arts Story  December 28, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...5) NOT EVERY MOUNTAIN (Rude Mechs) Kirk Lynn's extended prayerlike poem offered an elegant soundtrack to Thomas Graves and crew's erecting and dismantling a miniature mountain range made of cardboard on the Off Center floor – the most original and mesmerizing act of theatrical creation all year...."

Paul Thomas Anderson on His Friendship With Jonathan Demme
Phantom Thread director to receive Texas Film Award
Screens Story  March 1, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...With eight Academy Award nominations, and countless other plaudits to his name, Paul Thomas Anderson has had his fair share of acclaim. But on March 8, when he receives the inaugural Jonathan Demme Award, it will be an opportunity to praise a filmmaker who shaped him, and was his friend...."

Spotlight: Thomas Mapfumo
The Lion of Zimbabwe prepares to roar at SXSW.
Music Story  March 16, 2001, by David Lynch
"...One of the highlights of Thomas Mapfumo's long, illustrious career was playing with Bob Marley as his homeland gained independence from England's colonial rule and Rhodesia became Zimbabwe in 1980. It's been a rocky road for the troubled nation ever since, first and current ruler Robert Mugabe leading the nation into a hell of corruption and social indifference...."

Robert De Niro Versus Tony Jaa?
Fantastic Fest release second wave of programming
DAILY Screens  August 27, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...And finally, a quick public safety announcement for Thomas Haden Church, whose new show for FEARnet, Zombie Roadkill, also debuts at FF 2010...."

MP3: Robert Harrison "Build Havanna"
The Future Clouds & Radar frontman's revision for Cupid
DAILY Music  May 21, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...Robert Harrison of Future Clouds & Radar played before his largest audience ever last Tuesday, roughly 4.57 million. Filling a role that was originally written for the Kinks’ Ray Davies, the local songsmith performed a stripped-down revision of “Build Havana” as part of a music-themed episode of ABC’s Cupid, a new romantic comedy from Veronica Mars creator and former Austinite Rob Thomas...."

The Horse Whisperer
I detect the scent of a golden statuette wafting in the breeze. Redford's adaptation of Nicholas Evans' bestselling novel is a countrified, monolithic thing of beauty -- gorgeous to behold...
Film Review  May 15, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Robert Redford. Starring: Robert Redford, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sam Neill, Dianne Wiest, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Cooper, Cherry Jones, Ty Hillman and Kate Bosworth..."

Weekend at Bernie's II
Andrew McCarthy must die. But then we'd probably be seeing Weekend at Andy's, and the whole pathetic mess would continue on and on, like some hellish Mobius Strip. Better to...

Film Review  July 16, 1993, by Marc Savlov
"...This time out, the inept trio pack themselves off to St. Thomas, in search of the $2 million Bernie embezzled prior to his death..."

Gods and Generals
Hundreds of Civil War re-enactors got the dream gig of their lifetimes in Ron Maxwell’s follow-up to 1993’s Gettysburg, but unless you’re a relative of one of these toy soldiers...
Film Review  February 21, 2003, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Jeff Daniels, Stephen Lang, Robert Duvall, Mira Sorvino, Kevin Conway, C. Thomas Howell, Frankie Faison and Kali Rocha..."

I Spy
Fans of the mid-sixties CBS series starring Bill Cosby as the Rhodes Scholar-cum-secret agent Alexander Scott and Robert Culp as co-spy-cum-tennis bum Kelly Robinson are apt to leave the theatre...
Film Review  November 1, 2002, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Betty Thomas. Starring: Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Malcolm McDowell, Famke Janssen, Gary Cole and Phill Lewis..."

Six New Novels of Note by Austin Authors of Fantastic Literature
Previewing releases by Elizabeth Moon, Robert Jackson Bennett, Stina Leicht, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Lee Thomas, and C. Robert Cargill
Arts Story  August 3, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Distortion, by Lee Thomas The Bram Stoker Award-winning horror writer sends a metal musician to a Southern town to connect with his estranged daughter, only to find a lot of people dying horribly...."

AISD Sends Signals on Future Budget Cuts
School closures and the redrawing of school boundaries eyed as potential ways to address $29 million deficit
News Story  November 15, 2018, by Austin Sanders
"...Task force tri-chair Robert Thomas noted his committee was charged to make "courageous" recommendations on how the district could save money, adding that "all of the easy decisions have been made" by past district leaders. That means the recommendations to be submitted by the task force could be politically fraught, but Thomas said the group agreed early on that its job was not to be popular, but to be honest: "We decided that tail is not going to wag this dog."..."

AISD: Thinking Outside the Schoolhouse
Task force schemes new ways to stabilize Austin ISD budget
News Story  July 19, 2018, by Austin Sanders
"...One of the task force's tri-chairs, Robert Thomas, spoke enthusiastically on Tuesday about the group and their work ahead. He acknowledged that potentially cutting programs, reducing staff, or closing campuses would be difficult ideas to recommend, but said it was time for school leaders to seriously consider those tough choices..."

Texas Book Festival Lineup Revealed
Attendees include Junot Díaz, Cheryl Strayed, and... Tony Danza?
DAILY Books  September 12, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Jasper Fforde (The Last Dragonslayer)** Sarah Fioroni (A Family Farm in Tuscany: Recipes and Stories from Fattoria Poggio Alloro) Candace Fleming (Oh No!)** Ben Fountain (Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk) Thomas Frank (Pity the Billionaire: The Hard-Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right) Ian Frazier (The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days) James K. Galbraith (Inequality and Instability: A Study of the World Economy Just Before the Great Crisis) Marjorie Galen (The Fashion Designer’s Handbook & Fashion Kit: Learn to Sew and Become a Designer in 33 Fabulous Projects)** Chris Gall (Revenge of the Dinotrux)** Gilbert Garcia (Reagan's Comeback: Four Weeks in Texas That Changed American Politics Forever) Kami Garcia (Beautiful Redemption: A Beautiful Creatures Novel)** Anthony Giardina (Norumbega Park) Michael L..."

SXSW Adds 102 Movies to 2019 Film Festival Lineup
After Us, what else does the film fest have in store?
DAILY SXSW  January 16, 2019, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Peanut Butter Falcon D: Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz A young man with Down syndrome runs away from the retirement home where he lives to chase his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson, Zack Gottsagen, John Hawkes, Bruce Dern, Thomas Haden Church, Jon Bernthal, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Mick Foley (World Premiere)..."

He may be Mel Gibson's choice to play Jesus, but in this car-chase nightmare Jim Caviezel is on the highway to hell.
Film Review  February 13, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...It’s been almost 20 years since director Robert Harmon and screenwriter Eric Red burst on the scene with The Hitcher, a strange, mythopoetic film that featured Rutger Hauer as a diabolic hitchhiker and C. Thomas Howell (remember him?) as his deer-in-the-headlights prey..."

Now Serving ... Time
Robert Conran sat down to dinner at Furr's, and walked out in handcuffs. After four years in prison on a shaky conviction, he's got a chance of parole -- then he faces deportation
News Story  June 29, 2001, by Jordan Smith
"...Still, there is some hope for Conran. After four years, the presiding judge in his case, Senior Justice Thomas Blackwell, wrote a letter to the Board of Pardons and Paroles asking for Conran's immediate release..."

The Next Best Thing
I'll say this for The Next Best Thing: there's certainly more to it than the ad campaign would lead you to believe. Schlesinger, whose lengthy career has given us some...
Film Review  March 4, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...Schlesinger, whose lengthy career has given us some of the most inspired and powerful films ever made, from Midnight Cowboy to Marathon Man, proves more than up to the task of helming this distinctly modern tale of love, friendship, and American family mores. It says much about the director that he manages to keep a busy script (by Thomas Ropelewski) afloat as long as he does..."

AISD Prepares to Slice the Apple
School district battles its budget monsters
News Story  December 6, 2018, by Austin Sanders
"...One of the task force's tri-chairs, Robert Thomas, articulated the challenge facing the committee at a work session for the board of trustees on Nov. 12: "The easy cuts have been made, so the downside to serving on the BSTF [at] this time is that there are no easy decisions." Phrases like "no easy decisions" and "time to make hard choices" are gestures toward school closures and consolidations, impacts to teachers such as increasing class sizes, or redrawing attendance zones to shift students to less crowded campuses..."

The Never-Ending (Crime) Story
Although their case has hit a dead end, prosecutors of the yogurt shop murders say they're determined to find the 'unknown suspect' – and then to retry Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen
News Story  July 17, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...From the beginning, the investigation into the murder of the four girls – Amy Ayers, 13; sisters Sarah and Jennifer Harbison, 15 and 17; and Eliza Thomas, 17 – was plagued by misfortune, mistakes, and missteps. Physical evidence was lost in the water used to put out the fire, for example, and police were unable to keep particular details about the crime scene – withheld facts that would help them find the killer or killers – from leaking out of the department..."

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
In this comedy sequel, the CG action moves to Washington, D.C., as the Smithsonian's exhibits are put into storage during a renovation.
Film Review  May 29, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...Certainly it's nowhere near as transgressive or entertaining as Stiller's shaggy, half-over-the-ear haircut (which, frankly, deserves its own spin-off franchise). Director Levy and returning screenwriters Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon have moved the location from New York's American Museum of Natural History to D.C.'s Smithsonian, but virtually every other aspect of this sequel was touched on (manhandled, actually) in the original film..."

The Quiet American
Delayed from national distribution last year in the midst of the country’s post-9/11 mood of circumspection, The Quiet American is now finally going into wider release this week, just in...
Film Review  February 14, 2003, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...In this new version, Australian director Philip Noyce (Rabbit-Proof Fence, Clear and Present Danger) and his ensemble hit just the right notes in telling this cautionary tale about the unwritten rules of engagement in the battle for the hearts, minds, and territories of the people of far-flung continents. Caine, in one of the best performances of his career, plays lackadaisical journalist Thomas Fowler, a past-his-prime foreign reporter for The London Times who has established a comfortable and effortless life for himself in Saigon..."

How bad is it? Very bad indeed. Advance word on this sci-fi free for all has been growing increasingly grim since production wrapped almost two years back. In the ensuing...

Film Review  January 21, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Thomas Lee. Starring: Wilson Cruz, Robin Tunney, Peter Facinelli, Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Forster, Angela Bassett and James Spader..."

Salamander Setback
Endangered Listing Could Sink Barton Springs Pool
News Story  June 12, 1998, by Robert Bryce
"...While Kleeman argued his case in front of Sparks, he was assisted by Robert Thomas, a lawyer with the law firm of Hohmann, Werner & Taube. Thomas' firm also happens to represent local developer Gary Bradley..."

District Races
Get ready for run-offs!
News Story  November 6, 2014
"...Gallo ... Minus Thomas..."

Election Night Live
Up-to-the-minute midterm coverage
DAILY News  November 5, 2014, by the News Staff
"...Mandy Dealey calls Robert Thomas an "interesting" opponent, says he sent out a mailer accusing her of smear campaign #ACvotes— Amy Kamp (@amyleekramp) November 5, 2014..."

Closing Schools, Shrinking Enrollment Make for Tense Times at AISD
Sour apples at AISD
News Story  January 10, 2019, by Austin Sanders
"...A testy exchange between BSTF tri-chair Robert Thomas and Anderson foreshadowed the debate to come. Anderson said the task force's assessment that magnet schools stonewalled "resources from reaching a critical mass of students who are typically minorities, English Language Learners and/or receives special education services" was an "attack" on the popular programs..."

Texas Book Festival 2016: The Full List
TBF hosts Don DeLillo, Thomas Dolby, Emma Cline, 277 more
DAILY Arts  September 15, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...Readers and fans of the literary, you might want to grab a napkin before feasting on the newly announced list of authors for the 2016 Texas Book Festival. With 280 authors on board – among them Don DeLillo, Thomas Dolby, Emma Cline, Jane Alexander, and Nick Offerman – you're sure to start salivating...."

Very Early Returns: Calling All Council Candidates!
The mayoral and council election season has already started
News Story  December 27, 2013, by Michael King
"...Robert Thomas, management consultant and Republican, ran against state Rep. Donna Howard in HD 48 in 2012; on his campaign Facebook page, he recently posted: "To be clear, we are VERY seriously inclined to run to represent our home area on the city council."..."

Strawberry Fields Forever
Future Clouds & Radar float to the magical kingdom of … Peoria?
Music Story  November 14, 2008, by Austin Powell
"...Harrison taps into similar dimensions as the leader of Future Clouds & Radar. The local quartet, completed by bassist Josh Zarbo, keyboardist Hollie Thomas, and drummer Darin Murphy, crafts kaleidoscopic pop enlivened by studio experimentation and expansive arrangements..."

The Hitcher
This remake of Robert Harmon's original 1986 horror semiclassic serves as a primer in how not to generate suspense.

Film Review  January 26, 2007, by Marc Savlov
"...(It certainly didn't hurt matters that Harmon cast the terminally fearless Rutger Hauer in the title role.) When teen hottie couple Jim (Knighton, in the original's C. Thomas Howell role) and Grace (Bush) kindly but foolishly offer a lift to roadside mystery vagabond John Ryder (Bean doing Rutger Hauer doing Satan), their spring break bacchanal ricochets into the preposterously overblown (and for a Michael Bay-produced film, that's saying a lot)..."

Campaign Snapshots
7pm, Wednesday, Oct. 8
News Story  October 2, 2014, by Amy Kamp
"...District 10 boasts several veteran candidates: Of the eight, Tina Cannon, Mandy Dealey, and Jason Meeker have all previously run for City Council. Additionally, Sheri Gallo ran for Travis County Commissioners Court as a Republican in 2002; Robert Thomas was the 2012 GOP nominee for Texas House District 48, defeated by Donna Howard; and Dealey lost in a 2005 Texas House Dem primary to current District 5 candidate Ann Kitchen...."

A Career Hooligan Looks Back, But Mostly Forward
Robert Rodriguez on a lifetime of innovation and the movie, 'El Mariachi,' that started it all
Screens Story  August 24, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...The parallels between Troublemaker's self-contained, self-sustaining digital world and the fledgling indie United Artists Corporation are striking, but the historical echoes of what Rodriguez is doing go back even further, to the birth of filmmaking as we know it, when pioneering inventors and artists like the Lumière Brothers, Georges Méliès, and Thomas Edison literally made it up as they went along...."

Crafting the Song
Austin theatre actor Robert Fisher has the heart of a rock & roller, the work ethic of a medieval craftsman, and the style of a Bob Fosse. Either he's in the wrong business or he is, as playwright Kirk Lynn calls him, "a wonder."
Arts Story  March 16, 2001, by C. Denby Swanson
"...But his performance as a harlequin-like combination of Mark Twain and Thomas Edison in the Rude Mechanicals' just-closed production, Requiem for Tesla, pretty much blows that gig. Split down the middle, a black suit and slicked-down hair for Edison and a white suit, mustache, and frizzy mane for Twain, he locks his jaw onto the Rude Mechs' use of spectacle and gives it a glorious bulldog shake..."

Rain Without Thunder
The year is 2042 and the word “terminator” has taken on a new cultural meaning. Terminators are the abortionists of this future society. By constitutional amendment, abortion and non-barrier methods...
Film Review  March 19, 1993, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Gary Bennett. Starring: Betty Buckley, Ali Thomas, Carolyn Mccormick, Iona Morris, Jeff Daniels, Frederic Forrest, Graham Greene, Linda Hunt, Austin Pendleton, Robert Earl Jones and Steve Zahn..."

Top 10 10-1 Stories
Just 10 of the crazy things that happened during 2014's historic election
News Story  December 31, 2014, by Amy Kamp
"...6) ALL THAT MONEY CAN BUY While D10's Robert Thomas came in first among district candidates lending their campaigns money – he ultimately loaned himself $100,000 – he was eliminated when he placed third in the general election. Steve Adler, who broke records both in fundraising and self-loans, fared better...."

Ten Districts, Many Visions
Dialing for Dollars
News Story  October 2, 2014, by Amy Kamp
"...District 10: Dialing for Dollars D10 Ballot OrderMatt Lamon Bill Worsham Tina Cannon Margie Burciaga Robert Thomas Sheri Gallo Mandy Dealey Jason Meeker..."

The Road to 10-1: 78 Candidates!
So many candidates, so little time
News Story  August 21, 2014, by Michael King
"...District 10: Margie Burciaga, Tina Cannon, Mandy Dealey, Sheri Gallo, Matt Lamon, Jason Meeker, Robert Thomas, Bill Wor­sham...."

The Road to 10-1 ... Is Getting Crowded [Updated May 12]
As May money season opens, candidates blossom
News Story  May 2, 2014, by Michael King
"...Robert Thomas Occupation: business consultant Experience: state House candidate, HD48 (2012) Issues: transportation, taxation, affordability (FB) Robert Thomas Campaign..."

The Road to 10-1: The Winnowing
One mayoral candidate out, another in
News Story  March 21, 2014, by Michael King
"...District 10: Tina Cannon*[see Update below] Mandy Dealey, Robert Thomas, Sheri Gallo, Marjorie "Margie" Burciaga...."

Come One, Come All!
Here’s Your Early Tipsheet of the Folks Running for City Council
DAILY News  January 10, 2014, by Michael King
"...Thomas Gohring: The owner of Kick Butt Coffee and Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu is considering a run, but has a geographic conundrum – his businesses are in District 4 (Airport Boulevard at Koenig Lane), but he lives in District 7...."

Texas Film Hall of Fame Slate Finalized
Billy Bob Thornton, John Cusack, and Dennis Quaid join the lineup for the ninth annual Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards
DAILY Screens  February 1, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...Actor Billy Bob Thornton joins previously announced inductees Larry Hagman, Powers Boothe, and Catherine Hardwicke; new presenters include John Cusack, Dennis Quaid, and Keith Caradine. Thomas Haden Church will emcee the event, which will be held at the newly renovated Austin Studios..."

Primary Prospects
A rundown of primary election battles shaping up
News Story  January 13, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...HD 48 D: Donna Howard*; R: Robert Thomas; L: Joe Edgar..."

Yogurt Shop DNA Saga Continues, Pt. 3
Is there enough evidence to set Robert Springsteen free?
DAILY News  June 19, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...That revelation, however, sparked yet another round of DNA testing, undertaken by the defense. In court Thursday afternoon, Joe James Sawyer, one of Springsteen’s attorneys said that those additional tests, completed by experts with the company Orchid Cellmark (Dallas and elsewhere), have revealed two additional unknown male DNA profiles – one on vaginal swabs taken from Sarah Harbison, 15, and another found on a ligature removed from Eliza Thomas, 17..."

Page Two: Spin and Cinema
An understanding of the U.S. Constitution by way of Robert Thom
Columns  May 16, 2008, by Louis Black
"...– Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States..."

Far and Away
Howard is at his best working in the genre he grew up in -- the small, light comedy. Unfortunately, he seems determined to make the big picture and last year...
Film Review  May 29, 1992, by Kathleen Maher
"...Directed by: Ron Howard. Starring: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Prosky, Barbara Babcock and Thomas Gibson..."

Cargill Gets Strange
Local author revealed to be Marvel's hidden scripter
DAILY Arts  December 16, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Cargill's name will now be printed alongside fellow credited scripters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (who worked together on Saharah, A Sound of Thunder, and the reboot of Conan the Barbarian), and Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), who previously worked on the script, and the comics pioneer Steve Ditko, who created the original character...."

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