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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Second verse, much the same as the first: The Games may have changed but Katniss Everdeen is still our favorite pawn.
Film Review  November 22, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...The desperate drive to survive is a dampened flame in the sequel, and that makes sense. This is no longer the story of an innocent forced into a nationally-televised battle to the death; the innocent, a spitfire named Katniss Everdeen (Lawrence), bested the Hunger Games by breaking the rules, and the nation has since become inflamed with the realization that there is wiggle room under said boot..."

Pussy Riot & ‘The Colbert Report’
Russian punks give as good as they get as Olympics begin
DAILY Music  February 6, 2014, by Abby Johnston
"...Tolokonnikova and Alyohkina, speaking through a translator, stated their release was part of a failed PR scheme on the part of Russian president Vladimir Putin to promote the Sochi games, which start today. While the world gears up for the one month out of every four years that people care about curling (or not), it was a refreshing and frank address on Russia’s anti-gay propaganda policies and a critique on who they snottily referred to as “Putin the Great.”..."

SXSW Panel Recap: Dungeons & Dragons in the Writer's Room
Is playing role-playing games the best training for writers? Maybe.
DAILY Screens  March 17, 2018, by Tucker Whatley
"...Tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons have been used since the Seventies as an excuse to get together with friends and escape to another world far from the daily grind. But if your job involves making video games or cartoons, the line between work and playtime can get a little blurry...."

The Flapper Era
What 'Flappy Bird' can tell us about the present and future of game design
Screens Story  February 28, 2014, by James Renovitch
"...Nowadays, anyone can submit their creation to one of several stores that distribute to phones and tablets everywhere. This increasingly egalitarian marketplace is mirrored on the development side as tools to make games require less formal training..."

SXSW Announces Gaming Award Nominees and Hosts
WWE star Xavier Woods to co-host ceremony in March
DAILY Screens  January 25, 2017, by James Renovitch
"...Tabletop Game of the Year Awarded to the game that exemplifies overall excellence and ingenuity of any tabletop game in any genre. Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Fantasy Flight Games Captain Sonar – Asmodee North America Inis – Asmodee North America Mechs vs Minions – Riot Games The Others – CMON Inc...."

Concordia University Organizing Austin’s First Varsity E-Sports Program
School plan approves practice space and on-campus arena
Screens Story  February 7, 2019, by Tucker Whatley
"...As for the players, Valdoria is putting together a team focusing on Blizzard Entertainment's shooter Overwatch and Riot Games' popular League of Legends. The scholarships being offered, about 10 for the first year, ranging from $5,000 to $18,000 per student, should help attract some of the best and brightest to the fold..."

Gabriel Luna for the Gooooooaaaaaal!
Soccer and Spy games collide in El Rey's 'Matador'
Screens Story  July 17, 2014, by Richard Whittaker

Soccer-Related Deaths in Italy and More
DAILY Sports  February 7, 2007, by Nick Barbaro
"...Local fans blamed visitors from mafia stronghold Palermo; other evidence suggests a deliberate hit against the police inspector, who was to testify against local gang members in a criminal trial. Officials first called off all games at every level from Serie A down to amateurs; after negotiations that have gone to the highest levels of the government, the season will resume this weekend, but with no fans allowed in any stadia that don’t meet stringent security requirements..."

Two Can Play That Game
Advertising ace Shanté Smith (Fox) has the world on a string: skyscraper office, tastefully appointed L.A. manse, cute convertible, and Keith (Chestnut), a hunktacular, well-behaved attorney beau. While her girlfriends...
Film Review  September 14, 2001, by Marrit Ingman
"...Thus begins Shanté's “10-day program,” a stringent man-improvement campaign involving thong panties, prick-teasing, romantic decoys, and calculated doublespeak. As Keith's jovial buddy Tony (Anderson) notes, “The CIA ain't got shit on a woman with a plan.” However, like Bill Bellamy, the “roach-ass ghetto pimp” of Player, Shanté will learn a lesson about lying and head games in what we'll call “Act III: The Player Played.” It lacks the drawing-room refinement of a Feydeau farce, to say the least, but this battle-of-the-sexes urban romp has its share of comic pleasantries and attempts a breezy, just-us-girls tone with a certain amount of success..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  April 4, 2003
"...Oh the games! They've begun,..."

Down & Out in Atlanta
The Official Crock of the '96 Summer Olympics
Features Story  September 22, 2000, by Jonathan Hennessey
"...It may be winter everywhere on Earth below the equator, but that technicality hasn't stopped the Olympic Committee from taking the "Summer" Games deep into southerly latitudes, to Sydney, Australia. The torch, and all its coinciding headiness and headaches, passes by the United States for now...."

The Big Cheese
South by Southwest 1997
Music Story  March 21, 1997
"...By the time Sunday night rolls around, most of the 700 bands have already come, played, and left. What are we left with? Michele "Little Bit of" Solberg doing a lusty version of "Sex in the Summer," Christina Marrs and the Jubilettes going almost a cappella for "The Cross," Guy Forsyth and steel guitar for "Delirious," Kris McKay's devastating acoustic version of "When Doves Cry" (the song which incidentally got this whole Do Me Baby project rolling), Seela with a spare "Alphabet Street," Johnny Goudie pulling out a letter-perfect "Little Red Corvette," Missile Command laying down a Killdozer-esque bass line for a rhythm-section-only version of "Nothing Compares 2 U" (complete with the improv lyrics "Since you're gone I can go to Le Fun on Guadalupe and play all those video games"), and the Adults, adorned with crash helmets, going Devo for their take on "You Got the Look." By midday Monday, the laminates were all gone, but this town sets SXSW 365 days a year..."

SXsports: Mega-Events and the Damage Done
How events like the Olympics and the World Cup destroy the host cities
DAILY SXSW  March 15, 2015, by Eric Sollenberger
"...In their most altruistic forms, these international competitions offer a great case study in how sports can bring the world together, and inspire generations to discover their own opportunities for success. But in nearly every example from the last 50 years, these games have been crippling to the countries that hosted them financially and culturally...."

WNBA: The "We Got Next" Generation
The Revolution Is Being Televised... and Sponsored by Nike
Screens Story  August 15, 1997, by Kate X Messer
"...NBC is covering one Saturday WNBA game a week in the league's first, albeit brief, 10-week season. ESPN and Lifetime cable networks are also chiming in with coverage of weekday games...."

Ray Manzarek: Trying to Set the World on Fire
The late Doors keyboardist at the Garden of Eden
DAILY Music  May 23, 2013, by Danielle Zelisko
"...The park was about – McKinley Park, great park – fishing and basketball courts, a swimming pool, and that was maybe five, six blocks away. About two blocks away was something called Point Playground, where during summer they would have softball games at night and the older guys would come..."

Get Your Game Face On
SXSW Gaming Expo opens Palmer to the public this year
Screens Story  March 8, 2013, by James Renovitch
"...At first glance, it would appear that the South by Southwest gods have banished the Gaming Expo across the river, but for those who make the trek, it's an open-access fantasyland filled with games, parties, special events, and, well, more games. This year the gaming portion of the Interactive Festival has both changed its name (remember ScreenBurn?) and opened its doors wider, inviting the badgeless public not just to the expo but to the panels and parties as well...."

Rehabilitation or Torture?
Texas prison inmates say their 'therapy' has taken a dark turn
News Story  May 23, 2008, by Patricia J. Ruland
"...Another inmate recounted "mind-crushing" therapeutic mind games, designed in theory to break down emotional resistance to treatment but, in practice, effectively pushing inmates to "the snapping point." Inmates say the Gateway program's therapy groups – said to be designed especially for women and which they are required to refer to as their prison "family" – routinely deteriorate into humiliating and unendurable pabulum. Stodder-Caldwell wrote that during her stay in SAFPF, inmates were required to spend several hours a week singing children's songs, like "B-I-N-G-O" or "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." Groups occasionally erupt into pseudo-therapeutic feeding frenzies, inmates charge, due to program rules that women must "tell on" each other or face their own punishments..."

Coach's Corner
Coach goes the Davis Cup quarterfinals at the Great Western Forum in L.A.
Columns  April 14, 2000, by Andy "Coach" Cotton
"...Los Angeles: The word "venerable" appears often in the lead paragraphs of writers feeling the overwhelming desire to add something -- anything -- to lend dignity to a building well-known to sports fans around the world: The Great Western Forum. The once state-of-the-art Hollywood version of the real Roman thing, familiar from uncountable televised Laker games, is only 33 years old..."

Dancing About Architecture
Music Column  July 7, 1995, by Ken Lieck
"...Also take note that AM15's gossip/music calendar show Check This Action, hosted by the Chronicle's Margaret Moser, has added a Sunday 10pm showtime to its existing Monday 10:30pm time slot, and that the two showings feature different material... Well, the new history of the Alamo CD-ROM Victory or Death says that it features Freddy Fender, Robert Earl Keen, Dan Rather, and other noted Texans, but most of the time I found myself greeted by deadly silence, history I already knew, and some of the stupidest games I've yet run across on one of these things ("Daddy, can we play Tic-Tac-Toe with priceless Alamo relics again?")....."

Toros Season Three, Take Two; Plus Blog Contest for Fans!
DAILY Sports  December 10, 2007, by Josh Rosenblatt
"... On that note, I’ve decided it isn’t the Spurs who are boring but rather the guy in charge of crowd motivation at their home arena. I went to a few games last season and couldn’t help but notice that the only thing the sound system and Jumbotron screen did was alternate between two chants – “Go, Spurs, Go!” for offense; “De-Fense!” for defense – back and forth for two and a half damn hours..."

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