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“The People’s Gallery 2017” at Austin City Hall
This year's showing of work in Austin City Hall by a small army of local artists offers satisfaction on multiple levels
Arts Review  July 13, 2017, by Sam Anderson-Ramos
"...Ryan Montgomery's oil painting Buttermilk Pie probably shouldn't interest me as much as it does, but even before I saw it in person, the image in the catalog for "The People's Gallery 2017" caught my attention. It's relatively simple: a photorealistic dish of mostly consumed buttermilk pie and a metallic spoon sit on what appears to be a buttermilk pie-themed tablecloth..."

“Regional Fictions” at MASS Gallery
This thought-provoking show takes on the educational system's traditional narratives by juxtaposing the familiar with images that challenge it
Arts Review  June 28, 2018, by Melany Jean
"...They wield the weapons of design to do so, considering the narratives told and passed along in terms of visual associations and phrases. What results is "Regional Fictions," a gallery/classroom that challenges the viewer to unlearn and relearn..."

“Practical Acts of Perception” at grayDUCK Gallery
Cande Aguilar, Jorge Purón, and Mauricio Sáenz challenge what we see through sihfts in scale and proportion
Arts Review  January 11, 2018, by Melany Jean
"...Image search "IFRAO Standard Scale" and you will see a rectangle carefully split into colored blocks: black, white, and gray, and then blue, green, yellow, red. Better, go to grayDUCK Gallery while they are still showing "Practical Acts of Perception." The scale is on the exhibition postcard..."

“William Geisler + John Peralta” at Wally Workman Gallery
Peralta’s deconstructed machines and Geisler’s encaustic abstracts turn painstaking toil into patterns of brilliance
Arts Review  September 28, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...There are currently a few rooms in the Wally Workman Gallery that feature such compelling configurations, but for real. The actual objects – vintage typewriters, an antique sewing machine, a silent-film projector, and so on – arranged just like that, their separated parts suspended by a precise array of tension wires, each bright constellation of apparatus occupying its expanded, revelatory space within a pedestal-topping vitrine...."

"Labyrinth" at Not Gallery
Ryan Thayer Davis' large and highly saturated abstract fields of color are warm, alive, active, and pleasing to be among
Arts Review  May 12, 2016, by L.K. James
"...Davis, as alluded to by the show's title, tasks the viewer with a labyrinthine journey visually in his work and literally in the graffiti path on the pavement just outside the warehouse gallery. Each painting (a mix of oil and acrylic, all on canvas) is constructed in layers of individual compositions one on top of another, at once obscuring what is beneath, reacting to it, and allowing the beneath bits to show through in negative spaces...."

“The Geometry of Space and Time” at Mexic-Arte Museum
Sebastián’s sculpture evokes string theory via concrete forms
Arts Review  May 18, 2017, by Sam Anderson-Ramos
"...Torch of Friendship enlivens, and complements, its location in San Antonio, the same way Alexander Calder's Flamingo does in Chicago's downtown Loop (one of Sebastián's cardboard pieces is titled Tribute to Calder). Monumental works depicted in miniature and in photographs can't be expected to exude their full power inside a gallery..."

"Scorch and Drag" at Flatbed Gallery
John Robert Craft's objects and prints, combined with the viewer's eye, creates a chamber of reverberating visions
Arts Review  July 21, 2016, by Sam Anderson-Ramos
"..."Scorch and Drag: Prints and Sculptures by John Robert Craft"Flatbed Press & Gallery, 2832 E. MLK, 512/477-9328 Through Aug..."

All Over Creation: Wide Open Spaces
A new crop of arts venues is sprouting all over Austin
Arts Column  January 8, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...First Street Studio. Gallery 702..."

Stepping Into Water
Jessica Mathews' exploration of digital and physical realities gains new dimensions in this solo exhibition
Arts Review  October 11, 2013, by Caitlin Greenwood
"...'Stepping Into Water'Red Space Gallery, 1203 W. 49th, Unit B Through Oct..."

Top 10 of Austin's Visual Art in 2013
Much of the year's most exceptional contemporary art drew inspiration from the past and from science
Arts Story  January 3, 2014, by Caitlin Greenwood
"...1) 'STEPPING INTO WATER' (Red Space Gallery) Jessica Mathews..."

Table Banquet
The nominees for the 2013-2014 Austin Critics Table Awards
DAILY Arts  May 8, 2014, by Robert Faires
"...Solo Gallery Exhibition..."

Park Benched
The Cost of Art, Part II: Without enough buyers for art, local galleries like Tiny Park can't make the rent
Arts Story  March 28, 2014, by Seth Orion Schwaiger
"...Unfortunately, it is a reality that many galleries in Austin have had to face. There are always unique compounding factors, but Austin's lurching market continues to apply undue pressure to the decision-making of art organizers and gallery management..."

Toast to an Artspace About Art
Pro-Jex's Tunnel of Art on Fifth Street Was More Than a Gallery, Much More
Arts Story  April 3, 1998, by John Spong
"...Neil Coleman at the original Pro-Jex Gallery photograph by Brenda Ladd..."

Consummate Artistry
The 2013-14 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  June 5, 2014, by Robert Faires
"..."Converging Lines: Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt," Veronica Roberts, curator; Blanton Museum of Art Solo Gallery Exhibition (tie)..."

"It Was a Difficult Choice, But..."
The Austin Critics Table named its tops in the arts for 2014
DAILY Arts  June 3, 2014, by Robert Faires
"...Solo Gallery Exhibition (tie)..."

'Send Off'
grayDUCK Gallery memorably closed its Bouldin Creek space with a show of its regular artists making prints
Arts Review  December 27, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...grayDUCK Gallery, 608-C W. Monroe,"

HOG Wild
How a concrete wasteland has become a street-art wonderland called the HOPE Outdoor Gallery
Arts Story  June 19, 2014, by Bob Makela
"...But all that changed during SXSW in 2011, when the tired property known historically as "the Foundation" got a facelift. Thanks to a driven, former advertising pro named Andi Scull Cheatham and the help of some of her artist friends, the trash- and crap-littered lot morphed into the gloriously colorful, wonderfully chaotic HOPE Outdoor Gallery (aka the HOG), a privately owned, three-story community art project-turned-paint park that's been igniting lots of joy in lots of people – locals and tourists alike – ever since...."

East Austin Studio Tour 2018: Recapping Weekend 1
Take MoHA's selfie challenge? Bathe in the forest? Do it all!
DAILY Arts  November 14, 2018, by Melany Jean
"...Slow down and chill out in the forest at Little Pink Monster Gallery’s installation Shirinyoku :: Forest Bathing (stop 136, 1913 E. 17th), which offers a cozy space for intimate conversations and open-mouthed awe at Mackenzie Huffman’s gorgeous, intricate fiber sculptures or “tufts.”..."

Top 10 Visual Arts of 2012
The emergence and re-emergence of arts spaces, events, venues, and museums dominated the year in Austin art
Arts Story  January 4, 2013, by Andy Campbell

Spanking the Figurative
A new Austin gallery captures dancers with paint
Arts Story  August 10, 2007, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...David Ohlerking's stopping for a rest and a bite to eat, sitting on the low black couch in the Austin Figurative Gallery, his glorified hole-in-the-wall in the Super!Alright!-anchored complex at the corner of Third and Chicon. Around him, the walls are covered with sketches, with new paintings and old from numerous artists, with hand-lettered posters for music shows and previous AFG events..."

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