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Red Guards and the Modern Face of Protest
Agitators, disrupters, or “anarchists,” these masked protesters represent a new resistance
News Story  February 16, 2017, by Joseph Caterine
"..."They call themselves the Red Guards," he said. "They're anarchists."..."

Red River Clubs Grapple With Downtown Homelessness
Beggars, hustlers, and dealers make you wonder how Downtown music keeps from going under
News Story  February 2, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...They're a complex demographic, likely comprised of individualistic homeless campers, victims of Texas' underfunded mental health system, career criminals, and people with addiction issues. The ARCH, which operates on federal and state funding, employs five private security guards during daytime hours, but holds no authority over those camped outside on the street..."

The Belko Experiment
A gory social experiment gone wrong
Film Review  March 31, 2017, by Marc Savlov
"...It begins as just another day at work inside the shiny steel and glass tower of Belko Industries, a Colombian business whose corporate goals are intentionally left vague, but for the 80 non-local workers in the building, it soon becomes apparent that something is awry. For one thing, the guards outside are only letting the American employees in, leaving the workplace disquietingly empty..."

Try This Approach
Postmarks  February 20, 2017
"...Of course, the people marching toward the Capitol were also intentionally trying to disrupt (aka "protesting") the upcoming Trump inauguration. The article continues: "Somebody knocked [his] hat off," said Pineda. "Some people took his sign and ripped it up." But "absolutely nobody," he said, waged any bodily assault on the man. Note that earlier in the article, it mentions that several of these people not-bodily-assaulting this lone protester were wearing masks, and the picture accompanying the article shows an example of those masks, someone wearing a red mask emblazoned with the communist hammer and sickle, with, in bold print, a quote from a spokesperson for those Red Guards: "We don't seek to come to power through elections..."

Though lacking a clear point of view, the film seems to say that war not only dehumanizes soldiers but also infantilizes them. It’s not a pretty picture, but it is a lovely film.
Film Review  November 4, 2005, by Marc Savlov
"...This is a war film with precious little war, which was also the crux of Swofford’s book. So with none of Saddam Hussein’s elite Republican Guards even displaying the courtesy to show up to the fight, the Marines end up sitting around staging scorpion fights, "hydrating," masturbating, getting outrageously drunk, or worrying what their girls back home are doing (it appears most of them are banging the metaphoric mailman)..."

Page Two: It Is the Worst of Times, It Is the Worst of Times
It is the age of little wisdom, it is the age of foolishness
Columns  February 23, 2017, by Louis Black
"...There is little difference between the overly violent sectarian left (witness last issue's article on the Red Guards) and the equally isolationist reactionary right. Neither care about a democratic republic or have any interest in a society espousing and supporting shared respect, attempted understanding, and an ongoing effort to accommodate the views of others...."

DIY or Die
Red 7's house rules are hardcore, so stop whining
Music Story  June 22, 2007, by Austin Powell
"...Questions? Direct them toward Dutch Welsh of Murder One and Guilty as Charged. Painted black from head to foot with stars tattooed under each eye and issuing a grim hockey player's smile, Welsh guards Red 7's entrance like a minion at the gates of hell..."

A Grin Without a Cat
The title of Chris Marker's radical magnum opus is a reference to Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat, which like revolution is seen only in parts, not the whole.
Screens Review  May 15, 2009, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...He observes how terrorism has now replaced communism as the West's most demonized enemy. He witnesses stern anti-fascists venerating China's party-line Red Guards and the worldwide idealism of leftist-leaning activists crumble under the pressures of personal realities and outside manipulation..."

The Prison Diaries of the Fabulous Thunderbirds' Preston Hubbard
Music Story  October 20, 2000, by Preston Hubbard
"...Some nights, the dressing room would get overcrowded with irritating "blues nerds" wanting to talk about whether or not Muddy Waters farted while recording "Queen Bee" in 1957 or some such crap. These guys would keep all the girls at bay, and we were definitely not having that shit! All our dressing rooms had big guards, so one night in Malmo, we saw the blues nerd onslaught coming, and told the guards, "Absolutely no guys backstage!" Beautiful Swedish women packed the dressing room when we got offstage! After that, the Malmo Rule was used often...."

Letters From the Women of SAFPF
A small sample of the letters received by Austin attorney Derek Howard; transcribed and minimally edited
News Story  December 12, 2008
"...We, too, experienced the "tighthouse" – although on our unit it was referred to as "shutdown." We were threatened with it for months. A horde of guards burst into our dorm screaming and yelling, cursing and telling us to throw all our precious few belongings into a net bag immediately..."

The Shawshank Redemption
Frank Darabont's debut feature based on the Stephen King novella receives a 10th anniversary reissue. The prison drama features standout performances by Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.
Film Review  September 23, 1994, by Marc Savlov
"...It's here that he meets Red (Freeman), a grizzled lifer with little hope of parole, and the man who “knows how to get things”: cigarettes, booze, girlie mags, whatnot. Overseen by the dictatorial Warden Norton (Gunton), a bible-thumping hypocrite with a taste for easy money, and his right hand thug Captain Hadley (Brown), the prison is a nightmare factory of midnight beatings, corrupt politics, and desperate hopelessness, where bull queers target the weak “new fish” -- like Andy -- and take what they want by force while the guards look away..."

Letters at 3AM
Justice sidestepped: Lane McCotter, the Bush administration's overseer for rebuilding Iraq's prison system, previously resigned from his job as Utah's top corrections officer because he was under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for reports of abuse
Columns  May 28, 2004, by Michael Ventura
"...It's likely that Ashcroft and Wolfowitz, and the people they report to (Rumsfeld and Bush), knew exactly who they were hiring and what was expected of him. It was McCotter who, in the parlance of The NY Times, "directed Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq last year and trained the guards." The guards McCotter trained did the infamous things, took the infamous photographs..."

The Bush record of 'compassionate conservatism' is amply illustrated by his clemency record in Texas
News Story  June 11, 2004, by Lucius Lomax
"...No one at the prison knew anything about her being there for only 90 days. The sentence the guards read said 10 years..."

Support a Living Wage
Postmarks  September 22, 2015
"...The last raise we had was 30 cents per hour. We have disabled people working as crossing guards, Section 8 housing recipients, and single women (with and without children) without access to reliable health care working as guards..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  December 22, 2006
"...Nuclear Regulatory Commission and plant officials, with the apparent intent of bringing closure to a tumultuous yearlong saga. Troubles began when several STP guards (security contractors with Wackenhut Corp.) approached the NRC last December with concerns ranging from security facilities and equipment in disrepair to poorly controlled weapons and ammo storage, said David Lochbaum, the director of nuclear safety projects for D.C.-based nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists..."

Tom Hardy delivers a searing performance as Britain's so-called "most violent prisoner."
Film Review  November 13, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...Refn first shoots him in solitary confinement, naked and bathed in a red light that obscures exactly which bodily excretion – blood? feces? – he’s wearing like war paint. Hardy paws the floor like a bull, readying for battle – in this case, with the armed guards about to storm his cage..."

The Winter Classic
South by Southwest 1998
Music Story  March 27, 1998
"...At that moment, the fun was over for me - I preferred the Pogo - but all those memories came thundering home to me at Choreboy. Trouble was brewing before the band even took the stage, as vocalist Phil Owen taunted the club's security guards while checking the mikes..."

Live Shots
Music Story  January 30, 1998
"...It's been a long time since I attended a concert that opened with "The Star Spangled Banner," but as four dozen members of The Regimental Band of the Scots Guards marched into the Erwin Center arena, I stood up with the audience for our country's anthem and "God Save the Queen." It was Scotland the Brave, a touring show featuring the Scots Guards and the Pipes & Drums of the Black Watch, not the sort of concert I usually attend. No one in the audience tried to sneak a cigarette and there was enough tartan visible in the seats to outfit yet another Jacobite uprising..."

Second Wind
As the Katrina crisis subsides, the small victories and the larger questions persist
News Story  September 16, 2005, by Amy Smith
"..."I walked outside with him to show him where to go and I saw three carloads of people, and I saw their Louisiana plates," he said. The caravan included schoolteachers, licensed security guards, and a diabetic woman in her 60s in need of syringes for her insulin, Lofton said..."

Event Horizon
As festivals, crowds, and expenses proliferate – is Austin approaching major event overload?
News Story  July 12, 2013, by Mike Kanin
"..."I can also say that the city can definitely support growth of the main SXSW event, but cannot also support all of the other events that come in and piggyback on SXSW, nor the people coming in solely to attend 'free events,'" he writes. "South by [Southwest] maxes out almost all of the city infrastructure: from APD officers to fire marshals to security guards to traffic infrastructure to sound engineers and bartenders..."

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