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Frankenstein: A Trouble Puppet Show
In this puppet retelling, the monster is a hybrid of human and plant tissue
Arts Story  October 31, 2008, by Hannah Kenah
"...The creature is a hybrid of plant and human tissue, with a dash of fungus and poison thrown in for good measure. Hopkins describes it as a "giant potato." Victor Frankenstein had a furious and complex relationship with his creation, and so does Hopkins with his puppets: "There's this point, it's usually about two weeks from opening, when I generally reach the conclusion that the entire show needs to be trashed, and I need to start over." Spoken like a true mad scientist...."

Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company
For his company's final show, Ricki Vincent takes a look at the end of it all
Arts Story  March 19, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...25, 2009). Yet the grave has not taken it, and the company will return for one last run – suitably entitled The Death Show...."

Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company
It's hard out there for a puppet
Arts Story  September 25, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...The company won't slip away silently, however. Two final shows are planned between now and January: a puppet operetta created in collaboration with That Damned Band and a show based on the last hours of Hunter S..."

Puppet Summit
Friday, July 16, 8pm
Screens Story  July 16, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"..."They're friends of mine who are former circus performers," explains the Escapist's Julianne Sherrod, "and now they're going on the road with their puppet show, which runs about an hour and is accompanied by their friend Ruben on the Wurlitzer Funmaker Organ."..."

New Austin Show Celebrates the Lighter Side of Ethnic Assimilation
Lucky Chaos Theatre’s Leng Wong tells us about Living on the Hyphen
DAILY Arts  March 28, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Coffee, which is originally from Ethiopia, is the background at Thunderbird on Manor where we met with Leng Wong of Lucky Chaos Theatre to find out more about this Living on the Hyphen show that she and Anuradha Naimpally are staging at the Long Center...."

The Hand Inside the Puppet Head
Connor Hopkins and his friends are pleased to meat you
Arts Story  March 18, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...But how, then, to experience a darkly compelling live show based on The Jungle, Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel about the conditions suffered by immigrant laborers in Chicago's meatpacking industry? How to reckon the relentless, numbing pace of the assembly-line abattoir, the human disfigurements and deaths merely less frequent than those of the bovine subjects they're paid shit wages to slaughter and hack to pieces?..."

Trouble Puppet Theater Company
A visiting puppeteer flies in with a show about a really wild duck
Arts Story  March 19, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...The title character is a 20-pound waterfowl who makes life chaotic for the cranky octogenarian whiskey distiller who owns him and his gentle grandson, Tiny. The show is described as "witty, raunchy, and full of transcendent charm" – with enough raunch, apparently, that kids under 12 will not be admitted...."

Summer Stock Austin: I'm Your Puppet
Trouble Puppet Theatre Company teams up with Summer Stock Austin to take Jack up the beanstalk in a whole new way
Arts Story  July 18, 2008, by Barry Pineo
"...While mounting full productions of Oklahoma! and Bat Boy: The Musical in true rotating repertory, as SSA is doing this year, might seem like enough for one summer, the program also will enhance its strong community ties by affiliating with Trouble Puppet Theatre Company to stage an original production of Jack and the Beanstalk. McKelvey very much wanted to reach out to the entire Austin community, and the Trouble Puppet folks, who commonly do very adult puppet shows, very much wanted to appeal to a younger audience, so it's a serendipitous marriage..."

Trouble Puppet's The Wars of Heaven, Part I
The eons-old battle between heaven and hell gets reorganized along gender lines
Arts Review  May 7, 2015, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...The show opens with two Russian soldiers taking shelter in the rubble of Stalingrad as the Nazis lay siege. At first, they're just two soldiers complaining about the hell of war..."

Fragile Rock: Austin's Emo Puppet Band
Maybe the world's only emo puppet band?
DAILY Arts  June 3, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"..."Each show is a realtime concert of songs that I wrote, but there's also a mandatory band therapy session," explains Heilbron. "It's kind of a behind-the-scenes Metallica approach, and borrowing heavily from the whole Eugene-Landy-and-Brian-Wilson thing."..."

The Adventures of Pinocchio
In The Adventures of Pinocchio, director Steve Barron (Coneheads, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) assumes a daunting task in retelling the classic story of the wooden puppet and his kindly “father”...
Film Review  July 26, 1996, by Alison Macor
"...What happens next literally brings new life to Geppetto and the town in which he lives. Pinocchio and Geppetto's encounters with the despicable showman Lorenzini (Kier, last seen in Barb Wire) provide the film's most suspenseful and enjoyable moments, while Pinocchio's attempts to fit in with “real” boys emphasize the film's theme about the difficulties of being an outsider..."

The Double Life of Veronique
Kieslowski's movie is told not so much in customary narrative structures, but in glimpses, hints, and intimations. On the same day in 1968, two women are born, one in Poland, the other in France. Though the two share many characteristics, they live worlds apart. Yet each senses the other and has intuitive knowledge of the other's presence.
Film Review  March 6, 1992, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...But even more inexplicable is Veronique's ability to learn from Veronika's experiences. After Veronika dies on stage while singing, Veronique decides to give up her singing career, much like the fable told by the puppeteer who provides another level of commentary on their story (yes, their parallel lives are further reflected in the form of a puppet show)..."

Talk to the Hand
The first ever Puppet Parts Film Festival
Screens Story  January 11, 2008, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...Puppets hang all over Vincent's workshop, including the cast of his troupe's burlesque show, A Night at Miss Mimi's, featuring Mimi herself, a pig dressed up to look like the madame in a Prohibition-era bordello, and Id, a thick-lipped, blue-teethed, wrinkly skinned beast of a thing that, as befits his name, allows Vincent to act out the more self-indulgent, sensualist sides of his personality. "My puppets," he says, "especially Id, are my alter egos..."

Five Faces of Frankenstein
This Halloween, Austin serves up five freaky takes on Mary Shelley's mad doctor and his monster
Arts Story  October 22, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...Do you like your Frankenstein with a wild gleam in his eye, raving madly, "It's alive! It's a-live!"? Or do you prefer him in fishnets and a lascivious lipsticked smile, inviting you to his lab to "see what's on the slab"? Is your creature of choice a childlike, tortured shambler, only able to grunt, or a tuxedoed "man about town" with a penchant for Irving Berlin (if not the smoothest crooning voice)? You have your pick of these and more, and so you'll know which reanimator and reanimatee are which, here's a brief guide to the Franks in town. 1. Frankenstein: The Trouble Puppet Show..."

Wars of Heaven: Smackdown!
This Trouble Puppet Theater production takes the philosophic battle between good and evil into the pro-wrestling ring
Arts Review  May 5, 2016, by Shanon Weaver
"...Several souls are pitted against one another in combat, representing the sides of good and evil for an event in its 11th millennium. The human actors quickly don their puppet counterparts, and with the blustery bravado of a WWE announcer's statement that all audience members' souls will be harvested at the end of the show, we're ready to rumble..."

Pleasure of the Paynes 2016
Annual theatre awards think Terminus is the living end
DAILY Arts  October 27, 2016
"...Sometimes at a ceremony where awards are being handed out, there's one show that just seems to have generated some special magic and on which a lotta love is lavished. So it was at the 42nd edition of the B..."

Live to Tell
Madonna Live Shot, Houston's Minute Maid Park, 11.16.2008
DAILY Music  November 17, 2008, by Raoul Hernandez
"...In such intimate proximity, one’s wide-eyed stare – again, held as tight as her thighs and quadriceps – picks up an even more awe-inspiring detail: At no point during the two-hour cardio overhaul did she ever break a sweat or even breathe hard. Of Montreal’s Barnum & Bailey blowout at Austin’s Fiesta Gardens last Thursday night might as well have been a puppet show compared to the West Side Story Madonna brought...."

Three Guys, a Girl, and a Dog Named Friday
Austin film collective Jollyville Pictures on its ingredients for success
Screens Story  December 18, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...Eventually I just started teaching myself Adobe After Effects and animation and everything else. We knew Tate English from UT, and one day he called me with an idea about doing a puppet show for KVR-TV, since, obviously, I'd been interested in that sort of thing."..."

Brutality Television
Why you won't be seeing Austin emo puppet band Fragile Rock on America's Got Talent
Arts Story  July 14, 2016, by Brently Heilbron
"...When we played concerts, we were the Polyphonic Spree of Austin's emo puppet scene. For a show the night after David Bowie died, we hastily assembled a cover of "Heroes" complete with a 10-foot David Bowie rod puppet that Shaun had made and took three people to work..."

Creature Construction
How Trouble Puppet creates those ingenious, inhuman figures that populate its plays
Arts Story  October 4, 2013, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...To pay a visit to the Trouble Puppet studio with a show under construction is to tour a playfully gruesome display of proto-creatures. Raw materials which might otherwise fill a family's recycling bin wait to be hammered and glued into place: packing materials, cardboard tubes, old newspapers..."

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