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Son of the Pink Panther
Never one to let Peter Sellers rest in peace while he could extract another simoleon from the cash cow that is the “Pink Panther” series, writer-director Blake Edwards tries again...
Film Review  September 3, 1993, by Robert Faires
"...Starring: Roberto Benigni, Herbert Lom, Robert Davi, Shabana Azmi and Claudia Cardinale. Never one to let Peter Sellers rest in peace while he could extract another simoleon from the cash cow that is the “Pink Panther” series, writer-director Blake Edwards tries again to find a successor to Sellers -- and scores..."

Little Pink House
Courtroom drama makes dry property rights personal.
Film Review  May 4, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...As elevator pitches go, “Mawkish tearjerker about a true-life eminent domain lawsuit” is a curious one, to be sure. But Little Pink House somehow finds a relatable emotional core to what could be a tedious courtroom drama...."

The Pink Elephant (Radio) in the Room
Local LGBTQ advocates bring queer hip-hop to the radio and SXSW
DAILY Qmmunity  March 15, 2018, by Mikaila Rushing
"...Pink Elephant Radio is ready to address the pink elephant in the room: In a world that is slowly but surely introducing more queer elements to mainstream media, why does the music industry seem to be so behind the curve? [image-1-right]..."

Tickled Pink
Pink moves to Dripping Springs
DAILY Music  July 6, 2009, by Margaret Moser
"...I was bugging my brother Stephen to write about Pink Salon closing in his column when it occurred to me I could write about it in mine. After all, he became a client of theirs because I was..."

The Pink Panther 2
Steve Martin returns as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, but no Beyoncé in sight. Smart girl.
Film Review  February 13, 2009, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...Starring: Steve Martin, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, Yuki Matsuzaki, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, John Cleese and Lily Tomlin. I don’t care how many pieces he’s written for The New Yorker, how often he’s been honored by the Kennedy Center, or how many times he’s hosted Saturday Night Live; Steve Martin is going to have to answer to a higher power for The Pink Panther 2 – as will director Zwart (who should also be punished for Agent Cody Banks, while we’re on the subject); Martin’s co-writers, first-timers Scott Neustadter and Michael H..."

Pink Elephant Puts Black LGBTQ Artists Center Stage
Austin's queer hip-hop fest returns for year two
DAILY Qmmunity  March 31, 2017, by Courtney Naquin
"...The nation’s largest queer hip-hop music festival, Pink Elephant, returns to Austin this weekend to celebrate LGBTQ and POC artists. Founded by Japan aka Rashaud Hill – creator of rap group QURE – the second annual QTPOC music fest will feature 25 artists including some of the most prominent LGBTQ hip-hop, R&B, and rap performers in the country...."

Sound on Sound Review: Ariel Pink
Media-savaged savant or indie pop’s biggest asshole?
DAILY Music  November 13, 2017, by Rachel Rascoe
"...Cali pop weirdo Ariel Pink remains both widely influential and subversive. Behind a decade of amassed live train wrecks and incendiary interviews, the avant-garde act’s Sunday night performance at Cheer Up Charlies proved the first Sound on Sound makeup show to sell out...."

Touch of Pink
This queercentric romantic comedy gets its inspiration from culture clash and the ghost of Cary Grant.
Film Review  September 17, 2004, by Steve Davis
"...Starring: Jimi Mistry, Kyle MacLachlan, Kristen Holden-Ried and Suleka Mathew. Despite its silly title, Touch of Pink isn’t the gay guy’s version of a Doris Day romantic comedy..."

Pink Flamingos
Singing sphincters, Edie the Egg Lady, Divine as the "filthiest person alive," and the now-legendary dog shit scene: All are part of Waters' first underground success.
Film Review  May 23, 1997, by Marc Savlov
"...Vying for the title of “Filthiest People Alive,” Divine and her extended family – Mama Edie (Massey), who cries petulantly for the Egg Man; bottle-blonde and semi-significant other Cotton (Pearce); and chicken rapist Crackers (Mills) – take up arms against the treacherous and scheming Marbles, who run an illegal adoption ring out of their home and have a sideline in playground heroin sales (not to mention hairstyles that redefine the word “crappy”). If you're one of the few who haven't yet been indoctrinated into the world of Pink Flamingos, but have only heard eerie, second-hand tales around the campfire, now's your chance to see what all the gagging was about..."

Rebecca Rather Closes the Pink Pig
Bakery and cafe was popular wine country dining destination
DAILY Food  August 20, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Pastry Queen Rebecca Rather has actively promoted her Pink Pig Bakery & Cafe (6266 Hwy 290 East) outside Fredericksburg via all forms of social media. Today a notice on the company Facebook page announced they had lost their lease and the business was closed as of August 18...."

Stella Blue Is in the Pink
New salon to hold grand opening, Thursday, April 1
DAILY Design  March 31, 2010, by Claire Harrison
"...Fashionable women all over the city have been mourning the passing of Pink hair salon on South Congress since it closed last June. Yes, I know that you, your sister, and practically every stylish celebrity in Austin went there for perfect highlights and eye-catching cuts for ten years...."

Pink Saris and Big Sticks
The Gulabi Gang fights the patriarchy in India
DAILY Screens  October 14, 2014, by Vijay Ganju
"...Clad in pink saris and wielding big sticks, a small group of women in rural North India has swelled into a national movement for women’s rights and social reform. Gulabi Gang (The Pink Gang) is a documentary about this homegrown vigilante women’s movement, and is screening in Austin on Wednesday...."

Pretty in Pink
Breast cancer awareness through music
DAILY Music  October 25, 2012, by Abby Johnston
"...Every October, everything turns pink. There are “Save the Boobies” wristbands, benefit walks, and rosy ribbons representing hope for breast cancer survivors..."

Pink Glocks???
Bill O'Reilly's pricking up his ears again.
DAILY Qmmunity  July 1, 2007, by Kate X Messer
"...UPDATE (See "continue reading …" link, below) Wake up, America! Bill O'RLY warns that lesbian gangs are taking over the nation. And his fancy, dandy Fox crime analyst (nice lavender touch, Rod!) confirms that, "These are lesbians that actually carry pink pistols..."

Into the Pink
Interview With Filmmaker and Novelist Gus Van Sant
Screens Story  February 20, 1998, by Sid Moody
"...Van Sant has been nominated for an Oscar and also for a best director award by the Director's Guild of America. Yet film viewers may not know that Van Sant is also the author of a recent work of experimental fiction, a novel called Pink..."

Think Pink
Pastry Queen and the Pink Pig proprietor Rebecca Rather keeps giving us reasons to drive to Fredericksburg
Food Story  May 17, 2013, by Wes Marshall
"...The Pink Pig6266 Hwy. 290 E., Fredericksburg, 830/990-8800 Lunch, Tue.-Sat., 11am-2:30pm; dinner, Thu.-Sat., 5:30-9pm; Sunday brunch, 10am-close"

Pink and Read
Screens Story  February 20, 1998
"...Pink by Gus Van Sant (Doubleday, $21.95 hard)..."

The Pink Pick
Kate Messer remembers when she first met Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison and they bonded over the Gibson SG like a couple of guitar geeks.
Features Story  March 17, 2000, by Kate X Messer
"...I stretched out my eager hand to reveal my entire collection of tortoise Fender picks, black Gibson ones, and psychedelic no-names. He zeroed in on one particular pink jobbie and delicately lifted it out of my palm..."

Ben Steinbauer Commits Some Pink Collar Crimes
Winnebago Man director on his new CBS true crime show
DAILY Screens  August 18, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Steinbauer became a festival favorite in 2009 with Winnebago Man, the bizarre tale of a commercial shoot for RVs where the outtakes became one of the first truly viral videos. But now he's found prime time success, directing all eight episodes of the CBS Saturday night true crime series Pink Collar Crimes...."

The Pink Panther
In this pointless rehash of the 1964 Blake Edwards film that introduced Inspector Clouseau to the world, Steve Martin inhabits the role of the bumbling French detective without a trace of the comic genius of Peter Sellers.

Film Review  February 10, 2006, by Steve Davis
"...Most of the time, the storyline makes no sense, particularly in those scenes featuring the bootylicious Knowles, whose eye-candy presence here is nothing more than an excuse for a pop single. The casting of Knowles also underscores the fact that this incarnation of The Pink Panther has more in common with the Austin Powers series than anything in which Sellers and Edwards ever collaborated..."

Goodbye to Big Pink
The Rio Motel faces new ownership, a new name, and perhaps a new future.
News Story  July 26, 2002, by Rob D'Amico
"...Gone is the Rio Motel -- the pink and baby blue stucco lodging at 4800 N. I-35, the venerable motor hotel with the hand-painted "O" in "MOTEL."..."

Bluesmen & Pink Ribbon Cowgirls
The deaths of Brenda Hutchison and Nick Curran give us pause
DAILY Music  October 8, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...I also understood the lure of Austin when she returned home in the late Nineties, but wasn’t really aware of the iron backbone she possessed until she fought the cancer invading her body by organizing the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls support group. She was 52...."

Austin's Pink Palace Makes the Gray Lady's Style
The New York Times' love affair with Austin
DAILY Design  April 5, 2012, by Anne Harris
"...And, of course the feeling is mutual. Read all about the Pink Palace here. [image-1]..."

Wine of the Week: Pink Syrah? Why Not?
A Rosé is a Rosé is a Rosé
Food Column  May 27, 2011, by Wes Marshall
"...People in France love Rosé wines, especially during warm weather. It's hard to find a restaurant or bar without pink wines on the list..."

What Could Be Worse Than Essie Hot Pink?
A J Crew Ad shows a mother/son painting toenails. The world falls apart.
DAILY Qmmunity  April 14, 2011, by Julie Gillis

Pink Flag
Wire and Warpaint, back to back nights
DAILY Music  April 11, 2011, by Audra Schroeder
"...Live Wire? The British trio's sold-out Mohawk gig Friday night hosted three or four times the number of people than its 2002 La Zona Rosa pit, but came off more subdued. Bad sound may have contributed to the lack of electricity, the group mostly sticking to material from its latest, Red Barked Tree, which contrasted humorously with murmurs for Pink Flag through the crowd, Wire's 1977 debut remaining both a blessing and a curse..."

The Pink Panther
The first in the original Pink Panther series follows the clueless Inspector Clouseau (the always genius Sellers) to Switzerland in search of a jewel thief (Niven)....
Film Review  May 23, 2001, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Peter Sellers, David Niven, Robert Wagner and Capucine. The first in the original Pink Panther series follows the clueless Inspector Clouseau (the always genius Sellers) to Switzerland in search of a jewel thief (Niven)...."

The Wizard of Oz W/pink Floyd
This special midnight screeing of America's beloved classic will be played with the soundtrack from Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon. Ah, but will they play it backward...
Film Review  July 29, 1999, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Munchkins, Charley Grapewin, Margaret Hamilton, Billie Burke, Frank Morgan, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Ray Bolger and Judy Garland. This special midnight screeing of America's beloved classic will be played with the soundtrack from Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon..."

Is Your Water Running ... Pink?
Dye study confirms Onion Creek as aquifer recharge source
News Story  February 1, 2018, by Michael King
"...In a press release featuring a bathtub full of bright pink water – alas, not a bathtub cocktail – Dripping Springs environmental group Protect Our Water announced the results of a December dye study performed by the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conser­va­tion District, the city of Austin, and the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment. As summarized in the release, the study showed that "Onion Creek surface water recharges the Trinity Aquifer through its fractured rock-bottom creek bed..."

News Roundup: Planned Parenthood, Piñatas, & Pink Bikinis
City Council goes long
DAILY News  October 19, 2015, by the News Staff
"...30 fundraising event. Nutting brought a small maquette of the proposed bronze statue by sculptor Bob Coffee; it features Leslie in a classic pose, sitting on a bench in a pink bikini..."

Think Pink (and Green)
Hey Cupcake and Daily Greens fight breast cancer
DAILY Food  October 14, 2014, by Carmen Rising and Ashley Ratcliffe
"...Look for pink tags this month on your favorite juices , including the new Replenish chocolate hemp milk. You'll get a 50¢ discount, and a 50¢ donation will be donated to the Youth Survival Coalition..."

Pink Floyd Actually Wanted You to Listen to the Fucking Album
Cheezburger master Ben Huh on form factors
DAILY SXSW  March 10, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...With that format, you need to be there, listening: It’s like all or nothing.” He paused, then said what I reckon might trump any quotation from even the Music part of this conference: “It turns out, musicians don’t make music so you can walk down the street and check your email. Like, when Pink Floyd made The Wall? They actually wanted you to listen to the fucking album.”..."

Spotlight: Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
12mid, Maggie Mae's Gibson Room
Music Story  March 15, 2013, by Tim Stegall
"...Where he's arrived is the stripped-down-yet-strange stylings of Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds, named for a lyric in David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream." After two LPs, 2009's Dracula Boots and Gorilla Rose two years later, the band arrives for what now seems a standard stop at SXSW promoting a new single ("Conjure Man") and a forthcoming LP (Haunted Head) for In The Red Records. All of it unleashes Powers' current Latino dadaist hipster persona..."

Pink Airplane
Flying to Sydney will tickle you pink.
DAILY Qmmunity  September 17, 2007, by Kate X Messer
"...With pinkies high up in the sky (we imagine), Air New Zealand has announced a special roundtrip: San Francisco to Sydney for the 2008 Sydney Gay Pride Festival on what is being billed as the Pink Flight, featuring campily clad crew members and queer entertainment. Oh heck, yes: Fly the friendly guys!..."

Pink Is the New Shame
Thai cops can't get over the shame of pink.
DAILY Qmmunity  August 6, 2007, by Kate X Messer
"... Just ask the oh-so-masculine (and apparently very secure about it) Thai police whose limits have been pushed to the brink – calling on the power of the punitive pussy to keep their ranks in line. "Thai police officers who break rules will be forced to wear hot pink armbands featuring Hello Kitty, the Japanese icon of cute, as a mark of shame, a senior officer said Monday." "'(Hello) Kitty is a cute icon for young girls..."

Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii
Pink Floyd performs in concert in a Pompeii amphitheatre and are also shown rehearsing in the Abbey Road studios....
Film Review  January 10, 2002, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Adrian Maben. Pink Floyd performs in concert in a Pompeii amphitheatre and are also shown rehearsing in the Abbey Road studios...."

Motoramas in Pink Pajamas
And Other Illusions From When Life Was Mighty Swell
Screens Story  December 13, 1996, by Jesse Sublett
"...In a 1956 vision of the future, a ballerina and her beau glide down the Electronic Highway of Tomorrow in a car that looks like a jet fighter without wings (but with a huge, single tail fin in back), singing "Girls don't go to Motoramas... dressed in a pair of pink pajamas"....."

Hindi courtroom drama
Film Review  September 30, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten

Pink Floyd Actually Wanted You to Listen to the Fucking Album
Cheezburger master Ben Huh on form factors
Screens Story  March 14, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner

Pink and Black Threepeat
Hotrod Honeys keep the Texas Rollergirls title
DAILY Sports  July 26, 2010, by Richard Whittaker

Message to Code Pink and Other Protesters Inside the Convention:
You're not helping.
DAILY News  September 4, 2008, by Lee Nichols

More Like the Pink Panthers! (Sorry I'm Not as Funny When They Win)
DAILY Sports  October 31, 2006, by Jeremy Martin

Pink Slips Fly at TXCN
Belo takes a chainsaw to its cable-news channel
News Story  December 10, 2004, by Kevin Brass

Pink Floyd: The Wall
This visualization of the rock group’s bestselling concept album is a wall of sound and images. The story is about the crack-up of a burnt-out rock star. The film’s animation...
Film Review  January 20, 2000, by Marjorie Baumgarten

The Hightower Report
Warning: Pink ribbons don't cure breast cancer
News Column  November 25, 2015, by Jim Hightower
"...This is a question that more and more women who have breast cancer are asking in rising vexation over what's become known as the "pinkification" of their disease. They're referring to the ubiquitous breast cancer awareness campaign that uses pink ribbons and pink everything to promote mammograms for early detection of the cancer..."

About Last Night
Sexual perversity is released with gleeful abandon in this second film outing for Mamet's 40-year-old play.
Film Review  February 14, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...Directed by: Steve Pink. Starring: Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant, Adam Rodriguez, Paula Patton, Christopher McDonald and Joe Lo Truglio...."

New & Noteworthy
Maine Root's Pink Drink
Food Story  September 14, 2007, by MM Pack
"...What's the most outrageously hued, lusciously refreshing thirst-quencher in town this season? It just might be Pink Drink organic soda, made from prickly pear cactus fruit and sold at Austin farmers' markets by up-and-coming Austin-based company Maine Root ("

French Kiss
Remember real cotton candy? The stuff that was freshly spun, sweet and pink, directly onto paper cones at carnivals and fairs? Full of empty calories and a dentist's nightmare, but...
Film Review  May 5, 1995, by Hollis Chacona
"...Starring: Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton, Jean Reno, Francois Cluzet and Susan Anbeh. Remember real cotton candy? The stuff that was freshly spun, sweet and pink, directly onto paper cones at carnivals and fairs? Full of empty calories and a dentist's nightmare, but oh, that sweet sugar rush as it dissolved on your tongue..."

The Great Lo-Fi Hope
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti brings out the alts
DAILY Music  August 4, 2010, by Audra Schroeder
"...When Ariel Pink played Emo's solo a few years ago, it was delightfully awkward, the perfect reflection of his music at the time. He was touring behind House Arrest, and the show felt as shambolic as the album; his mid-set breakdown was amplified by the fact that he was wearing a muumuu...."

Lonestar Rollergirls Playoffs: Putas del Fuego vs. Hellcats
DAILY Sports  June 11, 2007, by Sofia Resnick
"...How does a rollergirl cope with the demands of the amateur-sport arena? As I pondered these matters of strife and stealth, my attention was directed toward the center of the banked track, where the opposing teams prepared for this playoff match. As the Hellcats and last year's Calvello Cup Champions, the Putas del Fuego, shuffled about and stretched, I was bemused by the Hellcats' mascot, a grown man on all fours with a full-body leopard tattoo, wearing fluffy, pink cat ears and a chain around his neck attached to a leash..."

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