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It's Always the Nice Ones
Music Story  March 4, 1999, by Greg Beets
"...The band originated as a trio in the summer of 1996 with Barnes on drums and former Teen Titans frontman Phillip Niemeyer and Gavin Scott on dueling guitars. When Scott moved to Memphis, Niemeyer brought in his old middle school bud Travis Higdon on guitar..."

Shawn Camp: Alight in the Darkness
Shawn Camp's new show at Northern-Southern breathes in the Aphotic Zone
Arts Story  August 6, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Note: Shawn Camp's wonderments are only one part of the Northern-Southern scene, as the venue's main gallery presents a group show called "Swimming," curated by Phillip Niemeyer, featuring art and design from Niemeyer, David R. Head Jr., Dax Norman, Karen Gelardi, Michelle Marchesseault, Mike Reddy, Rachel Freeman, Sibelle Yuksek, and Transmountain..."

Letters Like You've Never Seen Before
Northern-Southern Gallery goes graphically abecedarian
DAILY Arts  June 26, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And publisher/printer Kyle Schlesinger's Bumpers collection of artists' bumper-sticker aphorisms – expertly typeset on thick paper and presented in their own box for your easy browsing pleasure. And there's more to feast your eyes on, of course – the entire wall of big red S's by the gallery's owner, graphic designer Phillip Niemeyer, most striking among the remaining (NO SPOILERS!) delights – after you enter through a front door adorned with the exhibition title so attractively designed by Colin Frazer...."

Black Lipstick
Music Review  April 22, 2005, by Darcie Stevens
"...Opener "B.O.B. F.O.S.S.E.," perhaps the best track on the disc, utilizes VU repetition to emphasize the driving rhythm behind Phillip Niemeyer's Joey Ramone vocals..."

SXSW Records
Jeff Beck
Music Story  March 11, 1999
"...Right off the bat, or rather right after the fiendish opener "Dream Date," Goodbye Private Life scores with "Never Been Kissed," the sharpest ode to sexual frustration since "Add It Up." Phillip Niemeyer breaks it down: "I'm 23 and I've never been kissed/Be 35 and I'll never be touched/Be 45 and I'll never be fucked." Be that as it may, before the Kiss Offs close things out with "The Horrible, Shocking Truth," a ? & the Mysterians-guided peepshow of kissing booths, kidney thieves, and leather-lovin' eighth-grade teachers, the Austin fivepiece have gotten a whole album's worth of rocks off. Niemeyer and Katey Jones' trade-off vocals have all the sexual tension of East Coast neo-soulsters The Make Up or Delta 72 (Jones has those groovy Farfisa lines on lock), but instead of aloofly sipping Manhattans, they're getting trashed on Pearl and Cuervo shots..."

Playback: Jump on It
Eastside hip-hop summer series moves to the Expo Center; plus, musical robots with personality disorders and more music news
Music Column  June 14, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...Last Saturday's bustling premiere felt like a group therapy session of dinging, droning, honking, and whistling that recontextualizes our species' emotional experiences. Northern-Southern Director Phillip Niemeyer stood in awe of Steinke's creation:..."

The John-Pauls
Music Review  June 8, 2017, by Libby Webster
"...Repeatedly mesmeric, the local quintet's guitar-driven warmth recalls Nineties slowcore icons Bedhead in mellowed aesthetic, and the Feelies and Yo La Tengo's enduring indie rock romanticism. Phillip Niemeyer and Mikila Zaorski trade vocal duties from song to song, making TJP's debut long-player play out like real-time conversation, the former's bratty, deadpan delivery contrasting Zaorski's wispy, aching voice..."

Five Things to Do in Austin This Weekend
Because you can't just get baked & eat breakfast tacos 24/7, right?
DAILY Arts  May 19, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...But how can we not pimp it here? We love those John-Pauls, and not just because we work with Mark John-Paul on a daily basis. And not just because their frontman, that Phillip Niemeyer, runs the remarkable Northern-Southern Gallery whose exhibitions have sometimes knocked us sideways with beauty..."

Top 10 Arts-Related Program Activities of 2015
The most memorable art of 2015 carved strange and brilliant new spaces out of familiar ones
Arts Story  December 31, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...The "Swimming" group exhibition at Phillip Niemeyer's Koenig Lane arts space was sufficient unto itself, but also contained this separate room of abstract paintings-on-Plexiglas that, via cycling illumination, transmogrified Camp's usual precise brilliance to completely different, back-lit vistas like pieces of frozen aurora borealis. 2) Year of the Rooster (Capital T Theatre)..."

Artist Shawn Camp Offers a Hint of Light in the Darkness
New exhibition at Northern-Southern breathes in the Aphotic Zone
DAILY Arts  July 29, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Note: Shawn Camp's wonderments are only one part of what's opening at Northern-Southern this weekend, as the venue's main gallery presents a group show called "Swimming," curated by Phillip Niemeyer, featuring art and design from David R. Head Jr., Dax Norman, Karen Gelardi, Michelle Marchesseault, Mike Reddy, Rachel Freeman, Sibelle Yuksek, and Transmountain...."

The Luv Doc: A Remarkable Debut
Fold back your ear flaps, there's a new band in town
Columns  September 6, 2013, by The Luv Doc
"...The hipsterati were out in full force Sunday evening for the debut of local dry-rub barbecue mogul Mark Fagan’s new band, the John-Pauls, a threepiece alternative ensemble featuring Fagan on guitar, Phillip Niemeyer on guitar and vocals, Mikila Zaorski on drums, and the prophet Elijah on bass, who was on loan from his other gigs with Black Pistol Fire and the White Stripes. Nonetheless, there was a remarkably thick low-end to the band’s sound that was underpinned by Zaorski’s thunderous skin-pounding..."

Austin wonders if Billy Bob Thornton will hop onstage with Tori Amos.
Music Column  April 25, 2003, by Christopher Gray
"...Singer Brett Humphries says the Levity star held up a napkin with the message "You guys are fuckin' great!"... Phillip Niemeyer of Black Lipstick called to say the band's recent Mercury show was prematurely dubbed a CD release, since debut Converted Thieves wasn't then available..."

Kiss Offs, Britt Daniel, Shindigs, Hole in the Wall, November 11
Music Review  November 19, 1999, by Christopher Gray
"...Songs like "Dream Date," "Bottle Blonde," and "Looking Through," already close to perfect on their Goodbye Private Life CD, crackled with renewed urgency and drive. Even if it was fueled by the dwindling days before keyboardist Katey Jones departs for Chicago, the interplay between her and singer/guitarists Travis Higdon and Phillip Niemeyer swept the ravenous crowd along into a thrill-seeking, body-rocking vortex of Peek-a-Boo pleasure..."

Live Shots
Music Story  November 6, 1998
"...The Kiss-Offs opened the evening's floodgates with a truly unique blend of infantilism and Lower East Side decadence channeled through fuzzy guitars and stark New Wave keyboard riffs. "Kiss Me, Slap Me" found guitarist Phillip Niemeyer viscerally acting out the song with keyboardist Katey Jones, who appeared happy to oblige..."

7 and 7 Is
Music Story  May 23, 1997
"...Either way, as with old Galaxie 500 on Restless, just buy everything now so you don't have to wait a decade before Ryko re-releases it. Battling Trance for single supremacy in Austin is the most excellent Peek-A-Book label, which has a mess of new 45s out, including one by label guys Travis Higdon and Phillip Niemeyer and their punk band the Kiss Offs..."

Red Left, Blue Right
GrayDUCK group show examines the degree to which the art object affects the senses
Arts Review  June 7, 2013, by Matthew Irwin
"...The pinnacle of this show appears in the form of a joke, by the show's curator, Phillip Edward Niemeyer. Double Blocks are (roughly) two-inch by two-inch woodblocks with the images of 3-D blocks appearing on the sides in red and blue..."

Playback: Music Policy Draft Fails Venues
A complete detachment from the original vision of the Omnibus
Music Column  May 18, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Big in Europe: The John-Pauls' debut full-length has already garnered French airplay and rave reviews from blogs requiring Google Translate to decipher. Forget to Remember to Forget finds the Austin group – featuring longtime Chronicle linchpin Mark John-Paul (né Fagan) – sounding like a post-punk Velvet Underground with lead vocalists Phillip John-Paul (né Niemeyer) and Mikila John-Paul (né Zaorski) deadpanning penetratingly clever lyrics over languid, lo-fi rock..."

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