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Pariah tells the specific but universal story of a black teenage girl who is a virginal lesbian, budding writer, and nonconformist.
Film Review  January 13, 2012, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Pariah encompasses the personal and the universal with its emotionally engaging story about a Brooklyn teenager who struggles to find a place to fit in and thrive. The film is fresh yet familiar, raw but polished, particular yet generic, and wholly original..."

“Great. Astonishing. The best film in Park City,” raves filmmaker Penelope Spheeris (The Decline of Western Civilization, Wayne's World) in the press for Kret's debut feature. If this represents the...
Film Review  July 16, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...Sissy, we find out, was routinely raped by her father, while other girls fell under similar repugnant fates. For all its chutzpah and idealism, Pariah remains a muddled mess, a far cry from Australian director Geoffrey Wright's seminal Romper Stomper, which this film clearly strives to emulate (indeed, in one scene a snippet of dialogue from Wright's film is clearly heard in the background)..."

Tom Zigal's Pariah Reviewed
Books Story  September 17, 1999, by Mike Shea

Point Austin: The Prosecutor and the Pariah
Don't know about you, but I'm beginning to feel sorry for Tom DeLay
News Column  October 28, 2005, by Michael King

America's class system goes under a bloody scalpel.
Film Review  March 9, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...The spur in this examination of crime and punishment is an unseen sin in Connecticut: diffident teen Amanda (Cooke, an expert in dysfunctionality from Bates Motel), a horse, a darkened stable, a knife. After that, only Lily (The Witch's Taylor-Joy) will even be seen around Amanda, who plummeted in high school society from weird to pariah..."

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
A zippy, lippy animated adaptation of the popular children’s book.
Film Review  September 18, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...The wildest fantasy of every hamburger-happy kid is realized in this zippy, lippy animated adaptation of the popular children’s book. When a misunderstood inventor named Flint Lockwood (voiced by Hader) cooks up a contraption that converts water into food, causing all matter of epicurean delights to fall from the sky, he transforms overnight from town pariah to boy hero..."

Terminal Velocity
Charlie Sheen's name is an almost perfect anagram for “Hail Cheese,” which makes almost perfect sense in light of this post-summer blockbuster wannabe. Playing off the success of Keanu Reeves'...
Film Review  September 23, 1994, by Marc Savlov
"...It's bad enough when Schwarzenegger and Van Damme attempt clever repartee, but it's a felony offense to give Sheen this much rope. Kinski (?!) is adequate as the KGB pariah, but only just..."

The Snapper
Based upon the second volume of Roddy Doyle's working class Irish trilogy (the first book was adapted by Alan Parker in The Commitments), director Frears returns to his Dublin roots...
Film Review  February 25, 1994, by Marc Savlov
"...The truth is, however, less palatable. Neighbor George (Pat Laffan), married and with a daughter Sharon's age, boasts jokingly down at the local pub that Sharon “was a hell of a ride.” Before long, she's not only a hell of a ride, but also the local pariah, despite her newfound insistence that it wasn't old George, but, instead, a Spanish sailor..."

Every Day of Your Life
Remembering Sims Ellison, and profiling the SIMS Foundation
Music Story  July 7, 2000, by Margaret Moser
"...It just wasn't working out for Sims Ellison. Not Pariah's album, which had not turned out the way anyone in the band wanted and shoulda been a contender. Not with Geffen Records, who signed Pariah in 1991 when Guns N' Roses were kings and dropped them in May '95 after treating them like any other band -- shabbily..."

Welcome to the Jungle
Metal and alt-rock collide and flourish during the Back Room's glory years
Music Story  July 28, 2006, by Ray Seggern
"...Never in its 30-plus-year run was it Austin's classiest venue, but the Back Room definitely had balls; in the self-proclaimed Live Music Capital of the World, it adopted a simple enough name: "The Rock Club." And it was, especially during the era celebrated in these pages, 1988 to 1995. It was the age of Dangerous Toys and Pariah, when Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots were openers and Steve Earle and Jane's Addiction played back-to-back shows the very same night..."

Suicide Is No Solution
The S.I.M.S. Foundation
Music Story  June 28, 1996, by Andy Langer
"...For nearly a decade, Sims Ellison played bass for Pariah, a local hard rock band whose long, steady grassroots build, fanatic fanbase, and eventual major-label signing made them seem like Austin's next big thing. And in 1991, when the band finally inked a multi-album deal with a label well known for breaking hard rock acts such as Tesla, Whitesnake, and most notably Guns 'n' Roses, Geffen probably thought the same thing..."

Swaggering, Strutting Texas Hunks
Music Story  December 10, 2010, by Margaret Moser
"...That's how David Garza remembers the band Pariah, a pungent description echoed by those who remember their glory days as Austin's premier hard rock band. The SIMS Benefit Bash this Saturday, Dec..."

Can Tom Zigal Really Say That?
"The truth is, I didn't know a thing about the world of mystery writers and crime publishing," Tom Zigal, the author of three mystery novels, says. Chronicle writer Dick Holland discovers why Zigal might say such a thing and why it may not matter in light of Pariah, Zigal's new installment in the Kurt Muller mystery series.
Books Story  September 17, 1999, by Dick Holland
"...What is confirmed is that above all he is observant, loyal, generous, self-deprecating about his talent, and very funny. Let's say he is Tom Zigal, whose new novel Pariah was published a couple of weeks ago..."

Critics' Picks
Recommended at AFF
Screens Story  October 21, 2011
"...The AFF lineup makes space for the cutting edge of a film like Pariah, the dangerous decorum of The Descendants, and a flashback to one of the greatest student films ever made, We Can't Go Home Again...."

Margaret Moser Tribute: Shawn & Shandon Sahm
Beautiful Texas sunshine
Music Story  June 29, 2017, by Joe Nick Patoski
"...When Pariah was doing the Music Awards trip, she was always really cool, always supported us. She was the glue of the Music Awards...."

Friends of SIMS Wanna Be Your Dog
Locals cover classics for musicians healthcare provider
DAILY Music  December 14, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Sabrina Worthington, punk rock wailer for warrior princesses the Applicators, unleashes Iggy Pop’s dog-in-heat declarations over the heavy pounding of bassist John Michael, Schatzi drummer Kyle Schneider, and ex-Pariah guitarist Kyle Ellison. Meanwhile, the real fireworks discharge in a double-dose of screaming, octave-warped guitar solos from Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary...."

Final Countdown
Thirty-three years of Back Room shows and events can hardly be summed up in one timeline
Music Story  July 28, 2006, by Darcie Stevens
"...March 1990: Pariah plays their SXSW showcase at the Back Room; eight major labels scout the show, and the band signs with Geffen...."

Public Notice
Public Notice dips deep into the well of depression, but looks on the bright side, noting that Austin is full of cool groups like the SIMS Foundation and Project Transitions, not to mention fine, compassionate people who put themselves before others.
Columns  January 28, 2000, by Kate X Messer
"...Life's so yummy. So when we recall stories like that of Sims Ellison, the bassist of Austin band Pariah who offed himself in 1995 (sorry, we have a Bad Attitude about stupid moves like suicide ...), we get majorly bummed out..."

Texas Platters
A Day in the Life
Music Story  March 18, 1999
"...At the very least, A Day in the Life, an overwhelming 2-CD sampler of Austin music, addresses two entirely distinct Austin issues: 1) That we've become Los Angeles, with everybody looking out for themselves, and 2) the sheer volume of local music has made it impossible for the average Joe with no money to identify local acts of quality. On the first issue, the truth is this: The folks behind SIMS, the local nonprofit organization set up to provide low-cost counseling and mental health care to Austin's music community after the 1996 suicide of Pariah bassist Sims Ellison, asked local musicians for rare and unreleased music and got 27 tracks on deadline..."

A Wrinkle in Time
Ava DuVernay's adaptation of the children's classic rarely soars.
Film Review  March 9, 2018, by Kimberley Jones
"...A saccharine prologue introduces the loving family unit that is the Murry family – Mom (Mbatha-Raw) and Dad (Pine), both scientists, young Meg (Reid), and the baby of the family, Charles Wallace (McCabe), who is adopted on the same day their father goes missing. Four years later, Charles Wallace has blossomed into a brilliant 5-year-old with an impressive command of SAT words, while Meg is a pariah, bullied at school and falling behind in her classes..."

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