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Enter the Domain With Other Worlds Austin
Sci-fi film festival adds world premiere, new score, and award winners
DAILY Screens  November 5, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Techno-allegories, futuristic thrillers, and Anne Hathaway obsessives: The latest round of announcements for sci-fi film festival Other Worlds Austin and its Under Worlds Austin horror sub-strand has it all...."

Other Worlds Austin Goes to an Alien Nation
Sci-fi and horror fest releases full, final lineup
DAILY Screens  November 9, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Other Worlds Austin film festival has always been dedicated to science fiction being the genre of ideas. With the announcement today of the complete roster of films for 2018, the team is putting that front and center with a 30th-anniversary screening of a classic sci-fi political allegory: Alien Nation...."

Other Worlds Austin Gets Bigger, Stranger
Four films, three shorts, and an extra screen added
DAILY Screens  November 7, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...When Bears Fonté announced that he would be holding the first Other Worlds Austin festival this Dec. 4-6, it was going to be a small affair, with one screen at the Galaxy Highland showing nothing but sci-fi films for three days..."

Other Worlds Austin Hits The Dead Center
Sci-fi and horror film fest adds centerpiece film and more
DAILY Screens  October 20, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Other Worlds Austin was founded as a science-fiction film festival: However, its Under Worlds Austin horror strand takes a little of the spotlight with the announcement today that The Dead Center, starring Upstream Color director Shane Carruth, will be the centerpiece film...."

Other Worlds Austin Adds Owen Egerton's Latest
Plus sci-fi fest's closing night title, and shorts
DAILY Screens  November 28, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Other Worlds Austin, the dedicated sci-fi film festival, is coming up this week, but they saved some big announcements for last. Joining cult faves and cutting edge creations, now OWA adds Austin author-turned-scriptwriter Owen Egerton's latest, The Axe Murders of Villisca...."

Other Worlds Austin Announces Lineup
New SF fest announces latest Amy Seimetz feature as closing title
DAILY Screens  October 16, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Clones, zombie hands, eternal nights, and a day's worth of shorts: New sci fi festival Other Worlds Austin has announced the complete lineup for its inaugural excursion...."

New Grant at Other Worlds Austin
Dan O'Bannon award to help Texas filmmakers
DAILY Screens  August 5, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Indie filmmaking is a tough realm, with even a few hundred or thousand dollars making all the difference. Yesterday, the Austin Film Society announced who will be selecting winners of the AFS Filmmaker Grants: Now Other Worlds Austin is launching its own production grant, honoring one of sci-fi and horror's masters...."

Other Worlds Austin Lights the Embers
Post-apocalyptic drama joins list of Shelley Award nominees
DAILY Screens  November 19, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Science-fiction film festival Other Worlds Austin has filled the final slot of its schedule by announcing that post-apocalyptic drama Embers will be its closing night drama...."

Other Worlds Austin Opens With The Well
New sci-fi fest announces opening night film
DAILY Screens  October 7, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Get ready for eco-horror: As the seemingly never-ending Texas drought continues to bake us, Other Worlds Austin has announced its opening night film as a dramatic reminder that the water wars are coming...."

Other Worlds Austin Has a Time Lapse
All sci-fi film fest announces centerpiece title
DAILY Screens  September 16, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Check your watches: Other Worlds Austin, the city's first ever dedicated science fiction festival, has announced its centerpiece film, chronological conundrum Time Lapse...."

Other Worlds Austin Finds the 'Dead Within'
Austin's newest film fest announces special preview screening
DAILY Screens  August 4, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...The 512's freshest film festival, Other Worlds Austin, may not even kick off until December, but founder Bears Fonté is living up to his promise of bringing fresh new sci fi films to the screen with yet another special preview screening...."

Other Worlds Austin Boards Battlestar Galactica
Festival honors legendary TV director Alan Levi
DAILY Screens  August 16, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...[image-1-right]Forget the reboot: the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica rewrote the rules for epic TV science fiction. Now Alan Levi, the uncredited show's director of the pilot and many other classic TV shows, will be this year’s recipient of the Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival's Defender of the Universe award...."

Other Worlds Austin Adds Beyond Skyline
Companion to 2010 surprise success headlines first wave
DAILY Screens  September 25, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...Strap in for the future: Dedicated SF film festival Other Worlds Austin has just launched wave one of its lineup, with Beyond Skyline prepping for alien invasion and the opening night headline slot...."

Other Worlds Austin Announces Mary Shelley Award Finalists
Shortlist for prize for rising female film talents
DAILY Screens  November 23, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's hard to imagine either science fiction or horror without Mary Shelley, the creator of fiction's greatest mad scientist, Frankenstein. That's why sci-fi festival Other Worlds Austin has the Mary Shelley award for women genre filmmakers, and the list of this year's finalists is out...."

Other Worlds Austin Proclaims No Men Beyond This Point
Sci-fi fest adds battle of the sexes mockumentary as centerpiece
DAILY Screens  November 13, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's less than a month before the second year of sci-fi film festival Other Worlds Austin, and the last four films, including centerpiece satire No Men Beyond This Point, have just been added to the lineup...."

Other Worlds Austin Celebrate Women in SF
Fest announces new award, plus YA opening night film
DAILY Screens  November 2, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Other Worlds Austin was founded last year as a celebration of science-fiction cinema. As the festival announces its first film for its 2015 incarnation, running Dec..."

Other Worlds Austin Crosses the Event Horizon
Film fest opens with 20th anniversary of sci-fi/horror classic
DAILY Screens  August 15, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...One night only. Other Worlds Austin, the dedicated science fiction film festival, has announced that they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of beloved hellburner Event Horizon with an opening night gala screening, plus a workshop with scriptwriter Philip Eisner...."

Other Worlds Austin Unleashes First Wave
Sci-fi icon Sybil Danning to be honored
DAILY Screens  October 4, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Sci-fi film festival Other Worlds Austin has established itself as a place to celebrate new and cutting edge future visions. This year, it will celebrate a classic with a gala screening of Roger Corman's beloved Battle Beyond the Stars, and a special award for star and guest of honor Sybil Danning...."

Other Worlds Austin Goes Intergalactic, Intercontinental
Steampunk, time travel, and zombie comedy join the fest
DAILY Screens  November 6, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Second year, second wave: Other Worlds Austin, Central Texas' dedicated science-fiction film festival, has just added multiple features and shorts to its slate of U.S. and Texas premieres, including drama, comedy, a kid-friendly addition, and a new documentary on steampunk...."

Gazing Back at Other Worlds Austin
Time Lapse dominates Cthulhie awards, plus festival highlights
DAILY Screens  December 13, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Last weekend's Other Worlds Austin has returned to its home planet, but the inaugural year of the city's first dedicated science fiction film festival leaves the winners of its awards, the Cthulhies, behind on Earth...."

Into The Black Hole at Other Worlds Austin
Director Gary Nelson on Disney's sci-fi epic, returning this weekend
DAILY Screens  December 7, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...When Disney's groundbreaking science fiction oddity The Black Hole explodes back on the big screen at Other Worlds Austin this weekend, director Gary Nelson will be easy to spot. "I'll be the one with the walker," he said...."

Other Worlds Austin Review: Hidden Reserves
Fahrenheit 451 meets Glengarry Glen Ross
DAILY Screens  December 4, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...The old certitudes have always been death and taxes. In Austrian Stille Reserven (Hidden Reserves, which just received its North American premiere at Other Worlds Austin), even the inevitability of the grave has been ripped away...."

Short and Sweet With Other Worlds Austin
Three micro-stories at the SF film fest
DAILY Screens  December 3, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Just because a story is short, that doesn't mean it's short on story. This weekend's Other Worlds Austin festival is brimming with short films that build a whole world in a few minutes...."

Other Worlds Austin: Other Halves
Start-up shocker is a contentious joy
DAILY Screens  December 8, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...In the indie flick, which received its Texas premiere at the Other Worlds Austin fest, the eponymous Other Halves is an app. It's being developed in a small San Francisco start-up by a team of three female coders (Lauren Lakis, Melanie Friedrich, and Mercedes Manning), their male programming colleague (Sam Schwikert), and their in-house female designer (Megan Hui)..."

Other Worlds Austin Review: The Axe Murders of Villisca
Austin's Owen Egerton embraces the horror
DAILY Screens  December 7, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Or, as Denny (Jarrett Sleeper) calls it, "the boss fight of ghost houses." He and his buddy Caleb (Robert Adamson, The Young and the Restless) are the complete membership of the Maryville Paranormal Institute, but there's initially more interpersonal tension than uncanny menace. The script, by Austin writer Owen Egerton, adds depth, humor, and mournfulness, as Caleb is set to get on with his life, and he'll be left alone in the back-end of Iowa..."

Finding The Wrong Todd at Other Worlds Austin
Rob Schulbaum sees double in his new film
Screens Story  December 6, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...The old adage of "write what you know" may seem tough to apply to dimension-hopping science fiction. Yet when writer/director Rob Schulbaum started scripting The Wrong Todd (screening this weekend at the Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival), the story had some oddly personal roots..."

Five Films You Can’t Miss at Other Worlds Austin
Zoom into the future with the sci-fi film festival
Screens Story  December 6, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Austin's only science fiction film festival is back for its fifth year, showing films that promise a brighter future or warn against darkness. In the spirit of its dedication to bringing fresh views and voices to genre cinema, here are five films that emphasize diversity in the cast, the crew, and the stories told. Battlestar Galactica 40th Anniversary Screening..."

Other Worlds Austin Review: Be My Cat: A Film for Anne
Bizarre Romanian horror brings insane spark to found footage
DAILY Screens  December 7, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Be My Cat (which screened as part of Other Worlds Austin's Under Worlds horror strand, and arrives on VOD from Artsploitation today) begins with a display of startling technical ineptitude. Adrian (writer/director/producer and star Adrian Tofei) is an aspirational filmmaker in a tiny Romanian village who dreams of making a film with Anne Hathaway..."

Other Worlds Austin Has The Answer
Writer/director Iqbal Ahmed talks identity before Texas debut
DAILY Screens  May 18, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...The film, which screens Thursday as part of Other Worlds Austin's year-round programming, finds orphan Bridd Cole (Austin Hébert) on the run from mysterious helmet-wearing thugs after he gets a delivery for his dead mother, and finds out a lot more about his mysterious heritage than he could have hoped or wanted. "I’ve always been really interested in issues of identity," said Ahmed..."

Other Worlds Austin Warns You: It Came From the Desert!
Monster-sized insect movie gets its Texas premiere
DAILY Screens  May 22, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Before the film receives its Texas premiere on Wednesday, May 23, courtesy of science fiction film festival Other Worlds Austin's year-round programming, Mäkilaakso talked beasts, mayhem, and resurrecting a point-and-click action classic...."

Other Worlds Austin Premieres Nathaniel Atcheson’s Domain
Social media meets the apocalypse
Screens Story  December 1, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Domain premieres as part of the Other Worlds Austin Film Festival Sun., Dec. 4, 5:15pm, at Flix Brewhouse..."

Other Worlds Austin Is Listening
Director Khalil Sullins on telepathy and social media
DAILY Screens  August 27, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Sullins' debut feature, which receives its Texas premiere tonight as part of Other Worlds Austin's year-round programming, focuses on three university students (Artie Ahr, Amber Marie Bollinger, and Thomas Stroppel) trying to unlock the secret of telepathy. Not in an X-Files, guess-what-card-I'm-holding way, but a technological equivalent, something that goes beyond brain mapping and right into mind reading..."

Other Worlds Austin Review: Defective
Canadian dystopia keeps you on your toes
DAILY Screens  December 9, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...The low-budget Canadian fable (which made its local debut this weekend at the Other Worlds Austin film festival) creates that most insidious of near-futures: one that is close enough to the modern everyday, but with an oppressive twist. People go to work, they go home, they follow rules..."

Other Worlds Austin: Night of the Living Deb
I Love Lucy meets Shaun of the Dead
DAILY Screens  December 13, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Kickstarter-funded, Portland-set comedy was the perfect light-hearted closer to last weekend's second Other Worlds Austin Science Fiction Film Festival, even if it stretched the definition of sci-fi beyond the breaking point. Instead, it's a giddy, hilarious riff on the zombie romantic comedy...."

Other Worlds Austin: Embers
Award-winner examines the terror and liberation of forgetting
DAILY Screens  December 8, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Writer/director Claire Carré deservedly took home the inaugural Mary Shelley Award this weekend at the second Other Worlds Austin fest. With nothing more than performances and ruins, she creates a convincing and enthralling world..."

Other Worlds Austin: Reconnoiter
Lo-fi sci-fi busts micro-production expectations
DAILY Screens  December 5, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Receiving its Texas premiere on Friday as part of Other Worlds Austin, Reconnoiter focuses on a pilot (Ian Rowe), sent on an exploratory mission: In the fairly near future, the recieving end of a teleportation system finally arrives at its destination, an Earth-like planet 20 light years from his home. His job is to zip through the device, orbit twice, and head back home..."

Other Worlds Austin Hears The Quiet Hour
Director Stéphanie Joalland on a very British apocalypse
DAILY Screens  May 27, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...The film screens in Austin on May 28, as part of the year-round programming from Other Worlds Austin film festival. Before its Texas premiere, Joalland talked to the Chronicle about the human and alien threats that drive the film..."

Other Worlds Austin Review: Ghost Rockets
In search of UFOs and meaning
DAILY Screens  December 4, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival runs Dec. 1-4 at Flix Brewhouse, 2200 N..."

Other Worlds Austin: Bon Voyeurage
Bradley King peeps into his film Time Lapse
DAILY Screens  December 9, 2014, by Adrienne Whitehorse
"..."I'm a total voyeur," Bradley King states matter-of-factly to audiences at last weekend's inaugural Other Worlds Austin sci-fi film festival. Time Lapse has just screened, and the writer/director indulges our questions..."

Other Worlds Goes Into The Black Hole
Disney cult fave for SF fest, plus final lineup
DAILY Screens  October 30, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...Disney dropped jaws and stretched minds with The Black Hole, one of the most unlikely family films ever. Now, Other Worlds Austin is holding a special screening as part of its 2017 film festival, and that's just the start of today's lineup additions...."

Other Worlds Says OMG!
Fest adds Israeli sci-fi comedy OMG, I'm a Robot?! and Dark Star
DAILY Screens  November 1, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Science fiction has often been the domain of serious ideas translated into a fantastical environment. But sci-fi film festival Other Worlds Austin has added two thick slices of futuristic fun – one classic, one fresh – to its lineup...."

Other Worlds and Under Worlds With Bears Fonté
OWA founder adds horror, history, and food to the sci-fi fest
DAILY Screens  November 29, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Today may seem grim, but the future, well, at least sci-fi holds out some hope for a better tomorrow. As SF celebration Other Worlds Austin morphs into its latest incarnation, founder Bears Fonté said, "This is definitely our best festival yet."..."

Austin to Visit Other Worlds
New science fiction film festival plans a better tomorrow
DAILY Screens  June 3, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Austin's calendar is already dripping with film festivals, from the fantastic to the erotic. Now a new strange fruit is bursting forth, with the announcement of the Other Worlds Austin science fiction festival...."

AFS's Other Minds, Other Worlds
Global Sci-Fi Cinema
Screens Story  June 1, 2007, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...After wading into the sociopolitical mire of the Middle East and wallowing in the muck of Michael Haneke's extended bourgeois nightmare, the Austin Film Society's Essential Cinema Series is wisely shaking the dust of this miserable little planet off its feet for a few months and heading out into the cosmos. On June 5, they'll raise the curtain on Other Minds, Other Worlds: Global Sci-fi Cinema, an international collection of science-fiction classics and rarities from the last century...."

Austin Filmmakers Make International Festival Waves
Watch out Chicago (and Montreal, and Edinburgh, and London)
DAILY Screens  July 17, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...The autumn film festival season isn't quite with us yet. But as Austin film fans brace themselves for news about Austin Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Other Worlds Austin, and more, Austin filmmakers are packing their bags, loading up their Blu-rays, and heading across the planet to show their latest projects...."

Austin Film Society Wants to Give You Money
Not an April fool: AFS Grants now up for grabs
DAILY Screens  April 1, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Life can be tough for an independent filmmaker. That's why, every year, the Austin Film Society gives out the Austin Film Society Grants..."

Your 2019 Guide to Film Festivals in Austin
Mark your calendar for these celebrations of cinema
Screens Story  January 3, 2019, by Richard Whittaker
"...8-17: SXSW Austin's A-list festival, with screenings and filmmaker conversations, and mentor sessions."

The Austin Film Festival Calendar
Plan out your 2018 Fest schedule
Screens Story  January 25, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Film festival season is almost on us, and in Austin that means a jam-packed schedule for all tastes and genres. With some festivals still to confirm dates (including the Austin Asian-American Film Festival) and several new and revived events, the 2018 calendar is already filling up fast. February..."

Austin @ Large: Over and Out
Thoughts on the first day of the rest of Austin's life
News Column  January 14, 2005, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...In case any of you live forever, I won't spoil the surprise, but what I wrote begins, "In 2005 Austin finally grew into her big-city clothes." It goes on in this vein, citing cases where the agonies and ecstasies and tumults of the past years and decades have resolved themselves into something approaching a picture of a mature city – a place where we can possess urban vitality, and embrace natural beauty, and engage in the work of community, and still be Austin...."

Watch Austin Horror "Conversion Therapist" Raise Its Funds Sunday Night
Short film has last-ditch backer party tonight (with queso)
DAILY Screens  June 24, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Earlier this month, we featured director (and Other Worlds Austin founder) Bears Fonté's latest short film, LGBTQ+ horror "Conversion Therapist," in our One in a Crowd column. That's the space we dedicate to local filmmakers and creatives who are looking to crowdfund their projects. Tonight, June 24, Fonté and the crew are having a countdown party at Trudy's North Star (8820 Burnet Rd.), starting at 8pm, and running until the fundraising clock counts down to zero at 1:59am...."

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