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Occupy Austin Evicted
APD move in to camp late Friday and arrest protesters
DAILY News  February 4, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...At 10.45pm last night, after days of speculation and rumor, Occupy Austin was evicted from the steps of City Hall...."

37 Arrested at Occupy Austin
City rule change leads to nonviolent clash with occupiers
DAILY News  October 30, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...In the biggest (but still peaceful) clash between Austin Police Department and Occupy Austin, 37 people were arrested in the small hours of this morning. Now the role of City Manager Marc Ott in setting those arrests in motion, and the decision to deploy APD forces on one of Downtown's busiest nights of the year, is likely to come under scrutiny...."

APD Undercover Officers Outed in Occupy Austin Case
Trial set for February 2013
DAILY News  November 6, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...The saga of the Austin Police Department's infiltration of the Occupy Austin movement continued in Harris County court last week when the real names of two undercover detectives assigned to keep an eye on the OA activities were finally revealed...."

Occupy Austin, 2011
A movement in evolution
News Story  December 30, 2011, by Michael King and John Anderson
"...Since early October, a few days after the Austin wing of the Occupy Wall Street national movement got under way, Chronicle photographer John Anderson has been following, photographing, and engaging with the Occupy Austin activists who have camped at City Hall, marched on Downtown streets, and rallied at the state Capitol. This photo essay is a small selection of his work over the last three months, reflecting the inception, development, and recent actions of the movement in Austin..."

APD's 'Rick' and 'Dirk' Occupy Occupy Austin
Two more undercover cops identified
News Story  November 9, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...The saga of the Austin Police Department's infiltration of the Occupy Austin movement continued in Harris County court last week when the real names of two undercover detectives assigned to keep an eye on the OA activities were finally revealed...."

Halloween Crackdown on Occupy Austin
Total of 45 people arrested over weekend
News Story  November 4, 2011, by Michael King
"...The ongoing Occupy Austin protest at City Hall reached a new stage over Halloween weekend, as several dozen people were arrested late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The arrests came after city management had issued several new rules for the use of the City Hall area late last week – primarily restricting overnight sleeping areas and the use of food tables after 10pm – and some of the occupiers chose to engage in civil disobedience rather than follow the new regulations..."

Occupy Austin in Pictures
The life and times of Occupy between January and May
News Story  June 29, 2012
"...Austin Chronicle photographer John Anderson has followed Occupy Austin since the group's inception in fall 2011. Here's a look at some of the events he's captured on camera this year..."

Why Infiltrate Occupy Austin?
Postmarks  September 4, 2012
"...Dear Editor, I see where the Austin Police Department officials assigned at least three undercover officers to infiltrate Occupy Austin to gather intelligence on any plan that might have involved actual law breaking [“APD Infiltrates Occupy," Newsdesk blog, Aug. 30]..."

Occupy Austin
Postmarks  February 9, 2012
"...Dear Editor, How can I explain in less than 400 hundred words that Occupy Austin is an important asset to our community? How do I convey in 3 column inches the good that we have done for those involved in our movement and those who are not yet involved? What would impress the average Chronicle reader enough to not celebrate the heavy-handed eviction we faced at the hands of the overzealous police? Is the $1.5 million we have moved from major banks to local credit unions proof of our action? What about the hundreds of native trees we planted in Zilker Park? How about the anonymous letters from silenced teachers we read to the school board in opposition to the privatization of Eastside schools? Are the public gardens we create weekly evidence that we aren't afraid of work? Are the millions of dollars worth of business we blocked at the anti-union, anti-environment, pro-globalization (read: off-shored jobs), and corruption-ridden Port of Houston not a demonstration of our conviction? Is the resignation of the CEO of the Port of Houston the day after our blockade not evidence of the effectiveness of our tactics? This list is not even a full accounting of our work, and it neglects our single greatest accomplishment, which was to get people out of their houses, out from behind their TV and computer screens, and into the real world where we came together – first as strangers, now as a family – to devote ourselves to the nag of our consciences. And we aren't going away..."

APD Infiltrates Occupy: How Many Officers Does it Take to 'Protect' Free Speech?
Lawyer says up to six APD officers involved in watching OA
DAILY News  February 23, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...It was the arrest of six members of Occupy Austin during a Houston demonstration in December 2011 that led to the discovery last year that three Austin Police officers had infiltrated the movement. The charges against the protesters have been resolved, but: Were as many as six officers surveilling the actions of local Occupiers?..."

APD Infiltrates Occupy
Activists say cop encouraged them to break the law
DAILY News  August 30, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Did an undercover Austin Police detective induce members of Occupy Austin to commit felony obstruction of a roadway during a demonstration in Houston in December 2011? Or, did he – and two colleagues – intervene in protester plans in order to keep them, and police and firefighters responding to the Houston protest, safe?..."

Judge: City of Austin Policy Violates Free Speech
Trespass notices given to Occupiers by city not legally sound
DAILY News  September 27, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Federal District Judge Lee Yeakel has concluded that the city's use of criminal trespass notices to scatter Occupy Austin protesters from city-owned property late last year violates the First Amendment's free speech protection, according to a judgment entered today...."

Point Austin: Activate This!
One insider's fight to make 'good old liberal Austin the city it thinks it is'
News Column  December 30, 2011, by Amy Smith
"...Lauren Ross, an environmental engineer and small-business owner currently under contract with the city of Austin, took the witness stand in federal court last week to testify against her client of 17 years. Biting the hand that feeds you is kind of unthinkable in this economy, especially for a professional consultant of Ross' caliber – her opinions are often sought by environmentalists and developers alike..."

Point Austin: Occupying Occupy
APD undercover debacle embarrassed itself, and Austin
News Column  March 29, 2013, by Michael King
"...When the news was first confirmed last year that the Austin Police Department had assigned several undercover officers (three primary, three backup) to infiltrate the Occupy Austin organization, APD officials delivered several high-minded defenses of the practice. Assistant Chief Sean Man­nix (now the Cedar Park chief) explained, "It was determined plainclothes officers blending with the surroundings was necessary for the safety of the participants and the community as a whole..."

APD Infiltrates Occupy
Undercover cops revealed in Houston – Acevedo promises review
News Story  September 7, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Did an undercover Austin Police detective induce members of Occupy Austin to commit felony obstruction of a roadway during a demonstration in Houston in Decem­ber 2011? Or, did he – and two colleagues – intervene in protester plans in order to keep them, and police and firefighters responding to the Houston protest, safe?..."

Point Austin: One, Two, Many Occupations
A movement being born is many things
News Column  November 11, 2011, by Michael King
"...Attempting to describe Occupy Austin – and more broadly, the Occupy movement worldwide – immediately conjures the fable of the blind men and the elephant: The result depends entirely upon which piece of the quickly evolving animal you've taken hold of. The movement is simultaneously inspirational, diffuse, engaging, maddening, innovative, unfocused, energetic, ragtag, determined, contradictory, effective, disorganized, productive, confounding ....."

APD Occupies 'Occupy': A Half-Dozen Infiltrators?
Questions remain on the extent of APD surveillance
News Story  March 1, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...The Houston arrest of six members of Occupy Austin during a 2011 port action – part of a national solidarity day – led to the discovery last year that three Austin Police officers had infiltrated the movement. The protesters were charged with "possession of a criminal instrument" in their use of "lockboxes" – PVC "sleeves" that allow protesters to link themselves together..."

Houston Has Problem With APD Occupy Case
Parties return to court Oct. 31
News Story  October 12, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...If the city of Austin – and, importantly, the Austin Police Department – had its way, the charges pending in Houston against a handful of Occupy protesters charged with blocking a road last winter at the Port of Hous­ton would be dismissed. If that happens, the APD will not have to reveal the names of two undercover officers who were part of a three-investigator contingent that worked to keep tabs on the activities of Occupy Austin members; the department would like to keep those two names confidential..."

Austin Occupied!
National movement makes its local debut at City Hall
News Story  October 7, 2011, by Katie Tomasino
"...At press time Wednesday, a group of local citizens were planning a major City Hall rally – Occupy Austin – in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York on Sept. 17..."

The Occupation of Austin
The '99 percent' takes a stand against corporate greed
News Story  October 14, 2011
"...The head count may have dwindled over the following days but certainly not the spirit of the "99 percent" who aim to reverse the trend of corporate dominance in economics and politics. See many more photos and a video at"

Austin @ Large: Welcome Back, Kirk
Kirk Watson's new job at the chamber stands at odds with his "message" as mayor.
News Column  December 5, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...I really don't sit down every week and think, "Hmm. How can I embarrass the Austin business elite today?" I have my own misgivings about a big-box ban over the aquifer -- qualms that, when viewed from 30,000 feet, look a lot like those of the Chamber of Commerce, the Real Estate Council of Austin, the Statesman, and all the other suits..."

Austin Studios Puts Out the 'For Rent' Sign
Austin Film Society seeks anchor tenants to build a new community
DAILY Screens  February 6, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...The history of Austin Studios has been one of a shifting footprint, swapping parts of their original west end with the Mueller development for the old National Guard Armory on the Eastside. Now with the armory in their inventory, Austin Film Society is looking for anchor tenants to build up a new community...."

Point Austin: Can This Really Be the End?
A look forward, a look back
News Column  December 28, 2012, by Michael King
"...I began the year with a highly skeptical column ("Nothing From Something," Jan. 12) about Austin's prospects for geographic City Council districts..."

Point Austin: Stratfor's Web
The Stratfor emails raise questions about information, privatization, and official secrecy
News Column  March 9, 2012, by Michael King
"...The staffers at Austin-based Strategic Forecasting Inc. (the corporate shorthand name is yet another sign of creeping military macho lingo) are likely the only people in town with the time, inclination, and sinecures to read and analyze the latest megarelease from Wiki­Leaks, the first fruits of what is said to be 5 million emails stolen by hackers and passed on to the international nonprofit publisher and its media partners around the world..."

Point Austin: A Question of Vision
Austin's possible futures are prefigured in two very different sorts of public action
News Column  February 11, 2005, by Michael King
"...By sticking his foot firmly in his mouth – and following it with his wallet – mayoral aide Matt Curtis has given the anti-toll activists at Austin Toll Party yet another handy weapon in their determination to turn the Central Texas transportation fight into a symbolic battle of sublimely virtuous grassroots citizens against the woefully self-interested and corrupted powers-that-be. Despite a moment of singular foolishness – however provoked – Curtis had no business engaging in a silly sidewalk argument with a recall petition-gatherer, and even worse laying a "bet" against the campaigner's information on the toll road plan..."

Austin @ Large: Over and Out
Thoughts on the first day of the rest of Austin's life
News Column  January 14, 2005, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...In case any of you live forever, I won't spoil the surprise, but what I wrote begins, "In 2005 Austin finally grew into her big-city clothes." It goes on in this vein, citing cases where the agonies and ecstasies and tumults of the past years and decades have resolved themselves into something approaching a picture of a mature city – a place where we can possess urban vitality, and embrace natural beauty, and engage in the work of community, and still be Austin...."

Point Austin: Making Connections
Organized labor reaches out to all workers
News Column  March 2, 2012, by Michael King
"...Getman was speaking primarily of the ways unions themselves are currently organized – too often leadership-run rather than member-focused – but the lesson also applies to union outreach, where over the decades a combination of economic changes and business propaganda has served to undermine the worker solidarity that once was a natural outgrowth of common circumstances and common employment (from "employee," a French root meaning "used"). Recently, the AFL-CIO began a tentative effort to reach out beyond union boundaries to all workers, under the community-based theme "Work Connects Us All." Austin is one of three cities (the others are Pittsburgh and Portland, Ore.) where the project is being piloted, and Austinites (and visitors) will get a taste of the effort at South by Southwest – where, among other activities, union volunteers will be distributing thank-you cards to Festival visitors and encouraging them to pass the cards and the sentiment along to the thousands of local and visiting workers involved in planning, hosting, serving, managing, playing, coordinating, etc..."

Point Austin: It Ain’t Just About Trump
This week's marches begin a long and difficult resistance
News Column  January 19, 2017, by Michael King
"...That one will begin at Auditorium Shores at 5pm, head to the Capitol and return to Auditorium Shores for the rally proper. Saturday at noon is the local version ( of the national Women's March on Washington ("

Point Austin: Not So Smart
Jury rules in favor of officer, but APD policy still stings
News Column  February 17, 2006, by Lee Nichols
"...Last Thursday, a federal grand jury ruled that Austin Police Cmdr. James O'Leary did not use excessive force when he pepper-sprayed a crowd of anti-war demonstrators in 2003 on the Congress Avenue Bridge..."

Unlocking the Joys of Austin’s Puzzle Rooms
Escape rooms bring the solitary diversions to life
Arts Story  July 28, 2016, by Marc Majcher
"...Almost 3,000 rooms are now operating worldwide, including elaborate escapes from multistory office buildings and renovated castle towers. A dozen outfits have set up shop in Austin since the first opened here in 2014, and there seems to be no end of patrons looking to test their wits against their crafty conundrums..."

Point Austin: Desegregating Austin
New report on economic inequality should galvanize action
News Column  February 26, 2015, by Michael King
"...The latest statistical effusion from Richard Florida (and his University of Toronto colleague Charlotta Mellander) hit the media Monday, generating headlines here and elsewhere declaring (e.g., Tuesday's Statesman), "Study: Austin economic gap tops U.S." The headlines understandably generated local breast-beating about both segregation and inequality (Mayor Steve Adler weighed in early in the week), and our increasing alarm that as Austin continues to grow exponentially, it's also increasingly unaffordable for far too many Austinites. Cue the predictable laments...."

Occupy the Tower
'Shared Services' protest leads to arrests
DAILY News  April 25, 2014, by Lizzie Jespersen
"...Since the demonstration and arrests, UT officials have released a “Statement from UT Austin on the Exploration of Shared Services.” The statement assures that not only has no final plan been approved, but that the “process has been transparent, measured and thoughtful and has included students, staffers and faculty members” through public town halls, campus meetings, and one-on-one meetings with subject experts...."

Reconnect Austin: Part One
The Great Depression
News Story  January 17, 2014, by Robyn Ross
"...The YouTube video is displayed by advocates of "Reconnect Austin" – the proposal to send I-35 underground and unite the east-west street grid it interrupts. Led by architect and UT-Austin professor Sinclair Black, whose firm (Black + Vernooy) donates the plans, the team has been presenting its vision to civic groups and professional associations for close to a year..."

Playback: Dale Watson Tapes 'Austin City Limits'
Austin country icon finally scores an Austin City Limits taping
Music Column  November 22, 2013, by Kevin Curtin
"...The silver pompadoured, baritone beltin', Lone Star beer drinkin', honky-tonk hellraiser Dale Watson finally gets his own Austin City Limits taping on Monday...."

H&M Finally Gets Weird and Finds Austin, Texas
International retailer H&M comes to The Domain Fall 2012
DAILY Design  July 20, 2012, by Anne Harris
"...President for H&M. “We are excited to finally offer local Austin shoppers access to our high fashion, quality collections.” The store will occupy about 24,000 square feet of retail space, with with separate “store within store” sections for accessories, maternity, and lingerie..."

Point Austin: 'Free' Is Much Too Expensive
Donald Shoup on the high cost of free parking
News Column  April 6, 2012, by Michael King
"...Before you grab your baseball bats, let me say not only will this proclamation annoy many of my friends (and certainly Chron­icle colleagues), it doesn't please me too much, either. Who doesn't want "free" parking? But over time I've come to mistrust the deal we get from "free parking" – like many other public subsidies for motor vehicles – and my thoughts on the matter were mightily confirmed this week by the Austin visit of professor Donald Shoup, author of The High Cost of Free Parking (2005)...."

Point Austin: Holiday Hunger
While helping our neighbors, consider the structures of poverty
News Column  November 25, 2011, by Michael King
"...As the CAFB's John Turner wrote in London's The Guardian earlier this year: "To place it in perspective, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, or $14,500 per year. This type of wage and job creation doesn't create a living, much less long-term prosperity. According to the Center for Public Policy Priorities, an average family without employer sponsored health insurance living in the Austin area must earn $53,080 at a minimum to make ends meet."..."

Texas Biodiesel Industry Talks Big Business in Austin
Conference and Expo drift: Those who have raised biodiesel industry out of infancy seeking sustained growth
News Story  September 14, 2007, by Daniel Mottola
"...1 biodiesel-producing state, having grown its capacity from 120 million gallons per year to 280 million gallons this year alone – those who have helped raise the biodiesel industry out of its infancy now seek sustained growth. That was the drift of the sec­ond annual Texas Biodiesel Conference and Expo, held in Austin last Wednesday and Thurs­day by the Biodiesel Coalition of Texas...."

Austin Film Society Documentary Tour
Fish Kill Flea
Screens Story  April 6, 2007, by Anne S. Lewis

Austin @ Large: Austin at Large
Proudly "successful" businessman Brad Meltzer aims to cut to the chase in the mayor's race.
News Column  April 4, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The campaign swag shows Brad Meltzer with a broad, winning smile, but in person the candidate is anything but cheerful as he lays out what he sees as Austin's dismal state. "I love Austin, I've been raising my children here" -- the younger is graduating from high school next month -- "and they can't even find jobs..."

Austin @ Large: Austin at Large
It's time to look more intelligently at economic development
News Column  August 16, 2002, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...1. Median household income in Austin is, far and away, the highest of any major Texas city, and our growth in income during the 1990s was among the fastest of any metro area in the U.S...."

Bartenders' Pick: the Best and Worst of Austin
Music Story  August 28, 1998

What's Your Occupation?
Targeting July Fourth and the Capitol, Occupy Austin considers its future
News Story  June 29, 2012, by Adam Wasch
"...– Occupy Austin chant on the plaza of City Hall on Feb. 3, as Austin police moved to evict the remaining Occupiers..."

Strange Bedfellows
Email hack job blows cover for undercover work within Occupy Austin
News Story  February 3, 2012, by Michael King
"...On Jan. 11, George Friedman, founder and CEO of Stratfor, the Austin-based "geopolitical analysis" company, posted a report about the December "Anonymous" hack of the Stratfor website, its credit card records, and its email archives..."

Cleanup Versus Clean Out
Balancing Occupy Austin's protests against power with power washing
DAILY News  October 14, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...No-one was arrested at the Occupy Austin protest last night. Nor was there any cleaning with power hoses..."

'At the Snap of a Finger'
Anti-IDEA activists keep up due diligence for AISD
DAILY News  February 1, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Think the fight over IDEA Public Schools is over? Think again. At Monday night's Austin ISD board meeting, speakers from Occupy Austin – many of them reading anonymous letters from staff, students and families at both AISD and IDEA campuses – gave stories that only deepen the feeling that the board moved too fast...."

What's Going On in APD's Organized Crime Division?
Union says politics at play, brass says business as usual
DAILY News  September 9, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...Something is happening inside the Austin Police Department's high-profile Organized Crime Division – what it is, exactly, depends on who you ask...."

High School Stakes
Austin ISD election could shape a new direction for the district
News Story  October 5, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...On Nov. 6, voters in the Austin Inde­pen­dent School District won't just be selecting new trustees..."

AE Rate Gate
Shockingly, nobody wants to pay more for electricity
DAILY News  January 13, 2012, by Amy Smith
"...It wasn't all that long ago when Austin Energy was the city's shining star, a national leader in producing clean, efficient energy with cutting-edge technology. Just an all-around good-guy city utility that zipped along for 17 years without a rate increase..."

'The NFL Beat': Week 15
Fantasy football semifinals
DAILY Sports  December 16, 2011, by Alex Dunlap
"...It is for the rich and the poor. It is the common community asset that the Occupy Austin campaign has been (camping?) for..."

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