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The Good Music Club Part 5: Not in the Face
Three live videos from local SXSW hopefuls Not in the Face
DAILY Music  March 8, 2012, by Raoul Hernandez
"...In today's Chronicle, we profile seven local acts showcasing at South by Southwest next week. As one of four groups taped at The Good Music Club's first showcase in January at the ND, feral/fun twosome Not in the Face surely killed it...."

Not In the Face!
Paper Cuts, January 24, 2012 at the Palm Door
DAILY Music  January 24, 2012

Blood in the Face
Without a zombie in sight, this is the best horror film in years. Co-directors Anne Bohlen (Roger & Me), Kevin Rafferty (director of The Atomic Cafe) and James Ridgeway (D.C....
Film Review  June 21, 1991, by Marc Savlov
"...columnist for the Village Voice) have taken their cameras deep into the black heart of professional racism in America. Blood in the Face chronicles the truly bizarre goings-on during a weekend gathering at pastor Bob Miles' farm in Cohoctah, Michigan -- just a Molotov's throw away from Michael Moore's infamous hometown of Flint (the perpetually rotund Moore makes a cameo here, grilling a vivacious young Nazi-ette)..."

Pow, Right in the Face!
Laura Spector and Chadwick Gray get all personal with art
DAILY Design  September 30, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Well, everybody needs a pasttime, right? But Laura Spector and Chadwick Gray, when they find these works of art, also re-create them. She paints them on his face and body. Yeah, not many people with a pasttime like that, hey? But what's best – besides how basically charming these two globetrotting artists & provocateurs are – is that Spector's painting skills are pretty damned epic, would be impressive even if she weren't using her partner as a goddam living canvas. Caution: MAJOR SKILLS AHEAD. Anyway, listen: Spector and Gray will be talking about what it takes to do That Thing That They Do, in a public and entertaining pitch for support, at Jerry's Artarama on Saturday from noon 'til 2pm. Join us there, won't you?..."

Red Light Firm Red in the Face
Redflex claims no wrongdoing in Austin
News Story  July 19, 2013, by Mike Kanin

"Daily Afflictions": You Deserve a Slap in the Face Today
Books Story  March 15, 2002, by Katherine Tanney
"...Imagine standing before the mirror each day, face to face with yourself, and declaring, "It's not whether I arrive; it's how I lose my way," or "I will find that special person who is wrong for me in just the right way." Imagine calling a therapist because you feel too good about yourself. Unmanageably successful..."

Laughing in the Face of Bigfoot
Doc directors talk about laughing at and with the subjects of their film
DAILY SXSW  March 11, 2008, by Richard Whittaker

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Vera Farmiga is a knockout in this otherwise predictable and emotionally manipulative story about the horror of the German concentration camps.
Film Review  November 21, 2008, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...Cardinal and predictable. Because what kind of person wouldn’t be moved by children from opposite sides of a war struggling to overcome towering inhumanity and age-old bigotry in the name of friendship? And what kind of filmmaker wouldn’t therefore be tempted to squeeze that emotional vulnerability for all it is worth? The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is safe filmmaking all the way, hinting at enough incomprehensible brutality to get hearts aching but unwilling to force audiences to actually stare that brutality in the face, lest sympathy give way to horror..."

Babe: Pig in the City
It befits the director of Mad Max and The Road Warrior that this sequel to his Academy Award-nominated Babe is a far more boisterous affair than its predecessor. Whereas audiences'...
Film Review  November 27, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Hoggett being strip-searched by the Drug Enforcement Agency. If the first film was a gentle parable for children and adults alike, then Babe: Pig in the City -- its brash city cousin -- is a surrealistic, occasionally grim tale of valor in the face of terrifically bad odds..."

Late in the Evening
Live review of Paul Simon at the Cedar Park Center
DAILY Music  November 7, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Simon’s homage to George Harrison in the encore with “Here Comes the Sun” was heartfelt but misguided in the face of 20 other of his own songs that would’ve pleased the full house better, but opening the second half of the show with “Sounds of Silence” solo acoustic and then the band coming on for “Kodachrome” had already left everyone a little light-headed...."

Figure in the Frame
The exhibit Arnold Newman: Masterclass gives us all a lesson in the power of the photographic portrait
Arts Story  March 15, 2013, by Katherine Catmull
"...His portraits of artists, scientists, composers, businessmen – even a notable war criminal – studded Life, Holiday, Look, and other mid-century magazines. His Picasso – hand pressed to face, one eye in shadow – is iconic..."

The Wind in Your Face
Jaston Williams explains why life in Lubbock blows
DAILY Arts  May 28, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...[Laughs] But he's workin' 'em over. And what distracts him is a cicada shell hits him in the face..."

Cracks in the Ceiling
An extended Q&A with Ann Richards biographer Jan Reid
DAILY Books  October 25, 2012, by Michael King
"...I think some of the distance came because, I didn’t know anything about her Dallas experiences, or her unpleasant experiences coming face-to-face with LBJ or Jimmy Carter, or being so close to the Kennedy assassination. When I found all that, and found myself writing, I had 200 pages and I hadn’t even gotten her out of Dallas yet..."

A Shot in the Arm
DAILY Music  May 13, 2008, by Raoul Hernandez
"...As Wilco’s lovably hangdog air traffic controller steadily scales Dylanesque heights of musical worship, the mantle continues to bow his shoulders even when cloaked in a green pinstriped sports jacket. Fortunately, he’s been saved by rock & roll, literally – by his own sung admission – so once he launched into opener “Sunken Treasure,” his clenched face loosened and finally broke into a sheepish grin just prior to “Handshake Drugs,” which tore the first of two sold-out shows a new blowhole..."

What's in a Face?
A lot, Mike Woolf discovered while making his short doc 'Growin' a Beard' -- and especially If the face Has got whiskers on the chin and Jowls
Screens Story  February 21, 2003, by James McWilliams
"..."Real situations involving real people" is what ultimately pulls Woolf to events like the Donegal contest. It just so happens that the real people Woolf stumbled upon in Shamrock are men like Richard Smith, the town's normally smooth-faced "chief fuzzer." Smith has entered the contest -- and won -- every 10 years since 1958..."

Rumble in the Bronx
This fast-paced, funny film served as America's introduction to Jackie Chan and the hyperactive world of Hong Kong action filmmaking.
Film Review  February 23, 1996, by Joey O'Bryan
"...There's also ample comedy on display, including a memorable episode with a two-way mirror and an unforgettable moment when co-star Mui, pushed to the breaking point after her supermarket has been demolished for the umpteenth time, throws a hysterical temper tantrum amidst the rubble. Still, Rumble in the Bronx has its share of problems, and they are hardly subtle: a paper-thin, why-bother story line; the smiley-face squalor of the Canadian locations which guilelessly try to stand in for the Bronx; and, last but most certainly not least, the sometimes unbearable, always absurd English dubbing..."

What We Do in the Shadows
Cleverly executed, this vampire spoof by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, is a lot of fun.
Film Review  February 27, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...A gently parodic tone prevails throughout what is ultimately a pretty sweet take on bloodsuckers, even as Deacon and Nick flap their way through a “bat fight” (exactly what it sounds like) and the vamps face off against a pack of similarly esteem-challenged werewolves led by Conchords manager Rhys Darby...."

A Walk in the Woods
Robert Redford and Nick Nolte walk the Appalachian Trail in Bill Bryson's memoir
Film Review  September 4, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Nolte is no second best, however. His craggy voice and ramshackle bearing creates a good contrast with Redford’s craggy face and fit demeanor..."

Natural's Not in It
What nylon mascara can do for a soul
DAILY Design  November 9, 2009, by Cindy Widner
"...It was easy peasy and lighthearted and made me feel all spontaneous and freedom rock. I don't know if it's the "nylon formula" or the superlong brush or the smiley-face color of the package or, most likely, some minuscule generational alignment, but I'm going to go ahead and credit this one to the mascara..."

Alone in the Dark
There's a certain majesty to German director Boll's style of filmmaking: a freedom from art, talent, skill of any formal kind, and the sheer pigheadedness to keep going at any cost.

Film Review  February 4, 2005, by Marc Savlov
"...The story, which liberally borrows from Peter Hyams' 1997 The Relic as well as Aliens, Tremors, and even William Castle's chestnut (and John Waters' fave) The Tingler, is as senseless as the direction, but the real fun begins even before then, with one of the longest – perhaps the longest – opening expository crawls ever endured. Over the course of the verbiage, we're informed that an ancient Native American race known as the Abkani long ago discovered a portal to another, more evil world, before promptly vanishing off the face of the earth..."

Dancer in the Dark
Björk goes goes to the death chamber in musical interludes.
Film Review  October 6, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...The conceit here is that Selma is rapidly going blind from a degenerative ocular condition. It's too late for her, but she's frantically hoarding money to buy an operation for her young son Gene, who, although he is yet unaware of it, will face the same black fate later in life..."

Five Cooks in the Kitchen?
The Duplicates shake up the recipe for theatre
Arts Story  April 12, 2013, by Jillian Owens
"...Never fear, Austin: The Duplicates will be back. A new show, Expo 2054, about holding a final world's fair in the face of imminent apocalypse, is in the works..."

East Side King + Hole in the Wall = Austin Magic
East Side King at Hole in the Wall: The best of Austin on one corner
DAILY Food  December 4, 2012, by Melanie Haupt
"...East Side King enjoyed a brisk opening today; I drove by around 1:00 in hopes of enjoying a late lunch and saw dozens of people on the deck, waiting for their food. I, for one, can’t wait to stick my face into a bowl of bacon ramen (when no one is looking) while steeped in good old Austin nostalgia...."

Devil in the Details
Why Is 'Talented Amateur Historian' Leon Day Obsessed With the Death of Ambrose Bierce?
Books Story  May 17, 2002, by James McWilliams
"...In another "authoritative" biography of Bierce published in 1929, the author -- Walter Neale -- argued that Bierce left Laredo, crawled off into a cave (perhaps in the Grand Canyon) and killed himself in order to hoax the world. On the surface, the theory sounds less insane than it seems..."

The Luckiest Girl in the World
An interview with Sissy Spacek, inducted into the first annual Texas Film Hall of Fame on March 9.
Screens Story  March 9, 2001, by Margaret Moser
"...That's the beauty of acting in movies. Film visually freezes the actor in the role and thus the enduring appeal of the screen image: Think of Spacek in Carrie when the pig's blood hits, wowing 'em on the Opry stage as Loretta Lynn, or the reflection of Rose's stricken face in a window in The Straight Story..."

Passion in the Desert
In Passion in the Desert the love that dare not speak its name is the love that passes between man and beast. Interspecies love is the dubious topic of this...
Film Review  July 24, 1998, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Augustin Robert (Ben Daniels, who is also currently onscreen in Madeline) is a product of the Age of Enlightenment, a logical chap who seems a bit peeved by his assignment to escort an artist/scholar (Piccoli) whom Bonaparte has sent to paint and record the land's monuments and antiquities. The two become lost in a sandstorm, and face doom once the artist uses the last of their water to mix his paints..."

Austin First Fair Chance City in the South
Ban the box ordinance passes Council
DAILY News  March 25, 2016, by Amy Kamp
"...“It’s a really special moment,” Casar said. Although he is aware that the ordinance may face pushback from the Legislature, which typically is resistant to municipalities enacting policies with which it disagrees, Casar said that no matter what happens, “I know we’re on the right side of this.”..."

Coach Brown to Case: We're Not In Kansas Anymore
David Ash named starter against Texas Tech Saturday
DAILY Sports  October 30, 2012, by Michael Corcoran
"...In last week’s KU game, reserve quarterback Case McCoy engineered two fourth quarter drives for the 21-17 win with 12 seconds left. But even after such heroics in the face of what would’ve been a long flight home on Laughing Stock Airways (“plenty of room for the tail between your legs”), MCCoy’s name on the depth chart remains Justin Case...."

Back in the Realm of the Senses and Provoking All Five
AFS Essential Cinema presents Smashing the Rules: Films of Oshima Nagisa
Screens Story  February 19, 2010, by Marc Savlov
"..."And you were the kindest of them all." The implications – Sada was formerly a prostitute, but a kind one – are unnerving, but not as unnerving as what happens next. In the end, it all goes haywire in a way that's both honest to the story and a slap in the face to traditionally conformist Japanese sensibilities...."

Shot in the Dark
The Texas Documentary Tour presents Paul Devlin's 'Power Trip'
Screens Story  November 4, 2005, by Anne S. Lewis
"...electricity? Where was that again, Tbilisi? My friends and associates were very polite, but I know they felt a bit sorry for me that I had so much committed to such an unlikely venture. I knew that I had something worthwhile, spectacular even, but it was difficult to communicate that until the film was actually executed, and hard to maintain faith in the face of all the politeness...."

Back in the Saddle Again
Long considered a lost film, Peter Fonda's The Hired Hand gets its long deserved due at SXSW.
Screens Story  March 7, 2003, by Steve Uhler
"...PF: She could just carry so much power, so much emotion, without tremendous movement in the face. The most subtle things create the power in her performance..."

BPness, Part 2: A (Long) Line (of Boom) in the Sand
Notes from Kate's trip thru Lafourche Parish to Grand Isle, LA., Part 2.
DAILY Qmmunity  June 25, 2010, by Kate X Messer
"...The toll system seems laughably byzantine, especially considering the primitive horror we all now face. It's all so technological..."

Is There a Doctor in the House?
Below the budget storm clouds, plans form for UTMB campus at Mueller
News Story  September 10, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...The city converted the floor into a "hospital within a hospital" after the Catholic Church ordered Seton to stop providing reproductive health care services to indigent women at Brack. The religious edict may have been a slap in the face to many Austin women, but it was manna from heaven for UTMB, which jumped at the opportunity to begin carving a capital city niche...."

Jason Reitman (Not) Versus the Internet
Men, Women & Children director on the use and abuse of tech
DAILY Screens  October 17, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Reitman found himself working on a different narrative grammar than his early, wordier work like Up in the Air, one in which digital communication is constant, but face-to-face conversations are rare. When he started location-scouting in Austin, he quickly realized how much the digital world had changed physical interactions: “There were new schools that didn’t have lockers..."

Save Texas Schools Gets Back in the Game
Protesters call foul on education funding
DAILY News  March 24, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Their performance impacts our performance, but they keep letting us get sacked by poverty, broken homes, student mobility, hunger and healthcare. And they just say oops as that line backer buries his face mask in our chest..."

Fun in the Sun: Fixes for Your July Meltdown
Beat the heat this summer with these hot-weather rescues
DAILY Design  June 27, 2012, by Laura Walters
"...As an added bonus, being diligent in your sunblock application might also prevent the dreaded farmer's tan. For your face, Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50 Facial Moisturizer feels non-greasy and comes from a trusted skin care brand..."

In the Mood for a MomRomCom?
The Alamo Drafthouse is serving up It Happened One Night and Sabrina for Mother's Day
Screens Story  May 11, 2007, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...When displeased, Bogart would call Holden Smiling Jim and Wilder a Nazi. Wilder, the world's heavyweight champion of verbal cruelty, and not a man to back down from a confrontation, allegedly responded to one of these tirades by shouting, "I look at you, Bogey, and beneath the surface of an apparent shit, I see the face of a real shit." Lesson being: Don't mess with the master ....."

The Dream Wanderer: Get in the Back of the Van!
Touring VR project reveals a series of eerie heavens on Earth
DAILY Arts  January 4, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...But I’m sitting there at my desk, valiantly hacking away at several deadlines and not at all checking Facebook every 15 minutes, and my alliterative co-worker Carly Callahan walks over. And Carly’s like, “Brenner, have you done that virtual reality thing yet? Out in the van? Because I just did and, wow, you really should check it out.”..."

A Bloodcurdling Day in the Neighborhood: ANC Council Candidates Forum
Tense ANC candidates forum on Wedensday.
DAILY News  March 28, 2008, by Wells Dunbar
"...Seeing as we're facing a gantlet of upcoming forums, Wednesday night's Austin Neighborhoods Council City Council candidate forum may already be old news. But as perhaps the most well-attended and intense vetting of the candidates to date, it was a seriously substantive discussion – if not a window into the concerns of the voting homeownerati this election. Place 4 hopeful Cid Galindo was first unto the breach, given (like all his fellow speakers) two minutes for an intro, then 13 minutes to face a barrage of detailed ANC questions, with a hard time limit of a minute on each answer enforced..."

'In the West': Living Portraits Avedon Would Die For
The original Austin Chronicle review from Nov. 15, 1985
Arts Story  April 7, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...When the lights come up, we're face to face with a good ol' boy whose grin seems to stretch from here to Marfa. He's decked out in what must be his Sunday dress best – a dirt-brown leisure suit with the collar of a colorful Western shirt carefully flattened over its, wide, angular lapels – and his hair has that slicked-back sheen reserved for the Saturday night dance and the 11 o'clock service at the Baptist church..."

Crying in the Chapel
The Texas Hill Country features an unexpected wonder: The Most Holy Theotokos of New Sarov sheds tears of myrrh at Christ of the Hills Monastery in Blanco
Features Story  June 22, 2001, by Devin Greaney
"...The church at New Sarov, for example, has no pews, as most of the congregation stands during the mass, which runs about two hours; shoes are removed before entering the church. Parishioners face east to remind them of the risen Christ and the second coming..."

Not Just the Goofy Guy
The Actor Behind the Antics of Michael Stuart
Arts Story  August 2, 1996, by Robert Faires
"...The two move and speak smoothly, both making a great show of expressing outward calm, but the underlying tension between them charges the air. Then, at the moment of supreme suspense, Moriarty makes a face and Holmes just about cracks up laughing...."

Jimmy LaFave in the Present Tense
Honoring the local musician’s commitment to life
Music Story  May 11, 2017, by Dave Marsh
"..."I see no refuge for the weary I see no handouts for the poor I see no sense of satisfaction On all the ones who just endure All the slings and arrows slandered Against the face of the poor man's dream Where the rich circle in like vultures Picking all their pockets clean"..."

The Blacker the Face
A WWE-type gimmick further devalues rap music
DAILY Music  November 25, 2014, by Kahron Spearman
"...While Macklemore and Eminem have acknowledged “white privilege” as direct contributors to their success, Iggy’s act has moved squarely into new age minstrelsy, blackface for millennials. Co-opting of black music isn’t a new phenomenon by any means..."

A Hole in the Wall, A Snake in the Hand
New season of 'Justified' opens with an old mystery and a new snake
DAILY Screens  January 9, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Raylan’s day starts with an off-the-book skiptracing favor for an attractive bail bondswoman. On its face, the favor sounded pretty simple, but as fans of the show are all too well aware, when it comes to Raylan interacting with the criminal element, things are never simple..."

Longhorn Football Season Is a Sitcom in the Making
Watching tape, both football and funny
DAILY Sports  October 9, 2009, by Joe O'Connell
"...Cougar Town: Courteney Cox Arquette tries out her recently plasticized face and pouts her newly plumped lips while chasing young guys and bemoaning the other older women who pout their newly plumped lips and chase after new receivers, uh, men. Despite some valiant acting from Busy Phillips, I couldn’t make it all the way through the first episode, just like Colt McCoy won’t make it through much of the second half before the youngsters come in and take over against Colorado...."

In the Middle of It
Where Tapestry's Acia Gray Likes to Be ó and Is
Arts Story  February 20, 1998, by Robert Faires
"...Watching Gray perform, it's hard to imagine that she doesn't understand "what's truly going on." She appears so at home onstage, her movements so casual and yet so right; they have the effortlessness of a master about them. And as her feet move, her face radiates such joy, joy bordering on ecstasy..."

In the Wake of Orlando
To the entire LGBTQ community: You do matter. So much.
DAILY Qmmunity  June 13, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...Yesterday morning, after waking up next to my partner and dog, I checked Facebook. It’s a bad habit..."

Notes on Kamp: Reining in the Vote
Winning elections is so much easier when there are so few voters!
News Column  March 17, 2016, by Amy Kamp
"...As far as I can tell, there are only two groups of people who are willing to argue with a straight face that Texas' Voter ID law isn't specifically designed to harass and intimidate voters: the politicians who enacted the law, and the judges who upheld its constitutionality...."

Health Clinics Caught in the Crossfire
Cancer screening cuts won't only impact Planned Parenthood
News Story  March 5, 2015, by Mary Tuma
"..."This is an effort to subvert one organization; that's the intended consequence. But the assured consequence is collateral damage to so many good organizations that truly save women's lives." Watson said he'll fight to prevent the plan from passing in the face of some colleagues who "turn the other way" when intentionally damaging women's health care..."

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