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In With the Old, In With the New
Books Story  October 23, 1998, by Phil West
"...But maybe none of this matters sales-wise. After all, alternative rocker and former van-inhabitant Jewel foisted A Night Without Armor on the world last year..."

The Puffy Chair
In their first feature, former Austinites the Duplass brothers have made a near-perfect relationship-trauma comedy.
Film Review  June 2, 2006, by Kimberley Jones
"...Sounds simple enough, but from the moment they stop to pick up Josh’s neo-hippie brother, Rhett (Wilkins), they meet one complication after another, most of them the result of Josh’s well-meaning but relentless ineffectualness. He’s a particular brand of hipster-in-a-hoodie, one who used to be a rocker but settled into being a booking agent; it’s hinted that Emily pressured him to abandon his band and, most significantly, the brutal touring schedule that kept him away from her..."

Sell a Song
Sir Doug Sahm in mono
DAILY Music  August 9, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...The dynamite “Dynamite Woman,” with its twin fiddles a year later, 1969, opens as a precursor to 1973 Atlantic Records indelible “(Is Anybody Going to) San Antone,” while the deep, deeper, deepest soul of “At the Crossroads” and beery Lone Star anthem “Texas Me” will both stand as long as there’s a Republic. Bilingual border rocker “Nuevo Laredo” counts the same on the other side of the Rio Grande..."

Velvet Goldmine
Early-Seventies glam-rock culture, that brief but spectacular global explosion of polymorphous sexuality, nelly fashions, and Byronic libertinism writ large, is the setting for Todd Haynes' wildly original new film, Velvet...
Film Review  November 6, 1998, by Russell Smith
"...Though Haynes' nominal focus is the mesmerizing figure of Slade, Slade is -- aptly enough for a man who believes surfaces are all-important -- little more than a vivid, epigram-spouting holographic image. To some extent, the same is true of American underground rocker Curt Wild (McGregor, doing an Iggy Pop/Lou Reed amalgam to scary perfection), a dionysian madman who becomes an obsession for Slade, first inspiring his career, then threatening to destroy it..."

SXSW List No. 4
Dan Auerbach’s father and 118 other acts
DAILY Music  January 18, 2018, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Country queen Rita Coolidge, a One World Theatre regular, and rising rocker Ron Gallo dot a couple notables from outside the city limits, but one particular name pops out on surname alone. In 2016 at the age of 66, Chuck Auerbach debuted both live and on a record produced, recorded, and performed on by his son..."

Pleasant Unpleasantries
Music Story  September 6, 2002, by Guy Juke
"...One day in the early Eighties, I received a phone call from the Ramones' management informing me, in apologetic tones, that a piece of my art had been inadvertently borrowed to produce a Ramones record cover. The graphics firm M & Company had, according to this manager type, lifted my image from an ad placed in the New York Rocker, a popular music mag of the day, without his knowledge, and it was of course too late to do anything about it seeing as it was already printed and ready for distribution..."

SXSW Panel Recap: From CBGB to the World – A Downtown Diaspora
“Mushrooms grow in the dark”
DAILY SXSW  March 17, 2018, by Tim Stegall
"...The Friday panel, moderated by veteran Rolling Stone writer David Fricke and also featuring Talking Heads drummer (and Weymouth spouse) Chris Frantz and New York Rocker magazine photographer Julia Gorton, described the club as a salon for impoverished writers/artists/filmmakers. As such, the group traced how a world-changing scene evolved from almost no resources...."

'The Bowie Project: A Rock & Roll Soundpainting'
Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke serve as inspirations for Ariel Dance Theatre's new dance-and-music collaboration
Arts Story  January 31, 2014, by Robert Faires
"...But with a husband who is, in her words, "a big Bowie fan" and after an encounter with local Bowie tribute band the Super Creeps, Ariel has come around: "I am completely fascinated with him and his music now." Indeed, she's built an entire production around the shape-shifting superstar. The Bowie Project: A Rock & Roll Soundpainting blends the rocker's original songs with riffs on them (some composed, some improvised), text, and the unique performance form called Soundpainting – in which a kind of human orchestra variously makes sounds, projects emotional states, and delivers dialogue based on the specific hand signals of a conductor...."

Dialing for Dollar$
Austin radio stations scramble to keep the money flowing in a strange new media world
News Story  December 17, 2004, by Kevin Brass
"...In October, Clear Channel rechristened its classic rock station, 102.3, as "World Class Rock," promising a new direction that seemed to veer into KGSR's territory, featuring the likes of Norah Jones and Lucinda Williams. But tune in now and the station sounds like a solid classic rocker, with a playlist featuring a safe blend of Doors and Eagles hits..."

Lean, Mean, and Smoking!
Kris McKay
Music Story  July 12, 1996, by Andy Langer
"...Representatives from Shanachie Records, a small New Jersey-based folk label, caught her SXSW gig that year and requested a copy of the tape. And although Shanachie's bread and butter since 1972 had been its folk output, the label says they were eyeing McKay as the perfect complement to a newly diversified roster of female talent that stretches from Rita Marley to New York rocker Brenda Kahn..."

20 Questions With David Kilgour
The Clean guitarist comes, well, clean for Chaos in Tejas
DAILY Music  May 30, 2012, by Greg Beets
"...Thankfully, outta the blue around ’76, a friend (yes, one of the 15) opened a record store and starting importing new punk, etc. So we started getting the odd airmail NME, New York Rocker, etc..."

Search & Destroy
Pages That Rock
Books Story  March 14, 1997
"...Those who lived through the original punk invasion of the Seventies know the litany of publications that endeavoured to capture the American punk scene: New York Rocker, L.A.'s Slash, and S.F.'s Search & Destroy were chief among them. A little deeper delving might turn up some regional prizes, like Seattle's Chatterbox, Sluggo! from Austin, or Skinner Box from Baton Rouge, Louisiana..."

MEOW Con: Suzi Quatro
‘Stumblin’ In’ from the Motor City to music history
DAILY Music  October 24, 2013, by William Harries Graham
"...I’ve been a fan of Suzi Quatro’s since I was knee high, watching reruns of Happy Days featuring the Detroit-born rocker as Leather Tuscadero. Her hits “Rock Hard” and “Stumblin’ In” are regular spins on my iPod..."

Let Us Now Praise Sluggo
Books Story  October 10, 1997
"...In that box are assorted other zines: Xiphoid Process, Seattle's Chatterbox, Western Round-up, Plan 9, Monthly Chat, Honolulu Babylon, ContempoCulture, Oasis, Oo-La-La, Baton Rouge's Skinner Box, and other relics of the day plus Alcohol Drugs & Driving, Peek-a-boo, Bikini Kill, Apathy Trend, RockrGirl, and other more recent efforts. There are also brittle copies of Slash, New York Rocker, Search & Destroy, and various voices in print from the Summer of Hate, which I have lovingly hauled literally thousands of miles over the years, pissing off more than a few husbands and boyfriends along the way..."

Picks & Sleepers
Music Story  March 20, 1998
"...THE JUBILETTES: Austin finds itself as blessed in gospel acts as in roots-rockers, but don't try to pin any alternative or hip labels on the Jubilettes. Instead, just close your eyes and let their sweet voices swing low and wide, because that sound of rushing water might just be an open faucet or the River Jordan, and either way, there's nothing like a little spiritual to cleanse the soul or at least save the day..."

SXSW List 8
Peanut Butter Wolf, Kasey Chambers, White Denim and 147 more
DAILY Music  February 17, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...South by Southwest looms just 21 days away, so the lineup ticks toward completion, while big names remain reserved for a March reveal. Today’s confirmation, including Stones Throw mastermind Peanut Butter Wolf, pop charmers Royal Teeth, Aussie songbird Kasey Chambers, and local rockers White Denim, adds grist for the mill...."

1999 SXSW Music Festival
Music Story  March 18, 1999
"...Ely is one of the true gods of Austin songwriters, a Lubbock native who plied his Panhandle poetry into some of the most visionary music ever to come from Texas. Half honky-tonk hero and half outlaw roots-rocker, Ely rides a hard road into the sunset with no regrets and a hell of a recording history..."

Love Walks In
The first Rockrgrl Music Conference gets a blessing from Seattle's rain goddess.
Music Story  November 24, 2000, by Margaret Moser
"...Resident of Seattle's Mercer Island, rocker, journalist, and mom, Carla DeSantis long ago noticed this lack of dialogue. Oh sure, there would be the occasional Rolling Stone story on Patti Smith or a sultry video by PJ Harvey on MTV, but the gaps aren't going to be closed by VH1 specials on "women in music." DeSantis wanted to see a print forum that didn't accuse or point fingers, but rather just talked with musicians who were women..."

Record Reviews
Abbey Lincoln
Music Review  April 1, 1999
"...Where does a rocker-who-never-wanted-to-be-a-rocker go when he matures? In Frank Zappa's case, it was on to classically based, symphonic music. For Police's leader Sting, it was smooth jazz..."

Rock, They Wrote
Writing From Both Sides of the Musical Fence
Books Story  June 21, 1996
"...It may have never occurred to Berry, Sinatra, or Springsteen (yet), but Cash, Morrissey, and Hell are actually part of a time-worn, if modest, tradition of rocker authors. John Lennon and Bob Dylan both tried their hand at writing without accompanying chord changes, Lennon with his bits of verbal/visual whimsy (In His Own Write) and Dylan with a novel (Tarantula) that made his lyrics look terse..."

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