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'No American Talent': Coming around the Mountain from faraway lands
Arts Story  January 12, 2007, by Rachel Koper
"...The new series at Okay Mountain is titled "No American Talent" in loving tribute to Arthouse's annual "New American Talent" show, which is limited to "all-American" artists. In its series, Okay Mountain – which has used satirical exhibition titles in the past – is showcasing artists from outside our borders to demonstrate that the primacy of art and appreciation of good visual technique does not require a shared language...."

Arthouse: America's Got Talent!
Curator Anne Ellegood explains her picks for this year's New American Talent exhibit at Arthouse
Arts Story  July 20, 2007, by Rachel Koper
"...Local juried shows such as Austin Museum of Art's triennial "New Art in Austin," the nonprofit Texas Biennial, and Arthouse's annual "New American Talent" exhibition all aim to promote emerging artists. Juried exhibitions serve the important function of opening new doors to cooperation, community awareness, new audiences, and business networks..."

American Hustle
It's all about the hair, the performances, and the grift and graft in this unpredictable new offering from David O. Russell.
Film Review  December 20, 2013, by Steve Davis
"...Above everything else, Russell has an unerring talent for drawing out the best from his actors. Everyone here is in top form, though Cooper’s near-manic FBI agent dictates some odd acting choices..."

Wet Hot American Summer
Spoof of old summer-camp sexcapades is performed by a sprawling cast of comedic hams, largely culled from comedy troupe the State.
Film Review  November 2, 2001, by Kimberley Jones
"...Director/co-writer Wain and co-writer/star Showalter, both of the State, are so confined by their agenda (that is, to spoof) that they waste too much time aping the conventions of the genre when they should be directing their attention elsewhere (that is, to be as giddy and waggish and oddball and outlandish as their old show). The plot is a piddling thing: It's the last day of summer camp in 1981, and the last chance the counselors have to get laid, put on the talent show extravaganza, woo the camp hottie away from her preening lifeguard boyfriend … oh, and stop that errant chunk of NASA's SpaceLab from hurtling straight toward the mess hall..."

Boy George’s New Life
Culture Club frontman relives the Seventies
DAILY Music  July 4, 2018, by Tim Stegall
"...Everything’s sort of thrown together. Perhaps talent shows wouldn’t have been considered very cool when I was younger..."

SXSW Film Review: American Fable
A farm girl has a tough choice to make in this dreamy film
DAILY Screens  March 16, 2016, by Ashley Moreno
"...The rich man held captive (Richard Schiff, The West Wing) clearly symbolizes the class struggle of the time, as well as a much needed payout for Gitty’s family. But those social and political undertones remain subtle, which attests to Hamilton’s talent as a screenwriter..."

A New ATX6 Ventures to Vietnam
Music scene ambassadors prepare for far-flung adventures
DAILY Music  July 9, 2018
"...This batch of sixers corrals Cory Reinisch, frontman of balladeers the Harvest Thieves; singer Nnedi Agbaroji, who leads electro-tribalists Trouble in the Streets; multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Jacob Jaeger, whose style could be pegged as Townes Van Zandt with jazz chords; Carrie Fussell, the colorful vocalist for jubilant art-pop act Calliope Musicals; journeyman indie rocker Michael Booher; and Georgia Parker, a young, Western Swing talent who plays upright bass, guitar, and sings...."

Council's Got ... Talent?
At intermission, we talk to the headliners
News Story  July 13, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...Between the rained-out barbecues and the gray layers of humidity sticking to the city like a waterlogged diaper, you'd be excused for forgetting it's summer. Except for one sunny signifier: Turn on the tube, and a certain midseason replacement reminds us that America's Got Talent! Yup, everyone loves a good talent show..."

American Repertory Ensemble
ARE's new program aims for fewer people so it can put more of them inside the magic
Arts Story  January 16, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...Initially, the company was just looking for an alternative to its home space, the University of Texas' McCullough Theatre, which was unavailable due to this month's grand reopening of Bass Concert Hall next door. As ARE was exploring other venues, the economy took a header, and, in Justin's words: "We thought, 'How do we look at the circumstances we have and make the most of this experience for an audience?' And one of the things that's always been mentioned by audience members of our performances is the intimacy, having that much talent in such a close proximity..."

An American in Paris
Even if you think you've watched this musical to death during home viewings, you have never really seen this most tragic of all the director's tragic musicals if you haven't viewed it on a big screen with its shimmering color photography.
Film Review  July 9, 1999, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...An American in Paris, however, is a brooding, somber work. Like all of Minnelli's protagonists, Kelly refuses to face the truth, namely that his desire to paint is hampered by his mediocre talent..."

Dvorák's New World Inquiry
How a Czech composer helped America find its authentic voice
Arts Story  November 12, 2004, by Katherine Catmull
"...But Dvorák and Jeannette Thurber also declared that the National Conservatory was "to be thrown open free of charge to the negro race," as New York Herald writer James Creelman put it (like whites, blacks had to audition for entry). "It is a bold innovation," Creelman added, "but those who have heard the Black Patti sing or Blind Tom play must have wondered why it was that no serious attempt was made to organize, train, and refine the musical talent of the negro race in the United States."..."

Playback: The New Face of Austin Music Festivals
Taking stock of Austin’s festival landscape a week after the conclusion of ACL Fest
Music Column  October 19, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Given that "Playback" once quoted the event's producer, Barracuda co-founder Johnny Sarkis, as saying, "The only fest that can take a year off is the Olympics," consider SOS DOA, though chief Margin Walker talent buyer Graham Williams says he enjoys curating "big, diverse events" and won't rule out booking another festival in the future – if the concept is right...."

Can New Republic Studios Be a Game Changer for Austin?
Massive makeover could make Austin the new Atlanta for film
DAILY Screens  November 21, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...The studios already know Central Texas has the talent pool: Aside from headline directors like Richard Linklater and Kat Candler, there is a huge skilled crew base. Sadly, many end up working in production-friendly states like New Mexico and Georgia..."

American Rust: A Novel
Former Austinite Philipp Meyer has impeccable, even prescient, timing with his debut novel about an economically ravaged steel town in Pennsylvania
Books Review  March 13, 2009, by James Renovitch
"...Both authors defined and perfected modernism's ability to get into characters' heads to better elucidate action. Meyer is not yet worthy of that particular company but still has startling and recognizable insight into diverse characters' thought patterns that speaks to a talent of great promise..."

An American in Paris (1951)
Screens Story  May 27, 1999
"...An American in Paris, however, is a brooding, somber work. Like all of Minnelli's protagonists, Kelly refuses to face the truth, namely that his desire to paint is hampered by his mediocre talent..."

Jimmie Vaughan at 50
Music Story  November 23, 2001, by Margaret Moser
"...Blues is also notable for guests like Roscoe Beck, James Cotton, son Tyrone Vaughan, flautist Herman Green, and Double Trouble's Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon, and delivers everything that pool of talent promises. And Vaughan is right: His music works on the radio..."

New World Pioneer
Screens Story  March 11, 1999, by Louis Black
"...Yesterday someone asked me why SXSW Film had chosen to honor Jack Hill and just who he is. To me, the only question is, "what happened?": Why, after directing six terrific pictures in six years, did he disappear? Why, after coming up in a group of new directors whose members included Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Jonathan Kaplan, and Peter Bogdanovich, was it Hill, who was among the most talented yet was not really heard from again? Admittedly, when you tell people the titles of Hill's best work, they think you are joking..."

New in Print
Blake Bailey's utterly absorbing and unquestionably definitive biography coincides with the release of two Library of America collections of Cheever's novels and short stories
Books Review  February 27, 2009, by John Davidson
"...And so while Bailey is peerless and faithful as a chronicler of the writer's life, inevitably the story that unfolds – of personal chaos beneath a bright canopy of brilliant work – is a cautionary one, sadly familiar: For most of us, an awareness of Cheever's obsession with his genitals, with the genitals of others, and with the emissions of both offers nothing by way of encouragement in seeking out and (re)discovering his beautiful talent...."

A New Era for the Travis County Democratic Party
After years of infighting and a tumultuous election in March, the TCDP must now proceed as one
News Story  June 14, 2018, by Nina Hernandez
"..."As a working-class person in the community, also as a parent, as someone who's involved in the grassroots – if this position is inaccessible to me because of the time commitment, how many other people are we leaving out of the conversation?" she asked. "How much other talent are we leaving at the door?..."

Time for a New Republic (Studios)
John Robison is building a creative campus out in Bastrop
News Story  November 30, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...The goal is a campus and full production pipeline that can stop Texas' ample creative and technical talent from going out of state to get work. And there's reason to believe that can happen..."

Linda Watson Hired as New Cap Met CEO
Opinions on the incoming transit chief
DAILY News  June 17, 2010, by Lee Nichols
"...“And then during the interview process, spending time there and getting to know the board members, I see their commitment to building a world-class transit system, and that excites me,” Watson said of her decision to pursue the job, which came open when embattled CEO Fred Gilliam retired last September. “Doing my research on it, I found the transit system has a tremendous amount of talent and has a lot of big things to offer the community..."

Pearce Gets a New Principal
High test scores at what cost?
News Story  August 24, 2007, by Justin Ward
"..."[Troutman is] unlike all these other crooked principals. They're not very smart or very talented..."

Round Rock Express Begin New Era
Big changes afoot up Round Rock way
Sports Story  April 8, 2011
"...Last August when Nolan Ryan (aka the Ryan Express) became part owner, CEO, and team president of the Texas Rangers, and with the Hous­ton Astros' minor-league contract with the Express coming to a close, it was only a matter of time before the Express switched affiliations to become the Rangers' AAA ball club. As an Astros fan, I was a little bummed at first, but with Houston's flailing farm system and the Rangers robust minor-league talent pool, I'm now excited to watch the progression of players like No..."

New & Noteworthy
Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler Ice Cream
Food Column  July 20, 2007, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Based on those factors, it should come as no surprise that Ben and Jerry would see our own beloved Willie Nelson as a kindred spirit. After all, the founder of Farm Aid is known for his talent, his individuality, and his support for sustainable fuels and American family farms..."

From Stuff, Art
The 21st 'New American Talent' exhibition features a whopping 72 works of art, many of them created from everyday objects
Arts Story  July 14, 2006, by Amanda Douberley
"...The sentiment expressed by the whole group, "Stay Here For a While," is a polite request that you might want to take Mueller up on. Arthouse is crammed with a whopping 72 artworks for the 21st iteration of "New American Talent." This year Arthouse invited Aimee Chang, curator of contemporary art at the Orange County Museum of Art in Southern California – she's also an alumna of UT-Austin's graduate program in art history – to jury its annual nationwide talent search..."

Oh, Give Me a Home
The 20th 'New American Talent' exhibition reveals a country struggling with isolation and power
Arts Story  July 1, 2005, by Rachel Koper
"...Arthouse invited the New Museum's senior curator at large, Dan Cameron, all the way from New York to curate its 20th exhibition of new American talent. In May, Cameron wrote: "Each of the selected artists offers, I believe, a worldview that is sufficiently complete for any viewer to enter fully into their practice and feel psychically at home..."

The Next Steps
Ballet Austin seeks out tomorrow's Balanchines with a new and unique choreographic showcase
Arts Story  February 17, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...Two parts Arthouse exhibition and one part American Idol, this program brings a trio of the country's sharpest new dance makers to Austin, has each set a piece on company dancers, presents them all publicly, and has professional jurors and audiences vote on their favorites (with cash prizes being awarded). New American Talent/Dance takes its title from Arthouse's annual juried exhibition showcasing, well, new American talent..."

City Moves
This year, three New York choreographers vie for top prize in Ballet Austin's dance-off
Arts Story  February 17, 2012, by Jonelle Seitz
"...What's at first striking in a rehearsal of Bradley Shelver's work for Ballet Austin's New American Talent/Dance competition is the pairing of dancers Christopher Swaim and Michael Burfield. While there's no disputing their talent and hard work, neither evokes the platonic ideal of the danseur..."

Wild West
Zaf Ayub (Andrews) has a fearless heart. He has to. Like many dreamers he longs to become a country & western music star and move to Nashville and make records....
Film Review  November 26, 1993, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The band, which favors the new country sounds of songwriters like Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith, Dwight Yoakam and Monte Warden, consists of his two younger brothers and another friend, a Sikh drummer. Their manager is a character named Jag (Bhasker), a small-time hustler who gets them gigs at New Asia talent shows and Irish bars and drives a big American convertible with longhorns attached to his car grille..."

That Was Then; This Is Now
The latest version of 'New Art in Austin' shows how much has changed in three years
Arts Story  April 11, 2008, by Salvador Castillo
"...In 2008, the artists are exhibiting more saleable works in comparison to the large-scale installations that dominated the previous show. Paintings and works on paper are plentiful, as they were in Arthouse's "New American Talent: 22" and Mexic-Arte's "Young Latino Artists 12" this past year..."

'22' Questions
Getting to know the new adjunct curator at AMOA
Arts Story  August 27, 2004, by Rachel Koper
"...We're using it as the model, since it is a flexible and useful goal to show approximately 20 emerging artists. This type of show isn't necessarily about age, as Jerry Saltz knows – he included someone born in the 1930s in the 19th "New American Talent" show at Arthouse..."

The Bonneville's a Beaut
Exceptional New American cuisine craftsmanship
Food Story  September 20, 2013, by Kate Thornberry
"...The strength of the Bonneville lies in the talent of the chefs and the expertise of the kitchen staff. It is a risky undertaking, because there is no deception being practiced here..."

The Final Three
If fast, physical action in a national face-off is what you want, try Ballet Austin
Arts Story  March 26, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...The tournament in question is Ballet Austin's New American Talent/Dance, and let's not have any snorting and rolling of the eyes over that last word; there's no cause for a hoops fan to cop an attitude about dance. Don't try to tell me that when you watch a game, the only place you look is the basket..."

"New American Talent: The Eighteenth Exhibition"
For the 18th edition of the annual "New American Talent" show at Arthouse, curator Dominic Molon has steered away from choosing what might be the "best" new art today and chosen instead what suits his particular tastes, which means art that is sardonic, humorous, and hip, with lots of brightly surreal color and texture.
Arts Review  August 8, 2003, by Molly Beth Brenner
"...'New American Talent: The Eighteenth Exhibition': Eye of the Beholder..."

Amy Grappell's 'Quadrangle'
The Austin filmmaker's video installation unveils an unusual family history
Arts Story  August 7, 2009, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Amy Grappell's video installation Quadrangle is part of the latest exhibition in the annual "New American Talent" series at Arthouse. It's a short and jewellike work of cinema, 20 minutes' worth of fine camerawork in which two separate interviews are arranged, with embellishments of still photography, into a dynamic diptych that often displays both interviews simultaneously, their timing set to provide complementary silences and dialogue...."

Ballet Austin: Youth moves
Choreographers ages 7-17 won their own chance to shine during this week's search for New American Talent
Arts Story  February 15, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...Aspiring professional choreographers aren't the only ones getting to strut their stuff for Ballet Austin during its biennial New American Talent/Dance this week. A handful of younger dance makers also got their own opportunity to shine, thanks to a keen little videographic competition set up on"

Arts Review  December 18, 1998
"...What with Christmas upon us, the Follies have added some seasonal material to the staple regimen of skewered current events and old standards. Best of this seasonal fare is Margaret Wiley's spinning of a Ukrainian Christmas Tale, incorporating talented (though unsuspecting) members of the audience..."

New American Talent: The Twenty-Fourth Exhibition
You'll find striking examples of people depicted in this rush of new artistic creation
Arts Review  August 7, 2009, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...'New American Talent: The Twenty-Fourth Exhibition'..."

'New American Talent – The 19th Exhibition'
"New American Talent – The 19th Exhibition" merits repeated visits, for the abundance of energy and originality of vision among its many featured artists
Arts Review  August 6, 2004, by Robi Polgar
"..."New American Talent – The 19th Exhibition"Arthouse at the Jones Center, through Aug. 22..."

Ballet Austin
Big Apple scores big with 'NAT/D' 4
Arts Story  December 23, 2011, by Robert Faires
"...Who will be the winner of Ballet Austin's fourth New American Talent/Dance competition in February? Well, this much is certain: It will be someone from New York City. That's because all three finalists hail from the City That Never Sleeps...."

New American Talent / Dance
Energy and choreographic craft keep this competition springtime fresh
Arts Review  April 2, 2010, by Jonelle Seitz
"...New American Talent/Dance..."

'New American Talent: The 22nd Exhibition'
In 'New American Talent: The 22nd Exhibition,' we may be witnessing a return to structure
Arts Review  August 10, 2007, by Salvador Castillo
"...'New American Talent: The Twenty-Second Exhibition'..."

Cream of the Crop
Nominations for the 2005-2006 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 19, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...Tony Tucci, New American Talent/Dance/Director's Choice/EvolutionSound Design..."

Culture Flash!
Pay your respects to the late Boyd Vance, June means green for the Paramount and State, and six Austinites are officially 'New American Talent'
Arts Column  June 17, 2005, by Robert Faires
"...• Congratulations to the six Austin artists in "New American Talent: The 20th Exhibition," opening this weekend at Arthouse. Samantha Krukowski, Leah Markov-Lindsey, Jonathan Marshall, Denise Prince Martin, Adam Schreiber, and Karen Skloss all have pieces in the 2005 edition of this annual juried look at work by emerging visual artists from across the country..."

Saltz Exposes Himself
The senior art critic for 'The Village Voice' kept everyone laughing during his lecture at Arthouse
Arts Story  June 18, 2004, by Rachel Koper
"...The art critic for people who hate art critics, Saltz kept everyone laughing during his lecture on a year in the life of a critic. Arthouse invited the senior art critic for The Village Voice to curate its annual exhibit, "New American Talent," and while he rarely curates, Saltz agreed to do it..."

Share the Smart Growth
Columns  December 31, 1998
"...After reading Sam Martin's latest review of "New American Talent: The Thirteenth Exhibition" ["Exhibitionism," Vol.18, No.16], I feel that a response is in place. Mr..."

Table Banquet
The nominees for the 2013-2014 Austin Critics Table Awards
DAILY Arts  May 8, 2014, by Robert Faires
"...Ballet Austin, A Midsummer Night's Dream/The Glass Project/New American Talent/Dance..."

Director's Choice
Jennifer Hart's first commission for Ballet Austin was this triple bill's highlight
Arts Review  April 2, 2015, by Jonelle Seitz
"...The second work, Artistic Director Stephen Mills' 2001 One/the body's grace, a moody sextet to Bach, Handel, and Gluck, is a good neoclassical dance – it has won awards – but juxtaposed with the freshness and sensitivity of To Here, One's grapply, manipulative partnering seemed tiresome and brash. The third ballet was a commission from Jimmy Orrante, who was a finalist in Ballet Austin's 2014 New American Talent/Dance choreography competition..."

Culture Flash
Competing choreographers cash in as comics stand up to joke for big money
Arts Column  April 16, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...• Ballet Austin's New American Talent/Dance has parceled out the cash to the three choreographers in the third go-round of the biennial national competition for makers of dance. Jurors Alicia Adams of the Kennedy Center, Julie Nakagawa of DanceWorks Chicago, and Paul Vasterling of Nashville Ballet awarded Houston choreographer Dominic Walsh and New York-based Nelly van Bommel $6,000 apiece for their respective dances and $3,000 to San Franciscan KT Nelson for hers..."

Art Openings
News Story  March 14, 1997
"... "Vandals?," an exhibition of graffiti art, is on view by appointment through March. The group exhibit is a sampling of the current graffiti scene in the Austin area, featuring large-scale works created by a talented group of "Piecers" (graffiti artists who transcend mere "tagging" and create large-scale murals)..."

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