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Vertical Helical Scan, We Hardly Knew Ye
You'd better record this on your VCR – it's probably the last time we'll ever mention it
Screens Story  December 22, 2006, by Joe O'Connell
"...Not one. After all, I have a Netflix subscription bringing the latest arty DVDs to my mailbox regularly..."

Adrift in the Ether
New consumer advocacy project keeps online customers plugged in
Screens Story  December 15, 2006, by Kate X Messer
"...Netflix 888/638-3549..."

Film News
Last thoughts on Altman, courtesy of collaborator Stephen Harrigan; plus, incentives and local interest
Screens Column  December 1, 2006, by Joe O'Connell
"...We can only hope he's also putting in a good word for filming incentives at the Texas Capitol. More to come when our Lege arrives in town early next year.Now showing (and Netflixing) Two films from Austin creators are finding a wider audience..."

Shooting Loose, Long or Short
The Duplass Brothers discuss how they found 'The Puffy Chair,' and where they're headed now as it hits theatres
Screens Story  June 2, 2006, by Spencer Parsons
"..."We decided at Sundance to make a film from our lives rather than from what we had been writing," says Jay, and, within the year, the brothers were back with a feature that quickly became known as more than good enough, backed by ecstatic audience response, strong reviews, and the representation muscle of John Sloss' Cinetic Media. If it took them another year to finally work out distribution with the partnership of Roadside Attractions and Netflix, that lag time hasn't deterred them from approaching the making of their next film the same way..."

Film News
The Sundance Channel and NetFlix make 'Room' for Kyle Henry
Screens Column  March 10, 2006, by Joe O'Connell
"...'Room' with viewers Kyle Henry's Room is coming to a theatre near you in a limited Texas release in April. Then it heads to both the Sundance Channel, in a pay-TV deal, and Netflix for DVD distribution..."

Snoring Out Loud
The local daily's cautious toe in the water doesn't work in the wild 'n' wooly blogosphere
News Story  January 13, 2006, by Kevin Brass
"...One of the more frequent posters goes by the handle of Netflixbugaloo and writes about his latest Netflix selections. Retired and living in Miami, the author says he writes the blog on the Statesman site because his son, who lives in Austin, was writing a Longhorn blog..."

In Space
Online commerce puts customers on hold; here's how to get out of the loop
Screens Story  December 16, 2005
"...Netflix 888/638-3549..."

TV Eye
This was one of those weeks when I was asked my 'expert' opinion on a variety of TV-related subjects
Screens Column  November 18, 2005, by Belinda Acosta
"...It makes sense to assume Arrested Development is doomed, given its on-the-air/off-the-air status, and, most importantly from the network's perspective, its low, low ratings. Which is why I want my dream of a VOD/Netflix/podcast hybrid to come true and come true fast..."

Film News
Burnt Orange has been living in a cave, while Texas looks to be trending toward Santos; plus, 'Ape Shit,' 'Chainsaw,' and 'The Breakdance Kid'
Screens Column  October 21, 2005, by Joe O'Connell
"...The Breakdance Kid, which showed at last year's Austin Film Festival, comes out on DVD on Oct. 25 and will be available at Netflix, Amazon, Target, and evil, evil Blockbuster..."

Gag Reflex
The sketch comedians of Gag Reflex have lots of interesting ideas and deliver some funny performances in their new revue, but all the bits aren’t as tasty as you’d like.
Arts Review  August 19, 2005, by Barry Pineo
"...The show seemed under-rehearsed and, for me, the laughs were hard to come by. These Reflexives have a lot of interesting ideas: "Dateflix," a parody of Netflix in which men, instead of DVDs, get sent in the mail; "Trojan Man," who pops up whenever someone offers even the most inadvertent sexual innuendo; "Hammers," in which a series of men define their manly manhood through the type of hammer they carry in their coat pocket; and "O'Hurley's," the restaurant where all the food is regurgitated and regurgitatable...."

The latest from Wong Kar Wai is slated for a U.S. Sony Classics theatrical release in August, but for those who've wearied of waiting, Netflix, as well as local independent stores, is offering a no-frills DVD of the film
Screens Story  May 27, 2005, by Kimberley Jones
"...Mei Ah Entertainment The latest from Wong Kar Wai is slated for a U.S. Sony Classics theatrical release in August, but for those who've wearied of waiting (it took Wong four years to finish the film, and the American release has been especially slow in coming), Netflix, as well as local independent stores, is offering a no-frills DVD of the film..."

Film News
Look no further than this alt-weekly's SXSW coverage for proof that Austin is the film capital of Texas, but don't forget some of the stuff going on 'Between the Scenes'
Screens Column  March 11, 2005, by Joe O'Connell
"...Buda and Coupland are on the list... Houston filmmaker Joe Grisaffi's independent film Laughing Boy is now available on Netflix..."

Watching Outside the Box
How many industries do you know of that can capitalize on dated inventory while ringing up sales for "failed" merchandise?
Screens Column  April 23, 2004, by Belinda Acosta
"...It contains all 18 episodes with requisite bonus material (less two discs from the limited edition set). For those who don't want to shell out $70, it's available for rent through local vendors or Netflix, which, in turn, can inspire new fans to buy their own personal box set...."

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