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SXSW Film Review: My Beautiful Broken Brain
Doc opens a window into traumatic brain injury
DAILY Screens  March 12, 2016, by Jessi Cape
"...Adding to the repertoire of both the incomparable David Lynch (he is an executive producer) and Netflix’s increasingly acclaimed documentary collection, this re-cut 2014 film by Lotje Sodderland and Sophie Robinson is nothing short of remarkable...."

Autonomous Cars Are Coming! Is the Public Ready to Relinquish Control?
Driving on autopilot
Screens Story  March 10, 2016, by Ashley Moreno
"...There are some good reasons to get excited about self-driving cars. Like you could pass your road time on Netflix, safely text "OMW," or eat a Whataburger Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit without getting the steering wheel all sticky..."

The Theft of the World Cup
Jules and Dolores shares the untold story of Brazil's lost trophy
Screens Story  March 10, 2016, by Dan Gentile
"...That should change this summer, when the film will likely see a theatrical release in Brazil timed with the Olympics, as well as digital distribution via Netflix in Latin America. And who knows, maybe it will stir the Jules Rimet trophy out of hiding and return it to its rightful home..."

The Luv Doc: Kid Crazy
Any man over the age of 50 who wants to have children isn't playing with a full deck
Columns  March 3, 2016, by The Luv Doc

Seven the Hard Way
Picks 2 Click: Local septet of acts braces for SXSW
Music Story  March 3, 2016, by Thomas Fawcett
"...When he's not skateboarding, Netflix bingeing, or studying for pre-AP algebra, the 15-year-old high school sophomore keeps the beat for teen-pop duo Charlie Belle. His sister Jendayi, a 17-year-old high school senior, handles vocals, songwriting, and guitar for the act named after their great-grandmother..."

DVDanger: The Sheik
The world broke his back. He made it humble.
DAILY Screens  March 1, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...The Sheik (Dark Sky Films) is available on DVD, VOD, and Netflix now...."

The Luv Doc: Titty Bar Lunch
The chef knows what medium rare is, so don't send your steak back because it's undercooked
Columns  February 18, 2016, by The Luv Doc

SXSW Film Announces Keynotes
Fest releases full schedule, plus convergence details
DAILY SXSW  February 16, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Swanberg is the epitome of SXSW talent, from early works like Hannah Takes the Stairs to his star-studded breakout Drinking Buddies. As for George, his talk will concentrate on technology, flexibility, and adaptability in a creative career: the right topic for a man who has written musical histories (Where Did Our Love Go: The Rise and Fall of the Motown Sound and Hip Hop America), directed films for HBO (Life Support), and has written and produced Netflix's upcoming A Ballerina's Tale...."

Top 10 Festival Films You Haven't Seen Yet
Fox fairies, ultra-violence, and amnesia dominated 2015
DAILY Screens  January 2, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...3: Faults: One of the year's most astounding two-handers, Leland Orser and Mary Elizabeth Winstead got a theatrical release and is on home release and Netflix now (read our SXSW review here)...."

Goodnight Irene
Timeless music time-travels – backward, forward
Music Story  December 31, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Two decades-plus had elapsed since his sophomore solo quake, Main Offender. As Netflix tie-in Keith Richards: Under the Influence informs to the guitar god himself, he's now outlived the bluesman whose song "Rollin' Stone" titled his UK combo – Muddy Waters...."

Marc Savlov's Top 10 Films of 2015
Screens Story  December 31, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...Worst Film Entourage. A blatant cash-grab that was universally viewed, correctly, as painfully ill-advised in this terrific Netflix/Amazon streaming moment...."

Holiday TV Cheat Sheet
A multigenerational guide for the family
Screens Story  December 23, 2015, by Jacob Clifton
"...For Fans of: The cinematic artistry of AMC, the literary complexity of HBO, the dark humor and offbeat leads of Showtime and/or the formalistic experimentation of Netflix...."

Public Notice: A Week of Peace
One final tidbit for the year
News Column  December 23, 2015, by Nick Barbaro
"...This Christmas Eve, as Austinites gather 'round the electronic fireplace (Fireplace for Your Home, season 1, available on Netflix), we can be thankful, every one, that this is one Thursday evening when there is no City Council meeting. The disturbance of the peace that was last Thurs­day's meeting is covered amply elsewhere (see "Point Austin," "Leave No Fingerprints," and "Uber and Lyft Go to City Hall"), there is mercifully little public process going on over the next 10 days (see "Civics 101"), and next week is the Chronicle's annual Top 10s of the Year issue..."

Mac-in’ and Relaxin’
Slacker songwriter Mac Demarco soothes Stubb’s
DAILY Music  October 21, 2015, by Abby Johnston
"...And from the moment he launched into “The Way You’d Love Her” from 2015’s Another One, it was clear his instructions would be easy to follow. The 25-year-old Edmonton native would, despite any branding to the contrary, keep things at a level somewhere between “chill” and “Netflix and chill” for the packed house on Tuesday...."

Rocky Horror Reissue – A Wild & Untamed Thing
A red vinyl adios to summer in Tim Curry’s lipstick
DAILY Music  September 1, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez

Choice Chamber
Mike Molinari empowers Twitch viewers
Screens Story  August 20, 2015, by James Renovitch
"...The Twitch community resides in the latter category despite its exploding popularity. The streaming site pulls the fourth-largest amount of Internet traffic during peak hours – Netflix, Google, and Apple sit in the top three spots – and yet is barely known outside of gaming circles...."

Back in Black
Capital City Black Film Festival returns for round three
Screens Story  August 13, 2015, by Josh Kupecki
"...Then there's America Is Still the Place, which recounts the 1971 San Francisco Bay oil spill – in which 800,000 gallons of crude were unleashed on the ocean after two oil tankers collided – through the eyes of Charlie Walker, whose efforts to clean up Stinson Bay are impeded by systemic racism and corruption. If that sounds a bit dry, let's just say that Mike Colter (cast as Luke Cage in the upcoming Marvel/Netflix TV series) oozes charisma, and the film leans more toward tall tale than clinical indictment...."

Robert Kurtzman Invades Garth Manor
FX legend talks Evil Dead 2
DAILY Screens  July 30, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's like my film Wishmaster. It's on Netflix and people watch it all the time, and they tell me, 'it doesn't look that good.' You watch it on a hi-def television, and it's old video, and it looks like VHS..."

Help Desk
Is it phone addiction or just the modern way to consume information?
Screens Column  July 30, 2015, by Michael Agresta
"...I can't prove that it's related, but come on. I recovered, in part, by spending two straight days curled up on the couch with Netflix on the TV and Facebook in the palm of my hand...."

Playback: Doug Sahm for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
The Austin Music Hall gets slated for teardown, the Roost closes while looking for a cash infusion, Backyard owner Tim O'Connor gets back in the concert game, and a Kickstarter campaign to get Doug Sahm into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Music Column  July 9, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Patoski's Sir Doug & the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove premiered in March at South by Southwest Film and recently landed distribution from music doc disseminates Submarine Entertainment, which will likely lead to a run on Netflix in the late fall. The movie traces the late Austinite's mind-blowing musical legacy from child prodigy sitting on Hank Williams' knee through his regional teen fame, unlikely British Invasion emergence, Summer of Love Americana instigation, and barrio-breaching Tex-Mex innovation...."

Shout OUT: Drew Riley
These are the people in our gayborhood: Jane of all Trades
DAILY Qmmunity  July 8, 2015, by Blake McCoy
"...Like most Austinites, she has a hankering for Tex-Mex, and says that she often takes advantage of the margarita specials at El Mercado. An avid Netflix and Hulu junkie, she enjoys watching Steven Universe and asserts that, while a pill-popping dog may be considered "a steroid propaganda show," Underdog is still her favorite superhero...."

Scandalous Summer Soul Playlist
Scandal Music Supervisor Alexandra Patsavas explains
DAILY Music  June 17, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...You are now entering Shondaland, the world that writer, director, show creator Shonda Rhimes made. She’s the first person in television history to have an entire night of her own: Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal, which also streams on Netflix..."

The Eagles Come Home to Roost
Three-hour documentary spawns an epic live tie-in
DAILY Music  May 20, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Platinum ego encases History of the Eagles, a three-hour rock doc (on Netflix and mailed to concert reviewers) that spawned a two-year tour. Founders and songwriting axis Don Henley and Glenn Frey wield their aural iconography like a tomahawk – screw up, get scalped..."

The Great Outdoors 2.0
Becoming one with nature ... and 200 Instagram followers
Features Story  May 14, 2015, by Andrea Kinnison
"...Until quite recently, unless your name was Ansel Adams, the concept of life outdoors was about as far from artsy or trendy as you could get. The great outdoors are authentic, true, real – romantic, sure, but in a private kind of romance way, like binge watching an entire series on Netflix with a loved one all weekend long or secretly flipping through attractive Facebook photos of yourself after one too many glasses of wine...."

Our Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2015
The summer movie season has begun, and we've got opinions
Screens Story  April 30, 2015, by Josh Kupecki
"...Wild Card: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp: David Wain has long joked about reuniting the cast of his hilarious cult classic for a prequel, and now the visible age differences should prove even funnier as he brings back Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Michael Ian Black, Elizabeth Banks, Ken Marino, Janeane Garofalo, and Bradley Cooper for this Netflix show. (July 17) Kimberley Jones..."

John Doe on SXSW Hit-and-Run
“Very strange feeling to be that close, but not be aware”
DAILY Music  April 10, 2015, by Tim Stegall
"...Aimee Mann, Loudon Wainwright III, Joe Henry, and I went to Louisville for about 10 days and made a movie. It’s out on DVD, Blu-ray, and all that stuff – Netflix, maybe? Video on demand? I dunno..."

The Good Eye: The Pulse
The Good Eye says goodbye
Columns  April 2, 2015, by Amy Gentry
"...Of course, roles depicting victimhood and subservience will be around as long as we enjoy watching stories about murder and the rising price of real estate – which I emphatically do. But the violence I'm talking about isn't a direct function of violence in the narrative; consider the smiling, childlike Vietnamese character on Tina Fey's otherwise brilliant Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt..."

ATX Television Festival Justifies Your Love
June fest celebrates Justified, Drunk History, and more
DAILY Screens  March 25, 2015, by Kimberley Jones
"...• a conversation with Marta Kauffman, creator of Friends and the upcoming Netflix series Gracie and Frankie..."

SXSW Film Review: Manson Family Vacation
Clever comedy about that one weirdo every family has
DAILY SXSW  March 19, 2015, by Ashley Moreno
"...Davis previously co-wrote and edited the 2011 music doc Kevin, which Jay Duplass directed; both Duplass brothers are credited as executive producers on Manson Family Vacation; and they just sold Manson Family Vacation (in addition to fellow competition film 6 Years) to Netflix as part of their four-picture deal with the streaming giant. So it’s fitting this film feels like a Duplass project in all the best ways..."

Community Cast Talks About Going Digital
Season 6 promises new faces and old faves (paintball!)
DAILY SXSW  March 16, 2015, by Russ Espinoza
"...Like what Netflix did for Arrested Development in 2013, Yahoo Screen has pumped new life into Community by giving it a platform for the sixth season that NBC turned its back on...."

Foodie Kits Available Right Meow
It's time: Emancipet's 5th Annual Sit Stay Day
DAILY Food  January 22, 2015, by Jessi Cape
"...Each kit is unique (though all equally valued) and designed with staying home in mind. The kits feature gourmet surprises from a plentiful array of vendors and can be shared or squirreled away for Netflix night..."

The Year in Movies, and in Moments
What didn’t make my Top 10
DAILY Screens  December 31, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...Better yet, the two actresses also appeared in my two favorite small-screen experiences of the year: Hoffmann in Amazon’s transcendent Transparent and Gyllenhaal in The Honourable Woman, a joint BBC/SundanceTV production that started out a pleasurably twisty thriller and turned into something utterly gutting. (It’s streaming on Netflix now.) [image-2]..."

Gay Place: Seal '14 With a Kiss
Seal '14 with a kiss
Columns  December 31, 2014, by Kate X Messer
"...3) LAVERNE COX made history (again), this time as the first Emmy-­nominated out transwoman (Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for Netflix's Orange Is the New Black)...."

The AggreGAYtor: December 19
What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.
DAILY Qmmunity  December 19, 2014, by David Estlund
"...Netflix finds a queer rival, Florida splits the baby, and America snubs its territory, as your AggreGAYtor puts down the doughnut...."

DVDanger: I Am Santa Claus
Director Tommy Avallone finds the men behind the beard
DAILY Screens  December 6, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...I Am Santa Claus (Virgil Films/Warrior Poets) is out now on DVD, Blu-ray, digital download and Netflix...."

Gilmore Girls Reunion Coming to ATX Television Festival
Lorelai, Rory, and the show's creator scheduled to attend
DAILY Screens  November 13, 2014, by James Renovitch
"...For those of us who have been unable to stop streaming Gilmore Girls on Netflix, it's like our wildest dreams have come true. The ATX Television Fest announced today that Amy Sherman Palladino (the show's creator), Lauren Graham, and Alexis Bledel will reunite to celebrate the joys of Stars Hollow...."

Texas Book Festival: Monsterator Keith Graves
Now your budding doctor-to-be can piece together their own...
DAILY Books  October 23, 2014, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Where artists like him once depended on a Tinseltown studio to realize their animation, now a Kickstarter campaign can fund a series of shorts on a sumo bull or talking horse (for example) and sell it independently to content monsters screaming for more streaming. Say Netflix or Google...."

Everybody Has a Secret Life in the Movies
Authors Michael McGriff and J.M. Tyree eloquently show us how.
DAILY Books  October 23, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...A Strange Object has brought us another fine diversion from our plummet to the grave, a diversion that we'll continue happily snacking on between the features of our Netflix queue...."

The Good Eye: A Woman Possessed
Was she wrong to go all Isabelle Adjani on New Yorker book critic James Wood?
Columns  October 23, 2014, by Amy Gentry
"...More than a little, truth be told. Galaxy Quest flashed by on the Netflix screen, a light but surprisingly satisfying Nineties comedy with hilarious performances by Enrico Colantoni and Alan Rickman..."

Austin's Sustainable Secret
Student-founded Green Is the New Black makes renewable energy at Huston-Tillotson
News Story  October 23, 2014, by Nora Ankrum
"...He does it right then and there." Erazo and Jackson shared the concept with other students, and the idea emerged for GITNB – a group reflecting the whimsy of the Dumpster Project ("fun, witty, yet productive," as Erazo puts it) and the unique perspectives of its members. The Netflix series Orange Is the New Black was popular at the time, and Victoria's Secret was doing a "Pink Is the New Black" campaign, recalls Erazo: "We were like, you know what? Green is the new black."..."

Playback: HAAM's Time of the Season
HAAM Day fills its coffers for uninsured live music capitalists
Music Column  September 18, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"...Scanning the 90-something releases since 2007, you'll find music from disparate locals like Love Inks, Tim Kerr, and Survive, not to mention amazing internationals like Trans Upper Egypt and XYX, plus paperbacks like Thor Harris' devastatingly honest depression chronicles An Ocean of Despair, and film releases including the Sundance-approved Computer Chess, streaming now on Netflix. Roughly 20% of Monofonus' mail orders come from overseas, where they've folded in acts from England, France, Italy, and wherever the Rebel is from..."

DVDanger: All This Horror Business
Catching up with the major terror releases
DAILY Screens  July 26, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Fortunately, some of the more blood-curdling aspects of Herbert's book survive, even though scripter Charles "Chic" Eglee proudly announces in the extras that he never even read the original novel. (Incidentally, he took the same approach when he took over as showrunner of Netflix's Hemlock Grove.)..."

DVDanger: 'Heavy Metal Movies'
A literary diversion over the long weekend
DAILY Screens  July 5, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...The funny thing is, movie books like these should be dead. Between IMDB listicles and Netflix recommendations it's easy to get a guide to under-rated gore gems..."

RIP Paul Mazursky
His films included 'Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,' 'An Unmarried Woman'
DAILY Screens  July 1, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...I still like it.) Below is an excerpt from my program notes, devoted to the very special run of movies Mazursky made in the Seventies. One of them, An Unmarried Woman, is currently streaming on Netflix..."

HBO Going Under the Dome for 'God Save Texas'
Lights, camera, point of order in new political drama
DAILY News  June 18, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Ever since The West Wing, behinds-the-scenes machinations have been a ratings grabber. However, the non-cable world has stolen the march on this, with House of Cards on Netflix, and Amazon getting legitimate praise for Beltway comedy Alpha House...."

El Rey Move Lights Up Austin Film Scene
Robert Rodriguez's network to use Austin as corporate HQ
News Story  June 12, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...studios and networks: Second- and third-generation Latinos who live in English-speaking households. El Rey currently reaches 40 million homes around the U.S., plus international audiences through Netflix deals for some of its programming...."

Film Flam: El Rey Shines on Austin
Robert Rodriguez's TV channel to become permanent production fixture
DAILY Screens  June 10, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Founded last year, El Rey currently reaches 40 million homes around the US, plus international audiences through a Netflix deal for its first original programming, the serial adaptation of vampire versus bank robber chiller From Dusk Till Dawn. Its key demographic is one that has historically been under-served by US studios and networks: Second and third generation Latinos who live in English-speaking households...."

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Queerbomb Edition
Where to find the glitter-covered queers in ATX this QB weekend
DAILY Qmmunity  June 6, 2014, by Sarah Marloff
"...Sunday: You may have missed it in all the Queerbombness, but season two of Orange Is the New Black was released in full on Friday. When it comes to show binge-ing, Netflix has a sadistic side...."

Boob Tubistry
ATX Television Festival caters to – and initiates – a new kind of fandom
Screens Story  June 5, 2014, by Amy Gentry
"...Other panels available only to badgeholders, like the Netflix-hosted "#SpoilerAlert" and the "Evolution of the TV Drama," discuss the changing landscape with industry insiders. The "An Assistant's Tale" panel, packed full of high-powered TV creatives who just happen to be women, promises to offer something of a stealth-feminist perspective on the industry from Liz Tigelaar, a writer and producer for Bates Motel and a regular at the festival, and Emily Halpern, co-creator of Trophy Wife..."

From Prisoner to Reformer
A Q&A with 'Orange Is the New Black' author Piper Kerman
DAILY News  May 9, 2014, by Amy Smith
"...Orange Is the New Black author Piper Kerman was in town Wednesday to keynote a benefit for the Council on At-Risk Youth. Since the publication of her bestselling prison memoir, which led to the popular Netflix series, Kerman has become a leading advocate for criminal justice reform..."

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