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Music Deportment
The Live Music Task Force recommends a Music Department under Austin government. Time for the Austin music community to put its many heads together.
Music Story  November 21, 2008, by Doug Freeman
"...The Mohawk encapsulates both the promise and struggle of the contemporary Austin music scene. The venue has become a linchpin of Red River, transforming a continually failing club space into a local indie hub..."

Playback: Sizing Up Music's Bite of the Hotel Tax
Two new municipal funding schemes look to finally impact Austin music
Music Column  September 14, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Wouldn't it be nice if musicians could derive income from the constant stream of tourists frolicking around Austin? Ideally, jet-setters would patronize clubs featuring original live music, then stumble back to their hotels with a band T-shirt draped over their shoulder and record under their arm. Sounds simple enough, right?..."

Austin Music Awards' Industry Accolades Announced
Best radio station, record store, club, and many more
DAILY Music  March 6, 2017, by James Renovitch
"...The Austin Music Awards ceremony isn't until next week, but the industry awards were announced at the Palm Door on Sixth Monday (3/6) evening...."

The Music Lover's Guide to Austin
The essential sounds, sights, and settings of Austin music
DAILY Chronolog  March 3, 2017
"...So your plane just touched down and the pilot said, “Welcome to Austin: the Live Music Capital of the World.” Now you feel obligated to check out some of this vaunted music culture that everyone’s talking about, but you don’t want to waste your time doing the wrong thing. Don’t worry, we got you..."

Austin Music Industry Award Winners
Business and non-performer accolades precede the AMAs
DAILY Music  March 7, 2016, by Raoul Hernandez
"...We winced through the Grammys and slept through the Oscars, but Monday’s second annual Austin Music Industry Awards ran neither self-congratulatory nor constituted self-important ego worship. Popular vote determines winners on the business end of the Austin Music Poll, so the write-in ballot means any trophy reflects true blue community consensus...."

SXSW Music Pro Tips
Prepare thy self
DAILY Music  March 5, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Touching down in Austin for the South By Southwest Music Conference? You’re one in a million, baby...."

Is Austin's Growing Dance Music Scene in Need of Its Own HQ?
We talk to a dozen members of ATX’s electronic music community
Music Story  November 9, 2017, by Dan Gentile
"...Everyone from graphic designers to grandpas goes two-stepping, but even in 2017, walking into a dance club in Austin feels cheesy. Despite a recent electronic music boom, house and techno sprang far afield from the Third Coast and don't have the same cultural roots as dance music meccas like Detroit, New York City, or Chicago, where they renamed a street Hot Mix 5 Way in honor of pioneering house music DJs..."

Chargaux at the 2017 Austin Chamber Music Festival
This dynamic Brooklyn-based string duo proves that the Austin Chamber Music Festival has many more colors than its name suggests
Arts Story  July 6, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Tight shot of a violin and a viola – standard-issue instruments in every orchestra and string ensemble across the globe. Make whatever assumptions you choose about the music made with these instruments and the musicians who play them...."

Live Music to See This Weekend
Your game plan for the next three days
DAILY Music  June 23, 2017, by The Music Staff
"...Embrace the sonic powers of summer starting tonight with this live music matrix decoding. To help winnow down the hordes of local concert listings, we’ve flagged a few of our favorites...."

Austin Music Awards’ Message of Love
35th annual local prom sets a new standard
DAILY Music  March 13, 2017, by Doug Freeman
"...On an evening filled with historical performances, the emotional core of the 35th annual Austin Music Awards show occurred early. As the “Femmes for SIMS” peaked in the first music set, country sirens the Trishas took the stage with Savannah Welch carefully steadying herself on a new prosthetic leg as Liz Foster led a soulful reprise of “Rise Above.”..."

Playback: Make the Austin Music Poll Great Again
Getting the vote out for the 2016/17 Austin Music Poll
Music Column  January 26, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...And yet, here I am, trying to convince you your vote matters. The government may be a lost cause, but you still have six days to cast your ballot in the Austin Music Poll. How Big Is Your Inauguration?..."

The Austin Music Scene's Spectrum of Sexism
From sexual assault to all-female bills, women musicians face myriad issues in the live music capital
Music Story  January 19, 2017, by Libby Webster
"...During an overcast morning over coffee last summer, Miranda Fisher sat at a picnic table, visibly working out the best way to articulate her experiences as an Austin musician...."

Words and Music
This year's Austin Chamber Music Festival and Austin Classical Guitar summer series really get lit
Arts Story  July 7, 2016, by Robert Faires
"..."Any time you combine words or literature or plays and music, they enhance each other in such a special way. The words can be really touching and special and amazing on their own, and then when they're colored with the sound of music, it opens up a whole different avenue for listening and feeling emotions for that."..."

Playback: Austin's Music Tech Movement
Can techies solve the problems facing Austin music?
Music Column  June 9, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...The future is now, and yet I'm driving vans from the Eighties, playing tube amps from the Seventies, listening to music on vinyl, recording to analog tape, and getting paid in cash. I'm no Luddite – I'm a musician..."

SXSW Music: 2015/16 Austin Music Awards
Robert Plant crowns magnum opus roots pull
DAILY SXSW  March 17, 2016, by Doug Freeman
"...Thematically, the 34th Austin Music Awards boasted “Deep Roots, Living Legends,” but the deaths of two of the city’s greatest musical stewards shaded Wednesday night’s sold-out gala. Immaculate tribute to Twine Time deejay and veteran AMA emcee Paul Ray, led by Zeppelin icon Robert Plant, built anticipation throughout the epic, four-hour show...."

Playback: The Austin Music Poll's 11th Hour
A final push to get out the vote in the Austin Music Poll
Music Column  January 28, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...No, this isn't about "making America great again" by voting for some corporate clown in the Texas primaries. I'm advocating for a real popular vote: 59 categories determining the top bands, musicians, recordings, and businesses in our community..."

Playback: The FAQs of Austin Music 2015
Q: Is Austin still the "live music capital of the world"?
Music Column  December 23, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...This tradition-steeped stretch of December, when we munch tamales and exchange gifts (then make impossible resolutions and wait for our balls to drop), historically calls for a year-in-review Music news column. You know the drill: condense the highlights, controversies, trends, and deaths of Austin's musical landscape into a summary of significance that inspires hope and reflection...."

Herb Alpert’s School of Music
Trumpeter’s alums include Waylon, Satchmo, and Karen Carpenter
DAILY Music  September 24, 2015, by Greg Beets
"...Describing Herb Alpert as a trumpeter feels inadequate. His albums with the Tijuana Brass sold millions, but he also became a major force in the music industry itself..."

Texas Early Music Project's Convivencia Re-Envisioned
Spanish Christian music, Sephardic Jewish song, and al-Andalus melodies meld in this special concert
Arts Story  September 3, 2015, by Natalie Zeldin
"...That's the essence of the convivencia, the eight centuries of Spanish history when Christians, Jews, and Muslims are said to have lived together on the Iberian Peninsula in relative peace and harmony. This weekend, the Texas Early Music Project revisits that time for the opening concert of its 2015-16 season, and given the success with which TEMP has mined the era's music before – as in the concerts and recordings Convivencia: Love and War in Renaissance Spain and Night and Day: Sephardic Songs of Love and Exile – Convivencia Re-Envisioned: The Three Worlds of Renaissance Spain promises a rich sampling of Spanish Christian music, Sephardic Jewish song, and al-Andalus melodies...."

Playback: Austin Music's Cooperative Future
Could music collectives make Austin the next Music Row?
Music Column  August 20, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...There's no quick fix for the arduous grind of Austin's music industry, where the pay's low, the rent's high, and only the most faithful believe their hard work will one day amount to anything more than eking out a living. And yet, there are big ideas and people behind them willing to invest millions into our ragtag scene in hopes that it'll grow into something sustainable, whether it's a new Music Row (Nashville) or simply a viable DIY culture...."

Playback: Austin Music Census
The Austin Music Census hits the fan. As does Tyler, the Creator!
Music Column  June 4, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Grim assessments of the Austin music industry aren't hard to come by. Ask any grunt holding a guitar case and they'll tell you how the money's shit, fans are fleeting, and the city's growth is choking out the club scene...."

Austin Music Industry Awards Winners
KUTX named Best Radio Station, Strange Brew Best Venue
DAILY Music  March 9, 2015, by The Music Staff
"...The Austin Chronicle hosted the Austin Music Industry Awards this evening at the Palm Door on Sixth. We’ll have photos tomorrow and a recap in Thursday’s issue, but in the meantime, here’s the list of winners and finalists...."

Austin Music Poll Launches Wednesday
Now complete with “Music Industry Awards” section
DAILY Music  December 29, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"...Austin’s voter turnout was atrociously low through this month’s run-off elections for mayor and City Council, but the Wednesday (yes, one day earlier than usual) arrival of this week’s paper affords Austinites an opportunity to vote on something much more interesting: the best bands, musicians, clubs, and music related services in the city...."

2014 Austin City Limits Music Festival Line-up
Hip-hop tops the two weekends with ladies close behind
DAILY Music  April 22, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Tickets hit the streets at 10am, and the curtain’s now up. Festival czars C3 Presents revealed the line-up for the 2014 Austin City Limits Music Festival this morning, Oct..."

Lady Gaga: SXSW Music Keynote
Pop queen’s crowning comes after months of speculation
DAILY Music  March 9, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...After weeks and maybe even months of speculation and more than a few mega rumors – Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Pussy Riot – this week’s sponsor, South by Southwest, has finally put forth its Music fest keynote speaker. Prepare thyselves for Lady Gaga...."

SXSW Music Announces Panel Lineup
Forty-four day sessions, March 11-16
DAILY Music  October 31, 2013, by Chase Hoffberger
"...More than five months away, and we’ve already got our talking points. South By Southwest announced its panel lineup for the conference’s Music component this morning..."

Music From the Inside Out
Documentary filmmaker Daniel Anker spent five years with the Philadelphia Orchestra as they toured, rehearsed, and waxed poetic about the purpose of music in their lives.
Film Review  April 14, 2006, by Toddy Burton
"...Directed by: Daniel Anker. Sure, my experience with playing music began and ended with the sixth grade, a French horn, and my heartfelt brutalization of “All You Need Is Love.” But still, it was impossible to watch Music From the Inside Out without thinking that maybe I gave up too quickly..."

A New Era for the Austin Music Awards
Voting process expands as show moves to February and off SXSW
DAILY Music  September 25, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Mark your calendars, because for the first time in decades, the Austin Music Awards no longer falls during South by Southwest. Instead, the 36th annual AMAs takes place Wed., Feb..."

Live Music to See This Weekend
Your cheat sheet for three days of fun
DAILY Music  July 28, 2017, by The Music Staff
"...Hitting the summer slumps? Try a sonic solution. Pack your Friday through Sunday with the music team's cherry-picked recommendations...."

Live Music to See This Weekend
Breaking down the next three days
DAILY Music  July 21, 2017, by The Music Staff
"...Interested in a concert escape? Let the music team hand hold you through the city’s standout moments Friday through Sunday...."

New City Music Manager: Erica Shamaly
Marketing veteran takes over top municipal music post
DAILY Music  July 10, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Erica Shamaly, who for the last three years worked as director of marketing for ACL Live at the Moody Theater, has been made the new manager of Austin’s Music & Entertainment Division...."

Playback: Austin Music Awards (On Everything)
Austin Music Industry Awards down, here come the 2016/17 AMAs and a slew of SXSW buzz acts
Music Column  March 9, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Blaze Foley's been added to the 2016/17 Austin Music Awards lineup!..."

The Austin Music Atlas
A primer for the musically inclined
DAILY AAN  June 14, 2016, by Emily Gibson
"...Living in Austin, it isn’t shocking for a waitress, professor, car repairperson, accountant, or barista to casually mention their band’s “sick show this weekend.” Everyone – and we mean everyone – plays music...."

SXSW Music News: Tuesday/Wednesday
First night climaxes and 5 Next Big Things
DAILY Music  March 16, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Last night, as ballots were counted in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, and Missouri, the presidential primaries refined and advanced with Trump knocking out Rubio and Clinton widening her lead. Here in Texas, South by Southwest Music played out like the Iowa Caucus: The first major event of the year and one with outsize significance...."

New Music Commission Convenes
“Data is everything right now,” says newly elected chair Nakia
DAILY Music  August 4, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...The new members of Austin’s Music Commission convened for the first time Monday evening. The inaugural meeting was akin to a band’s first rehearsal..."

Youngbloods Fest: Music for San Perlita ISD
Benefit show to stack south Texas school district with new instruments
DAILY Music  June 19, 2013, by William Harries Graham
"...The Youngbloods Music Festival pops off next Saturday, June 29. Grace London, the youngest act booked for this year's Austin City Limits Music Festival, and I have been planning the event since last winter...."

Music Supervisor Thomas Vale
Next Big Things on the silver screen
DAILY Music  April 2, 2013, by William Harries Graham
"...I’ve discovered incredible music while watching TV and films...."

The Music Never Stopped
After 20 years and a loss of memory, a father and son learn to reconnect over the music of the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan.
Film Review  April 1, 2011, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Based on the essay “The Last Hippie” by Dr. Oliver Sacks (whose case studies also provided the source material for Awakenings), The Music Never Stopped offers up a fairly predictable medical melodrama..."

Playback – Now Hiring: Austin Music Office
Austin’s top governmental job in music is up for grabs
Music Column  April 27, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...The City's Economic Development Department (EDD) this week posted an online application for manager of their Music Division, a top governmental position held by Don Pitts since the office's inception in 2010. Pitts resigned in February, citing excessive bureaucracy, then returned as a consultant to assist through the busy spring festival season..."

SXSW Music News: Thursday/Friday
Ready for the weekend? Tonight’s top picks
DAILY SXSW  March 18, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Music festivals typically last three days. That must be the human body’s threshold for a constant barrage of bands, beer, and buffoonery before we require a day of rest: asses planted firmly on couch, eyes glued to Netflix, hands stuffing face...."

Austin Music Legends Honored at AMAs
Susan Antone will receive the first-ever Margaret Moser Award
DAILY Music  March 1, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Last year, despite the all-star house band and one-of-a-kind tribute performances to Ian McLagan and Austin High School, the 33rd Austin Music Awards felt like they were missing something special. Margaret Moser, celebrated Chronicle writer who produced and directed more than 30 AMAs, was no longer at the helm...."

SXSW Music Keynote 1: Tony Visconti
Bowie producer leads multiple speakers as yet-to-be announced
DAILY Music  January 26, 2016, by Raoul Hernandez
"...David Bowie as a South by Southwest Music keynote? Tony Visconti, who produced The Man Who Sold the World and Young Americans, co-produced the Berlin trilogy with Brian Eno, and piloted new Bowie swan song Blackstar into the abyss, could be the next best thing. Plus, since the festival super nova announced plans to have multiple keynotes, maybe Eno’s next...."

SXSW Music: First Band List of 2016
Initial names for (154) and days remaining until (146) March madness
DAILY Music  October 20, 2015, by Kevin Curtin, Raoul Hernandez and Chase Hoffberger
"...As October readies its exit alongside ghouls and goblins, that means it’s time to start thinking about South by Southwest. The music arm of the local mega-conference, scheduled for March 15-20, revealed 154 official showcasing acts this morning...."

SXSW Music Keynote: Snoop Dogg
Doggfather becomes first rapper to address conference
DAILY Music  March 10, 2015, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Stakes are now higher and the wait’s longer, but we finally have a keynote. Addressing the 2015 South by Southwest Music Conference & Festival from the marque spot: Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., the Doggfather, Snoop Dogg – the one and only D-O-double-G...."

SXSW Music List No. 9
Spoon, Atmosphere, Charles Bradley, and 243 more added
DAILY Music  February 27, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...With their music conference drawing near, now only 19 days away, South By Southwest’s weekly lineup announcements begin to read with some real name recognition...."

Letters At 3AM: Karen Holden's This Music
This Music, Karen Holden's new poetry collection, expresses the connection between the self and the world
Columns  September 4, 2014, by Michael Ventura
"...But we've drifted from Karen Holden. What Holden expresses in This Music, her new poetry collection, is precisely the connection between the self and the world – the world as immediacy, the world as ancestry, the world as music..."

Mo' Music Interview: Jace Clayton
An interview with the creator of the Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner
DAILY The Gay Place  March 7, 2014, by Rob Cohen
"...Jace Clayon, also known as DJ/rupture, had never heard of Julius Eastman, but quickly fell in love with his experimental, minimal music and confrontational, fiercely queer personality. Admiration turned into inspiration and now here we are at the first Southern performance of his tribute show...."

SXSW Music Sponsors Apple’s iTunes Festival
Mega acts (Coldplay) slated for five nights at the Moody
DAILY Music  February 19, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...South by Southwest has grown so big it’s now hosting music festivals within its own Music festival. This morning – 7:30am – the conference announced that ACL Live at the Moody Theater will host the five-night iTunes Festival, starring Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Pitbull, Keith Urban, and Zedd...."

Annotating the Austin City Limits Music Festival Schedule
What’s where and who’s when this year in Zilker Park
DAILY Music  July 24, 2013, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Festival goers, get your itineraries ready. C3 Presents announced the schedule for October’s Austin City Limits Music Festival this morning, and for the first time in the party’s 13-year history, we’re tasked with sorting through two schedules...."

Austin City Limits Music Festival Lineup Unveiled
Fall free-for-all bags 134 acts minus black metal
DAILY Music  May 7, 2013, by Chase Hoffberger
"...C3 Presents dropped its annual bomb on our fair city minutes ago, revealing the full artist lineup for the 13th running of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. It’s raw..."

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