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Don't Trust Mike Krusee
Postmarks  April 12, 2004

Why Rail?
The city is pushing for a 2012 vote to build urban rail. The critics are asking, 'Who needs it?'
News Story  April 8, 2011, by Lee Nichols
"...But aren't Skaggs and Daugherty really making the argument for rail? If people really do prefer rail to buses, would they try the buses as a trial or stay away and wait for what they really want? Former city Urban Transportation Commis­sion member Mike Dahmus expresses an opinion that sounds similar to Daugherty's – but in defense of rail. "You will never get there with buses," says Dahmus, author of a transportation blog called (in testimony to its owner's acerbic opinions) M1EK's Bake-Sale of Bile..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  January 21, 2005
"...More importantly, both Michael Bluejay ( ways/shoalcreek.html) and I ( have long had summaries of the issue with diagrams. I highly encourage people to look at the picture of Charles Gandys original proposal at (showing a cyclist narrowly avoiding getting disemboweled as he attempts to travel between an SUV and a parked truck) before coming to conclusions that Jackie Goodmans give the neighborhood whatever they want no matter what position was the right one...."

Here Comes MetroRapid
Cap Metro rolls out its big bendy buses, the next mode in multimodal
News Story  January 24, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...But Mike Dahmus, a former member of the city's Urban Transportation Commis­sion, is concerned that the agency is cannibalizing those existing routes. Dahmus is a persistent thorn in Cap Metro's side (his Twitter feed and blog – "M1EK's Bake-Sale of Bile" – are filled regularly with anti-agency postings)..."

Urban Rail: Which Way to Connect?
Project Connect recommends a rail corridor – and transit advocates board opposing trains
News Story  December 13, 2013, by Mac McCann and Michael King
"...Dan Keshet, also on AURA's executive committee, calls the Highland recommendation at best a "head-scratcher." He says the Highland corridor simply doesn't have significant demand at this time – especially compared to the high-density Lamar corridor. Former Urban Trans­port­a­tion Com­missioner Mike Dahmus – an AURA member and one of the most obstreperous advocates of local mass transit – has essentially said that anyone with any common sense knows the Highland route is a mistake..."

City Hall's Bumpy Road
Can Austin planners and the City Council ever bring an end to the local transportation wars?
News Story  May 23, 2003, by Lauri Apple
"...Prominent members of the well-organized cycling community generally don't resort to Levy-esque name-calling, but they're vocal about how specific projects and plans went bad -- or went nowhere at all. "What's lacking is follow-through and focus," says cyclist Mike Dahmus, a member of the council-appointed Urban Transportation Commission..."

Project Connect: Phases and Stages
Advisory group gets closer to official Council recommendation
News Story  April 4, 2014, by Mac McCann
"...Not every transit advocate is happy about the choices. Mike Dahmus of AURA commented, "We've gotten to the point now where it's arguing about three equally ridiculous options, none of which are feasible or efficient or reasonable." Dahmus believes a better choice would be to retrofit either the Congress Avenue bridge or the South First Street bridge..."

No Peace on Shoal Creek Bike Lanes Plan
Postmarks  January 14, 2005
"...For one thing, the city staff proposal originally presented by a long-serving and dedicated employee of the bike/ped program had bike lanes on both sides of the street, with on-street parking allowed only on one side. No proposal with a bike lane on one side of the street only was ever proposed. More importantly, both Michael Bluejay ( and I ( have long had summaries of the issue with diagrams..."

We Think It Can, We Think It Can ...
Capital Metro may have finally found a rail plan everybody can … tolerate
News Story  October 15, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...On the other side, we find Mike Dahmus of the city Urban Transportation Commission, who is "spending all the 48 cents of political capital I have" (to quote from his blog) to become the most audible voice of the pro-transit, anti-ASG constituency – people who supported light rail in 2000, support it now, and think Cap Metro is selling out under pressure from people like Skaggs and Dahmus' bête noire, state Rep. Mike Krusee..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  December 26, 2003
"...Mike Dahmus..."

Villas Are Not 'Bad' Infill
Postmarks  December 19, 2003

City Hall Hustle: If You Don't Build It, They Will Still Come
The welcome mat can only hold so many people
News Column  January 21, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...A reliably contrarian take came from local blogger Mike "M1EK" Dahmus, in the comments of the Chronicle website: "McMansion and fighting [vertical mixed-use] and other infill are 'wins' Leffingwell was happy to give these neighborhoods. What do you think happens when housing stock stays tiny and in short supply and gets more and more expensive?"..."

Cap Metro: Riding the Shuffle Bus
Downtown bus routes shift
News Story  June 19, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Former Urban Transportation Commis­sion­er, AURA founding member, and constant Cap Metro critic Mike Dahmus is less convinced of the merits of the change. "In an ideal world, it would be a good thing," he said..."

Cap Metro to Suburbanites: Get Off the Bus
Transit agency could pull the plug on northwest express routes
News Story  August 27, 2010, by Lee Nichols
"...Eliminating lines and putting the riders on a less convenient bus – or trying to move them to the train – fits the longtime narrative of former Urban Transportation Commission member Mike Dahmus, a persistent critic of the Red Line on his blog. "Some of those people currently riding those far superior express buses will switch; some will go back to driving," Dahmus wrote on Tuesday..."

Election 2004 Updates
The latest electoral happenings in Central Texas, updated daily
News Story  October 29, 2004
"...Opponents like Mike Dahmus, a member of the city Urban Transportation Commission, say the current commuter rail plan does not go far enough. Walker, who told the assembled group that polling showed a tight race, said Capital Metro did its best to meet a compromise among the widely divergent points of view on the rail subject..."

A Great Big Bundle of Rail and Roads
Council moves transportation bonds toward a November vote
News Story  August 7, 2014, by Mac McCann
"...These critics fear that the plan's "high cost will hinder and constrain future rail development," such as potential investments in Guadalupe/Lamar. As vehement opponent Mike Dahmus argued to the Chronicle in April, "If that's the next line that we'll build, we will not get a chance to build Guadalupe/Lamar ever, and we will not get a chance to build another rail line somewhere else for 20, 30, or even 40 years." Denton called the proposal "worse than doing nothing."..."

Shall We Bike?
Local bike advocates pedal optimistically uphill
News Story  May 26, 2006, by Daniel Mottola
"...Some self-identified "transportation cyclists," those who bicycle primarily as a mode of transportation as opposed to biking for recreation only, say the ACA doesn't speak for them. "The ACA is almost exclusively comprised of recreational cyclists, heavily skewed towards folks who throw their expensive bikes in the back of their SUV and drive 20 miles to go ride out in the country for a few hours," utilitarian bicycling advocate Mike Dahmus said..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  May 30, 2003
"...It's great that Katie Larsen can use public transit to travel from her home to work in 50 minutes and have time to drop off her kids. I admire Mike Dahmus and Patrick Goetz for having the energy, time, and courage to choose bikes as their mode of transportation..."

Building a Transit System That Is Doomed to Failure
Postmarks  July 19, 2007

Capital Metro Stays Its Course
All Systems Go!, but no extensions added, to a November commuter-rail vote
News Story  September 3, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Much the same message came from the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, the Real Estate Council of Austin (which had held out the most strongly for requiring future referenda for any extensions), Liveable City, environmental leaders, bicycle advocates, city officials from Leander, Austin Mayor Will Wynn, and the city Urban Transportation Commission's Patrick Goetz, who noted he "somewhat reluctantly" supported what he calls a "very modest, very conservative proposal." (Goetz had authored a UTC resolution calling for a nonbinding referendum on other more "visionary" options, including streetcars and monorail, but was informed from the dais that such was not possible in Texas. His UTC colleague Mike Dahmus, by contrast, has remained staunch in his opposition to a rail plan he feels doesn't go nearly far enough.)..."

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