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Capital T Theatre's The Hunchback Variations and ...Faustus
The company's pairing of two Mickle Maher one-acts gets lit about art in a sublime way
Arts Review  November 15, 2018, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...Capital T Theatre brings yet another Mickle Maher play (two short plays, actually, their full titles redacted here to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel) to the stage of Hyde Park Theatre, and it is brilliant. Presented first is The Hunchback Variations, in which the playwright of Song About Himself, The Strangerer, and There Is a Happiness That Morning Is once again calls upon his knack for manipulating the presentational nature of stagework to present what are, on the surface, a series of attempts at a panel discussion on artistic collaboration...."

Song About Himself
Walt Whitman's spirit logs on to social media with imagination in this Mickle Maher drama
Arts Review  November 10, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...But salted throughout Song About Himself are shards of poetry by Walt Whitman – the title itself an allusion to his verse – which reminds us of his eloquence in celebrating the self, his brilliance in considering every aspect of his own mind and body and using that self-understanding to expand his appreciation of others, of society, of the cosmos. Playwright Mickle Maher, who's been known to mash up unlikely elements to great effect (superheroes and Shakespeare's The Tempest in Spirits to Enforce, the Bush-Kerry debates and Albert Camus in The Strangerer, both produced by Capital T), mashes up Whitman and social media to show us how the words of the poet – words words words in musical, explosive, thrilling combinations – may unlock the mystery of identity..."

There Is a Happiness That Morning Is
Mickle Maher's play is fiercely literary yet wholly accessible, and Capital T Theatre's staging is a joy
Arts Review  November 8, 2013, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...This is your chance, right now, to stop reading. Then you can experience the pleasure of knowing very little about Mickle Maher's play There Is a Happiness That Morning Is and instead discover for yourself a bizarre, brilliant play that is capable of reordering your brain a bit...."

He Happy Is
For Mark Pickell, Capital T Theatre is a source of joy
Arts Story  November 1, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...Pickell's equanimity is something that Jason Phelps, who hadn't worked with the director before signing on with Catmull for the Mickle Maher two-hander, soon noted. "He's very calm about everything and creates a stress-free working space..."

Wayne Alan Brenner's Top 10 Arts-Related Program Activities of 2016
Uncommon combinations – dance with horses, music with robots, drama with a Tesla coil – made the year unforgettable
Arts Story  December 29, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...9) SONG ABOUT HIMSELF (Capital T Theatre) Cap T's Mark Pickell had such a sockdolager of a hit offering Mickle Maher's There Is a Happiness That Morning Is – a sort of modern rom-com celebration of William Blake's writings – with Katherine Catmull, Ken Webster, and Jason Phelps, that he decided to stage Maher's Song About Himself – a sort of Black Mirror celebration of Walt Whitman's writings – with those same actors. Holy shit: We'd be happy to see variations of this combination again and again and again...."

Robert Faires' Top 10 (+1) Theatre Riches of 2016
Works that struck a nerve with the political state of our city and our nation stood out in this year's outstanding theatre productions
Arts Story  December 29, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...10) SONG ABOUT HIMSELF (Capital T Theatre) The reunion of writer Mickle Maher with Katherine Catmull, Jason Phelps, and Ken Webster made this Twilight Zone-like tale of a search for connection and identity in the wastes of the Web sing like a Whitman ode...."

Katherine Catmull at the Texas Teen Book Festival
Like a fairy in her YA novel The Radiant Road, Katherine Catmull keeps transforming the mundane into lovely art
Arts Story  September 29, 2016, by Rosalind Faires
"...You fall into someone else's world and identify with it, laugh with it, cry with it, etc. I mean, it's harder than reading, of course – says the woman who is currently learning a massive line-load for a gorgeous, extraordinary play, Mickle Maher's Song About Himself, but that's the core of it..."

The Q&A Hole: Why Isn't LSD Legal?
Trip on this with Lana Lesley, Denise Prince, Mickle Maher, and more.
DAILY Chronolog  September 13, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Mickle Maher, playwright: Of course the war on drugs is a failure, as impossible wars on near-abstractions will always be, and of course all drugs should be legal – including LSD. But thirty years ago you ask me this, I say "Never mind legal, why not required?" I had read my Aldous Huxley and listened to my Jim Morrison and was a passionate advocate for everyone getting their heads fed. Then I took an abnormally potent purple microdot and, frozen alone on an absent friend's absent friend's dirty apartment carpet, listened to “Tied to the Whipping Post” on repeat for three centuries, taking a stroll after, through four lanes of traffic in my socks, spiraling down finally in the field behind a Wendy's convinced I'd shot through a dimensional portal. It was scary..."

The Q&A Hole Returns!
Because everyone’s got one, right? An opinion, we mean.
DAILY Chronolog  September 6, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Mickle Maher, playwright: The Moderation. Largely self-imposed, largely necessarily so..."

Top 10 (+1) Theatre Riches of 2015
Wild theatrical energy and masterful performances were the hallmarks of outstanding theatre in 2015
Arts Story  December 31, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...For whatever bizarre impulse led playwright Mickle Maher to mash up Albert Camus and the 2004 presidential race, we're grateful. It served up a feast of provocative political satire and, in this staging, the perverse glee of watching Robert Pierson's spot-on W implode. 10) Mr..."

The Strangerer
Bush 43 ponders murder and existentialism while debating Kerry in this ambitious comedy from Capital T
Arts Review  June 11, 2015, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...Enter Mickle Maher, the fiercely intellectual Chicago playwright, and his play The Strangerer, in which he places Bush's apparent bafflement within the context of the challenging work of French existential writer Albert Camus, and creates a play that takes place during a 90-minute debate between Kerry (Ken Webster) and Bush (Robert Pierson), moderated by Jim Lehrer (Jason Phelps)...."

Top 10 Creative Things I Lucked Into in 2013
Remembering the year thick with superlative works of art onstage and in galleries
Arts Story  January 3, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...1) Joked with my editor that the first nine slots of this list would repeat 'THERE IS A HAPPINESS THAT MORNING IS' (Capital T Theatre). That brilliant Mickle Maher comedy, about the consequences of two William Blake-enamored professors engaging in glorious copulation on the campus lawn in view of their students, was by far the best thing I experienced in a year thick with superlative works of art..."

Spirits to Enforce
Twelve superheroes plus The Tempest equals FronteraFest at its finest
Arts Review  January 28, 2011, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...For a reviewer, superlatives are like fine spices: One can only afford to use so many. In this case, however, I must: Capital T Theatre's Spirits To Enforce by Mickle Maher is the best play I've seen at FronteraFest in the five years I've attended..."

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