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Mayoral Dance Card Suddenly Shrinks
Patsy Woods Martin and Bill McLellan end fledgling campaigns
DAILY News  January 28, 2014, by Michael King
"...The very tentative field of Austin mayoral candidates shrunk abruptly this week, as two prominent candidates who had declared themselves with some fanfare abruptly announced they would not be running. Philanthropist Patsy Woods Martin and Family Eldercare official Bill McLellan both announced they were ending their brief campaigns...."

Mayoral Dance Card Suddenly Shrinks
Martin and McLellan bow out of race
News Story  January 31, 2014, by Michael King
"...The very tentative field of Austin mayoral candidates shrunk abruptly this week, as two prominent candidates who had recently declared themselves with some fanfare abruptly announced they would not be running. Philanthropist Patsy Woods Martin and Family Eldercare official Bill McLellan both announced they were ending their brief campaigns...."

Mayoral Candidate Forum Now Online
Mayoral candidates Leffingwell and McCracken field citizen's questions on cable access program.
DAILY Screens  March 3, 2009, by Belinda Acosta
"...The mayoral candidate forum carried live on ChannelAustin last week (cable public access channel 10) is now available to view online...."

The Strayhorn Mayoral Declaration Alert System
Will the former Austin mayor and serial surname collector declare for Mayor? Prepare yourself with our system.
DAILY News  November 11, 2008, by Wells Dunbar
"...As of this week, Austin's entered a period of heightened alert: beginning November 10, Austin's candidates are allowed to declare their run for mayor, and may begin raising and spending money. To assist frazzled nerves, Newsdesk is proud to debut our Carole Keeton Strayhorn Mayoral Declaration Alert System..."

Laura Morrison Kicks Off Mayoral Campaign
Former council member begins her bid
News Story  March 29, 2018, by Michael King
"...In addition to the speakers, familiar names among the crowd included: attorney Brian McGiverin, Gary Hyatt, Bill Oakey, D8 Coun­cil candidate Bobby Levinski, mayoral candidate Travis Duncan, Mary Ingle, AISD board member Ann Teich, Bill Bunch, Dyana Limon-Mercado, Council aides Barbara Rush and Amy Smith, Fred McGhee, and Jim Duncan. Former Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez also attended, "out of respect and friendship" for Morrison – he has taken no position on the race – and because he "knows what it's like to put your name out there" for a seat as important as mayor..."

Mayoral Cabinetry
Who needs taxes?
News Story  February 12, 2015, by Nick Barbaro
"...On Tuesday, Mayor Steve Adler created some shock waves when he unveiled his plans for a "Community Cabinet" of mayoral policy advisors – half paid and half unpaid – who would be funded by money raised by a reinvigorated Mayor's Better Austin Foundation. The plan is that the Foundation would employ the advisors, who would donate their services to the city..."

Third Mayoral Candidate – and Jackie Goodman
Former City Council member files in District 2
DAILY News  April 2, 2014, by Michael King
"...The campaign treasurer filings – the first official indication of an intention to run for City Council – have begun to accumulate, and this week former CM Jackie Goodman filed her papers, as did a newcomer mayoral candidate, web designer and AdBirds CEO Randall Stephens...."

Mayoral Maneuvers: Shea Names Campaign Treasurer
Challenge looks likely; Phone polls start; and a fluoride candidate
DAILY News  December 6, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...As we reported last week, Shea, who road the environmental zeitgeist onto the "green council" of the 1990s says she’s mulling a mayoral run, saying “A number of people have urged me to think about it, and what I've said is I'm willing to think about it. I'm definitely at the inquiry stage."..."

Mayoral Task Force on Energy Is Off Base
Postmarks  May 1, 2008
"...Dear Editor, A mayoral task force is studying how the private and public sector can use less energy partly through mandating (stick approach) existing structures conform to a standard of acceptability at the point of sale. It is circulated that this kind of requirement may cost from $1,500 to $15,000..."

Laura Morrison Announces Mayoral Campaign
Council vet to campaign on "transparency, inclusiveness, collaboration"
News Story  January 11, 2018, by Michael King

SMTX Pride Gets Mayoral Nod
The inaugural 2014 San Marcos Pride event is now officially official
DAILY Qmmunity  July 25, 2014, by Kali Daryl Robinson

Mayoral Candidates
News Story  May 2, 2014

Beer, BBQ, Movies – and Mayoral Politics
Leffingwell opens headquarters with "Danke Schoen"
DAILY News  February 27, 2012, by Michael King

Mayoral Candidates Scorecard
The mayoral candidates, at a glance
News Story  May 1, 2009

Mayoral Candidates
Brief profiles of the 2003 mayoral candidates
News Story  April 25, 2003

The Fight of His Life
Are Ronney Reynolds' Mayoral Hopes on the Ropes?
News Story  December 6, 1996, by Alex de Marban
"...Mayoral Candidate Kirk Watsonphotograph by John Anderson It was a blustery October afternoon when Kirk Watson announced his mayoral candidacy on the bandstand at Wooldridge Park in downtown Austin. Some blamed the wind on the autumnal weather..."

City Hall
Hardly the nail-biting suspense thriller the ad campaign has played it up to be, City Hall is instead a thoughtful meditation on the workings of mayoral politics -- and business...
Film Review  February 16, 1996, by Marc Savlov
"...Starring: Al Pacino, John Cusack, Danny Aiello, Bridget Fonda, David Paymer and Martin Landau. Hardly the nail-biting suspense thriller the ad campaign has played it up to be, City Hall is instead a thoughtful meditation on the workings of mayoral politics -- and business as usual -- in the dirty heart of the Big Apple, less of a whodunit than a who knew what, when, and why..."

Council Notes: Incentives, Booze, and More
Not quite as exciting as mayoral race buzz, but today's agenda matters
News Story  January 31, 2014, by Amy Smith
"...That left one of the trio, attorney Steve Adler, emerging as the heir apparent in the eyes of many Austin business leaders and philanthropic movers and shakers. (See "Mayoral Dance Card Suddenly Shrinks.")..."

McCracken Hits the Campaign Circuit
Mayor Pro Tem announces run at solar panel plant, but Leffingwell supporters still wax sunny
DAILY News  December 8, 2008, by Wells Dunbar
"...Brewster McCracken flipped the switch on the 2009 mayoral race with his official election announcement today. Flanked by his wife, campaign emissaries and supporters, McCracken succinctly squeezed his campaign vision into four points: a "21st century" economy of digital and green job growth; clean energy, tied into McCracken's smart grid enterprise, the Pecan Street Project; job training and an "Austin Endowment for Opportunity" tailored for social service investments; and – but what else? – de rigeur emphasis on neighborhood needs..."

An eye-popping, jaw-dropping doc about sext-happy ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner
Film Review  June 3, 2016, by Steve Davis
"...This eye-popping, jaw-dropping documentary about the 2013 New York City mayoral bid of sext-happy ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner may be the most fascinating and yet most frustrating movie you’ll see this year. It begs the question asked whenever a public figure orchestrates his own fall from grace: “What were you thinking?” In the case of this particular political animal, the query is a rhetorical one operating on two levels..."

The Road to 10-1: 52 and Counting
With Monday deadline looming, 80 potential Council candidates
DAILY News  August 16, 2014, by Michael King
"...As of Friday, Aug. 15, there were 52 mayoral and City Council candidates verified by the City Clerk and posted as on the ballot for November 4..."

‘Ain’t Nothing but a House Party’
Cole announces a 10-district ‘listening’ tour
DAILY News  April 22, 2014, by Michael King
"...Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole is not yet a declared mayoral candidate. But she’s beginning to act like one – Tuesday evening, she announced a “10 District Spring House Party Tour Across Austin,” telling Newsdesk she wants to “listen” to Austinites and take a “hard look” at running for mayor..."

Add Another Name … or Three
Potential City Council candidates continue to join the queue
DAILY News  February 3, 2014, by Michael King
"...(Soliciting or spending money can begin May 4.) As of Friday, Jan. 31, three candidates had taken the initial plunge and designated treasurers: mayoral candidate Stephen Adler named Entrepreneur Foundation CEO Eugene Sepulveda; District 10 Council Candidate Marjorie "Margie" Burciaga designated attorney and former assistant District Attorney Mindy Montford; and District 3 candidate Shaun Ireland designated himself as treasurer...."

The Pols Just Keep on Coming
Your Guide to Candidates for the New 10-1 Universe
DAILY News  February 3, 2014, by Michael King
"...Over the last several weeks, we've been compiling a catalog of potential November candidates for Austin Mayor and City Council. Here's our current master list of the entire field: Counting mayoral hopefuls, we’ve just passed 50 total candidates – not all of them rock solid, but most saying they are indeed running – and the rumor mill says more to come...."

Broken City
Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe mix it up in this mystery thriller directed by Allen Hughes.
Film Review  January 18, 2013, by Leah Churner
"...In the first five minutes, we’re treated to pounding gavels, reporters swarming the courthouse steps, and jolly fat cats cavorting with decanters. But all of this cartoony nonsense must be forgiven, because Hughes manages to accomplish a feat I would have never thought cinematically possible: He creates a white-knuckle scene from a mayoral debate about zoning policy..."

City Campaign Season Opens
A dozen Council candidates queue up for questions at the "Power Lunch"
DAILY News  March 27, 2012, by Michael King
"...The table couldn't have been much longer for the City Council candidates – mayoral, Place 2, Place 5, and Place 6 -- at today's forum sponsored by the Real Estate Council of Austin., the Coats, Rose law firm, and others. Luckily, a couple members of the Place 5 posse chasing Bill Spelman didn't show, leaving only four challengers and the incumbent in that slot...."

City Hall Hustle: And They're Off!
Leffingwell announces, and the mayoral sparring begins
News Column  January 23, 2009, by Wells Dunbar
"...Leffingwell, undeclared during the reporting period, had only his prior election funds on hand but, upon formally announcing his intentions, cut himself a check matching Strayhorn's haul. That underscored the possibility – however unlikely – that Strayhorn could be a bigger threat to Leffingwell's mayoral ambitions than his fellow council member...."

Slow Burn
Slow Burn – starring Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, and Mekhi Phifer – becomes one of those movies that’s so bad, it’s almost entertaining. Almost.

Film Review  April 20, 2007, by Toddy Burton
"...Almost. Occurring over a 12-hour period, the film follows Ford (Liotta), the ambitious district attorney of an unnamed metropolis, whose recently launched mayoral bid is threatened by the enigmatic leader of the city’s most powerful gang..."

Adler Pulls Frank Rodriguez Nomination
Aide won't serve on Charter Review Commission
DAILY News  November 1, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...Mayor Steve Adler has withdrawn the nomination of Frank Rodriguez, a mayoral aide and one of Austin’s longest-serving Hispanic community advocates, from consideration to join the city’s new Charter Review Commission...."

The Run-Off: Live Election Coverage
An historic race crosses the finish line
DAILY News  December 16, 2014, by the News Staff
"...A long and contentious election season comes to a close. As run-off results come in for the mayoral and Districts 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 10 races, we’ll update here and @ACNewsdesk..."

The Road to 10-1: Fundraising Highlights
First period $$ deadline brings early numbers
DAILY News  July 16, 2014, by Michael King
"...As widely reported, the Big Kahuna in the initial City Council campaign money race (from campaign treasurer filings as of June 30) is novice mayoral candidate Steve Adler, who garnered $366,192 in contributions and had $289,896 in cash on hand. His major opponents, Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole and Council Member Mike Martinez, were not so flush...."

‘Martinez for Austin’ Kicks Off Campaign
Council member opens all-city tour at Barton Springs
DAILY News  April 5, 2014, by Michael King
"...Arriving by bicycle to join a crowd of supporters on the hillside across from Barton Springs, incumbent City Council Member Mike Martinez formally kicked off his “Mike Martinez for Austin” mayoral campaign this morning by emphasizing his working-class roots and his family inspiration, saying he would “fight for every single person in Austin.”..."

I'm Creative, and I Vote!
Find out what council candidates think about the arts
DAILY Arts  April 25, 2012, by Robert Faires
"...Do you know which current and aspiring city officials truly get what creativity means to Austin's future and which ones just pay it lip service with a few tossed-off references to Willie, Stevie Ray, and how they want to keep Austin weird, too? You can find out Monday, April 30, at a Mayoral and Council Candidate Forum for the Creative Sector...."

Buttross Delivers
Mayoral also-ran's wife bears child day after election
DAILY News  May 11, 2009, by Wells Dunbar
"...For mayoral contender David Buttross, there's still solace to be found in his election loss Saturday where he garnered 3.84% of the vote: the next day, his wife Betsy gave birth to a one Joseph Tyre Buttross, clocking in at 7 pounds, 21 inches...."

City Hall Hustle: The Hustle Gets Mohawked
Chronicle mayoral forum draws beers, voters, and rhymes
News Column  April 24, 2009, by Wells Dunbar
"...The rhymes are still rattling down Red River. On Tuesday, April 21, the Chronicle hosted its inaugural mayoral forum, the Hustle for Mayor, at Mohawk..."

How Can Wynn Lose?
The mayoral odds are with Wynn, but could a run-off be a race?
News Story  April 25, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...In an irony many campaign-watchers have noticed, Katz (like Nofziger) has spent a lot of time complaining about City Hall "wasting our money on outside consultants" yet (unlike Nofziger) has rounded up expensive consulting talent for his mayoral bid -- payments to Emory Young and Associates account for more than half of his last reported campaign spending. And one can imagine Peck Young is asking the above questions, because reaching out to and then building on a base of likely supporters is how any candidate wins, in any race, in any locale...."

Live Election Night Results & Updates
The latest from the polls and candidate watch parties
DAILY News  November 6, 2018, by News Staff
"...Michael King has the story on the mayoral race tonight...."

Funding Balance
Some Austin politicos think qualified candidates of average means are deterred from running due to low contribution limits
News Story  December 10, 2015, by Jack Craver
"...It was significant last year when Mayor Steve Adler became the first mayoral candidate to raise more than a million dollars, a feat he accomplished entirely by soliciting contributions of $350 or less, a limit some say is too low. Not bound by stringent self-loan regulations, he also broke campaign records by loaning his campaign nearly $400,000 – a figure the average worker couldn't easily shell out..."

Eternal Vigilance: Today's Strayhorn Alert
Learn the alert system, keep you and your family safe in case of a Strayhorn run
DAILY News  November 12, 2008, by Wells Dunbar
"...According to the intel we first reported yesterday, there is increased chatter that former Austin mayor, independent gubernatorial candidate and self-styled "tough grandma" Carole Keeton Strayhorn is determined to strike in the Mayoral race this spring. As a public service, Newsdesk has created the Strayhorn Mayoral Declaration Alert System to keep readers appraised of this very real possibility, powered by the GRANDMA (Graded Ranking and Assessment of Narcissistic, Doomed Mayoral Announcements) operating system...."

Jackie Goodman Not Running For Mayor
Former City Council member not making a May run
DAILY News  November 10, 2008, by Wells Dunbar
"...And the field of unofficial mayoral candidates narrows yet again – first it was former council member Bill Spelman, now its fellow ex-CM Jackie Goodman. She writes Newsdesk thusly:I will not be announcing a run for Mayor...."

A Two-Horse Race for Mayor
Can Laura Morrison hope to edge out Steve Adler?
News Story  July 5, 2018, by Michael King
"...That's one way to think about the upcoming mayoral campaign between incumbent Steve Adler and former Council Member Laura Morrison, as reflected in their own current thoughts about the race...."

Point Austin: Learning From the Election
Elections can be educational ... or not
News Column  December 18, 2014, by Michael King
"...It seems likely, also, that Adler has set a new bar for spending on citywide (mayoral) elections. Under that new standard, it will be increasingly difficult for candidates who are not personally wealthy to establish a reasonably level playing field..."

10-1 Ticker... Run-Off Election Updates!
The end is near
News Story  December 11, 2014, by the News Staff
"...Let's Talk About It: The two mayoral candidates continued to lob charges against each other in the final days of campaigning. Mike Martinez said Steve Adler has made financial promises he can't keep, and that his proposed 20% property tax homestead exemption would cost $36 million the city can't afford..."

Election Night Live
Up-to-the-minute midterm coverage
DAILY News  November 5, 2014, by the News Staff
"...Mayoral candidate Mike Martinez addresses supporters. The latest numbers confirm Martinez, netting 29.52% of the vote, will face Steve Adler, at 38.06%, in a December runoff...."

Point Austin: Campaign Summer Fun
On the road to 10-1, race begins to take shape
News Column  May 15, 2014, by Michael King
"...That's true in politics as in romance, as I learned again Tuesday afternoon. No sooner had I updated the Chronicle's master list of mayoral and City Council candidates, current as of that morning – when three more candidates filed campaign treasurer designations..."

Very Early Returns: Calling All Council Candidates!
The mayoral and council election season has already started
News Story  December 27, 2013, by Michael King
"...Although the filing (starting July 19) and official campaign periods (opening early May) are several months away, a number of folks have already declared their candidacies, and many more say they're in the "exploratory" or "seriously considering" stage. The mayoral dance card is already burgeoning, as are a few of the district races – others remain wide open at this early stage...."

City Hall Hustle: First One In
McCracken cracks open his war chest in officially declaring his candidacy for mayor
News Column  December 12, 2008, by Wells Dunbar
"...But as a whole, the announcement was classic McCracken: heady and ambitious, an inspirational clarion call to supporters, and a load of hot air to nonbelievers. But even if McCracken earned no converts, the 100-person-plus crowd testified to the backing McCracken already has, if not the excitement and anticipation of Austin's political class for the mayoral and City Council elections in May..."

McCracken Disavows Stanford
Brewster breaks with political consultant
News Story  May 16, 2008, by Wells Dunbar
"...In the City Council election, one persistent piece of inside baseball concerned political consultant and opposition researcher Jason Stanford's involvement with the Jason Meek­er Place 1 campaign – first as Meeker's campaign manager, then for the ostensibly independent ad campaign financed by Discount Electronics CEO Rick Culleton, attacking incumbents Lee Leffingwell and Jennifer Kim. With Leffingwell a potential mayoral candidate in 2009, there has been speculation that Stanford – a friend and associate of Place 5 Council Member Brewster McCrack­en, also mulling a mayoral run – was in the race to bruise Leffingwell and thereby boost McCracken's chances next May..."

Everybody Loves a Wynn-er
Will Wynn is his own flavor of ice cream -- pure vanilla, but mixed with nuts
News Story  February 14, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...After limping back to Austin, the weary traveler, now Faison-Stone's managing director and thus a Downtown real estate player, found his way into the circle from which his mayoral prospects truly spring. "Faison-Stone's headquarters were in Charlotte, which was of a similar scale to Austin but which was a real downtown town..."

Naked City
Amy Smith handicaps the probable upcoming mayoral race.
News Story  January 12, 2001, by Amy Smith
"...That Watson may leave office earlier than anticipated has put mayoral wannabes and political operatives in a bit of a flux. On the council dais alone, there are three obvious mayoral hopefuls -- Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Goodman and Council Members Beverly Griffith and Daryl Slusher -- all with terms ending in 2002..."

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