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Chapter 1: Before the Beginning
The Austin Chronicle is founded and struggles quite a bit.
Features Story  September 7, 2001
"...After a semester he dropped out, thinking college about film was silly, and decided to talk Nick into starting a paper. Joe and Nick did not, in fact, meet in film school (they didn't overlap), but through Ed Lowry, a legendary film personality who was the leader and teacher of a generation of UT film students that included Barbaro, Louis Black, and Marjorie Baumgarten (with a special nod to high-school-on buddy Michael Barker)..."

Page Two
It was 20 years ago today, Ed Lowry taught the gang to play.
Columns  October 14, 2005, by Louis Black
"...Yesterday Marge Baumgarten reminded me that it was 20 years ago this week that Ed Lowry died. Marge had been at Monument Valley for the Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow Tour presentation of Once Upon a Time in the West..."

Chapter 4: The Nineties!
March 1991 -- December 2000
Features Story  September 7, 2001
"...Chronicle Content: The quality level hits a certain consistency; Marjorie Baumgarten, Robert Faires, Margaret Moser, as writers and editors, lead the decade-long charge. The growing influence of the advocacy journalism of Daryl Slusher and Robert Bryce, and then Mike Clark-Madison (who brought a neighborhood-oriented sensibility), finally erase the definition of the Chronicle as simply a music and entertainment publication.Roland Swenson SXSW '91 was the most difficult year yet..."

Page Two
An exhilarating account of how the Zephyr Skating team changed skateboarding forever, Dogtown and Z-Boys finally opens at Dobie on Friday; in a summer of some truly great movies, it's a ripping piece of street storytelling not to be missed, even if you don't care about the sport.
Columns  May 31, 2002, by Louis Black
"...Memorial Day afternoon found me at the Dobie, with much hesitation watching Lagaan, a four-hour Bollywood musical that includes about 75 minutes of cricket, which turned out to be the most delightful, completely unexpected cinematic surprise in a while. I went in reluctantly, there mostly because my wife, having seen the film after being inspired by Marge Baumgarten's review, insisted I would love it..."

Page Two
The agony and the ecstasy of SXSW 2002
Columns  March 22, 2002, by Louis Black
"...Consequently, I'm taking more time with choosing and ordering letters (those we don't print end up online, if you're interested). I go to ask someone a question, and while walking through the office, run into Marge Baumgarten..."

Page Two: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Watching the Tide Roll Away
The Chronicle at 35
Columns  September 1, 2016, by Louis Black
"...CinemaTexas: A graduate student-run film society at UT's RTF department, where Marge Baumgarten, Nick Barbaro, Louis Black, and Ed Lowry met. CinemaTexas showed movies in conjunction with classes in the Radio-Television-Film department (where they were all graduate students) four nights a week..."

Chapter 3: Crazy Weekly
September 1988-August 1991
Features Story  September 7, 2001
"...Ed Ward's witty book and food columns, the latter under the name Petaluma Pete. Marge Baumgarten's smart film reviews..."

The Toronto International Film Festival
A first-timer's diary
Screens Story  December 12, 2003, by Louis Black
"...Thursday, Sept. 4, 2003 Marge Baumgarten and I take a cab in from the airport..."

Page Two: Songs of Ourselves
As friends and legends pass, art and memory burst from the present and warn the future
Columns  August 11, 2006, by Louis Black
"...There is not a week that goes by that I don't miss Ed Lowry (not just think of him, but miss him, because my life is just that much emptier having known him but not knowing him now). Film Editor Marge Baumgarten probably does not spend a day when she doesn't feel the same...."

Page Two
When Gravity Fails: Notes on the influence of Ed Lowry, 'Crazy Mama,' and not sweating the small stuff
Columns  October 21, 2005, by Louis Black
"...October, around the same time: We discover that Ed Lowry – teacher, friend, Chronicle co-founder, and ongoing inspiration – is deathly ill. Marge Baumgarten goes up to Dallas to be by his bedside...."

Page Two
Columns  July 8, 1999, by Louis Black
"...Among the many options, the archive is browseable by Chronicle rating and reviewer name. The opportunity to look up every review by Marge Baumgarten, Marc Savlov, Russell Smith, Hollis Chacona, Steve Davis, and Robert Faires is delightful..."

Preserve Town Lake
Columns  November 22, 1996
"...After talking to your film editor Marge Baumgarten about the movie review The LoveMaster received [Vol. 16, No..."

Sgt. Bilko
Austin Chronicle film editor Marge Baumgarten commented the other day that Phil Silvers' Sgt. Bilko was her first introduction to the fact that not all adults were kind and loving...
Film Review  April 5, 1996, by Marc Savlov
"...Starring: Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Phil Hartman, Glenne Headly, Daryl Mitchell, Austin Pendleton and Chris Rock. Austin Chronicle film editor Marge Baumgarten commented the other day that Phil Silvers' Sgt..."

On Ondine on Film
The pope and the artist, the hotel and the factory
Screens Story  October 17, 2003, by Louis Black
"...Delighted to be with Ondine, Morrison was gregarious. The first day, Marge Baumgarten, Ed Lowry, Ondine, and Morrison went to a basketball game..."

On Ondine on Film: Editor's Cut
This is an extended version of the story that ran in the print edition.
Screens Story  October 17, 2003, by Louis Black
"...Delighted to be with Ondine, Morrison was gregarious. The first day while I was off somewhere, Marge Baumgarten, Ed Lowry, Ondine, and Sterling went to a basketball game..."

Short Cuts
Screens Column  August 19, 1999
" Marjorie Baumgarten..."

Page Two
Around the issue
Columns  August 5, 1999, by Nick Barbaro
"...Over in Screens, this week's feature is about Austin screenwriter phenom Tim McCanlies (The Iron Giant; Dancer, Texas Pop. 81), but editor Marge Baumgarten confides that she's doing all she can to keep up with the "endless amounts of news" being generated by The Blair Witch Project..."

Short Cuts
Screens Column  August 5, 1999, by Marjorie Baumgarten

Short Cuts
Screens Column  June 3, 1999
"...Marjorie Baumgarten..."

1998 Austin Theatrical Movie Openings
Screens Story  January 7, 1999
"...Authors are: Marjorie Baumgarten (M.B.), Hollis Chacona (H.C.), Steve Davis (S.D.), Robert Faires (R.F.), Marc Savlov (M.S.), Russell Smith (R.S.)..."

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