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Games People: Play
Twenty Four Game Poems explores an engaging form of expression
DAILY Books  September 22, 2010, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Like a grown-up version of the old Choose Your Own Adventure series, Marc Majcher's 24 pieces of sharp narrative lead you through role-playing situations that range from the quotidian and contentious - "Three Old Men" - to the goofily fantastic - "The Sign of the Great Old Elder God from Beyond" – to the universally poignant - "The Leaves Will Bury."..."

Improv for Evil
'You're a loose cannon, Cochise!'
Arts Story  November 28, 2008, by Barry Pineo
"...While Austin boasts so many improvisational comedy troupes you probably couldn't count them on 10 hands, it most likely can only boast one that was created because of an improvisation: Improv for Evil. "Most of us went through the Hideout school," says Marc Majcher (pronounced "may-chur"), one of IFE's founding members, "and after our graduation show, we went out to dinner with our instructor, Andy Crouch..."

Can I Get a Suggestion for Something That Goes "Fhtagn"?
The Hideout Theatre exudes a mass of improvised Lovecraft
DAILY Chronolog  October 11, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And we're talking about how local game designer and improv star Marc Majcher's wrangled a group of improvisers to visit the darkly mysterious realms of Lovecraft's imagination each Saturday through the end of October at the Hideout...."

Live! Nude! Improv!
They’re getting naked at the Hideout
DAILY Arts  August 11, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...It’s true: Upstairs, in the theatre run by that venue’s talented cadre of improvisers, some of the performers, male and female, are doffing their duds in the middle of a show. And sometimes? Sometimes the audience – at least some of the audience – is joining them. WTF, indeed. “You can blame Andy Crouch [of the Austin Improv Collective],” says Marc Majcher, who recently directed (and appeared in) one of the Live Nude Improv gigs. “Andy wanted to do something really risky and transgressive after attending the Rude Mechs’ production of Dionysus in ‘69. Risky, both in the sense of the physical nudity and emotional intimacy, and in blowing out the process of putting together the show itself.” And what about – the audience? “Oh, it's completely audience-interactive,” says Majcher, grinning. “We take out the seats and risers from the theater, and the show’s performed in the round.” So Andy Crouch was really inspired by that Dionysus in ‘69 – “Exactly” says Majcher. “The pretense is that everyone, audience included, is there as part of the first rehearsal for a new play..."

The Good Eye: V Is for Vulnerability
There ain't nothin' hurly or burly about these ladies
Columns  May 22, 2014, by Amy Gentry
"...Arguably more important is the dancer's connection with the audience, a collaborative rapport that has to be forged between performer and spectator in the moment. This makes improv and burlesque a natural fit, according to Jayme Ramsay, co-director with Marc Majcher of Hurly Burly, a burlesque-themed improv show that contains burlesque performances actually improvised on the spot..."

Role-Play Playing
When improv asks, 'Can we get a suggestion for something you'd slay a dragon with?'
Arts Story  June 19, 2009, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And who are these people that McCormick, Roberts, and Joplin have judged worthy of treading Salvage Vanguard Theater's boards in the name of geeky entertainment? You might recognize some of the names from other improv shows in this town: Audrey Sansom, Marc Majcher, Jason Vines, Topping Haggerty, Sarah Tufts, Leah Moss, Zach Palmer, Mike Kinald, Jon Clinkenbeard, and Ace Manning. Various combinations of these players return each week, furthering the impromptu narratives of Guilds of Steel, wielding their wits and sense of wonder no less boldly than the weapons and potions their characters carry..."

Improv … Tragedy? Absurdity? WTF, Institution Theater?
If it bends, it's funny; if it breaks Beckett, what is it?
DAILY Arts  July 18, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Bob Olmstead is currently directing a show that runs on Friday nights at 10pm at the Institution Theater until the end of July. Breaking Beckett is an hour of improvisation that's definitely not played for laughs, that mines the personal histories and idiosyncratic obsessions of its three performers: Marc Majcher, Jayme Ramsay, and Ryan Hill..."

Tales from the Black Vault: A Lovecraft Radio Drama Podcast
Austinites are fucking with the elder gods for the World Wide Web.
DAILY Arts  November 18, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Which is why we're excited to see this project gaining momentum via Kickstarter, this podcast series of improvised Lovecraft stories, soon to be brought to tech-enhanced and ichor-dripping life by Marc Majcher and his cohort from the recent Black Vault show at The Hideout Theatre...."

Golden’s Speak No More
This fully immersive, silent improvised drama is mysterious, creative, and a most worthwhile theatrical experience
Arts Review  January 18, 2018, by Shanon Weaver
"...There is no program for the piece, and very little information exists about it online. I'm tragically unfamiliar with the Austin improv scene (an embarrassment I'll work to change this year), but I can tell you that Golden is comprised of Tyler Lane, Suzanne Link, Marc Majcher, Brandon Martin, Robert Slack, Jessica von Schramm, and Luke Wallens..."

Improvising Chekhov With Nothing and Everything
To improvise Chekhov plays, the cast of Nothing and Everything learned just how much goes on in them
Arts Story  August 20, 2015, by Alexa Harrington
"...Rogers has good reason to stand up for cousin Anton, as he's one of the cast members of Nothing and Everything: Improvised Anton Chekhov Plays, a show that was a smash success at the Hideout Theatre in 2014 and is being revived this weekend for four performances at the Long Center. Rogers and his all-star improv teammates – Parallelogramophonograph's Kareem Badr and Kaci Beeler, Confidence Men's Troy Miller, Your Terrific Neighbors' Courtney Hopkin, Hurly Burly's Marc Majcher, Control Issues' Cat Drago, Happily Ever After's Megan Sherrod, and Mandinka's Andrew Buck – have spent countless hours immersing themselves in Chekhov's work and world, learning about the history, culture, and day-to-day life of his Russia, not to mention the speech patterns of people from that time..."

The Dead Are Speaking with the Tongues of the Living?
Yes, and it's all because of those creepy Blackbower Mediums
DAILY Arts  November 1, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"..."The first group of Séance lunatics was Sara Farr, Emily Breedlove, Marc Majcher, Jesse Overright, Stephanie Swenson, and myself," says Towery. "During the rehearsal process, we created and colored an elaborate world specific to the show's theme and genre – because that's what you do, as a foundation..."

The 43 Hour Improv Marathon
Comedy worth losing sleep over
Arts Story  June 1, 2012, by Robert Faires
"...Like runners who don't know when to quit, players from all corners of the Austin improv scene sign on to test their stamina in the marathon. This year's octet includes the Glamping Trip's John Ratliff; Improv for Evil's Eric Heiberg; Emma Holder of Big Beautiful Warlock and the Seven Eight Sevens; Halyn Erickson of Spirited and Rock: The Improvised Rock Opera; Jon Bolden of the Dukes of Bedside Manor; Minneapolis improviser and regular visitor to Austin Jill Bernard; and two gentlemen who ought to know better as they both "ran" the marathon two years ago: Roy Janik of Parallelogramophonograph and Marc Majcher of Improv for Evil...."

The Year in Books
Freedom, Finkler, and Kids of America
Books Story  January 7, 2011, by Kimberley Jones, Audra Schroeder, Wayne Alan Brenner, Cindy Widner, Jay Trachtenberg, James Renovitch and Richard Whittaker
"...Of special note was Marc Majcher's Twenty Four Game Poems (self-published, available at, in which the local author moved eclectic role-playing scenarios to areas of insight and reflection that many writers only hope to reach; also, the online delights of, purveyors of video-illustrated screeds, trenchant literary commentary, and excellent short prose in frequent bursts...."

The Q&A Hole: What’s Your Favorite Place in Austin?
Because you know that "cabin fever" is definitely a thing
DAILY Chronolog  May 29, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Marc Majcher, improviser and game designer: The Hideout Theatre is pretty much my second home, so that probably doesn't count. I do find myself spending an awful lot of time at The Ginger Man, these days, partially because of proximity to my workplace and after-theatre hangouts, but primarily because they have the best goddamn baked pretzels that I've ever had..."

Pleasure of the Paynes 2014
The 'Fix' was in at the 40th theatre awards ceremony
DAILY Arts  November 4, 2014, by Robert Faires
"...Direction Jayme Ramsay and Marc Majcher, Hurlyburly Rudy Kloptik Award for Outstanding Improvisational Troupe Girls! Girls! Girls! Improvised Musicals..."

Kenjutsu: The Art of the Sword
The Hideout improvises tales of samurai battle and broken honor
DAILY Arts  March 28, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...The brainchild of Gnap!’s Shannon McCormick and the Hideout’s Kareem Badr, who also direct the show, this exploration of samurai tropes and tribulations features an ensemble cast of Jeff Britt, Quinn Buckner, Justin Davis, Cat Drago, Brad Hawkins, Marc Majcher, Jordan T. Maxwell, Jayme Ramsay, Audrey Sansom, Lacy Shawn, Ruby Willmann, and that McCormick himself...."

Crows, Frankensteins and Danger at Staple! 2013
Local indie media con mixes webTV innovators with comic legends
DAILY Screens  February 7, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...But Staple! isn't just about comics. Headlining the indie gaming panel will be award-winning game designer and games-as-education innovator Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games; Ultima VI art director Jeff Dee, whose roots in gaming go right back to the Dieties & Demigods supplement for Dungeons & Dragons; And board and card game self-publisher Marc Majcher will be keeping the table top tradition alive...."

Some Enchanted Evenings
Improvising wonderlands at the Hideout
DAILY Arts  September 14, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Chihiro in the bathhouse of the gods.A young girl lost in some realm of dreams,beset by strange horrors, aided by kind strangers,making her way through a tangle of unexpected wonders.Hell, that last paragraph could be a description of someone attempting improv comedy for the first time.Luckily for the audiences at Spirited, the lively troupe conjuring these fables from nothing have been plying their performative trade for years and are directed by Asaf Ronen and Marc Majcher at the Hideout on Congress – in Downtown Austin, of course, although who knows what changes may have occurred in reality’s tenuous fabric by the time you exit the theatre? “I generally prefer stories that are realistic,” says Menelaos Prokos, one of the show’s talented cast, “but I guess the thing I enjoy the most about Spirited is the element I normally choose to stay clear of: I like how we create imaginary worlds, how we can be anything we choose to. Not just anybody, but anything..."

False Matters
What a bunch of goddam Dickheads
DAILY Arts  May 18, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...How lucky for you, citizen, that you get to merely watch such things from the comfort of the new seats in SVT's studio theatre. That you get to sit there, beneath the air-conditioning ductwork that so vividly resembles Reed Richards' Fantasti-Car, while being entertained by the Dickian dilemmas and dramedies of Craig Kotfas, Courtney Hopkin, Jon Bolden, Kareem Badr, Kevin Miller, Kristin Firth, Kyle Traughber, Liz Brammer, Marc Majcher, Ruby Willmann, and the aforementioned Shannon McCormick...."

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