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The AggreGAYtor: June 5
What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.
DAILY Qmmunity  June 5, 2014, by David Estlund
"...The Log Cabin Republicans find refuge with Texas Democrats, Anita Bryant does the world a favor, and a convention in Fort Worth goes topsy-turvy, as your AggreGAYtor calls all the revolutionary betches...."

The AggreGAYtor: May 30
What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.
DAILY Qmmunity  May 30, 2014, by David Estlund
"...Laverne Cox makes Time for her fans, California gets back at its "Twinkie" history, and the Log Cabin Republicans can't win for losing, as your AggreGAYtor heeds Madonna's warning...."

Grand Old Mess
Can Travis County Republicans Ever Get It Together?
News Story  February 25, 2000, by Amy Smith
"...And it's easy to understand why the party has never tasted power here when you consider its odd mix of voting blocs. There's the religious right, which controls 60-70% of the county's GOP precinct chairs; the Planned Parenthood advocates; the old Ross Perot supporters; and the so-called establishment Republicans -- the status quo country clubbers with handsome bank accounts..."

Out to Vote
The Woo Factor
News Story  October 30, 1998, by Dan Quinn
"...The Austin Lesbian/Gay Political Caucus (ALGPC) also ended up endorsing only Democrats. In fact, only two Republicans even sought the group's endorsement..."

Gay Place: You're Just A Babe
Political party, birthday party, art party, dance party ... Sort out your invitations, uniponies, this week's a non-stop party
Columns  April 5, 2013, by Kate X Messer
"...LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS LOBBY DAY AND HAP­PY HOUR RECEPTION First come out for Lobby Day. If these guys can't knock some sense into the Texas Lege, who can? Then enjoy a reception on the Mayor's Balcony..."

Naked City
Doggett in Austin to lead meeting in opposition to the Longhorn Pipeline, Log Cabin Republicans endorse local republicans, Mike Levy will not run for mayor. Ralph Nader in Austin, protesters prepare for Fortune 500.
News Story  October 13, 2000
"...No one takes a beating better than the Log Cabin Republicans. Shut out of their party's state convention, where they sat at the back of the Brown Convention Center in Houston and listened to anti-gay speeches, the gay Repubs are back, endorsing candidates under a press release headline: "Growing Number of Local Republicans Oppose Discrimination." Endorsees include D.A..."

The AggreGAYtor: January 8
Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news
DAILY Qmmunity  January 8, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...• Although I agree with their basic criticism of Chuck Hagel, it's difficult to lend the Log Cabin Republicans any credence after they spent so much time dizzied by the musky delights of Mitt Romney's … umm, shall we say, "santorum?"..."

Naked City
Chamber releases results of AISD parent satisfaction survey; Larry Faulkner threatens disciplinary action against University of Texas staff members who join sick-out; Log Cabin Republicans happy with strides made in GOP party; Mary Cheney has made several visits to Austin; Green Party secures a spot on the statewide ballot; Libertarian Party presidential candidate Harry Browne comes to Austin.
News Story  August 11, 2000, by Amy Smith
"...Steve Labinski, president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, was jubilant the other day as he recounted the behind-the-scenes strides the gay GOP contingent made at the national convention. Never mind the Texas delegates' head-bowing stunt during a speech by Jim Kolbe, the openly gay Arizona congressman, who spoke on free trade..."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  June 28, 1996
"...It went all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas, but no relief was had by the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR), a national organization for gay and lesbian Republicans. Last week, the Court let the Republican Party refuse the LCR a booth at the state convention in San Antonio and an advertisement in the convention program..."

Gay Place: Two-Party Parties
Look for political party parties toward the end of the week
Columns  March 29, 2013, by Kate X Messer
"...LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS TEXAS CONFERENCE Friday will be filled with workshops, then brunch on Saturday at El Sol y la Luna. Check the website for locations and details..."

The AggreGAYtor: August 21
Your daily dose of LGBTQ news
DAILY Qmmunity  August 21, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...• Matt Barber, conservative pundit and sultry cover model, goes Joseph McCarthy on pro-gay Republicans...."

In and Out
Controversial sodomy law may be struck down
News Story  August 11, 2000, by Jonathan David Carroll
"...Holmes' appeal will go the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and most likely won't be reviewed until next year. At that point, the court will have at least two new justices, because two of its conservative justices, Republicans Michael McCormick and Steve Mansfield, do not plan to run for re-election..."

Naked City
Ken Martin sells In Fact to Jo Clifton; Log Cabin Republicans set up a "booth in exile" at Republican convention; debuts; Whole Foods closes its Web site.
News Story  June 23, 2000, by Amy Smith
"...When your own political party hands you lemons, make one of those cute little umbrella drinks -- and flaunt it. That about sums up how the Log Cabin Republicans handled their rejection last weekend at the state GOP convention in Houston..."

The AggreGAYtor: January 10
Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news
DAILY Qmmunity  January 10, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...• All that Hagel-hating seems to have invigorated the Log Cabin Republicans. They are just slinging Power Point slides all over the place...."

Gay Place
Holigays are upon us, people. Have you mapped out your calendar?
Columns  December 14, 2012, by Kate X Messer
"...LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS HOLIDAY LUNCHEON This three-month old baby elephant invites you to brunch and mingle, with a Second Street stroll to follow. Sat., Dec..."

The AggreGAYtor: October 24
Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news
DAILY Qmmunity  October 24, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...• The Log Cabin Republicans, a group of gay men who only conservatively suck dick, have given a “qualified endorsement” of Mittens – despite his support of the same constitutional amendment that cost Bush his endorsement...."

The AggreGAYtor: July 31
Your daily dose of LGBTQ news
DAILY Qmmunity  July 31, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...• R. Clark Cooper of the Log Cabin Republicans calls Chick-fil-A backlash "un-American." The "R" stands for "revolting."..."

The AggreGAYtor: August 10
Your daily dose of LGBTQ news
DAILY Qmmunity  August 10, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...• The Log Cabin Republicans get a seat at the table for the GOP platform process. The Koch-suckers of GOProud claim they sat there first...."

Gay-bee Elephant Walk
The Log Cabin gets all Don Quixote at the RNC.
DAILY Qmmunity  September 3, 2008, by Kate X Messer
"...The Log Cabin Republicans have set up shop in Minneapolis-St. Paul in hopes of influencing their party on gay issues, especially same-sex marriage..."

Equality Texas and the Dangers of 'Good Enough'
Sarah Davis endorsement falls short on promoting LGBT equality
DAILY News  January 24, 2014, by Brandon Watson
"...Davis is a fiscal conservative, and there was money involved in both bills. More telling was her April appearance at the Log Cabin Republicans statewide conference, a daring move in a Tea Party dominated state..."

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